Because I Want a Vampire's Kiss! (Book 3)

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Chapter 12

Walking into Leo’s home later, Camilla tossed her purse on the hall table and toed her shoes off. Turning her head with her mouth open to ask Leo what they were going to do now, but she never spoke. Instead, she found herself being picked up.

Leo began to walk toward his bedroom, his eyes flickering red.

“Leo,” she murmured.

He glanced at her, winking. Without a doubt, his beast was hungry for her, making her hungry for him. She moaned, and placed kisses along his neck, feeling his hands tightening on her thighs. She found herself on the bed, his mouth on hers, roughly kissing and nipping at her lips. When she opened, his tongue plunged in, tasting every part as it tangled with hers. He broke from her mouth and began kissing down her neck only to hiss when his lips met clothing instead of skin.

So, pulling back, Leo sat her up and pulled her shirt off.

“If I’m losing my clothes, baby, so are you,” she informed him. Yanking hard on his button-up shirt, she watched the buttons go flying. “We’re even now, one of your shirts for one of mine.”

Leo obviously wasn’t bothered by it because he shrugged. He then pulled away completely and took off his shoes, socks, pants, and briefs.

Looking at his perfectly muscled body was setting her lower region on fire. She let out a whimper, even as she quickly shed her shorts, panties, and bra.

Then he was back, pushing her down onto the bed. His hands began moving along her thighs as his mouth moved over her neck and shoulders. He looked up at her, his desire for her clear on his face. “Do you know why your thighs fascinate me so much?”

“No.” Sure, she knew what Dean had told her, but not what Leo’s reason for it was.

He looked down, and so did she. She watched as he stood there, his hands on her thighs. With his left hand, he caressed her right thigh, even as his right hand squeezed her left one. Just watching those pale hands move over her skin was enough to make her breathing quicken, and her heart race. She felt her thighs quiver at his touch even as shivers ran over them.

“Such a sensitive place, so close to where my cock wants to be. You have such beautiful thighs, Camilla, thighs made to grip a man’s hips as he loves her.”

His gaze turned to her right thigh as he pushed it slightly up, his finger then trailed over a certain spot. She bit her lip and gave a quiet moan as her body heated up in need.

“This one also holds the femoral artery, which awakens another hunger besides desire in me Geliebte,” he hissed out.

She looked at his face then. She saw his fangs had descended, and his eyes were now glowing as his features sharpened. She realized she was seeing the face of the vampire now. Unable to resist, she raised off the bed and moved her fingers over his sharpened features. His features looked as if they were chiseled in stone.

As she caressed his cheek, his eyes closed for a moment, and a hiss of pleasure escaped his lips.

When his eyes opened, his gaze once more returned to her thigh as he hissed, “Just a taste little one, just a taste of your sweet nectar from your lovely thigh is what I desire. Will you grant me this?”

“Yes,” she whispered as she lay back on the bed once more.

He pulled her leg up higher, placing it over his arm even as he kissed from her knee downward.

She moaned as she tried to keep her eyes open to watch, but the pleasure of his touch was too much. As her eyes slowly drifted closed, she felt his tongue swirl along her skin. She knew his saliva would deaden the area, so his bite wouldn’t hurt.

There was a slight pinch as he bit down. Then her hips were bucking as pleasure swirled through her veins. She cried out as his fingers moved to her wet folds and sank deep. He moved them in and out, turning her into a moaning mess as he drank from her.

“Leo,” she cried, feeling her release was close. She wanted him inside her when she came through. So, she almost sobbed her frustration as she tried to hold back. Opening her eyes, she tugged at his hair.

Suddenly, Leo was hovering over her, his fangs still red with her blood. “I will love you as long as I walk this earth, my sweet Geliebte, Camilla Smythe.”

“I will love you as long as I walk this earth also, Leo Vogel,” she vowed to him once more.

Leo quickly grabbed a condom and rolled it on. He pulled her thighs up, so she could wrap them around his hips before he thrust into her with a hiss. She cried out as pleasure rolled over her like a tidal wave. His teeth sank deep into her throat, hisses coming from him as he thrust harder.

“Ah… Leo love…” she cries as she clawed at his back. Her hips bucked, and her back bowed as they moved together in a fast rhythm. She came hard, screaming his name as he pulled his teeth from her neck.

With a long hissing growl, Leo found his release. She felt him shudder as he collapsed over her on his forearms.

Then softly he said, “Ich Liebe Dich.”

She smiled as he told her in German that he loved her, answering, “I love you too, Leo.”

Camilla and Leo lay quietly as their bodies cooled. Her head was on his chest, his arms wrapped tightly around her.

“Little one, have you spoken to your parents since you’ve been here?” He asked her curiously. He felt her shake her head no.

“No. I only call once a week because that’s all I can take of Mother crying for me to come home,” she answered with a soft sigh. Then she leaned up on her elbow to look at him. “Leo, I…”

He pushed her hair back before gently cupping her cheek. “Tell me, little one.”

She looked down her finger nervously drawing circles on his chest. “I’m a Smythe, of the South Dakota Smythe’s. My father is a big name in the business community. Plus, I’m an only child, and expected to take over Smythe Enterprises, or marry someone who will.” She looked up, her eyes sad and glittering with unshed tears.

“Oh, little one, don’t cry,” he said pulling her down and holding her tight.

“Leo, your family is all here, and you have a business of your own to run,” she mumbled, her face in his chest.

“Is that all you’re worried about?”

She pulled away to look at him once more.

He smiled reassuringly as he told her, “Camilla, I have four Bruders, three of them who are perfectly capable of running Vogel Automotive. Now, I don’t know what running Smythe Enterprises entails, but I like to think I’m a smart enough man that, with a little guidance, could figure it out. So, don’t worry, I’ll be fine.”

“But… but you would have to leave your family!”

“Yes, but what bird doesn’t leave the nest eventually?” He kissed her. “If Mutter misses her baby bird too much, she knows how to get on the family jet and come see me.”

“Family jet?”

Ja, the family jet, you will be seeing it soon. Now, all better?”

“Yes,” she answered. “I’ll call them soon.”

Leo shook his head at her. “Nein, you will call them tomorrow and tell them you will see them in two weeks. That will give me time to get my affairs here in order. Tomorrow you will meet my family.”

Her eyes were wide by the time he finished speaking, but she nodded in agreement.

“Are we sure the bond is complete this time?”

“Well, let’s check, shall we?” He asked, “Sit up bitte, please.”

Camilla sat up and Leo sat up slightly behind her. Moving her hair aside, he froze.

“What? What’s wrong? Don’t I have one?” She asked him worriedly as she glanced over her shoulder.

Ja, you have one, only it isn’t where I thought it would be.”

“Oh, well, that’s alright,” she told him with a relieved sigh. “I’m just happy that your beast is happy and that it’s there this time.”

“Camilla, how do your parents feel about tattoos?” He asked her as they lay back down.

She raised her head and looked at him. “My mother is a very proper woman, and wouldn’t be caught dead with one, but…” she gave a soft laugh. “I remember her telling me about my father’s bad-boy stage.”

“Bad-boy stage?”

“Yeah. It seems he thought it would make her swoon over him faster if he got a tattoo, and I do remember her telling me it was sexy on him. Ew! Like I wanted to hear that my father is sexy!”

He chuckled at the face she made. Clearing his throat, he told her, “Well, my marking is on your neck, but unlike Kimberly’s and Kendra’s it’s a bit more noticeable.”

“Oh? How noticeable?”

“Best if you go have a look.”

Getting off the bed, she walked into the bathroom and he heard her gasp.

“Oh, my! It’s where you bit my neck, Leo!” She exclaimed as she came back into the room. “It is lovely though.”

Her marking was a falcon taking flight with his name under its uplifted wing.

“So, what is the difference between mine, and your sisters-in-law exactly?”

Reaching out, he ran a finger along her hairline on the back of her neck. “Kimberly’s and Kendra’s marking are right about, here.”

“Oh, so it’s hidden unless their hair is up,” she murmured. “Mine can’t be hidden that easily in the middle of my neck to be sure. Well, what of your mother’s mark? And why a falcon?”

Laying back against the headboard, he replied, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen my Mutter’s mark since she always has her hair down. It is the falcon because that is our family symbol.”

She nodded before standing up and digging in her suitcase. “I’m hungry, how about something to eat?”

“I could eat I suppose, but I’m not hungry. I’ve taken enough blood from you to be physically satisfied, food isn’t truly needed.”

Camilla paused, halfway finished buttoning up her shirt, to look at him. “So, you don’t genuinely need food?”

Nein,” he answered, standing up to stretch. “We eat mostly publicly because humans tend to ask questions if they never see us eat though.”

“Huh, well, I’m gonna go see what you have to eat,” she told him as she headed for the door. “If you change your mind, you can always join me.”

He kissed her cheek. “I’ll probably just dress and do some work in my office,” he said. Then as a slightly stern look overcame his face he added, “Oh, and I’m going to call my Mutter about tomorrow, you need to call yours.”

“Alright, fine, I’ll call my parents Leo,” she huffed as she walked from the room.

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