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Sebastian was terrified of Adaline.

The brunette beauty was fierce, bold and independent. Everything that Sebastian disliked in a woman. He preferred them to be submissive, and not just in a sexual manner.

He knew that Adaline would break them guys apart. He could feel it in the air. And Sebastian couldn’t afford to lose such great friends.

Friends who will provide him with great connections when he follows his father’s footsteps and becomes a politician.

So yes, Sebastian was terrified of Adaline.

The day Michael had brought her to the bar with him for the first time and introduced her to the guys, Sebastian was half scared (of Adaline) and half impressed (of Michael).

He still remembers that day vividly.

“And that’s Sebastian,” Michael said, pointing to the boy in the black overcoat. Sebastian gave Adaline a quick smile and diverted his eyes towards the other guys, not wanting to bring attention to himself.

“Oh yeah, Richard Grey’s son. I know him.” The way Adaline said this made him glance at her with an uneasy smile.

Of course, everyone knew Sebastian. Because everyone knew Richard Grey, his father. Being one of the strongest politicians in America, Richard had gained a reputation for himself and true to every other politician in the world, it was as bad as it could get.

“And lastly, Wesley,” Michael began and then narrowed his eyes a bit. “But you already knew that.”

Adaline looked at Wesley with slight surprise in her eyes. She had not expected Wesley to tell them about their adventure in the Hamptons.

Jack asked the question that was brewing in everyone’s mind.

“So, are you both now, together or something?”

Michael looked at Adaline, as if to ask her permission in the matter. Sebastian internally snorted.

“If by ‘together’ you mean we’re having sex,” Adaline glanced at Michael for a second before replying. “Then yeah, we’re together,”

Sebastian felt Prince stiffen next to him. He knew about his dislike towards Adaline, mainly because Michael and him had been having a lot more fights because of it.

Sebastian could feel the tension on their table.

Maybe it was because of how Jack was undressing Adaline with his eyes while Michael shot him a warning look. Maybe it was because of how Prince was openly glaring at her while she was occasionally shooting him a smirk. Maybe it was because of how Sebastian and Weston wished that they were anywhere in the world but here.

Adaline had to go or they all would not remain friends for long, Sebastian was sure of this.

His prayers to stay in the background, however, were not answered by God when Adaline called out his name.

“So Grey, how’s your daddy? Spread any more fake rumours lately?”

Sebastian cringed but from the inside he almost laughed out loud at the jab. Adaline’s father, who was one of the most well-known lawyers in the country, had taken a case against Richard Grey. Obviously, her dad never stood a chance against strong political connections.

In the end, the case had costed Richard his election, and Adaline’s father had found himself tangled in a sexual assault case, which took him a while to get out of.

“Your dad knew what he was getting into by taking that case,” Sebastian shrugged.

Michael cleared his throat to calm down his supposed girlfriend and his friend. And himself.

Adaline was about to retort back when her phone rang. She picked it up and held up one finger to excuse herself as she got up from the table.

“Yeah, this is she...”

Michael waited for Adaline to go out of earshot and then turned to Sebastian and lowered his voice when he spoke.

“Dude, can you chill for a second?”

Sebastian raised his eyebrows at him and looked at the other guys to see their reactions. None of them betrayed their emotions.

“Is this guy for real?” He asked them. Then he looked back at Michael.

“Your girlfriend started it. Maybe tell her to chill next time, okay?”

Michael let out an exasperated breath and shook his head. He kept quiet when he heard Adaline come back. She quickly picked up her clutch and keys from the table.

“Where are you going? What happened?”

Adaline turned to him to reply, “it was the hospital. Cole doesn’t feel so well.”

Michael got up on his feet as soon as he heard the word ‘hospital’.

“I’ll drive you there.”

Adaline smiled a bit at him and Sebastian thought that for a moment she almost looked like a human.

He let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding as soon as Adaline left the bar.

Breaking from his thoughts, Sebastian wasn’t sure about how he felt when he saw Michael walk into the bar, with Adaline next to him.

Michael wasn’t his usual sulking self, and was actually smiling for a change. Adaline, well, she was as straight-faced as Adaline could get. And even though their expressions didn’t give much, the fact that Michael was subtly touching their hands in order to hold hers was a dead giveaway that they both were together again.

Sebastian felt Prince forcefully place his glass on the table with a thud and mutter something along the lines of fucking bitch.

He heard Jack let out a slow whistle and then shake his shake with a grin. Even Wesley raised an eyebrow at the couple before taking a drag of his blunt.

Michael approached them, purposely ignoring Prince’s glare, and spoke to no one in particular.

“Guys, this is Adaline.” He turned to Adaline with a grin, who was taking off her coat. “Adaline, the guys.”

Jack spoke first. “Well well well... the lovebirds together again, huh?”

Adaline rolled her eyes at him and sat down on the chair which Michael pulled out for her. As soon as she settled down, she saw a cigarette shoved in front of her face. Following the direction of the hand holding it Adaline, for the first time in a while, found herself face to face with Wesley Preston.

They both kept the eye contact for a second too long before Adaline took hold of the cigarette that he had lit for her. She took a long smoke and looked around. The bar was exactly as she had remembered.

“This place hasn’t changed at all.”

Prince shrugged. “Not everything can change in a year.”

Adaline didn’t have to look at him to know that he had a sneer on his face. The thought of her having an effect on Prince actually made her smirk.

“Why do I get the feeling that I’m not welcome here?” She asked this directly from Prince.

“Because you’re not.”

Michael sighed and looked at his best friend, who raised his eyebrows as if to say did I say something wrong?

“So wait,” Jack interrupted their stare down. “How did this even happen? Are we gonna get some details? Oh and make them dirty,” he wiggled his eyebrows at the couple.

Michael looked at Adaline who ignored him and kept sipping on her drink. So he turned to Jack.

“It happened a week ago, but we didn’t tell anyone until now,” he started. “We both decided to talk everything out like adults, and give us another chance. And that’s all you need to know.”

Jack scrunched up his face and then asked Adaline. “You’re not knocked up or anything, are you?”

Adaline narrowed her eyes at him. “Actually, I have decided to practice celibacy ever since I slept with Prince.”

Every guy on the table snorted, except for Prince and Michael.

“So,” Sebastian started. “Graduation is next week.”

Michael replied with a wistful expression. “I am going to miss Dalton. In its own fucked up way, I had some of the best memories there.”

Adaline nodded with a smile on her face, very minuscule, but it was there.

“Where are you guys going after graduation?” She asked nobody in particular.




Everyone waited for Prince to answer, who very forcefully looked up from his glass and replied.


Adaline then turned to Wesley who was the only one who hadn’t replied.

The boy in question shrugged. “Probably prison.”

Adaline narrowed her eyes at him with an unimpressed expression. Wesley just gave her a small smirk.

Around an hour passed and to Sebastian’s utmost surprise, it was almost... normal. As normal as hanging out with Adaline could get.

And it would have stayed normal, if Adaline’s phone hadn’t rung.

The shrill voice stopped Michael in mid-sentence and he saw Adaline take out her phone from her purse and excuse herself from the table. Sebastian noticed the slight furrow of her eyebrows when she had looked at the caller-ID, but didn’t think much about it.

When Adaline was out of earshot, Prince spoke aloud first.

“Alright, first of all. Fuck you, man.”

Michael rolled his eyes. “Look, give her a chance, alright?”

“I did, a year ago. Remember how that turned out, by the way? Remember when you overdosed on Wesley’s shit and had to be rushed to the ER?”

Michael glanced back to where Adaline was talking on her phone and made sure that she couldn’t listen.

“Look, I know why you’re so concerned and honestly man, I love you for it. But this time, just have some faith in me. And in Adaline.”

Prince said nothing but glanced at the brunette beauty before pouring himself another drink.

“As long as you’re getting laid everyday,” Jack raised his glass at Michael, “who the fuck cares?”

Michael looked at Jack with a repulsive expression but then just shook his head at him. Sebastian felt relieved for the first time in a year, it felt like everything was getting back on its track. Just the five of them together again. Well, five of them and Adaline.

Wesley was the first one to notice Adaline’s distressed state when she returned to the table.

For a while, she didn’t say anything and just stared at her phone. Michael glanced up at her questioningly.

“Who was it?”

After what seemed like eternity, Adaline focused her stare on him.

“The hospital.”

Michael suddenly tensed and sat up straighter. “What did they say? Is Cole okay?”

Adaline inhaled a long breath and said the words which made every person on the table stop breathing.

“Cole’s dead.”

It happened in a single second. The words left Adaline’s mouth and Sebastian dropped his glass which fell down and shattered on the floor. Jack stared at her in horror, unable to form any sentence. Prince looked shocked as ever and for the first time felt sympathetic towards Adaline.

Weston closed his eyes and leaned back on his chair. He put out his blunt immediately.

It took Michael some time to process, but when he did, he immediately stood up from his chair and kept a hand on Adaline’s shoulder.

“Addy, Adaline. Listen to me. What happened? How did this happen?”

Adaline was frozen. She was not crying, not even a single drop of moisture on her face. Her face was neutral as ever, except it had gotten a bit paler than before.

“Adaline, look at me. Tell me what happened.”

Adaline gulped and seemed to come back to her senses. “I-it was an accident. He was in the hospital getting this routine check up.” Adaline looked at Michael with wide eyes.

“He didn’t see that the stairs were wet. His crutches slipped. I-I couldn’t do anything to prevent it.”

“Of course you couldn’t. How were you supposed to know.” Michael made a move to take his girlfriend into his arms, however, Adaline stepped back.

“I-I have to go to the hospital.” She looked at a hurt Michael. “You know, p-paperwork. and I have to tell my dad.” She turned to take her coat from the chair and grabbed her purse and car keys.

Michael nodded at her. “Alright, I’ll take you there.”

Adaline turned towards him and quickly replied.

“No, I’m fine. I’ll see you later.” And with a small nod, she turned to the door and left the bar.

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