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Dalton High Prep was for rich kids.

Every corner of the magnificent school building shined like a crystal, as it should. The aura of the school screamed elite. From the parking lot to the classrooms to the students wearing Prada in the corridors. The fragrance of Chanel and Hermès mixed with smoke from the cigarettes filled the air. The clicking of red-soled heels made the girls look like they had walked straight from Hell to the corridors of Dalton High. The guys followed their every move- from the sway of their hips to the bounce of their oversized expensive breasts. The girls were the prey, and the guys were the predators. That’s how it had always been. That’s how they liked it.

Just outside the entry to the huge building which was built with Spanish architecture, was the place where all the dark shit went down.

It wasn’t like the parking lot wasn’t a part of the school, but somehow it still wasn’t in its territory. Over the years, Dalton High’s official motto of ‘Education Leads to Prosperity’ had shifted to the unofficial ‘What Happens in the Parking Lot, Stays in the Parking Lot’.

It was the place where you could get into fights, smoke cigarettes, deal drugs, and no authority would give a fuck. As long as it stayed outside the walls of the prestigious school, they couldn’t care less. And the students took full advantage of it. Especially the four boys who were now hanging out in the said notorious place.

Prince Henley did not mind giving lift to his three friends every day to school. It wasn’t because they didn’t have a ride of their own, the dozens of cars parked outside each of their houses would seem to disagree. It was because he liked being the one in power. All of them lived in the same neighbourhood, the one which was reserved for people like them. People who could have bought the entire fucking school if they wanted to.

Any of the four could have driven them to school everyday, or they could take turns just like any normal friend group would do. But they weren’t any normal friend group. And Prince always liked to be the leader. Prince was always the leader.

Ever since Michael left, anyway.

People always thought his name suited him. He was a Prince- from his devilish looks to his confident aura. Though some thought that the name Lucifer did suit him more, but they knew better than to say that to his face. Leaning against his Bentley with his arms folded on his chest, Prince glanced at the boy next to him who mirrored his pose by leaning on the same car.

Jack wasn’t Prince’s best friend. That spot was always reserved for Michael (even though he was hundreds of miles away) but Jack came a close second.

There were many words to describe Jack Larson, but romantic definitely wasn’t one of them. Not even once in his nineteen years of life had he dated a girl, nor did he ever plan to. ′Love makes us weak, lust makes us powerful′ was his mantra.

If it wasn’t for Sebastian Grey, their little group would have turned against each other years ago.

The harsh truth was no matter how much you love your friends, family always comes first. In Dalton High, your last name was your identity. Not your face, not your marks. The price of your wrist watch and your last name was the only thing that defined you here.

Blood before water. Always.

And even their close group wasn’t an exception to this rule, which had sparked many arguments between them in the past years. Belonging to equally rich and strong families didn’t exactly favour their friendships, especially when Prince’s and Jack’s fathers were the biggest rivals in the real estate industry. But Sebastian had always

been there to make them see sense before any of the boys take a hit on each other, physically or verbally. He had always been their common ground, their Switzerland.

Out of all the four, people liked him the most. He was the most approachable out of them and the most kind too, as kind as he could get at least. His only flaw was that Sebastian was obsessed with the green bills which his politician father did little to earn. Money had always come easy to Sebastian and God forbid if it didn’t. Sebastian would rather die than let the word expensive escape his lips.

The last one of them was also the scariest. Wesley Prescott was filled with tattoos. Any girl who had the pleasure of seeing him naked, which wasn’t much, could confirm that there wasn’t even a single inch of his skin, except for his face, which wasn’t covered in ink. Wesley didn’t sleep around, he had better things to do. Most of which included buying drugs and selling drugs and consuming drugs. Any one who knew him (which was every one) knew better than to cross paths with him on his bad days (which was almost everyday). Even Prince felt a bit scared of Wesley on those days, though he would kill himself before admitting that to anyone.

“Lana’s implants are growing on me,” Jack stared hungrily at the blonde beauty who was laughing with her friends. She was wearing a low cut top underneath her school blazer which showed her new breasts for everyone to see.

Sebastian snorted. “Those things are like fucking soccer balls in your face.”

Prince shrugged, also looking at the girl, before she glanced at them and stood a little straighter to show off her pride even more.

“I don’t mind them. Though I’m impressed she hasn’t flashed a nipple in that top she’s wearing.”

“Yet,” Jack grinned.

Wesley, as usual, stayed quiet throughout the whole exchange. Too doped up to even consider who the fuck Lana was.

Sebastian opened his mouth to say something, but was cut off by the screech of tires before a very flashy silver car turned through the gates of the school and into the parking lot. He furrowed his eyebrows, he had never seen this car here before and by the looks of it, it seemed almost as costly as his own car, if not more.

The silver Aston Martin stole everyone’s gaze. Even in Dalton High, it was rare to see a car which looked like it should never have been driven out from the showroom. As if it belonged inside the protection of four walls and not on the turbulent roads.

Prince looked to his left and raised his eyebrows. Jack shrugged to say ′I don’t know who the fuck owns that.′ Even Wesley had thrown away his cigarette and was now focused on the beautiful piece of metal with almost-black windows, tinted beyond the legal limit.

The car came to a screeching halt just a few metres from where the four stood. There was a thick silence that followed. People were waiting for the Dean or maybe some celebrity to step out. But no one did. Instead, the driver honked. Continuously.

It was an obnoxious sound which made the girls cover their ears and the guys glare at the dark tinted windows, but the honking did not stop. It was directed at a red Mercedes which was parked just besides Prince’s car. It belonged to Daniel Burke, another guy which held a respectable position in the school.

Daniel sprinted from where he was flirting with Lana to his car. The honking stopped as soon as he came into the driver’s vision. Daniel shouldn’t have removed his car from the parking spot, but he did.

First come first serve, right?


Just like any other hierarchy in the school, the five parking spots located at the entrance of the school gate were reserved by the elite. Well, the most elite.

One of them was Prince’s. Two were held by Lana and her sister, Lola. The fourth was Oscar’s, who pretty much never showed up to school but nobody dared to touch his beloved parking space.

The fifth spot was always Michael’s. He never rode in Prince’s car, something which made Prince wild with frustration but he never said anything about it to his best friend.

However, after Michael left, the fifth spot had been free for anyone to use. And Daniel Burke made sure that he was the one who parked there every day. But as soon as he saw the silver beauty, he knew that he had to remove his car. He understood his place and he didn’t dare to fight with the person who had blared their horn at his car for two minutes straight.

As soon as he reversed, the silver car zoomed past his car and slid perfectly into the confined space. For a second Daniel feared that the car might have scratched his own. But he wasn’t worried about his car, he was worried about the other one.

The engine of Aston Martin turned off and almost every student who was hanging in the parking lot was now waiting for the suspense to be over.

Had Michael returned?

This question crossed the minds of many people. Even Michael’s best friend, Prince, and his three other friends were thinking the same thing.

Prince shook the question out of his mind. ′Michael would have called if he was coming back.

The Louis Vuitton black heels were the first glance of the driver which everyone received. Then it was the tight navy dress which made the predators ogle at their new prey. Then came brunette curls. It wasn’t until the girl had turned around that the thick silence broke. Whispers and mutters flowed through the air as people started racking their brains.

“What is she doing here?”

“Wasn’t she in Paris?”

“She looks even hotter than before.”

These whispers did not make the girl give out a reaction. However, a voice from her left made her shift her gaze to the person who spoke her name.

Prince was shocked, but he didn’t show it. He didn’t like surprises, and this was a fucking huge one even for him.

“Adaline West.”

He spoke calmly which was the opposite of what he felt. And it wasn’t until he had said her name out loud did he realise how much he had missed her.

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