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***STORY IS ON GALATEA FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!!!*** Lillie Clarke is a talented violinist. A shy and wholesome good girl, who got her heart broken when she walked in her high school sweetheart cheating on her with the coffee waitress. Distraught, Lillie struggles to find love again. When her best friend suggests writing to Pen Pal. She agrees, but only on friendly terms. Little does Lillie know she would get more than she bargained for, writing to this intriguing man, who happens to be a prisoner. Meet Dimitri "Bleeder' Hawke, who earned his nickname for his aggressive fighting style. His life has been nothing but bare-knuckle fighting and crime, which all leads him to the 'Big House'. Dimitri was built to survive in prison, but painful memories haunt him. Until he receives an unexpected letter from Lillie, who flips his world upside down.

Romance / Erotica
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Libby. J.

*Please note that the names of towns and cities are fictitious.

BOOK ONE of a three part series.

CHAPTER 1 – Prologue

6 years earlier. Somewhere in Detroit

“THE COPS ARE GAINING ON US!” Dimitri shouted from the passenger seat of the stolen BMW X6.

“No worries I’ll lose them bro,” Kyle said trying to remain cool. He took a sharp right turn onto 14th street, but the cops were still on our tail.

Kyle swore as the car slammed against the sidewalk.

“SLOW THE FUCK-!” I tried to yell.

I heard gunshots firing from the back. The rear windshield exploded. I ducked. Bullets flying biting the interior leather. Kyle skidded, screaming his damn head off.

I checked the back seat, Gabriel was crouched on the floor. At least he dodged the bullets from what I could gather. His blue eyes were wide with shock, all I could see was fear in them. I wish I could protect him, assure him everything will be okay, like I always did. But I couldn’t right now. We were in a fucken speed chase with the cops, in a vehicle we had just stolen!

At least he was safe, that’s all that mattered.

The BMW spun, wheels tracing smoke, as Kyle made a sharp left turn.

The cop vehicles were closing the gap fast and I was starting to lose my shit. A million things rushed through my head. My brother, my debt to my boss, my girl… the life that I knew was suddenly on the brink of collapse. My approaching capture was just a blink away.

I could feel Kyle’s adrenaline shooting through the roof. He picked up speed.

This by far was the act I was most ashamed of… sure, I dealt with petty theft, vandalism, and did fights for cash. But this… this was the worst. I’ve gone too far. Deciding to work for ‘Big Ben’ was the decision I regretted the most. And this bastard, that I called my best friend driving next to me, for twenty years, dragged Gabriel and I to the abyss with him. How could’ve I have been so fucken reckless.

The flicker of blue lights distracted me out of my thoughts. The howling sirens rang through my head, promising my condemned fate.

“SHIT! BIG BEN IS GONNA KILL US MAN!” Gabriel shouted anxiously sitting back up on the damaged seat, he looked back every few seconds through the rear window. Blue lights flashing across his panic-stricken face.

He was tensing up, I could tell. The color drained from his skin and his white knuckles gripping the edge of his seat confirmed it.

“It’s gonna be okay-" but I was stopped short.

Kyle swerved the vehicle and we swung inside with it. I held onto anything as Kyle pressed on the gas.

More swearing filled the back, but Kyle ignored it. Gunshots broke out again around us. The engine roared as he built up speed. From the tone and volume from Kyle’s swearing, he wasn’t making much headway. The cops were still on our asses.

“We gotta stop man!” I looked at Kyle, but his eyes were fixed on the road. He was in his zone that I couldn’t break into.

We were swerving dangerously and headed on oncoming traffic. Thank God it was 2:24am on a Tuesday morning and hardly any vehicles were out on the street. People that did drive by, looked at us like we grew two heads or something.

“Shut up, I got this!” Kyle said.

“Hell no you don’t! you gonna get us killed or worse! “I yelled back. This was a race we were not going to win.

In a distance in front was two patrol trucks blocking the way through. I saw the silver spikes, spread out on the ground before us that glinted from the side streetlamp. I realized what this meant. The end of the damn awful chase.

Kyle noticed it too late.

He jerked the steering wheel. Tires screamed in agony. Smoke and burnt rubber filled my nostrils.

“HOLD ON! HOLD ON!” Kyle cried. I hoped Gabriel had heard. I hoped he listened.

We couldn’t stop in time. The front tyres hit the spikes with a menacing screech. I don’t know how long we circled for, when we came to a complete holt. I looked over my shoulder.

“Fuck...” Gabriel said with a strained voice. He sat against the side window heaving slowly, clutching his stomach.

“What’s wrong?” I said, my hand reaching for him.

He let go of his hands, revealing blood. A lot of blood seeping from his stomach.

Shit he’d been SHOT! I Froze in my seat. I had to do something. How could I let this happen? Gabriel looked at me with pleading eyes. I had to help him.

“Dimitri...” he said. Pain in his eyes.

I made my way towards him.


I turned around suddenly. Cops surrounded the stolen BMW from all angles. Each one of them pointed guns in our direction. Kyle instantly placed his hands up next to me.


Kyle got out slowly. I wanted to make way for Gabriel, all the while shouting that he needs a hospital, that he needs help. But two cops dragged me out not listening to a word I had said. Kyle was being held down arrested on the street. One of the cops forced me down, cold handcuffs slicing my wrists. I felt the cold tar hitting my cheek.

Restrained down, I turned my head left. I saw Gabriel lying on the ground beside the car wreckage. Blood surrounding him. He was staring at me, with vacant blue eyes. The sudden realization paralyzed me, and an unbearable pain stabbed me through my core.

He was gone.

My brother,

My baby brother was dead.

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