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PART 2 OF MASQUE - Corbyn Starr finds out the truth of his history after a lifetime of believing he was a rape child. Follow his story as he copes with shame and rage. - Jaden Briggs struggles with the sudden disappearance of his mother and his boyfriend's home life. Follow his story as he learns to find family in the most unexpected places.

Romance / Drama
Amara Okeke
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Characters + Personalities

Book 2 of Masque!!!
I might get the eye colors wrong, please don't hate me. But lemme just say I don't wanna see a single "ew he's not cute" or "she looks weird" Suck my left nut. :)

Main Characters
JADEN BRIGGS- brown eyes

🎻 Is very pretty, especially with hair tied back in a bun (if I do say so myself)
🎻Adores boyfriend (Kris). Loves his mother. Playing the violin is his ultimate passion.
🎻 Will usually stick up for himself when he's pushed too far; brushes off minor offenses
🎻 Mom is Joana, a drug addict
🎻 His father loves him very much and still sees him as a little angel
🎻 Two sisters, Emery and Raina

CORBYN STARR- gray-blue eyes

🎭 King bee
🎭 Star of the theater program. He can sing and dance exceptionally well
🎭 Sociopathic tendencies—likes to manipulate people. Enjoys taunting others, especially his traumatized mother/abusive 'father' mostly just out of boredom
🎭 Is capable of love, but doesn't experience it like the average person. He loves his boyfriend Nico, but his love can be intense (for example, he's easily jealous, doesn't want anyone else talking to significant other)
🎭 Doesn't bother to learn people's names if he thinks the person is irrelevant
🎭 Enjoys making people miserable and does not show remorse. (He can feel remorse, but won't express it).
🎭 He knows when he has gone too far, but he will rationalize/justify it to avoid having to admit that he was in the wrong. He is capable of murder if pushed too far.
🎭 As a talented actor, he is almost hyperaware of social cues. He knows how to 'read' people, which makes him that much better at manipulation/using someone's weakness to his advantage
🎭 He will have the least "character development" since he hardly learns from mistakes. In other words, Expect him to always be a bitch.
🎭 Dad: Kenneth Starr, Bio Dad: Jett Michaels
🎭 Mom: Vivian Starr

Supporting Characters
KRIS HAMILTON- green eyes

♥️ Cliche heartthrob, we all know what that's like *cries*
♥️ His parents aren't always available so he takes care of his little sister, Penelope (Penny)
♥️ Parents own the Hamilton hotel
♥️ Openly bisexual
♥️ Strongly believes that Jaden is the most beautiful thing he's ever laid eyes on

NICO MARLAY- hazel eyes

😈 Understands Corbyn the most. He's basically immune to Corbyn's manipulation, and Corb finds this endearing.
😈 He is near impossible to offend simply he finds everything trivial and meaningless. He has a soft spot for Jaden, but otherwise, he doesn't care about Corbyn's malevolence toward people.
😈 His view is: Since everyone will die one day, why waste energy being angry, afraid, ashamed etc.
😈 Refers to the devil as his father
😈 Has no sexual preferences. Also very open to kinky shit 😩

KARI - brown eyes

🤪 Comedic, sarcastic, tells it exactly how it is.
🤪 Unapologetic. Blunt. Confident.
🤪 Loves skittles and is really dirty-minded.
🤪 Also has no sexual preference

MAE STRUSS- big blue eyes

👩‍❤️‍👩 Loves Tiana, her girlfriend (ish), and enjoys cheerleading.
👩‍❤️‍👩 Openly gay
👩‍❤️‍👩 Very bubbly and inclusive.
👩‍❤️‍👩 Her eyes are super fucking huge. Like, abnormally huge. But gorgeous. It works.

IVY STARR- brown eyes

💋 Corbyn's older sister. The main difference between her and Corb is that she is two-faced. Appears sweet and nice, but can be mean behind the scenes. Unlike Corbyn, She has the potential to be better
💋 Only redeeming quality is that she's got her brother's back. No. matter. What.
💋 If Corbyn had a decent reason for committing a crime, she'd most likely join him. They roast each other. A lot.

TIANA - brown eyes

(Y'all would scream at the full pic^)
✍️ Wrote the school's first gay play
✍️ Has a thing for Mae
✍️ She talks as if she's narrating/writing a story


🤸‍♀️ Queen Bee
🤸‍♀️ Jaden described her as the typical blonde, blue eyed bombshell
🤸‍♀️ Was Corbyn's best friend and partner in crime until he gave Mae her spot as cheer captain. Because of this, she sided with Jaden when Corbyn outed his mother's secret
🤸‍♀️ Had a crush on Kris but it never amounted to anything

Side Characters
fuck them

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