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Present Day. Ashfield Town, close to Minnesota.

I love everything about how the violin makes me feel.

My left-hand fingers caressed the delicate strings. The flow of my right arm pulling and pushing the solid bow against the classic wooden instrument.

The music that ebbed from it was beautiful. Fulfilling every passion inside me and echoing every ache in my heart. Each note I played either empowered me or made me feel fragile. It always amazed me how so many happiness, sadness and anger can reflect in one piece. Either way, playing this charming instrument gave me purpose.

I was proud to be one of a four string quartet. We were doing our small town of Ashfield proud. The beautiful melody cascaded throughout the small music room, where we gathered and practiced together every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.

Sophia dazzled as she masterfully played her viola, her Italian heritage gave her a kick start in classical music, since her father was a renowned conductor. Kenny studied classical music in Singapore. He was the leader of the group. He strummed expertly the strings of his violin. We played both the instrument, but it was difficult sometimes to keep up with him. He was so good. But I held my own.

And lastly, there was Arthur James. I glanced at him for a moment. His long elegant left arm skillfully played the strings, while his right arm dragged the bow effortlessly across the cello, which lied between his firm legs. A deep luscious sound flowed through it melting into the composition.

Arthur was handsome. Not in a sexy fireman Mr. muscles type of way. He was well mannered, charming, and extremely intriguing; I felt the urge to know him more. He was quiet and gave a mysterious edge, you couldn’t really tell what he was thinking. He was like those men I admired from literature I taught my 4th graders. That attracted me to him and found it incredibly sexy. He was intelligent and a master at his craft. His dirty blonde hair was neatly styled back. Showing his light beard that complimented his strong jaw.

He looked slightly different today, I found myself ogling at him. I liked Arthur for exactly six months now since he joined our four-string quartet. Our Celloist left suddenly and Kenny needed to fill the position. We hardly spoke though. Just pleasantries, like greetings ect. This was the only time I would see him.

Suddenly, his eyes snapped open and caught me unabashedly staring at him. I jerked my eyes to my music sheet, at the same time I missed my chord messing up the note, creating our melody to go slightly off key.

Kenny threw an arched eyebrow up at me. I quickly recovered and caught up with his violin. I nodded in Kenny’s direction, reassuring everything was fine. Thankfully, he refocused on his music. My cheeks started to burn from embarrassment. I dared not to look at Arthur again.

“That wasn’t half bad guys,” Kenny said nodding his head. As we all slowly ended the musical piece with a pleasant note.

“Although…” he stretched out the word. “Lillie, you need to focus more, we can’t have any mishaps like that, it throws the whole composition off," he continued with a stern tone.

My cheeks burned yet again. I shook my head. “Sorry, it won’t happen again.”

I looked in Arthur’s direction. His piercing blue eyes was looking my way. I snapped my eyes to the front. But I swore I seen a small smile hiked up the corner of his mouth.

“Fantastic team. We almost ready for the classical concert coming up. Practice, practice, practice everyone." Kenny said in an almost singing voice.

He dismissed us all, grabbed his things and headed out the music room in a rush. I didn’t notice Arthur leave. I was glad for that. But sad that the sight of him was gone. It’s been a while since I was into a guy again, breaking up with Mason was devastating. And it wasn’t easy to like someone I could potentially see myself with. But who was I kidding. He probably wasn’t interested anyway.

Sophia and I were the last to leave the music room. We chatted all the way out the building about the upcoming concert and all the talented groups that we’ll play alongside with. At the parking bay we hugged goodbye and went our separate ways.

As I approached my red mini cooper, violin case in hand, my phone rang. I reached for it in my sling bag and checked the caller ID.

“Hey Sassi,” I said as I opened the driver’s side and slipped in.

“Hey Lil, we still on for tonight?” Sassi sounded her chirpy self as usual. We’ve been best friends since high school and she always amazed me with her energy and sex appeal. She could get any guy drooling. With her blonde curls and green eyes, apparently no man could resist. My best friend was a definition of a flirt. She suited her name perfectly.

“Yes yes we still on. What should I wear for this jazz club?” I asked. I wasn’t much for cocktail places, but I promised Sassi I’ll check out this new bar with her. Sometimes we were complete opposites.

“Wear something Sassy! Pardon the pun,” she giggled.

I rolled my eyes smirking at her silly play on words. “Yeah okay, I’ll see what I can come up with, you know me… I’m quite happy wearing something comfortable”.

“We need to get you outta your comfort zone. And get you a man while we at it.” She said.

I was quite content, not happy, but content being single. After my ex, who broke my heart and CHEATED on me with the coffee waitress after six years together. I never quite recovered. What was the reason he broke up with me?

Oh yeah… I’ve lost interest, you not giving me what I need any longer. Sure, I know I wasn’t all that on the looks side and dressed like an 80s teenager crossed with a librarian. And yes, I was a bit on the nerdy side and was always called “goody two-shoes" and “debby downer" amongst my common nicknames. And okay, I wouldn’t go down on him when and where he wanted. But why on earth would I, when your boyfriend keeps on slapping his thing in your face half the time, threatening to take an eyeball out.

WHATEVER! I was okay with who I was, most of the time. I sort of liked my curly brown hair, even though it could be tamed more, my light freckled speckled nose and my quirky style of clothes. I looked down at what I wore. I mean multicolored knee-high socks, with a jersey dress and baby doll heels was totally in now, right? I frowned. Now it just seemed my best friend wanted to change who I was too. I was already feeling insecurities with Arthur blowing me off. This was not a confidence booster.

I sighed. “Please let’s not go down this path again.”

Too many arguments started between Sassi and I over this same old topic. “Listen I gotta go, see you tonight at 7pm, don’t be late picking me up okay?” I said.

“Sure, see you babes." Sassi said hanging up.

I drove back to my place. Daydreaming what, or dare I say, who tonight might bring.

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