Falling for Fire

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Chapter 7: Netherland- Blood-Red Prince Plotting

There was a knock on the old oaken doors. “Come in, Deric,” I said, not looking up from the scroll I was reading. The doors slowly opened and the man, wearing a pitch-black cloak, strode into the chamber. He fell to one knee and bowed his head. “Prince Netherland,” Deric said, his deep voice resonating in the room. “I have an update on the search for the Princess.” I looked up, interested. “There have been traces of her movement about ten miles from the place there she’d fallen from the cliff into the river,” Deric said, rising from his kneeling position. “And that’s not all your highness; it is the time of The Hunt. The dragons in Draconia would have most likely found her, in the case of the very miniscule possibility that she’d survived, and killed her.”

“Even so,” I said, setting down the scroll on the agreements of marriage in Dracobane. “The princess could still be alive.” Deric looked up sharply. “Your highness, even if she managed to crawl to safety, with the wound I had inflicted upon her using my poisoned blade she wouldn’t have lasted for more than three days, and it’s been a whole week since her disappearance.” “True,” I said while taking another sip of wine. “On an entirely different topic, how is the king’s condition? Is he continuing to take the medication?” “Yes, highness; as we all know king Sandaphon’s health has been ebbing for years now. Ever since we had switched out his medication, his sanity has been slowly deteriorating.”

“Perfect,” I said with a rushing feeling of daring and excitement in my heart. “The medicine will only last as long as he continues to take it. But we cannot let the kingdom know of his condition yet; it would arouse suspicion.” “Of course, your majesty,” Deric rose and bowed to me. “That’ll be all, then.” I said waving him away.

This just keeps getting better and better, doesn’t it? I thought giddily.

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