Valeron's Tempest

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โ™ก ๐‘จ๐’“๐’“๐’Š๐’—๐’Š๐’๐’ˆ ๐’‚๐’• ๐’‚ ๐’ƒ๐’†๐’‚๐’–๐’•๐’†๐’๐’–๐’” ๐’Š๐’”๐’๐’‚๐’๐’…, miles away from her country, Siya Mehra is all set to kick start a brand new life. Still a bit nervous about having run away from her black-hearted, rich and powerful father, she takes care and baby steps in staying underground and earning a penny at the same time. All her dreams and aspirations drown deep into the crystal ocean, one night at the club, landing her in much deeper trouble with the famous hotelier Dominic Valeron. A handsome heartthrob who loves his family more than anything in the world along with the exotic island he grew up in and he would raise hell if something happens to them. Their lives mix and they find themselves trapped in problems together, fighting their way out with both fun and tears until it tears them apart. โ™ก

Romance / Drama
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Valeron's Possession is the second book in the Faith Series. The first book is Knight's Unveilingโ€”you can check it out if you like!

โ€ขThis book contains mature language.

โ€ข NO explicit sex scenes will be there.

โ€ขEnglish is not my first language and I'm not a professional writer so please excuse minor grammatical mistakes. Whereas if there are any major ones, feel free to point them out politely!

โ€ขThank you for clicking on this story. I hope you like it. Please let me know through comments about what you think about this story :-)




I was sipping away my drink quietly in a small corner, not bothering to cheer for the highlight of the night-my father. He was celebrating his so-called 'huge success' on gaining a position in the top ten billionaires of Asia. Someone who people looked up to, wanted to become. I didn't.

The grand banquet hall was filled with affluent luminaries-I probably met a hundred times, adorned in elegant outfits and clinking glasses of the most expensive wine.

I was tired of them. I didn't belong there. Nobody to spend the evening with. Well, I did have my father accompany me but I wondered if he would ever consider me as his daughter.

I try to stare into my drink but its sparkling golden hue now seemed to be pecking my eyes. I wished Maya was there. I would've loved to see her astonished face pondering over the champagne fountains and diamond heels.

My dad walked towards me, a fake smile plastered on his face. It was nothing new. Trying to be friendly and affectionate towards me in public was only a facade.

"Come with me"

"Why?" I asked.

"Because I want to introduce you to someone important," He said in a candy glazed voice but I noticed the iciness behind.

"Really?" I scoffed, not bothering to ease my voice.

"We have been through this before, Siya"

"Exactly. Why do we always have to pretend that we are some normal father-daughter?"

He was getting furious but he knew me, I was stubborn. Taking a deep breath, he put his hands in his coat pocket and without another word, strode away.

My father, Raj Mehra, owner of one of the leading agricultural companies in India-blessed with almost infinite wealth and brilliance in his field, failed to acknowledge some basic and important things in life. He thinks he can conquer everything with a snap of his fingers.

The crowd applauded as he shook the champagne bottle in his hand, forcing the cork out and the sparkling liquid gushed out in the air. He hooted along with his coworkers, boasting about his achievements and then trying to belittle the others.

He hardly remembers his mother. A short moustache and hefty figure make him look older and wiser though. Only a few people know what it's covering.

His head turns towards me as if he sensed my eyes on him and smiled. A pathetic grin, trying to scare and suppress me. Of course, he would. What would the others think then? Oh! the mighty Mehra couldn't even control his daughter?

In public he always acted out his unconditional fake-fatherly love for me, sometimes even praised me in front of his friends but I always remained myself. I never cared who knew about us.
Ignoring him and the party, I left.

As I stepped, blazing hot air slapped my cheeks and I groaned. It was summertime in Mumbai and everyone knew to what extent it could go. My driver arrived just before I was about to get drenched in sweat and dropped me home straight away.

As soon as I reached home, I ran to my room and ripped the red gown and the diamond jewellery off me.

Even though the party turned out to be a total ruin for me, at least I aced the gown.

Picking up the bedside phone, I called downstairs to the kitchen to inform Kyle, our very own chef to make me some mac and cheese and a milkshake. I swear his cooking could make one forget every damn thing in the world.

I slipped into a comfy t-shirt and shorts and tie my hair into a bun. Turning the AC on full speed, I jumped on the bed.

By the time I relaxed, Nita brought me the food and I instantly dug in.

Sometimes I felt both unlucky and blessed. Being brought up so opulently but improperly the same time, having everything I wished for was certainly a boon. But if the source itself was amoral, your whole life seemed corrupt.

Life was much much better when mom was there. I would spend my entire day by her side. She was the complete opposite of dad. So warm and welcoming and would always let me sleep in their room whenever I got sick so she could check on me from time to time. Sometimes she would ask for my opinion and suggestions about the household decisions which dad never did.

But then she passed away due to cancer and dad's behaviour worsened. Not only towards me but also his employees. I wasn't sure he was always like this but when I was young, I saw him cheating and bribing others for money which then turned to full-fledged schemes.

"Siya, your father is here," said Nita while pouring me a glass of water.


She sighed. "Why don't you talk to him? What if his heart changes and he tries to become a good man. You're his daughter. He has some affection towards you"

Yeah right. I know him very well. He truly doesn't.

"Please can we not talk about him, Nita?"

She noticed my snuffy mood and nodded. So I changed the subject.

"Anyways, how was your day? How did it go with Sooraj?" I ask her, wiggling my eyebrows.

Today she had a first-secret date with her boyfriend Sooraj and her parents are unaware of their relationship.
She shared every single thing with me, just like a sister. We both are almost the same age.

Her cheeks turned crimson and she shook her head. "It was nice"

Being shy, she didn't say more but I kept teasing her. Her expression very well portrayed that she had fallen deeply in love.

After a chat, I hopped down the giant stairway leading to the spacious drawing-room. I was in the mood to read something so I headed for the library.
Yes, I have a pretty big library in my house which comprises almost all the novels ever written.

The only thing that made my hackles rise is that I have to walk a hell lot, just to go from one corner to another. Why did dad have to buy such a big house for accommodating only two people?

When I walked past dad's bedroom, I heard whispers. But slowly they turned into a peal of baleful laughter and I heard a vague mentioning of my name somewhere in between his conversations on the phone.

I leaned closer to the door.

"She'll do as I say"

I peeked through the gap silently as he paced around the room with a cigarette entwined in between his fingers.

"..of course!..Yeah...don't worry about it! You have offered me a really good price for a girl like Siya!"

My eyes widened. Price?

Is that what I was hearing?

A lump formed in my throat. How c-could he?

Even amidst so many crimes, I never thought he would intentionally hurt me.

I quietly retreated to my room and locked myself in.

My fingers curled into a fist. It was unbelievable. Not that unbelievable since I knew about his vile doings but never thought he would go this far.

Selling his ch-hild?

I had lost all the affection for him a long time ago. Still, the edge of my eyes did moisten a little and I felt a rush of frustration and anger. I couldn't believe I was a daughter of such a sick and cheap-minded person.

I had to do something. I wouldn't succumb to his orders. He didn't even hesitate in speaking that filth-how low could he stoop?

My heart thumped in my chest.

A thousand thoughts ran across my mind but I had no clue what to do.



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