I See You

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I sighed lightly when I woke up to a golden morning. I had the strongest inclination to just lie there, stuffed underneath a mountain of blankets, but the memory of yesterday flooded my mind. I recalled my session with Josephine, and the bonding moment I shared with David.

It was enough to pull my body upright, but I still couldn't find the strength to actually get out of bed.

That was until I spotted a scarlet rose on the plush carpet right next to my side of the bed. I squinted and picked it up to find a blue sticky note attached to its stem.

"What?" I mumbled in confusion, reading the note. It was in David's cursive handwriting.

Did you sleep well? Take one breath, then one step out of bed. You can do it.

I looked up after reading it, to find another rose nearby. Oh, my goodness. I was in for a treat, wasn't I? But, of course, I needed to take that first step.

Well, it was worth it. I grabbed the next rose and read its pink sticky note. But this time, it was in Dawn's decorative handwriting.

You got this! Go freshen up.

I held onto my flowers and went to the bathroom. A rose sat gracefully on the sink, and its yellow note was written by Royce. I laughed when I realized David must've held his hand to assist him.

You look radiant today. Head to the closet when you're done.

I brushed my teeth, washed my face, and brushed my hair to look decent. Then, I did as the note instructed. When I entered the closet, I saw a folded onesie with a rose on top.

This would look perfect on you! Try it on.

"Oh, David, you're so silly." But for his sake, I put on the onesie and a clean pair of socks. I walked out of the closet and walked to the door to leave, only to find another rose, which I assumed to be the final one.

In the mood for breakfast?

I noticed that I hadn't stopped smiling, but I grinned even wider. I practically flew downstairs, the scent of a lovely meal floating in the air.

I approached the dining room to see the table had been set for four, and the people I loved were in onesies that matched mine, just in different colors. I laughed upon the sight of them, drawing their attention.

"Daddy!" The children exclaimed, racing over to me.

"Oh, my babies." I bent down and embraced the two of them, giving each a good morning kiss. It was a new day, my family was alive and breathing. I had everything to be grateful for.

I stood up and gazed at David, who was holding one more rose, except it was white.

"Oh, so you're the one who left all the red roses. I never would've guessed it was you," I teased with a happy smile. He grinned, stepping forward to offer the gorgeous flower.

"And here's the sixth."

I laughed, reading the last note.

I will do everything in my power to keep you smiling today. I love you.

"I love you, too. These are all so perfect. Thank you."

"Here's a vase for the flowers." He picked up a vase half filled with water and I put the roses inside before placing them at the center of the table.

"And I figured you'd want to keep the notes..."

"Oh, absolutely."

"So I got a frame for them. You can hang it up, and when you see it, you'll never have to doubt our love for you." I accepted the empty frame, feeling my eyes well with tears.

"This means everything to me." I reached up, cupping his cheek and kissing him affectionately.

"Angel, this was meant to make you smile not cry."

I laughed at that, my heart squeezing with unbridled joy. "They're happy tears."

They all helped me stick the colorful notes inside the frame before we sat down to have a lovely breakfast.

We spent the rest of the morning watching a family movie together until Athena stopped by to pick up Dawn for dance class.

"I'll be heading to the office tomorrow," David quietly said to me while we were in Royce's room. It was about noon and I was trying to get our little one to sleep by cradling him in my arms and slowly pacing.

I patted his back gently. "How many clients are you seeing?"

"Just three and then I'll be back."

I smiled. "It's strange. I think I forgot what it's like to be at home while you work."

"Don't worry. I know you miss working, and I'm almost certain your license isn't in jeopardy. You would've known by now."

I sighed. "Not even sure I wanna go back," I murmured, but I was convinced he heard me.

David was about to respond when Royce suddenly whined, a sure sign that he was very sleepy and agitated. "I know, baby," I held his head close and kissed his cheek, but it didn't stop his fussing.

"Here." My husband offered his help. "You're tense and he knows it."

"I'm not tense," I doubted, letting him take over anyway. I watched as he moved toward the bed and tucked him in, humming a soothing lullaby. David rubbed his back and soon enough, he was asleep. I folded my arms and pouted, which just made my husband laugh quietly and kiss my lips. "Okay, I admit. Maybe I am a bit tense but I don't know why."

"No worries," he ushered me out of the room with his hand at my back. "That just means you're due for another massage. I'll give you one tonight while we relax in a bubble bath."

"That sounds heavenly. I'll hold you to it." I hugged his arm, following him to our master bedroom. I was reminded of his sweet roses and sticky notes as soon as we entered, which made me grin happily.

"So... Dawn's left for dance and we just got Royce down for a nap."

"Mhm. It'll be an hour before he wakes up."

David stepped closer. "I wonder what we could do to pass the time..."

I tapped my chin teasingly. "Hm... I'm out of ideas."

He picked me up and walked me to the bed as I laughed. "Here's an idea." David unzipped my onesie.

"Oh? So everything from the moment I woke up was all a trick to get in my pants?"

"To get in your onesie, technically."

I giggled when he winked. "So you don't even deny it. Shame on you."

He climbed over me, his lips dancing on mine as we began to unravel our clothes. "No, my love," he then answered, "I don't think we ever really plan for lovemaking."

"Mm." I tousled his hair, already aroused by the sinful gleam in his eyes, his intimate scent and the virility of his touch. "Less talking. Lots more action."

David showered me with affection and went under the covers while I closed my eyes in anticipation, waiting for the bliss that was sure to come. I felt the sensation of something warm and wet traveling up my inner thigh to my groin. I shuddered with delight as his eager tongue stole a taste of me, and I lost all sense when I was enveloped in his mouth.

"Ohh," I sighed, wrapping my legs around his head loosely. My back arched upward at his expertise as he swallowed me up greedily.

Somehow the fact that he was hidden underneath the sheets made it immensely hypnotizing. I could only focus on how it felt, and it was damn good.

Sadly, the feeling was short lived.

David trailed kisses all the way up to my neck, then hovered over me, but the faintest expression of annoyance crossed his face for a split second before it fled. With a sigh, he flopped down next to me, leaving me both painfully hard and utterly confused.

"Do you not want to..?" I asked cautiously without looking at him.

"I do. I just ruined the moment for myself."

"Oh." I swallowed, trying to steady my breathing but not without difficulty. "Is it me?"

"No, darling." He turned on his side to face me, moving a few strands of hair from my eyes. "I'm sorry. I just got in my head a-and..."

"David, it's okay. We don't have to today. Is something wrong?"

"No. No, it's nothing. We don't need to talk about it." He turned onto his back again, staring at the ceiling with a frown.

The heat of the moment faded, taking my erection along with it. "Okay, no. Tell me what's on your mind."

He hesitated, as if he was going to regret saying it. "You remember the last time we had sex?" He toyed with his wedding band, twisting it around his finger.

I couldn't fight the smile that formed instantly. How could I forget the most epic shower sex we'd ever had? "Yeah, I think about it all the time. Why?"

"It was before our fight."

I paled, looking away. "Mkay. Yeah, I see what you meant by ruining the moment."

"I told you, it's better left unsaid."

I shook my head. "The last thing I thought you'd do was bring up a fight that we've moved on from. Especially during a moment of intimacy."

"It's not the fight I'm talking about, Casper."

I sat upright, gazing down at him. "Then what is?"

"It's becoming clear how selfish I am," he admitted, his cheeks burning in a fierce blush.

My defensive stare softened completely, realizing he wasn't trying to restart that whole disaster of an argument. My dear husband was genuinely worried about something, and I owed it to him to listen.

"This is going to sound possessive, but the thought of someone else touching you, kissing you, loving you, makes my blood boil."

My shoulders sagged. "David, there's only you. Always."

"I-I know. It just crossed my mind without my permission," he tried to joke it off. His fingers traced my abdomen as he looked at me in adoration. "You're so perfect. I don't ever want to share you. I don't want anyone to know you the way I do. And I definitely don't want anyone to see you this way."

I was amused for a second. "See me naked, you mean?" It was true that David was the only man I'd ever given my body to.

"To be frank, yes. Makes my skin crawl." He sighed. "I'm so selfish. Jealousy looks awful on me, doesn't it?"

"I don't know about that. Right now I find it incredibly sexy." I leaned down over him to kiss the spot below his ear near his jaw. His hand cradled my head, holding me there as I peppered him with sensual kisses along his neck. I heard him exhale a quiet, shuddering breath then I pulled away.

David pouted, wanting me to continue. "I guess I deserve that little tease."

I chuckled softly. "I'm sorry I accused you of bringing up the past. You were just trying to make a point and I should've listened. Look, David, you went above and beyond to keep me smiling today. That's the kind of man you are. I can say that if I even imagine someone else's lips against yours, I might commit homicide. I'm your husband; you have every right to feel a little selfish."

He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me against him. "Good. Because you're all mine."

He stroked me carefully back into an erection as I lowered his clothes to expose one of my favorite parts of his steamy body.

"I wanna ride you, and I wanna do it now," I requested, grinding my butt against his shaft without shame. "Please."

"Casper, maybe we should—" his breath caught in his throat when I leaned toward his ear and whispered.

"I want you to cum inside me. Hm?"

He closed his eyes and nodded eagerly. "I-I can do that for you."

I gasped when he entered, and I wasted no time in rotating my hips, listening as he moaned my name. I wondered how he always managed to feel so amazing inside me, but it was a question I'd never know the answer to. All I could ever do was make the most of our passion.

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