Because I Want a Vampire's Kiss! (Book 3)

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Chapter 10

Camilla woke up later with a groan as she rolled over to look at the clock. It was a few minutes until ten, time to get up and get dressed. Sitting up, she groaned a bit. “Man, I hurt. I didn’t think lovemaking could make a body ache so much. Maybe a hot shower will help.”

So, getting up she took a shower. Then, finding her suitcase Leo had placed by the door, she pulled out clothes and began to dress. She moved slowly because she still ached and by the time, she finished dressing, she felt strangely chilled. Her head had begun to hurt too.

“Yesterday Leo said my aches were caused by the fact we hadn’t completed the bonding,” she muttered as she headed for her car. “What is the reason for my aches today?

Reaching the car lot in record time, she had just gotten out of the car when Leo strolled out of the building.

Coming over, he took her in his arms and kissed her. “Hello, little one. How are you feeling today? Did you get enough rest after I left?”

“Mm… I feel much better now,” she told him, and it was true. As soon as he took her in his arms the aches had left her, just as they had yesterday. She should ask him about it later. For now, she was simply happy to be with him and said, “I did get enough sleep, thank you. Now, how about that lunch you promised me?”

Opening the car door for her, he waited for her to settle into her seat. Then, after taking the keys she offered him he closed the door before walking around and getting in himself. Cranking the car, he pulled out of the lot and they were off.

Two hours later they were back at the dealership and walking through the double doors together.

Camilla was laughing at a childhood story Leo had just told her about his youngest brother, Felix when Bruno walked up.

“What’s so funny?” Bruno asked as he followed her, and Leo, into Leo’s office.

“Leo has been telling me about growing up with four brothers,” Camilla shook her head, still smiling. “I always wished for siblings.”

“Well, trust me, there were times I’m sure we all wished we had no siblings,” Bruno said with a chuckle as he gave her a light pat on the shoulder.

Camilla hissed in pain. Reaching up she rubbed her shoulder as she said, “Ow! Bruno, what did you do?”

Bruno’s eyes widened.

Leo turned with a snarl his eyes slowly becoming red in anger.

Bruno backed away for her as he said, “I didn’t do anything. I thought the two of you had completed the bonding.”

“We did,” Leo hissed.

“Well, obviously it isn’t complete if my touch still hurts her!” Bruno argued loudly.

With a hissing growl, Leo moved unnaturally fast toward his brother. Before Camilla could hardly blink, Leo had Bruno pinned to the wall, his hands around his neck.

“Blood was exchanged, and vows were given. I know how the bond works little Bruder!” Leo spit out angrily.

Bruno wiggled, trying to get loose. “I never said you didn’t, but if my touch still burns her, something isn’t right. That’s all I’m saying.”

“Leo my love, let him go,” Camilla said softly. “I’m okay.”

Just like that, Leo let Bruno go, and turning, he walked over to her. He gently kissed the red handprint that was on her shoulder before licking it.

The feel of his tongue on her bare skin did two things to her. One, it took the pain away. Two, it aroused her, and she found herself biting back a moan.

Leo pulled away, his eyes now red and rimmed in blue, showing his own arousal.

Bruno interrupted the moment. “Leo, you need to talk to Mutter, she’ll know what to do.”

Leo turned to look at his brother shaking his head. “Nein, I’ll talk to Dean.”

Bruno wrinkled his nose in disgust. “Why would you talk to him?”

Leo huffed. “Because he’s really old! If anyone would know what went wrong, he will.”

“Um… if you don’t mind me asking, who’s Dean?” Camilla asked.

“Dean is a really, really old vampire,” Leo answered.

Ja, a really old and nasty vampire,” Bruno muttered in a disgusted tone.

“What makes him nasty exactly?” Camilla asked, puzzled at Bruno’s reaction.

Leo sighed and sitting down he pulled her into his lap.

Bruno left.

“As I said, Dean is old. Our Vater is over 500 years old and Dean is even older than that. I’m thinking he’s like… almost a thousand years old. Anyway, he has never found his soulmate and is what humans call a millionaire playboy. He likes the women Camilla, be they old or young, and most vampire’s find that to be a disgusting way to live,” Leo told her. “Most of them, if a Geliebte isn’t found, find a good woman and settle down just as a human would.”

“So… he never found his beloved, but instead of finding someone to love, he tries to love them all?”

Leo chuckled, and after giving her a quick kiss, he said, “Something like that.”

She lay her head on his shoulder. “Well, it sounds to me as if he’s just lonely. Maybe he’s trying to find his true love in each of those women. So sad.

“Mm… Ja, sad.” Leo murmured. Then he moved her up and began moving her hair.

“What are you doing?”

“With our bonding, you should have received my mark. I just realized, I never even looked for it.”

“Your mark?”

Ja, it would be a falcon with my initials underneath it. It will look a bit like a tattoo, but…” he sighed, staring at her neck. “…you don’t have it. Something definitely went wrong.”

She turned and wrapped her arms around his neck. “Oh, Leo, I’m sorry. Let’s go talk to Dean now okay?”

Ja, hopefully, he’ll know what happened.”

Then, standing her to her feet and standing himself, they headed off to see Dean.

Leo was worried. He didn’t know what he could have done wrong that his bond with his Geliebte hadn’t taken. His grip tightened on the steering wheel as he turned onto the road leading to Dean’s house.

“Leo, it’ll be okay,” Camilla whispered laying her hand on his knee.

He gave her a quick look. “I hope so.”

“Oh, my, this is where Dean lives? It’s beautiful.”

He had to admit, it was a really nice place Dean had. Although, he did wonder why a single man needed a three-story house.

The house was brick with black shutters. The porch went all the way across the front with a swing at one end. At the other end were two rocking chairs with a small table between them. The yard was large, and shade filled because of the large trees at each corner. The fence was white, and there was a rose bush on each side for the gate full of yellow blooms.

As they stood gazing around at everything, Dean walked out.

Dean was a big man. He stood at least seven feet tall and would tower over Leo’s own five feet ten easily. He was slim though, whereas Leo was broad in the shoulders with lots of muscle. He was also blond and wore his hair slightly long and pulled back in a leather strap of some sort.

It was rumored in the vampire community that Dean was of Viking descent.

“Well, well, well, little Leo Vogel. This is a surprise. What brings you to my home?” Dean asked in his deep booming voice.

Leo took Camilla’s hand and led her up the walkway as she stared wide-eyed at Dean. He answered, “I have some questions, and I was hoping you might be able to answer them for me, Dean.”

Dean stepped back and held the door wide open. “Certainly, come in.”

So, they did.

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