I See You

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~~ Hello. It's been months since I've been active so I decided to just wrap up this series and move on to other books. Sorry this is so short but I rather not make you guys wait any longer. ~~



I hugged David's arm close to my chest and leaned my head on his shoulder. The gentle feeling of his lips kissing the top of my head made me close my eyes and smile.

We were seated in the dark auditorium of our children's school, watching Dawn perform as Dorothy in her long-anticipated play. And I must say, she was doing a damn good job.

My husband's hand found mine, and I sighed in contentment at the everlasting warmth of his hold. I didn't take a second of this for granted, just being able to come see my daughter do what she loved. Or doing arts and crafts with my son, building and painting with him. Or cooking with David and coming home in time for dinner. It was a luxury I hadn't experienced in years as a former neurosurgeon.

Now, I was a medical researcher and analyst for an institute, studying all kinds of conditions of the brain and nervous systems. I was brighter, less stressed, and I wasn't watching people die every single day. I was still able to perform surgery from time to time, but it was at my convenience.

I still received therapy with Josie, and David always helped too. I was a wreck for weeks after Avery's death, but I knew I needed to grieve him and feel that loss. I still felt it. I had moments where I'd cry if I thought of him for too long, but I knew time would continue to heal. The bright side of all of it was that I knew healing was possible. I'd always be terrified of the loss of the people who mattered most in my life, but it wasn't crippling anymore.

I lifted my head from David's shoulder, wiping away the tears threatening to fall.

"You okay?" he whispered quietly.

I looked at him, nodding with a smile filled with pride. "Yeah, perfect," I softly answered. He rubbed the back of my hand with a finger, creating small invisible circles on my smooth skin.

"She looks so happy, doesn't she?" he said.

We looked out onto the stage, watching Dawn deliver her lines as she'd practiced a thousand times at home. I chuckled, resting my head against him once again. My mind wandered for a second, to the same place I'd been daydreaming about for weeks now. I mean, I was finally in a better place emotionally. Both of us had stable jobs, especially since I switched professions. So why the hell not?

"We should have another," I quietly said, almost as if I were joking. Though, I was a hundred percent serious.

Keeping his voice low in respect, he asked for clarification, "Another... what?"

"Baby, of course."

His hand squeezed mine affectionately, but even I could feel the surprise as he drew in a long breath. It took a minute or two before he answered, and I waited patiently for his response.

"God does owe me twins..."

I couldn't help but giggle, trying my best not to disturb anybody. Once again, he kissed my head, promising to talk more about it at home. I could barely contain my happiness, because for the first time in a long time, I was ready to live the life I wanted with my family healthy and by my side.

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