His Miracle√

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Dave He was the unwanted prince but still managed to get the people feared him because of his psychotic and egoistic behaviour. He builds a wall around his fragile soul because of many attempt to kill him. He loves it when he controls and soon it's becomes his addiction. Eva Sweet and endearing circumstances made her to become one of the royal slave. she hates to be controlled. what happens when two worlds clash.... Will the sweet Eva's love heal him? Or, Break him?

Romance / Fantasy
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Dave Evans.

Not your typical playboy but an heartbreaker.

He is definitely a head turner irrespective of the gender.

He cares about no one expect himself which makes it difficult to knock him down.

He is always going around with a smirk on his face and his expression was always blank making it difficult to know what's going on in his mind

Eva Adams

Your typical jolly girl who finds passion in simple things

She doesn't care about herself as her family comes first and she's willing to do anything for her families happiness.


With a kind heart and a beautiful soul... She proves to be the prince desire.

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