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You Are Nothing WithOut Me

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It takes time to find who someone truly is, when they are alone in a world, where there’s no once to be with.. or even learn who they truly are when there’s no one, but air. Elísea a sixteen year old girl, alone. But not actually alone, she has a mom, a brother and a home! But even within—it doesn’t feel home. Until she meets Max! Max, typical’s, popular, confident, good looking, athletic guy! He was just a, what they called a “nerd,” everyone made fun of him, until he changed himself, for someone, only to realize. He was farewell too late, to be himself! This a typical, love-story, and a typical, story! Every storyline, but how about some fun, comedy-romance! And fill with sadness, madness and laughter (if you like).

Romance / Drama
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Capítulo Uno

Hi Max,
It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? I hope you’re safe wherever you are and don’t forget me. We miss you so much! And remember the good times before you left us, okey? Thank you<3


It was an early morning, the sun was ready to begin its eventful day. And an old pink creamy house was presented, with broken windows, really dirty walls, plants surrounding the house, small mid bushes around except what looked to be on a white re-painted door, and really pretty flowers ready to bloom, as summer was near. And around the house where gates, black old colored gates, they were rusty. The house (or better use mansion) is really like an old centuries hotel.

In that same house lived a family. A single mother, young brother, and an older sister. The three live in that same old house, everyone loved it. It was cheap, nicer and really quiet for their liking, that’s why they've lived in that same house for exactly almost 4 years.

Elísea Castillo was the older sister, really naive when it comes to judging others, and really stubborn. Caring but hides it with her icy cold brown orbs. Her stares were frightening to others gazes, but when she’s not glaring it was rare. Then there’s Guillermo Castillos, really social and really sweet. He doesn’t like bothering his sister; he knows that she needs her own precious time, when no ones around. He’s a devil disguised as an angel. But he doesn’t go too far to the point where both siblings would kill one another, not at all. But to the point where they’d drive their mother crazy, their mother has to seperate them, or throw one of them out of the room. And then there’s their mother who's been there for them, supporting them since her first newborn child, who's now old and very grumpy. And well, 16 years old.
Their mother is a calm and kind mother, really sweet to other people, secretly she can’t tolerate people who annoy her or her kids. And people like to talk to her because she knows how to listen and give advice right after, and they are wise as she looks. Linda Castillos would do anything for her kids to be happy.

In the room, There was heavy breathing, and shuffling heard. Shaky breaths, then it stopped, there was a thick silence. A few seconds later a loud gasp; a girl quickly sat up. Her forehead filled with sweat, trying her best to catch her breathing. She had woken up from a dream, or the feeling of deja vu.
She turned to her left, where there stood a small clock, a quiet ‘tic-toc’ sound coming from it, on top of a small cabinet. Otherwise called, side-tables. The clock read, ‘7:56’ She sighs going back to lay down, and slowly falls asleep. ‘8:03’, a door creaked and small thuds on the floor, and clicking from someone's heels. The bed that the girl was sleeping peacefully in, was now sinked with someone else's weight on it, sitting next to her. “Elísea, hun, wake up” they shove the girl's shoulder, slowly.

The girl groans, going back to sleep. This only made the woman shake her more violently. Knowing she knows that's what she hates that the most. It only took a few seconds to shake her before she had fully woken up before she had satiated, trying to glare at the woman who had just shaken her; not just to wake her up, but to annoy her as well. “Si, mother?”

“We have visitors, para que te pongas lista!” She yells in annoyance. As she got up from her bed, the weight of the bed returned to it’s normal weight. As Elísea slouching form decided to finally get up, after her mother had left.

‘We have visitors? Who could they be?’ She asked herself. As she went inside the bathroom that’s inside of her room, taking a shower. After 15 minutes, she got out of the bathroom and went inside of her walk-in closet and got her favorite dress, a bright creamy green granny dress that ended at her knees. It was simple, but that’s why she chose it. With puffy arms on the sleeveless of her dress. She wore a balck shiny tap shoes, and wore white colored gloves that reached to her elbows. And did her hair into a braid. Wearing a bit of blush on her cheeks, as a small smile spread across her face, looking herself at the mirror where she stood, before leaving her bedroom.

Once leaving the room, she walked down the stairs, where she saw many luggages standing on the doorways of the front doors. Her house had two staircases. One to her left, and another to her right and in the middle stood another staircase to the ground. Which was almost busy with luggages piled on the way. Elísea brows furrows, as she walks further in between the luggage’s as she reach the bottom stairs, and into the dining room, walking to the entrance she had hit someone. Startling she looks up who she had hit in an accident. It was no other than someone she knew, “F-Fabian?” She slightly shouts. “If you’re here, does that mean..” She didn’t finish, as she saw him leave with a small wave. She hasn’t seen him in 4 years. So seeing him at her home surprised her. Then she walks off, shaking it off. Before she again, bumps into other people, once again. “Hmph.” She rubs her head looking up.
It was two other boys, her eyes widened, “C-carlos, S-Sebastian?!” In shock, her eyes widen.

“Long time no see, huh?” the taller guy, Carlos said, with a smug face. Both boys hug Elísea. Elísea hugs both back, Sebastian was a huge gap taller than her. And Sebastian was catching up to Carlos. Carlos and Sebastian were only 2 years apart from each other. Carlos is 19 and Sebastian is 17. While Sebastian is only a year older than Elísea. “Bye,” both said in unison, before they had left to go somewhere else around the house.
Elisea enters the grand dining room, and greets her other older cousins. Both greet each other, “you’ve grown a lot since last time we seen each other,” Luna Bell complimented. “We all thought you were going to stay small,’’ Luna adds. She was the oldest out of everyone, 26 years older than her second elder sister, Camila. Camila was only 3 years younger than Luna. Almost turning 23.

Elísea smiles, “you guys have grown too,” she answers back. Looking at both of her cousins and they smile back at her, both sisters start a conversation. Causing Elísea to walk in the kitchen that stood in the middle of a wall in the dining room. And didn’t notice the eyes that were on her back.

She walks inside the kitchen, where there stood a fancy stove. Everything in there was white, except for some kitchen tools. And there was a mess, chips on the counter, bowls with their breakfast served on them, and milk spread a little on the counters. A few cabinets open. There were a few bags on the counter. She glances at the second stove they had that was covered with a huge saucepans, and a skillet. There stood Elísea’s mother, where two more ladies, as well.

“Se pegó con la pelota,” said one of the ladies, while laughing. Elisea’s mother turned and she had a smile on her face. And then look over Elísea, where then the ladies turn around, once they saw who it was, both had a grin on their faces.

“Hola tias,” Elísea greets them, with a small force smile on her face. She waves at them, the one talking earlier was her aunt Ernestirna, and the other lady was her aunt Valentina. They all hugged, “cuanto as crecido,” her aunt Ernestirna adds. Elísea nods, smiling.
They all let go of each other's embrace, and helped her mother with the kitchen, bringing the food outside at the dining table, Elísea stayed behind to grab a water bottle from the fridge and drink out of it. Not minding how cold it is, she looks out the window that’s at the end in the kitchen. The sun's out, it is bright and birds are chirping in a sing-song melody. That will make people want to whistle with them, too. And stared at what looked like a maze of bushes, and stared in awe at her favorite tree. As she saw ravens fly away, and a few on the branches as there were also colorful birds, talking among another. They all looked happy being with each other. And free. Elísea smiles, and with that she left to the dining room.
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