A Japril Love Story

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Take place after TMNT 2012 episode, 'The Power Inside her' April is struggling through her life with people treating badly after an unfortunately incident with her problem with the Aeon Crystal that almost caused her to act like a monster to everyone. She feels she'll never escape her past mistake and face her demon. Until she met a transfer student named Jake who is trying to start over after being dumped and humiliated by his ex-girlfriend. What if these 2 comes path and falls in love?. And who is the person who has been sending April threats message and blackmail into wanting to get revenge for what she did?

Romance / Drama
Jake Dracula
Age Rating:

The Worst Break Up Ever

Our story begins in a school called Canterlot High School. The sun was shining, birds were singing, and there wasnt a single cloud in the sky.

It was like any other day at this school full of friends. And inside there was a teenage boy with light blue hair, blue eyes, and was wearing a dark red shirt, black jacket, blue pants, and black and red shoes. His name is Jakob. And he was looking happy as he was walking from his classroom and going to lunch.

With him was one of his best friends. He had blonde hair, green eyes, and was wearing a sky blue shirt, orange vest, blue jeans, and black shoes. He also had on a crimson hat. His name was Coby.

"So... you're looking happy today, Jake." Coby said as he saw the huge smile on his friend's face.

Jakob smiled back. "Well, I am. I'm gonna be hanging out with Ryan again today." He said happily.

The blonde haired boy sighed when he heard this. He was the only one that knew about Jakob and Ryan's relationship. And he didn't exactly accept it.

"You're still dating that girl, Jake?" He said with surprise. "I'm surprised you lasted this long."

Jakob raised his eyebrow. "Dude... it has only been like 2 weeks since we got together." He said, defensively.

"Exactly. And I'm surprised." The blond haired boy said matter-of-factly.

Jakob just rolled his eyes. He knew Coby was playing around, but secretly, he also was surprised about it as well. Suddenly, he spotted Ryan nearby and smiled.

Ryan was a teenage girl with red hair toed into 2 ponytails, violet eyes, and was wearing an aqua green shirt, a black and yellow leather jacket, lime green pants, and black boots.

"There she is." Jakob said as a faint blush appeared on his cheeks. "I'll talk to you later, Coby."

With that said, Jakob continued to walk until he made it up to Ryan."Uh... hey, Ry. What's up?" He said when he made it up to her.

Ryan looked up at Jakob in surprise as if she didnt expect him to be there. "Oh, hey Jake. I'm doing pretty well. What about you?" She asked him back.

"I'm just dandy." Jakob smiled. "So... ready to hang out?"

"Of course." Ryan smiled. 'Man, how am I going to lose this kid? He's so annoying! I guess I should just play along and go with my plan when he least expects it. . . like today.' She thought evilly.

With that said, Jakob and Ryan continued on until they made it to the cafeteria. When they did, they sat down and began to talk.

"So... how was your weekend?" Jakob asked.

Ryan shrugged. "It was okay, I guess. I mean, pretty boring... but it was mostly good." She said.

"That's good to hear." Jakob said with a smile.

After that, Jakob and Ryan both went silent for a few minutes since they didn't know what to say. After a few seconds, Ryan cleared her throat as she looked down at the ground.

Jakob noticed this and got concerned. "Huh? Is something wrong, Ry?"

"No, don't worry. I'm... fine." Ryan said with the least amount of assurance that she could.

Jakob raised an eyebrow as he could tell that she was lying. "Ry, I know you too well. You always look like that when you have something on your mind." He said.

Ryan sighed as she got up and looked around the cafeteria. After a while, she cleared her throat. "Hey, could I have everybody's attention?" She shouted to everyone.

Then the whole cafeteria went silent as everyone looked Ryan's direction.

"So... You guys all know how I've been dating Jakob for a couple weeks now, right?" She asked everyone.

Everyone murmered in confusion while they all shook their heads. But Jakob was looking a little confused. 'Hmm... there is no way Ryan would just say that when no one else even knows about us! What is she planning?' He thought.

"Well... now you suckers do!" Ryan said with a smirk. "And I have a little something to say to Jakob... my boyfriend."

Jakob was nervous. He bit his lip as he tried not to think about the worst. 'What is she going to do?' He thought as he feared for the worst.

"Jakob.... I'm sorry it has to be this way, but..." She took a deep breath. "I'm breaking up with you!"

Jakob and everyone else gasped in shock when she said that. They were all just told that they were dating and now they were breaking up? What is her deal?

"W-What? You can't be serious right now!" Jakob said in shock.

"I'm sorry, Jake. But this... was never gonna last. Better safe than sorry, you know?" Ryan said honestly with no hesitation or regret in her voice.

"But... why did you have to tell everyone?" He asked out of pure confusion. "You couldn't have pulled me aside and tell me privately?"

Ryan scoffed. "And why would I do that?"

"Because no one knew that we were dating!" Jakob raised his voice a bit. "And now... they all know... that you have the guts to announce it and then break up with me right afterwards!"

Ryan scoffed again. "So?"

"So!?" Jakob was starting to get angry at this point. "You're just gonna stand there and break up with me... in front of everyone... and all you can say is "so"?"

"Look, I don't have a choice, Jake!" Ryan growled. "This was the only way that I felt was necassary to let you know that I never felt any feelings for you in the first place!" She said once again with no signs of regret.

Ryan quickly realized what she said before covering her mouth and blushed in embarrassment.

Unfortunately, Jakob now knew her true feelings and there was no changing it. Without another word, Jakob went and stomped out of the cafeteria. But not before Ryan grabbed his shoulder and turned him around.

"Jake... I'm sorry. I never meant to say that..." she tried to say, but was interrupted by Jakob.

"But you did. And now you've revealed your true colors to the whole school!" He said angrily at her.

"Please Jake, just listen..." She kept trying to talk to him.

Jakob just pushed her hand away from him. "I don't want your stupid excuses! Just leave me alone!"

With that said, Jakob quickly left the cafeteria and ran past Coby and off campus. This was officially the worst day of his life.

'I tried to tell him.' Coby thought to himself.

Jakob, Coby, and Ryan all belong to me

All rights reserved
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