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Prince didn’t love Adaline.

Most of the time he didn’t even like her, and sometimes he even hated her, but the girl was broken. Broken in more ways than he could count, and that always made him want to kiss her fierce lips which were always coated with blood red and worship her body like nobody has ever done before.

Not even Michael.

It was only lust, that much was true. He couldn’t allow himself to fall under somebody else’s charms, let alone his best friend’s ex-girlfriend. Even though the said best friend and ex-girlfriend hadn’t seen each other in a year, he would never betray Michael.

It was only lust.

Prince not only loved being in power, he also loved powerful things. And Adaline was the Queen of Dalton High.

Prince shook his thoughts out of his mind in an instant, feeling a sudden disgust overcome his features. No matter what, this girl broke his best friend’s heart and that was enough reason for him to hate or at least intensely dislike her.

Only lust.

Adaline hadn’t missed Dalton High at all.

Stepping out of her car only to face the mass of students with eagerness and curiosity written on their faces, she wished she could have been anywhere, anywhere but here. This place had too many memories which she didn’t want to relive, and all of those memories had a certain grey-eyed boy named Michael in them.

Adaline hadn’t missed Dalton High at all, but most of all she hadn’t missed the brown-eyed boy who was standing to her left along with his posse of friends.

Adaline didn’t hate Prince.

Just that if somehow in a hypothetical situation, Prince and her least favourite person in the world, Lana, were both drowning and she could only save one of them, she would push both of them even further and hold their heads under the water for safe measure.

But she did not hate him.

Adaline slammed the door of her beloved Aston Martin. If she had to choose her favourite possession from all the over-priced items she owned, she would choose her car without batting an eye. This car was gifted to her by her father on her sixteenth birthday and she had never driven any other car since then.

"Addy! You’re back!” An enthusiastic voice called out and she glanced in its direction. Lola Carmen had dyed her naturally blonde hair into a bright neon pink shade and although the colour was physically hurting Adaline’s eyes, she decided to criticise her friend about them some other day. Today, she was just glad to see a friendly face among the sea of strangers.

Adaline and Lola had been good friends, some might even think they were best friends since she was the only person Adaline was civil with; along with Michael, but that was in the past now. Even though Lola’s sister, Lana, infuriated Adaline to no end, she liked the bubbly girl enough to not snap at her every five minutes.

Giving out a genuine smile to the pink haired girl, Adaline stepped forward in her direction and let the girl hug her tightly, flinching just a little. Lola sighed with content. ”God, I missed you, Addy.”

Adaline cringed. She hated being called Addy.

“I missed you too, Lola,” she said, ending their embrace by quickly dropping her arms by her side. This was the maximum physical contact she could manage right now.

Lola’s eyes glistened with excitement. “Are you here to stay till the end of the year?”

Adaline pressed her lips into a thin lip and slowly nodded her head. The girl in front of her grinned but couldn’t get more information out of her as they heard the bell ring from inside the school.

Turning around, Adaline was surprised to see the four boys still standing in the same spot she had seen them earlier. By now, almost everyone was scurrying off to their classes, except for a few students who couldn’t care less about rules.

Adaline glanced at Wesley Prescott, taking in his lean built and inked body. Though she wasn’t sure, she swore there were more tattoos on his body now than there were before when she had fled to Paris. Wesley always confused her. Out of all the four boys standing in front of her, she related with him the most. He too, like her, was closed off and always into his own thoughts; but even then she never understood him completely.

The boy with the dark eyes which were almost black was inhaling the smoke from his cigarette like his life depended on it. He didn’t even glance at Adaline as she made her way towards the group. She didn’t know why it bothered her so much that Wesley didn’t really care about her, but it did. She had always considered him as a good friend, even after she had lost her virginity to him.

Jack raised his eyebrows at the girl who was now approaching him and his friends. He almost expected her to walk past them into the school building. She had never shown any interest in him before and the feeling was mutual. The girl was fucking gorgeous but too damaged for his liking. He liked to fuck his girls without any emotions but somehow he knew that would be impossible to do with a girl like Adaline.

Sebastian was still eyeing the beautiful silver Aston Martin when he saw the owner of the car approach them.

“Where’s Michael?”

That was her first question to no one in particular but she knew who would answer her.

Prince snorted.

“Want to break his heart again?”

Adaline expected this rudeness from him but that didn’t mean it didn’t hurt any less.

She took a deep breath and asked again. “Where’s Michael?”

“He’s in LA and he won’t be coming back any time soon, so save him the trouble and get back to Paris as soon as you can.”

Adaline narrowed her eyes at him. “I’m actually planning to stay till graduation.”

“Why? Tired of fucking French assholes?”

“Fuck off, Prince.”

Prince didn’t like how he felt powerless when she said his name. He did not like it at all.

Adaline glanced at the boy with tattoos again. Whether he was listening to their conversation or not, she couldn’t tell but she was craving to talk to him. Craving to ask him about his new tattoos.

“Do you have another cigarette?” It took Wesley a second to realise that the question was directed at him. He raised his eyebrows at the girl as if he hadn’t expected her to talk to him. Then he put his hand in his jeans pocket and retrieved a pack of cigarettes and held it out to her.

Adaline picked one and put it between her lips. Wesley extended a lighter in her direction, before flipping it and lighting the cigarette himself. This was the most interaction she got from him before he staggered off in the opposite direction from the

school gates. Why the boy even bothered to come to school every day, she never understood.

Prince was getting impatient. The girl in front of him still hadn’t told them why she was back after leaving to go to another continent without any explanations or calls. Michael had to find out from her Instagram page that she was in Paris, before he broke and left the city himself. Prince would never forgive her for breaking his best friend’s heart, no matter how fast his own was beating right now.

“Why did you come back, Addy?”

“Don’t call me Addy.”

“Why did you come back, Adaline?”

Adaline puffed out smoke before replying with a shrug. “Cole needed me.”

Prince couldn’t believe her. She didn’t even bother to return Michael’s calls or texts over the past year, but now that her younger brother needed her, she came running back as if nothing had happened. As if she hadn’t broken his best friend’s heart.

Nobody spoke anything as Adaline threw her leftover cigarette on the pebble street and crushed it with her black heels. She moved away from them to go inside the school building, but stopped midway and turned her head in their direction.

“Stop eye fucking my car, Sebastian.”

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