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First Comes Love

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Sadie Edrie, a young flight attendant, is planning to take some much needed R&R for a few days after working a flight to Paris. What she gets is more than she ever imagined, love, adventure, and danger! When she gets back to New York she thinks she has left it all behind but she is wrong.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1 Sadie

Sadie Edrie stood in the galley looking down the aisle. It was just after 1 a.m. and most of the passengers were asleep. It was quiet, aside from the hum of the engines and the occasional cough caused by the cabins dry air. Sadie loved this part of her job, the quiet and calm of the early morning hours of a flight gave her time to reflect and think about what she wanted to do during her time off.

Sadie had been accepted into the flight attendant program right out of high school two years ago. She had always dreamed of adventure and travel and she figured, why not get paid for it?

Sadies life was pretty average. She was the youngest of four and the only girl. Her mother had been a 4th grade school teacher until the devastating news three years ago. Her mother Irene, fought hard and when she went into remission they thought that was it. Cancer had its own plans however and three months later her mother was diagnosed as terminal. The saying, having the rug yanked out from under you, doesn’t even begin to put everything they felt and went through into words.

Within a matter of weeks Sadies mother was dead. Her father, Frank was a plumber until her mom got sick the second time. He was able to take time off and care for his wife during her last few weeks. The day Irene died Frank lost himself and turned to alcohol. Sadie hasn’t seen him sober since.

Sadies eyes brimmed with tears. Her life had been perfect until the cancer. Fucking cancer!
Sadie closed her eyes, lightly shaking her head as she took a deep breath to clear her mind. She always got like this around the anniversary of her mother’s death. Sadie turned and got a pot of coffee started. As it was percolating she saw movement in the corner of her eye. Sadie turned to see Jason, the flights Co-Pilot appear through the curtain. He was walking down the aisle towards her. As he got closer, the butterflies in her stomach got bigger.

Jason was roughly 6ft tall with sandy blond hair and blue eyes. He looked good in his pilots uniform. His shirt was a little tight and it allowed his muscles to peek through ever so slightly when he moved. Sadie wondered if that was intentional on his part. He had a slight 5 o’clock shadow that gave him a rugged appearance with his broad frame. He was sexy, no doubt about it.

Sadie gave Jason a quick smile. “Perfect timing”, she whispered. “I just made a fresh pot.” Jason smiled back at her with his perfectly straight teeth that were the perfect shade of white. “Great! I could use a good cup of joe”, he whispered back. Sadie laughed, “I said a fresh pot, not a good one.” Jason laughed and shrugged his broad shoulders, “Caffeine is caffeine this time of day.”

Sadie poured a cup for Jason along with a cup each for the pilot and navigator. “If they hate it tell them it came from the first class galley”. Jason winked at Sadie, “Secrets safe with me. See you later.” he said. With that he headed back to the cockpit on the 777 Delta transatlantic flight from New York to Paris.

Sabrina, one of the other flight attendants, walked into the galley just as Jason disappeared behind the curtain. Her eyes held a look of curiosity and excitement. “What was he doing back here?” she asked. Sadie chuckled, “my guess is he was stretching his legs and getting a cup of coffee.” Sabrina just shook her head, “The first class galley is closer. He had to walk right through it to get back here.” Sadie shrugged her shoulders as she poured a cup of coffee for herself and another for Sabrina.

Sadie liked Sabrina. They had a lot in common. They both liked reading science fiction and loved a good sappy Rom-Com. The kind that makes you cringe for the actor and/or actress but love it at the same time. The kind that gives you butterflies and giggles all at once. They both enjoyed traveling and seeing new places. Sabrina was a great adventure seeking coworker and friend to Sadie.

One of the biggest differences between them however was that Sabrina was boy crazy while Sadie was a lot more reserved. While Sabrina was confident with her sexuality, Sadie was naive and shy. For a lack of better words Sadie was, inexperienced. She had a couple of boyfriends through school but with three older brothers they didn’t last long. Sadie had a momentary flash back to her 6th grade boyfriend. He had kissed her in front of their classmates on the playground. Her brothers found out after school and went to the boys house. Sadie was never told exactly what transpired but the boy broke up with her a few days later.

No boy would look at her or talk to her after that. That is until her junior year of high school. The summer of her junior year her body drastically changed. She went from a narrow hipped tom boy with a B cup to a solid C cup babe with a round ass and curvy hips. The sexiness of her newly developed body was lost to her with her own awkwardness however. Sadie was aware of the changes but unaware of the actual effects it had on the boys let alone the power she could hold over them.

One day, Dexter Foley showed up. He was a senior transplant from California. He had sun bleached hair, eyes the same blue as the ocean, and a smile that stopped time. His body was lean and tan with just the right amount of muscle from his days surfing. Dexter was definitely on the top of Sadies crush list. As luck had it the two shared a couple classes since Sadie excelled in her academics and as a junior she had a few senior classes.

One day, a few weeks after Dexter showed up he caught her staring dreamily at him. Sadie was absolutely horrified when she realized he was staring back at her. He smiled as she looked away. She cursed to herself as she looked down at her desk. She tried pretending her pen just became the most interesting thing ever.

A couple of minutes later a folded up piece of paper was placed on the upper right corner of her desk. Sadie just stared at it. She reached for it slowly and opened it equally as slow. It was from Dexter telling her to meet him at his car when school let out. Sadies head shot up and her eyes were instantly greeted with his ocean blues and a smirk that made her butterflies go wild. He was the first guy to make her feel that way with just a smile.

They dated for a few months. Sadie thought they were in love and would be together forever. She gave her whole self to him including her virginity. Two days after their first time together, she saw him, kissing Jessica Quinn, the prettiest and most popular girl in school. Sadie had her first and only broken heart that day. Her brothers kicked his ass but it did nothing to ease the pain. That was the day she vowed she would never allow herself to be so hurt and vulnerable with someone again.

So far Sadie had succeeded with that vow. She had gone on a few dates here and there but nothing ever made it past second base and most men lost interest after a while. Sade told herself she was ok with it but she hated coming home to an empty apartment at night. That was why she had started doing intercontinental flights after her mother passed.

The ding of a call button brought Sadie out of her thoughts. Sabrina peered over Sadies shoulder as they both looked to see who pushed the button. Sabrina breathed out the seat number into Sadies ear. Seat 45C, the U.S. Marshal.
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