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Silver Dragon MC Series: Book 1: Cammy

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Cammy got in her car and drove to the cabin. He was on the porch drinking a beer. He never moved. She climbed out shut the door and walked onto the porch. What the hell are you doing here he asked? Falcon we need to talk. We have nothing to talk about. I don't want you here so leave. Falcon why do we argue like this with each other? Falcon looked down at her and said. Because you are a selfish bitch who doesn't care about anyone but yourself. We would all be better off if you weren't here. You stir up to many problems around the clubhouse. No one wants you there. Right now. I would rather have had a club whore drive up here then have you here. She said. I have one thing to say to you before I leave. I thought you might have cared a little bit for me. I guess I was wrong. I won't bother you again.

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Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Tammy moves to her new home

My name is Cammy. I am 17 years old. I am the only daughter of my mother Tara and birth father Kevin Stevens who was killed in a car accident. I have three older brothers. David 18, Kevin 20, and Turk 23. I was told that I had a twin brother, but he was in the car with my father when it wrecked. Mom was told he died, and it was best she never saw his body.

My mother married a Marine named " Doug Perry" who is also a member of the Rough Riders MC. He is the VP. He just got out of the marines and now came home to Indiana and brought us with him. I don’t want to be here. I hate men who think women should be used for one thing. I also don’t want to be around any bikers after what happened to me.

At least he agreed to have my silk scarves sent ahead and I will be helping to install them. My uncle is bringing my motorcycle and dirt bike and my cousin is driving my five horse here. I don’t like to be around too many people and I am homeschooled. I also have a barn for my horses and my dirt bike and motorcycle.

As I was putting things away in my apartment which is above the garage, I felt like I was being watched. I looked out the window of the apartment that faced the clubhouse and saw a man leaning against his motorcycle watching me. He is tall. About 6 feet 6 inches tall. He has long black hair and looks like he might be American Indian. He saw me looking at him and he grinned not looking away.

I heard. You will be mine. I turned away and put curtains up blocking his view. As I was hanging them, I heard a laugh. There was a knock on my apartment door. I opened it and my brother David said. "They are here to put the metal poles and bars for your scarves." I shut the door and followed him outside. Mom and Doug was standing watching along with half the club members.

They were wondering what was going on. I instructed the crew on how to attach the bar to the garage. Once it was done, they yelled "we are too heavy to sit on the bar and screw the bolts in. " I walked over and attached a safety belt around me and climbed onto the roof and hung over using the huge battery driver to drive the bolts through the metal. I then swung over the roof landing on the bar and sat down hooked my legs which are long around the bar and leaned under it and screwed the other five bolts through.

Next, I told David to swing the safety line over the garage. I then pulled it up and measured from the ground up to me and wrapped the line around the beam. I then unsnapped my self and brought the lineup and then snapped myself into it again. I yelled "I am swinging down." Several of the members stood up watching what I was going to do.

Doug yelled "god dammit Cammy don’t do it." I looked at mom and she turned and looked at the members across the street. Turk, David, and Kevin stepped forward. I swung myself to the latter and when I was five feet from the ground I let go and dropped into their arms. I heard shit. "That girl is fucking crazy. She has a death wish." They do not know how right they were. "The boys said. She is down mom." Mom looked at me smiling and said. "I knew you could do it, but it still scares me." I walked around them and through the garage doors and saw they had all the bolts screwed in. They went back outside and dug the holes for the polls that will hold the other end of the beam.

Right now, the beam is being held up by other polls. They finished pouring the cement and now are setting the poles, so they harden. They said they would be back in two days to finish attaching the polls to the beam. I thanked them and they said. "No thank you for the help and the show. But, we have to say you have guts. "Girl you are nuts they said." I just smiled.

As they were leaving, we saw my uncle Sam pulling up with my dirt bike and motorcycle. I ran to the trailer and unhooked my dirt bike got on it and drove it off. I then rode it through the yard and was speeding through the field doing tricks and hit the already prepared ramp and flew in the air doing three twists before landing on the other side.

As I rode over to mom and Doug, I heard young lady never do that again without your suit and helmet. The guy who had watched me earlier stood with his hands in fists. He looked at me and appeared to be angry. I put the dirt bike in the garage and then took my motorcycle off the trailer and parked it as well.

"Uncle Sam said." The horse trailer will be here in five minutes. The president of the Rough Riders walked across the street and was talking to Doug when the trailer pulled up. The barn is 300 feet from the garage. "My cousin Jerry jumped out of the truck and said." I refuse to take that fucking black horse out. He tried to bite and kick me.

I said, "I will get him. Can you get the other four?" I will do that. As I walked by the president he said. Hey, wait a minute. You are wearing a gun. I said. "I always wear a gun. I also have a concealed carry license." Doug said. "I will explain later." Jerry said your wolf wants out of the truck. I yelled to let him out. When everyone saw the wolf run from the truck and towards me, they were shocked.

Doug said. I will explain him as well. I said stay and he lay down and watched. I grabbed a halter and put it around Black and backed him out of the trailer. He was pretty antsy, so I walked him over to a stump and climbed on it and then onto Black’s back. He tried to throw me, but I put him in his place fast.

I leaned down and rubbed his neck and said. Let’s run. We took off and I rode him and jumped the fence with my hair flowing behind me. As I rode past mom, my brother’s and Doug I saw him watch me. I like to piss Doug off sometimes. So, I threw my shoes at my brother and heard. Cammy do not do what I think you are about to do.

I rode the black to the end of the field turned him with my knees and then stood up on his back holding his rains. I rode him standing straight up and rode past mom and Doug. I heard. Cammy one of these days you are going to get hurt. Set down on that black. The bikers from his club shook their heads. The man that said I would be his never took his eyes from me.

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