Because I Want a Vampire's Kiss! (Book 3)

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Chapter 17

Dinner wasn’t as awkward as Camilla had feared it would be. It helped that Tim had calmed down. Leo just ignored Tim completely. When dinner was finally over, they all went into the sitting room. The men started talking business while the ladies discussed other things.

“That is a lovely ring, Camilla, so unique,” Mrs. Franklin said.

Tim glanced their way, but Camilla ignored him as she looked down at her ring. “Leo had it made especially for me. It’s our birthstones, plus the traditional diamonds.”

Mrs. Franklin leaned closer to look at the ring. She then gave a sideways glance at Camilla’s neck and asked, “And the tattoo dear? You know those can never be removed.”

Camila smiled, winking at Leo who raised his eyebrow at the comment. “I know, but I don’t plan to ever let Leo go. He is wonderful to me, Mrs. Franklin, just like Father is to Mother.”

Mrs. Franklin awed as she sat back in her seat. “So, what kind of wedding did you have?”

Camilla stiffened a bit but replied with a smile. “It was just the two of us. We thought we might have a big wedding later, but it really isn’t necessary.”

“Well, if you aren’t going to have a big wedding, perhaps you should have a big party to let everyone know of the nuptials,” Mrs. Franklin mentioned.

“Oh, Glades, that is a wonderful idea,” Mother agreed. “We could invite all of Leo’s family, so we can meet them, and all our friends too.”

That was how the plans for the party started.

After about thirty minutes though, Camilla felt the need to use the bathroom and excused herself. Walking over to Leo, she kissed his cheek, told him where she was going and left the room. When she was finished in the bathroom, she stepped out, only to find herself being grabbed from behind.

The person pushed her into the library next to the bathroom. When she was let go, she spun around. Seeing Tim standing there, Camilla was shocked. “Tim, what are you doing?”

“You were supposed to be mine Camilla,” Tim snapped at her, his face red with anger.

“Yours? What are you talking about Tim? You know I never liked you that way, you were nothing but a friend.”

Tim stalked toward her, and she began to back up, fearing what he might try. “No, you never noticed me, did you Camilla? That was alright though because our dads were friends, and it was just a matter of time before we would end up together for the good of the company.”

“For the good of the company? Oh, Tim, what have you done?” Camilla asked. “Please tell me you aren’t the one who…?”

“Oh, but I am. I will only stop when you’re mine,” Tim said as he blocked her in between him and the desk.

“I’m a married woman,” Camilla began.

“I don’t care, Camilla. Divorces are easy enough to get when you have as much money as your family does. You will get rid of him because you’re mine. You will divorce that man and marry me. Then everything shall be as it should be,” Tim concluded with an almost crazy look in his eyes.

His hands reached out to grab her hips, pulling her forward. Just the feel of another man’s hands on her made her feel sick, and the feel of his arousal against her thigh disgusted her.

“You need to let me go, Tim. My husband is a very possessive and jealous man. He won’t take you touching me lightly.”

“I keep telling you Camilla, you are mine!” He shouted.

Then he tried to kiss her, but she turned her head away.

“Leo!” She yelled loudly, hoping he would hear her as Tim tried once more to kiss her.

Camilla had been gone a few minutes when Leo realized that Tim had slipped out of the room. He frowned, where could Tim have gone? “Mr. Franklin, where did your son go?”

Mr. Franklin looked puzzled as he looked at his son’s empty chair. “I don’t know. I didn’t know he had left.”


His sensitive hearing caught the sound of his Geliebte’s cry, and his beast arose with into hiss in anger. Standing, he murmured, “excuse me” before hurrying off to find Camilla.

“You won’t get away with this, and if Leo catches you, you’ll be a dead man Tim! Now, let go of me!” Camilla yelled.

Using a burst of vampire speed, Leo flew down the hall to the room Camilla’s voice had come from. He walked through the doorway with an angry hiss. He knew his eyes would be red in his anger, but he couldn’t help it, and at this point, he didn’t care. He knew damage control would have to be done later, but so be it.

Tim turned from where he had Camilla blocked in at the desk.

With another hiss, Leo pulled him off her, slamming Tim into the wall. His fangs descended as he hissed out the question, “You dare to touch that which does not belong to you?”

Fear filled Tim’s face and eyes as his heart began to pound.

Leo knew he was a scary sight and grinned, loving the fear he felt flowing of Tim in waves. It had been a long time since he’d placed fear like this in a human, and the predator in him enjoyed it

“W-W-W-what a-a-are you?” Tim stuttered.

“Your worst nightmare,” Leo hissed even as he leaned in and bit down deep into Tim’s throat.

He knew the pain would make Tim scream. So, he flashed a hand up to cover the man’s mouth to muffle the sound. The warm feel of Tim’s blood flowing over his tongue was so addictive. The taste was so much richer because of the fear that flowed with it, and Leo wanted so badly to drink until there was none left.

Knowing he couldn’t though, had him pulling back with a hiss, licking the wound, and making it unnoticeable to the human eyes. Leo knew if he were to kill Tim, it would bring the hunters wrath down on him. He couldn’t afford for that to happen. So, instead, he stared Tim in the eye until his eyes glazed and he was under Leo’s thrall.

“You will remember nothing of going into this room. You went to the bathroom and only passed Camilla in the hall. You will forget this scheme to bring down Smythe Enterprises and will decide to go overseas to try your luck at one of your father’s other ventures. Do you agree?”

“Yes. I agree, it sounds like an excellent plan,” Tim said. “Start over away from here.”

Straightening, Leo moved back. His fangs were now retracted, and his eyes were once more back to blue as he watched Tim leave the room. Camilla ran into his arms and he held her tight. He breathed in her sweet scent of peaches which completely calmed the raging beast inside.

“How did you know it was him?”

“When you have lived as many years as I have, you learn to read people. His guilt was all over him. He hated hurting his father, but he wanted something and thought this was the way to get it.”

“He wanted me, that’s why he cornered me. He thought he could convince me to leave you and marry him by using the company as leverage,” she said as she lay her head on his chest. “I thought you were going to kill him, Leo. Yet I couldn’t find it in me to stop you, is that bad?”

Leo chuckled. “Oh, little one, it’s not bad. It means you trust me to do right by you and somewhere inside, you knew I wouldn’t kill him. I wanted to though, however, it would have brought the hunters wrath down on us though, and I didn’t want that,” he said with a sigh. “His blood, so full of fear, tasted incredibly good though, it made it very hard to stop. I had almost forgotten how good fear tasted.”

“The fear in it? Are you telling me his blood tasted different because of his fear?”

Ja, that is what I’m saying. Just as yours taste different when you are aroused. It is so much sweeter, more addicting.


“We had better get back to your family before they send someone searching for us,” he told her.

“Leo, I want to go home now, you’ve made me…”

He smirked as he took a deep breath and smelled her arousal. “Ja, let us go and make our excuses.”

So, that is what they did.

A week later, Leo had learned the ends and outs of Smythe Enterprises and had gotten to know his father-in-law very well. Camilla had been busy with her mother planning for the big party they were going to have.

Leo called his family and most of them had agreed to come. The only one being difficult was his Mutter. She was worried because she feared she didn’t look old enough to pass for the Mutter of a thirty-six-year-old man.

“We’ll just say you and Vater started really young. You were fifteen or something, and you age well. Good genes and all that,” Leo argued with her.

“Ah, Sohn, I will think about it and let you know,” Mutter said before hanging up.

This was the third time he’d called her, and he was becoming quite frustrated. He loved his Mutter and missed her, he really wanted her to come, her and Vater.

“Your mother?” Camilla asked softly from the doorway.

He turned and gave her a slight smile. “Ja. She’s being stubborn about people thinking she looks too young to have a Sohn my age. Maybe she’s right, and I don’t want to put the family in danger so… I will let it go.”

“Well, whatever she decides will be fine,” she said as she came and sat next to him on the couch. “I wanted to ask you something though.”

“Ask away.”

“I was wondering if you would invite Dean.”

“Dean?” He asked, puzzled by her request.

She nodded, a hopeful look on her face.

“Why would I invite him? He isn’t family or even a close family friend.”

She squirmed a bit in her seat before softly saying, “You remember me talking about my best friend, Shelly.


“Well, I think her, and Dean would hit it off well.”

He gave her a look and she rolled her eyes.

“No, I’m not playing matchmaker. It’s just he’s the kind of guy she avoids, one looking for long-term, yet something tells me they could become good friends. Leo, I saw how lonely he was, I don’t have your super smell, but he almost reeked of loneliness.”

Ja, I did see that he is lonely, but I still don’t see…”

“Leo, he needs good friends to help keep the loneliness at bay until he can find his beloved. Besides, he’s very tall and so is she. Tall people should stick together,” she informed him with a snooty sniff.

Laughing, he pulled her into his arms and kissed her until she ran out of breath. “Alright, little one. For you, I will invite him, but I’m not sure he’ll come. So, don’t be disappointed if he doesn’t.”

“That’s all I’m asking for, baby. Now, how about you take me to bed, it’s late,” she whispered in his ear before she nipped at it lovingly.

He groaned, always the ears. How is it she can turn me on so much just by touching my ears?

So, picking her up, he threw her over his shoulder and carried her to bed as she laughed.

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