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Death separates them at a young age. Lies and secrets drove them apart. They were always meant to be together. Can they be saved? Chelsea Evans grew up with twins, Damon and Tessa Carter. They were best friends but Damon and her had a strong connection. They were drawn together. What started out as friendly love soon turned into desire. But what happens when Tessa is found murdered and Chelsea has a secret. Can they move forward or will heart break keep them apart?

Romance / Erotica
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I woke up screaming, sat up quickly with my hand over my chest, drenched in my misery. I ran my hands through my hair and held them against my neck, allowing tears to fall. My mother runs into my room with my older brother Dominic following behind. I launched myself into Dom's arms shaking. "Shh, it's alright sis. I've got you." He whispers with his lips placed on the top of my head. "Another nightmare, sweetheart?" My mom sat beside me, rubbing my arm with grave concern in her eyes. "I-I.." I couldn't finish what I was saying. Too horrified by my nightmare. "Maybe you need to see someone, to help you through this. This isn't okay." I looked at him with a tear stained face. "I-I know. I dont know whats wrong with m-me. I can't s-shake whats happened." I cried out, remembering the death of my best friend that has happened only 8 months ago.

"I'm going to call Dr. Richards in the morning to see what his thoughts are. These nightmares are becoming too much and I'm worried about you." Mom stood up. "I'll see you both in the morning for breakfast. Try and get some sleep honey." She walked away and shut the door, leaving Dominic and I. "She's right you know. You need to go back and talk about this. These nightmares of Tessa are starting to scare me." He sat further back getting more comfortable on my bed. "And what do I say exactly? That my best friend died and there was nothing I could do to save her?!" I snapped at him. He looked at me with a frown, deep sorrow in his eyes and I immediately felt bad. "I'm sorry, Dom. I didn't mean to snap at you." I whispered, looking away. "It's okay, Chelsea. I get it. We all loved her." "Can you stay with me? I dont want to be alone." I looked back at him. "Of course. You know I'm always here." He got under the covers and covered us both up. He fell alseep instantly and I struggled to go back to bed for while, until my brothers soft snores ended up making me close my eyes and sleep.

My alarm went off at 6:00 am. I groaned and rolled over to shut it off. I see Dominic sprawled out tangled in my comforter. Drool pooling on my pillow. Ugh, gross. I thought to myself as i took my pillow and smacked him with it. "WAKE UP DOM!" I yelled. He jumped and fell off my bed grunting. "Jesus Chels! What the hell!?" He yelled. Dominic wasn't a morning person. "School, duh." I smirked at him. He looked at me with an evil eye and I knew - RUN! I ran out of my room hearing his loud footsteps behind me. "You're going to get it!" "Ahhh!" I screamed while laughing my way to the bathroom. "Chelsea Ann Evans!" He yelled out after me.

Oh shit, I'm in trouble! I thought to myself. I ran into the bathroom attempting, Keyword: attempting to shut the door. Dominic caught it and pushed his way through. I stood there waiting for his wrath. "You know, wouldn't it be great to be woken up in a nicer way." He scowled at me. I look at the sink and moved to it, Dom following my steps. "Hmm, I would if you didn't snore all night." I rolled my eyes at him. I turned on the faucet and grabbed my toothbrush As I was too busy putting toothpaste on my toothbrush, I never expected what happened next..My face and hair were soaked. "DOMINIC ALAN EVANS! WHAT THE FU-?!" "Kids whats going on in here? And missy, watch our mouth." My dad coming in. "Ask your son! I'm soaking wet!" I yelled out. Dominic and dad stared at me in silence before breaking out in laughter. "Ugh, go away so I can get ready." I shoved them out the door, turned on the shower and got in.

Once I was done, I walk into my walk-in closet. Hmm, what to wear I thought to myself while tapping my finger to my lips. I saw my white distressed high waisted shorts and I grabbed my dark maroon crop top. I laid it on my bed and walked to my vanity and started applying my make up. Simple winged eyeliner, mascara, and tinted lipgloss. The liner always made my bright green eyes stand out again my dark long lashes. I blow dried my hair and curled the blonde ends. Roughing up the curls to give it that beach wave look. Getting dressed I looked into the full length mirror. This will work I thought. I knew I was beautiful, but in an innocent way. My parents always strived to make sure we had confidence in ourselves with good manners. Hell, I'm a junior and never had a boyfriend or had sex, well except for Damon Carter. But, we're not going there.

I ran downstairs to see everyone eating. Mom set my plate of waffles and strawberries in front of me. I quickly scarfed it down seeing I was running behind. "Dom, can you give me a ride to school?" I asked. "Sure, make sure you're ready. Im leaving now." He grabbed his bag walking out. "Bye mom and dad, love you!" I ran after Dominic." Bye sweetie! Love you and have a good day!" I heard before the door shut. I see Dom waiting in his black lifted Chevy. God, I loved his truck. "Ready?" He put the truck into drive. "As ready as i'll ever be." I grumbled out, knowing whose face I'd have to see. The one and only, Damon.

We get to school and he parks the truck jumping out. I already see the girls smiling and gawking at him as we walk past. He's a player. He has dads good looks, dirty blonde shaggy hair that curls up at the bottom, same bright greens eyes I have. He's built of muscle with being the quarterback of the football team and boy, he's a charmer and uses it well. I roll my eyes seeing his famous "smirk" he gives the girls. "Whats with the eye roll sis?" He laughs. "Oh, I dont know seeing the entire female population here will have heart attacks if they see that smirk again." I said flatly. "Loosen up, We're in high school. I'll be off to college next year. This is just practice for the big leauges." He laughed. I punch his arm, "God, Dom. Grow up." I see a few of my friends waiting at the school entrance. "Hey ladies!" I said. "Hey Chels" Chloe responded. "Hey girl!" Lauren, too busy looking at Dom. "Why's he so damn hot!?" I looked at lauren with a raised brow. "Gross Lauren." I shivered at the thought of my brother and best friend. "What! That boy is blessed!" She said gawking at him. Dom looks over with his friends and winks at my girls. Lauren and Chloe blush feverishly and smiled back. "Hey Dom!" They said in unisom. He waved and turned back to his friends.

"Wheres the guys at?" I looked around. "They're at the lockers already. Lets go!" Chloe linking arms with Lauren and I. We're chatting and laughing about last weekends party. I see my guys standing there waiting for us. "Well, aren't you a sight for sore eyes?" Xavier said winking at me. "Oh, whatever Xav!" I laughed in response. "Don't think that kind of flattery will get you anywhere with me." I winked back at him. He laughs and puts his arm around my shoulder. He puts his lips so close to my ear, I can feel the warm minty breath tickling me. " Are you sure princess? Don't make me have you beg." He whispered. "I know you're curious about what this mouth can do." My eyes widened, mouth opened partly, and I blushed. I hear him stifle a laugh. "God, you're the worst!" I shoved his arm off of me. " I can't help it! Its too easy to do to you!" I looked at him and smiled. Xavier was hot. Gorgeous. Dark brown hair, short on the sides and longer on top. The top look like he constantly ran his fingers through it. Don't get me started on his golden/brown eyes and his six pack toned body. Oh. My. God. All the girls fell for him and lined up just for a taste. He was your typical fuckboy. But he always respected us girls in the group...most of the time. He loved his flirtatious remarks. Which I can't deny, I loved them too.

We're all huddled around talking waiting for the first bell to ring. I hear a familiar laughter followed by a girls. Chloe pointed behind me with an uneasy look on her face. "Don't turn around." I was hesistant at first but my curiosity peaked. I instantly regretted it. What I saw made my stomach turn and twist with uneasiness. Damon and Crystal in a heated make out session. He had her pushed up against the lockers down from mine. Grabbing her ass, she pushed into him more. "Jesus, can she wear anything more revealing?" Lauren said in disgust. Crystal had on high waisted booty shorts so short you could see the line of her ass cheeks. How the hell is she allowed to wear that in school? I thought in disgust. " Sorry babe, I wish you didn't have to see that." Max dropped his gaze to me, knowing what has happened between Damon and I.

Max use to be Damon's best friend before Tessa died. Tessa is Damon's twin sister. She had beautiful long wavy black hair, hazel eyes and a slim figure. She had a heart of gold and a laugh you'd never forget. Damon, on the other hand had a typical boy cut, shorter on the sides and a little longer on top. Jet black hair that always looked a little roughed up and the darkest brown eyes, they almost looked black. His jaw sharp and chiseled to perfection with the perfect amount of scruff. Straight nose and plump lips. He was tan from the sun and a body craved out by the freaking gods. Seriously, drool worthy. A girl fainted once when he took his shirt off during football practice. No joke.

Xavier cleared his throat loudly, getting their attention. " What do you want Xavier? A piece of me?" She winked at him knowing it'd piss of Chloe. Shes had a thing for him since last year. "Erm, no thanks. I had you before you turned into leftovers, and trust me. Nobody goes back for it." She stood there opening and closing her mouth like a fish. "Um, you going to come to my defense Damon?" She asked him with anger in her voice. Although, he wasn't paying any attention to her. His focus was soley locked on my presence. I held his hard gaze, not backing down. I refuse to let him ruin me again. I could feel his heated stare as his eyes roamed my body. Every part of my body his eyes were on, burned my skin and my heart skipped a beat. I clenched my thighs tightly together feeling my core heat up. Just like it always use to. I hated how easily he could make me submit. I was stopping that now.

"Got a problem Carter?" I was glaring at him. A smirk formed on his lips and he licked them, expecting me to follow the way his tongue went in and out. I didn't lower my gaze. I kept them focused on his eyes, wanting him to know he wasn't affecting me. He pushed himself off the locker and stood so close to me, his woodys cologne engulfed me. "Would you like one babe?" He spoke deeply not breaking eye contact. I didn't respond. His stupid cologne drowned out my senses. " Oh wait, You're already a damn pathetic problem." He leaned in closer, lips nearly touching my ear. "Don't think for once second I didn't see how I affected you. The way you clench your sweet thighs together." He stepped back from me watching my expression harden. He walked away with crystal and his friends. I was pissed. "Fuck you, Damon!" I yelled out to him. He half turned around and said as meaningless as possible, "Already did." I turned and closed my eyes, taking a deep breath. "Fuck babe, you okay?" Max looked at me with concern. "Yeah, totally." I said strongly.

Max, Xavier, Lauren and I walked into our first period, English with Ms. Bell. She was sweet and actually took her time making the class enjoyable. We found our seats as the bell rang. "Open your textbooks so we can get started." Ms. Bell chimed in. The door opened up and I see Crystal and Tonya walking in. Two of the schools mean girls. Crystal sees me and flips me off walking down my isle. I rolled my eyes at her and she's walking toward me. She stops at my desk and leans over. "Damon wanted to send his apologies. You know, the mistake he made. You. But don't worry, I'm here now to keep him distracted." She snickered and walked away, her lap dog following close behind. I kept my emotions in check, with a blank face.

As class went on I found myself drowning in my thoughts of Damon Carter. As badly as I wanted to push them back, I couldn't. He looked good in his black fitted tee and dark jeans. He was my best friend, along with Tessa. Us three were always attached at the hip. People swore we were triplets. Our moms were best friends growing up and they stayed that way. We did everything together and I had always taken a liking to Damon. He was always so sweet and cute. Of course as we got older, I started crushing on him and he did the same. There was a pull we had, like a magnetic pull. It was intoxicating. Even now when I try to forget it, it has clearly never faded. Tessa loved it. She always wanted us to be together. Last year before her death was the best year of my life. Damon and I were together. We were sophomores and had the same group of friends growing up. All of our memories were blurred together. Crazy how quickly people and life change.

After a few more classes, it was lunchtime. Thank god, I was starving! Max and I met up with Chloe, as Xavier already left with his flavor of the week. We got our food and sat in our usual spots. "What's the plan for the weekend?" Max asked while taking a bite of his food. "Well I heard Tony's having a party if anyone wants to go?" Lauren asks. "Might at well, I'm sure my brother will be there anyways since Tony's part of the team." "It's set! I can't wait!" We sat there minding our own business when Scott Walker came over to us. The boys got quiet. " Hey Chelsea, have any plans for the weekend? I thought if you wanted we could go to Tony's party together?" He was good looking and I noticed the two boys with a hard glare on their faces, directed right at Scott. "Go!" Lauren mouthed to me. I looked up at Scott and said "Sure, I'll go with you Scott." I smiled. "See you then!" He waved as he went back to his table. The same one Damon was at. I caught his mean stare and saw his jaw tick, like he was angry. At me? Probably. Who cares? I finally had a date! School went on and rather well.

I found Dom at the truck making out with Tammy. I purposely coughed. " Oh hey sis!" He looked at me and turned to Tammy. "I'll see you later babe." He winked at her. "Bye Evans." She smirked back and left. As she walks away, I got into the truck. "Really Dom, her?" "What? She's hot." He said grinning. "soooo Tony's have a par-" "No" Dominic cut me off. "Excuse me? Why the hell not?" I became defensive. "Because little sister, I heard you got asked by Scott. Not a bad guy but can't keep it in his pants." He said focusing on the road. "Seriously? You can't keep me away from everyone! I need to make my own mistake Dom. Please let me go! You'll be there!" I pleaded. He looks at me and rolls his eyes. "Fine but I swear to god he touches you, he's as good as dead." He said sternly. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" I squealed. Knowing today was Friday and the party's tomorrow, I had all the time to get ready for my date. Damon who?
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