Because I Want a Vampire's Kiss! (Book 3)

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Chapter 3

Camilla woke up with a breathless gasp as her dream ended. Excitedly, she whispered, “Blue, his eyes are blue.”

Blue eyes were a detail she had never had before and would hopefully be helpful in her search.

Realizing it was now daylight, she jumped out of bed and began to get dressed for the day.

Getting into her car an hour later, she made her way to the McDonalds she had seen on her way into town. Going inside, she ordered her food and once she had it, she sat down in a corner booth and pulled out her map. As she ate, she studied it.

“Where should I go next?” She muttered as her finger trailed over the map, tracing the roads. “This is where I came from… this is where I am….”

Suddenly, she just had a gut feeling that she should go left. She frowned, left, that would take her into Florida. Should she follow that feeling and go left?

Camilla shrugged and stood up. Throwing her trash away she headed out the door to her car.

Eh, why not? Starting the car, she backed out and took off down the road. Left it is.

Later that afternoon, Camilla turned her blinker on to take the next exit off the interstate.

“Welcome to Milton Florida,” she said, reading the sign as she drove down the exit ramp. Her stomach growled long and loud. “Guess I need to eat.”

She began to look for something to eat, but there was nothing good on the left. So, looking to the right, she saw a big sign advertising Subway. Deciding that sounded rather good right now, she headed towards it as she continued to look over the town.

Passing by a large car dealership, her stomach twisted, and excitement begins to build. It was an odd reaction to have and her breath shortened almost to a pant as her hands began to sweat.

“What is wrong with you girl? Calm down now, deep breaths,” she told herself out loud. “Vogel Automotive, I’ve never heard of the place. Is that where he is? Is that where I’ll finally find him?” She questioned herself as she gave the car lot one last look before passing it.

Wanting to stop and check it out, she forced herself to continue down the road. She needed to eat, the coffee and donut of the morning had long worn off. If she were perhaps about to meet the man of her dreams, she didn’t want to be passing out on him because of hunger.

“Eat now, check out the dealership later.”

Getting out of her car, she quickly made her way to the Subway building. It was a struggle because her heart and her feet wanted to go the other way, but she managed it.

Camilla didn’t think she had ever eaten so fast, but she had eaten in ten minutes flat. Now she was stepping out onto the sidewalk and taking a deep breath of humid air. The breeze lightly ruffled her hair as she gazed down the street at the large sign that read: Vogel Automotive.

Her mind was blank as her feet took off down the sidewalk at a fast pace. It was almost as if someone had her on a leash and was guiding her. She completely forgot about the car she was leaving behind as she hurried toward the dealership. Walking in the double doors of the dealership a few moments later, she never stopped moving. Seeing a hallway ahead of her, she moved toward it.

“Excuse me? Miss, can I help you?”

Across the tile floor towards a hallway.

“Miss? Miss! You can’t go down there!”

Counting doors, one, two, three… stopping.

Her eyes moved over the sign on the door, whispering, “Leo Vogel, Owner.” Even his name did something to her insides. Yes, this is the right place.

“Miss, please! These are private offices.”

Camilla finally turned to look at the harried-looking woman standing behind her.

The woman was frowning, her lips twisted in irritation. After a minute of silence, she asked, “Do you have an appointment?”

An appointment? No, I don’t have an appointment. Camilla stared at the woman silently. Then, thinking of the name on the door, Leo Vogel, she smiled. Giving the woman a wide-eyed innocent look, she admitted, “Oh, well, not exactly. You see, he’s a good friend of my father’s. I just wanted to stop in and say hello since I’m passing through. My father probably told him I’d be out this way, so he might be expecting me.”

“Oh. Well, alright then,” the woman said, looking a bit relieved. “He doesn’t have any appointments for most of the day, so, I suppose it would be alright. Just knock, he’ll answer, and you can go in.”

Camilla watched the woman turn and walk away. She sighed relief as she turned back to face the door with a deep breath. Pushing up her glasses and straightening her shoulders, she prepared herself for what was behind the door.

Forget knocking though, she turned the doorknob and boldly walked in.

The man behind the desk was already looking up. He tilted his head questioningly as she closed and locked the door. They stared at each other for long moments, saying nothing.

Camilla took in his almost military cut brown hair with just a touch of gray at his temple and his pale skin. His features were slightly sharp, and she noticed he had a jagged scar right under his left eye.

Those eyes, they almost beg for my attention, and I want him to have it.

He stood and walked around his desk.

So blue. They look as blue as the ocean deep and I think I’m drowning in them.

He took a deep breath and she saw something flare in those eyes for just a moment.

Camilla moved closer to him and softly said, “I have been searching for you almost my whole life and was beginning to think I wasn’t going to find you.”

“Why exactly have you been searching for me, little one?” He asked in a gravelly voice

It was a voice she would recognize anywhere because it was the voice of her dreams. So, she answered, “Because I want a vampire’s kiss and I want you to be the one to give it to me.

This, of course, was only half the reason, because deep down, she also knew he was hers, her soulmate.

His eyes widened.

Camilla stepped even closer as she breathed deeply of the musky cologne he wore. Her heart was pounding, and her stomach twisted in knots, wondering if he would send her away thinking her crazy. Just because she had dreamed of him didn’t mean he had dreamed of her. For all, she knew he might have a wife or something by now. After coming so far, she was determined to find out everything.

“Are you married?”


“Then I’m not leaving without what I came for,” she whispered, sighing with relief. Then she reached her hand out and lay it on his chest. “I have dreamed about a male vampire since I was fourteen years old.”

He cleared his throat, but his voice remained gravelly as he spoke. “How do you know it was a vampire in your dreams? Aren’t they supposed to be nothing but fantasy?”

“Mm… maybe they are,” she agreed. “I know this one is real though because his eyes were the color of blood and he had fangs.”

“My eyes aren’t red and as you can see, I have no fangs.”

Was he trying to convince her he wasn’t who she was looking for? It didn’t matter if he was because she would not be swayed.

“No, they are the color of the ocean so blue, just as they were when I dreamed of you last night. For the first time in eighteen years, you weren’t completely blurry. For just one moment in time, I saw your eyes clearly change from red to blue. You told me I was close, you told me to find you. Not only that, but I would know your voice anywhere. So, now I want what I came for, your kiss.”

“A kiss?”

“Yes, please,” she begged him. Then leaned her small body into his, her face tilted up, and waited.

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