Because I Want a Vampire's Kiss! (Book 3)

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Chapter 5

Leo rounded his desk just as the door rattled.

“Leo, are you alright…?”

Leo opened the door. “Next time don’t come banging my door down, Bruno. You wait for me to call you back, like I said I would, or at least knock politely.”

“Um… sure. Sorry, big Bruder,” Bruno said softly, looking a bit nervous.

I can be very intimidating when I want to be. Leo smirked internally. Stepping back so Bruno could enter, he said, “Camilla, this is my Bruder, Bruno. Bruno, meet meine Geliebte, Camilla Smythe.”

Camilla jumped off the desk with a smile and her hand out. “Hi, it’s so nice to meet you, Bruno. You know, you two look a lot alike. There is no mistaking that you’re from the same gene pool.”

“Nope, just like twins, we are,” Bruno agreed. “Well, if we hadn’t been born twenty years apart anyway, eh Leo?”

Leo rolled his eyes at him.

Camilla shook her head and said, “No, not quite twins. Leo’s eyes are a deeper shade of blue and his hair a bit darker, but close.”

Bruno smirked. “Been studying him that close, have you?”

Camilla chose to ignore him and turned to Leo. “I should go and let the two of you talk.”

Nein, stay!” Leo exclaimed.

“But… I thought you had business…?”

“My business is now your little one,” Leo told her. “We will have no secrets even in this.”

Then he walked around his desk and sat down, pulling her into his lap. Looking up at his stunned Bruder, he asked, “Well? What is the issue about?”

Bruno shook his head as he sat down and began to speak.

An hour later, Bruno finally concluded their meeting. They then sat quietly as Leo put a few notes on his computer.

They’d only been halfway through when Camilla had fallen asleep with her face buried in Leo’s neck. She placed one of her hands under his shirt before dozing off. He knew she been trying to be sneaky when she did it. Slowly unbuttoning the shirt and slipping her hand in.

Bruno’s smirk made it clear she hadn’t been successful, and he’d noticed.

“So, our fearless leader has found his Geliebte,” Bruno joked.

Looking down at the beautiful woman in his lap, he smiled. “Ja and she is so tiny, a little bit of nothing. She is my bit of nothing though, and I cherish her already.”

“I hope she can handle your bossiness, Leo, lots of women couldn’t.”

“She is, meine Geliebte, my beloved, and she was made just for me, Bruno. Do you not think the fates know of my bossy side?” Leo asked as he looked up.

Bruno put his hands up as if in surrender. Then, softly, so as not to anger Leo, he agreed, “Ja, Bruder. I know they do. Mutter will be so excited with you finding your Geliebte, and with Kimberly expecting there will be twice the celebration.”

“Hard to believe how all our lives have changed in just a year,” Leo agreed, memories flooding his mind. “First Falco found his Geliebte, then Tobias, and now a baby is on the way.”

“And now you have found yours. I wonder who will be next?” Bruno asked with a longing look.

“Don’t lose hope, Bruder, it might be you,” Leo said.

“Hmm… maybe,” Bruno said as he sat back and crossed his arms over his chest. “You know, I had completely given up hope when Falco met Kimberly.”

“Completely?” Leo questioned.

Bruno gave a nod. “Ja, to the point that I was thinking about asking Bianca to marry me.”

“Bianca? That vampire girl you met in France two years ago. I didn’t realize you were that serious about someone,” Leo said. He was astounded Bruno had kept her a secret from them all.

Ja, we kept in touch and I went to see her a lot,” Bruno told him. “I was so tired of being alone and, well, we were good together. So, I thought, surely that’s enough.”

“Did Mutter know?”

Nein. I was going to tell her and Vater, but I never did. Now I’m glad I didn’t,” Bruno stated.

“So, what happened?”

“Falco met Kimberly and it sparked a hope in me,” Bruno told him with a soft sigh. “It made me question if giving up on finding meine Geliebte and marrying Bianca was the right thing to do.”

“What did you decide then?” Leo asked as he looked back down at the sleeping Camilla.

Bruno snorted suddenly.

Leo looked up at him, slightly startled and Camilla twitched.

“Fate took the decision out of my hands actually. Bianca met her Geliebte at the airport right before she was to board her plane to come to see me,” Bruno explained.

Leo just sat and stared at Bruno. He wasn’t surprised at how close Bruno had been to marriage. Bruno was usually the least serious of the five of them. Wanting a woman though? That was one thing he was serious about.

He did feel sad just thinking about what had happened to Bruno and felt he should say something. It was a struggle though because he found it hard to show emotions to his Bruders unless he was telling them what to do. So, he cleared his throat as he thought about what to say.

Nein, Leo, don’t say anything because that is on in the past. Now I have things to do, so I’ll take my leave but not before saying congratulations. Oh, and call Mutter soon,” Bruno said.

“Alright, Bruno, I’ll leave the past in the past. Ja, I’ll call Mutter soon, don’t worry. Even I know better than to let her somehow find out on her own,” Leo said with a shudder. “Could you lock my door behind you on your way out?”

Bruno gave a nod as he stood and walked out the door.

Leo heard the click of the lock as it closed behind Bruno. Turning his chair away from his desk, he carefully moved Camilla around to place her head in the crook of his arm.

Smiling, he took in her features. She was small-boned and delicate. Her face slim and her nose, which was lightly splattered with freckles, almost pointy. Her hair was deep, rich, red, soft, and silky to the touch. His gaze moved further down to where her hand disappeared inside his shirt.

Reaching down, he finished unbuttoning his shirt and moved it aside. His skin was pale, but it wasn’t chalky white because he loved to get outside and putter in his yard shirtless. Regardless, he was by no means dark either. His Geliebte’s arm, which lay against his chest was slightly golden, with surprisingly few freckles, for a redhead.

Her hands were small, her fingers long and slim. He carefully ran a finger along the back of her hand to feel its softness.

She gave a soft moaning sigh and he glanced at her face, but she still slept.

Leo was tempted by her beauty. I want to see the beauty hidden under her clothing but… would it make me a pervert to gaze at her that way while she slept? Surely it wouldn’t. After all, she is my beloved. It is my right to gaze at her.

After his internal argument, he began undoing buttons on her blouse. His breath stalled as more of her golden skin was revealed. Her chest was paler than her arms though, so she must not bear it much. Her breasts were small, but firm and encased in a simple white bra that begged to be removed. He didn’t dare go that far though, instead, he ran his fingers over her rib cage and side.

She sighed. Then she whimpered a bit as her back bowed into his touch.

Moving his arm up, he brought her face close to his and nuzzled her neck. He placed soft kisses along her neck as his hand roamed over her back. The skin there was so soft, and he couldn’t get enough of touching her.

She began to make small sounds that were slowly awakening the man in him, and he felt his cock harden. As his arousal heightened, his kisses grew rougher, and he began to nip at her skin. His hand moved from her back to her lower thigh. He squeezed it gently before moving upward, sliding his hand between her thighs. When he reached the top, he began to slide his hand up and down, even as his thumb rubbed at her woman’s mound.

Camilla’s eyes fluttered open as his mouth covered hers. Her arms moved up to wrap around his neck. She moaned, and her hips bucked

As he began to smell her arousal, his kiss became even rougher, his need for her growing. He felt the beast inside awaken at the sound of his Geliebte’s whimpers.

She pulled back, breathing deep, and stared into his eyes.

He watched her pupils dilate.

She whimpered again, and her back arched against his still-moving hand.

“Leo!” She cried just as her thighs tightened around his wrist.

Leo smiled as he felt the thin cloth of her pants dampen.

“Now my pants are wet,” she pouted, poking her bottom lip out.

He growled as he leaned in and captured her lip with his teeth. This led to more kisses and his cock growing even harder. Finally, he pulled back, breathing hard. “Little one, I need you. I have not felt need this strong ever, and if we don’t stop now, I will have you right here on my desk.”

“I want you too, Leo. I have never felt this way about anyone before. I’ve never let anyone close enough to feel this way about them,” she admitted with a sigh. “I wanted the one who haunted my dreams, and no other would do.”

Leo raised his head to look at her. “I remember you saying you dreamed about me.”

She nodded.

“Let me take you home with me, I wish to hear about these dreams,” he smiled at her. “Then, in the privacy of my home, I will finish what I started meine Geliebte.”

She just stared at him with a questioning look on her face. “Okay, and you can explain to me why you call me beloved.”

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