Because I Want a Vampire's Kiss! (Book 3)

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Chapter 15

Reaching the airport and climbing out of the limo, Camilla stood in shock. Before her sat a jet, but not just any jet, a private jet.

How did she know it was a private jet? Because on the side of it was a giant falcon and under that, Vogel was written in bright green letters.

“Leo, you own this jet?”

“The family does. I rarely use it though. Bruno does most of the traveling that has to be done for the business. Vater and Mutter take spells where they do a lot of traveling also. I thought I told you about the jet?” He answered as they began to walk.

A man had come and loaded their luggage onto a cart and was transporting it to the waiting jet. Another man had come to stand at the bottom of the steps they would be climbing to get inside.

“Well, yes, you did. I suppose I didn’t realize you were serious though.”

“It’s alright, I know it’s a lot to take in.”

“Yes, it is. My dad has a lot of money, but even he doesn’t own a jet,” she whispered as they entered the cabin of the jet. It looked more like a room in a house than a jet except for the seats which had safety straps.

“Make yourselves comfortable, sir, madam. We will be taking off in five minutes after the luggage is loaded,” the man in a captain’s uniform said.

“Thank you, Chad,” Leo told the man.

The captain, Chad, nodded with a slight bow. He then turned and went inside a room at the front and closed the door.

“Let’s sit. There are some things I need to tell you before we arrive,” Leo said.

So, sitting down, and strapping in, she waited for him to speak.

“So, I talked to a realtor earlier in the week and she finally got back with me yesterday. With everything else going on, however, it slipped my mind until now. I don’t know if you had thought about where we would stay or not.”

“Not really. I suppose I thought we might stay with my parents, at least for a little bit,” she told him a bit nervously.

“I figured as much, but Camilla, with my… eating habits that would have been a bit difficult.”

“Yes, I guess you wouldn’t want to explain why you put bottled blood in the fridge to the cook huh?” She asked him, smothering a laugh with her hand.

“Not really. So, I decided to rent a house, and if we like it, we have the option to buy. I took a virtual tour of it, but who knows if it will look the same in real life. If we don’t like it though, we can always look for something else. I also had a car delivered to the residence, one for you and one for me. There will be a limo to take us there from the airport, however.”

“Oh, what about my parents? I’m sure they could pick us up and…”

Nein, little one,” Leo said softly as he cupped her cheek in his hand. “After the flight, though it isn’t that long, I need my rest. Cooped up in this small place with the sound of heartbeats so close is hard on me. Even the sound of yours will start to affect me, and I won’t be able to do anything about it because of where we are.”

Camilla just nodded her understanding of his need and he smiled gratefully.

“This is the captain speaking. We are now ready for takeoff, please buckle up, and enjoy the flight.”

They sat silently while they waited for takeoff and as soon as they were in the air a lady came out of the back. It was a surprise to have a stewardess since it was a private jet, but Camilla just shrugged and went with it.

“Hello, my name is Raelynn, and I’ll be taking care of you on this flight Mr. and Mrs. Vogel. Anything you need just ask, and I will get it for you. Now, your mother mentioned you might like breakfast since it was such an early flight. Would you like something now?”

Camilla heard her stomach growl at the mention of food. “I would, please. What do you have?”

“Bacon, sausage, pancakes, toast, OJ, scrambled eggs, and hash-browns,” was Raelynn’s reply.

Camilla licked her lips. “Everything but the sausage, please, I’m starving.”

Leo chuckled.

“What about you sir?” Raelynn asked.

“I’ll take the same, with sausage instead of the bacon,” he answered.

“Alright then, I’ll be right out with that,” Raelynn said and left.

Sitting back, Camilla leaned into Leo’s side and said, “I’m a bit nervous about seeing my parents again. Is that weird?”

Nein, not really. A lot has happened since you saw them last, so I think it’s probably normal,” he answered as he played with her hair. He brushed his thumb across her mark. “There is something else I wanted to discuss with you though.”

She looked up at him and their gaze connected.

“I started doing a bit of research into Smythe Enterprises. I wanted to at least sound intelligent if your father asked me what I knew about it.”

She smiled. “That doesn’t surprise me, Leo.”

“The thing is, I don’t think you’re going to like what I’ve found out,” he told her with a solemn look.

Her smile left her face and she frowned. What was Leo talking about? “What are you talking about Leo?”

“It would seem that someone wants your Vater’s company and has been playing dirty trying to get it,” he told her.

“What? Since when? My father never said anything about the company being in trouble.”

“Sabotage, little one. That’s the kind of trouble the company is having. Late shipments, shipments never making it at all. Small things Camilla, but things that make a company look bad, and cause their stocks to drop. Soon, no one wants to invest in them, and the company goes bankrupt or is bought out for little to nothing. Someone is trying to sink your Vater’s company, and from the looks of the shares, they are succeeding,” Leo told her.

“Oh,” she said. She had no words because her father had kept her in the dark about this.

“I’m guessing you didn’t know about it then?”

Camilla shook her head. “No. Father never said a word about anything being wrong with the company but…”


“It would explain why he kept pushing me so hard to marry, or a least be ready to take over. Although, I don’t know what he thinks I could do to stop whatever is going on,” she explained softly.

“Fresh blood. Even if it is just passing it to your child it can sometimes encourage investors to give you another chance. This would help your Vater hold on until he could figure out who his enemy is.”

“Okay. So, what do we do?”

The stewardess returned with breakfast, and Leo was quiet as she placed it before them.

After she was gone, he murmured, “You and I take over. I have friends who can help us, and it won’t be long before we find out who is out to destroy your Vater and his company. For the most part, we’ll keep my name out of it. You will be the one in the spotlight since you know how I feel about being there.”

Buttering her toast, she agreed, “Yes, I do, but it’s okay, Leo. I still love you.”

“Good to know.”

Then they ate in silence. After they were finished with breakfast, they decided they couldn’t do too much until they talked to her father. So, the discussion was tabled.

Leo pulled out a bit of work he had promised Bruno he’d finish for him.

Camilla pulled out a book to read.

They sat in companionable silence, enjoying each other’s company until the jet landed. Once they landed, they hurried off into the limo that waited for them.

Camilla had the driver take a scenic route, so she could point out a few things to Leo. She asked, “So, Leo, what shall we do for the rest of the day?”

He shrugged. “I don’t suppose it matters much. Although, I was thinking we should look at the house, and see if we’re going to like it or not. It might not hurt to buy a bit of foodstuff either,” he suggested. “I know it’s mostly furnished, but we might need things like towels and maybe dishes.”

“Hm… I hadn’t thought of that, but you’re right,” she mused. “So, I say we swing by there, lose the limo, take inventory of what we need, and go shopping.”

Leo kissed her. “Excellent idea.”

So, that was how they spent the rest of the day.

“When are we supposed to meet up with your parents Camilla?” Leo asked.

Stepping out of the shower and wrapping up in a towel, Camilla came out of the bathroom. “They want us to come for dinner. My mother said that Father has some things to talk to me about though. So, she asked that we come early. I think she said Mr. and Mrs. Franklin, along with their son Tim, are going to be there. Although, I’m not exactly sure why that is.”

“I was hoping, for now, it would be just your parents.”

“Yes, me too. The very fact that Mr. Franklin is going to be there after what you told me has me concerned,” she told him as she began to dress.


“Mr. Franklin is… kind of my father’s partner, I guess. I’m not sure his exact role in the company, but he’s been there forever, and they make most of the decisions together,” she said.

Leo looked thoughtful. “Hm…”

“Hm… what?”

He shrugged and winked. “Just hmm…”

Knowing he was trying to lighten the moment, she walked over and hugged him. “I love you, Leo.”

“I love you too,” he returned, pulling her in for a long, hot kiss. When they broke apart, he said, “How about we go buy a new bed to use until mine gets here? I don’t like this one.”

She looked over at the bed. “Why? The frame looks new, the mattress was new, and it was comfortable.”

Leo shook his head. “It isn’t high enough.”

She laughed. “High enough? At least I don’t have to get a running start to get into it like the one you’re having sent here from your house.”

“That may be true but think of all the fun we had with me standing next to my bed, you spread out in front of me…” his voice trailed off as he kissed down her neck and nipped at her mark. “…like an all you can eat buffet.”

She groaned as his nipping began to arouse her along with the memories he brought to her mind. “Ah… Leo, perhaps you’re right. Let’s get a new bed, later though, much… ah, much later.”

She then began to unbutton his shirt as he backed her toward the bed. Yes, bed buying would have to wait until another day.

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