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Adaline didn’t know why she agreed to go to Gael Ramirez’ party tonight.

Maybe it was because she wanted to escape into the world of booze- something which Gael’s parties were infamous for. Or maybe because she wanted to do a few lines and high school parties were the best place to get the best stuff, something which Wesley had once told her a long time ago. Or maybe she just needed to get laid.

By the end of this reckless night, she would have done all three.

Earlier that day when Lola skipped into the cafeteria and sat next to Adaline with expectant eyes, Adaline knew she would regret agreeing to whatever request her friend was about to make. That particular moment reminded her of an earlier one, which brought a rare smile to her face.

“Come on, Addy! You’re missing out!” Lola pleaded to her brunette friend.

“On what exactly am I ‘missing out’?”

“Your youth! No offence, but you’re getting more boring each day. Be spontaneous! Dye your hair pink or something like that,”

Adaline gave her friend an unimpressed look, while Lola chuckled.

“Yeah, okay. Not pink, that’s more like my thing anyway.”

Adaline gulped her cucumber juice and winced at the taste before speaking, “I swear Lola, do not dye your hair pink.”

Lola shrugged. “I might. I am going through my rebellious phase.”

Adaline rolled her eyes. “And don’t call me Addy.”

Lola rolled her eyes. “I’ll call you whatever the fuck I want. Now, say yes!”



“Go away, Lola.”

The then-blonde girl with pixie cut was not known to back down, so she pulled her best pleading eyes expression. “Please, Addy. I don’t want to go to The Hamptons alone with my sister.” Lola shuddered at the thought of spending the entire holidays with just her sister, Lana. She didn’t hate her sister with a burning passion like Adaline did, but sometimes she just couldn’t stand her.

“It’s not my fucking problem you’re related to that bitch.”

“Hey!” Lola said defensively. “I know my sister is a bitch, but that doesn’t give you the right to call her a bitch.”

Adaline raised her eyebrows and sighed. Lola grinned. Both of them knew that sooner or later, Lola would get what she wanted. She always did, in the most innocent way possible.

“Fine. But,” Adaline looked at her friend, “if your sister does anything to ruin my fun, I’ll not hesitate to drown her in the sea.”

Lola gave her a mock serious expression. “You have my full permission to do that.” Adaline gave a small smile but didn’t say anything.

“Though,” Lola continued, “I doubt you’ll even pay attention to my sister because a certain someone will be there as well.”

Adaline cocked her head to look at her. “Who?”

“Michael,” Lola smirked. “And his friends.”

Adaline shook her head. “I don’t have a crush on Michael, Lola. How many times do I have to tell you that?”

“As many times as it takes for you to believe what a load of crap that is.”

Adaline huffed a breath. “Why is Michael going to be there anyway?”

Lola shrugged. “His family has a beach house right next to mine. He comes there with his friends every year. You know, Prince and Jack and all?” Adaline definitely knew them. Though, she hadn’t had the opportunity to ever talk to them properly.

That fact quickly changed when she went on the trip with Lola. They both met the boys on the beach one day, got invited to their house by one of them, and then Adaline lost her virginity to Wesley Prescott.

At that time, the boy with the tattoos and a dangerous look in his eye appealed a lot more to Adaline than the grey-eyed boy who barely talked to her during the trip.

Michael had never thought that the beautiful brunette in the white sundress would be the girl he’d fall in love with.

And the girl who would eventually break his heart.

Focusing on Lola, who was explaining that she got an invite to Gael’s party, Adaline let go of the past memories and listened to her friend.

“Okay, so this Friday at Gael’s. You have to come.”

Adaline shook her head at her. “No, I don’t like parties.”

Lola snorted. “Like hell you don’t. You’re the biggest party animal I have ever seen. Six drinks in and you start stripping. Not that anyone’s complaining.”

Adaline groaned. “That was one time. Let it go.”

“Not if you agree to come with me to the party tonight.”

“Not a fucking chance.”

Lola grinned. “You remember that black lingerie you wore specially for Michael that day? And how the whole school saw it and-”

She got cut off by a very fuming Adaline shoving her hand on the pink-haired girl’s mouth. Not only because it was embarrassing, but also because it brought back a lot of painful memories which Adaline didn’t want to be reminded of.

“Shut up, Lola.”

“Cowm twu thw partaw.” Lola’s voice was muffled beneath Adaline’s hand but the latter still understood. She sighed.

“Alright, fine. Just please stop talking.” Lola’s grinning face made Adaline hope to not have any regrets about her decision.

However, the insane hangover, throbbing headache and the naked body of a man lying next to her in the morning would be proof enough that she’d definitely regret it.


Paris didn’t know how to party.

This was Adaline’s first thought as soon as she reached Gael’s house. She had been to many parties and get-togethers in the French city but nothing compared to the energy of the one happening before her eyes.

She was almost relieved that she let Lola talk her into coming. She could do with a bit of recklessness.

It had been six days since her return and though many people were starting to welcome her back and adjust to her presence, some of them still ignored her like the plague. Adaline couldn’t care less about either.

Dressed up in a mid-thigh golden dress which sparkled in the dark, Adaline was confident she would get laid tonight.

Stepping inside the huge house, she could hear AC/DC playing in the background. Lola had asked her to meet in the house itself but seeing the living room filled with crashing bodies, Adaline was sure she won’t find her friend anytime soon. Especially, if she had already found some girl to hook up with.

The bar was the most appealing option, so Adaline moved to the crowded counter and helped herself to a tequila shot, drowning it in a single gulp. The alcohol burned her throat which only made her crave the drink more. Keeping her empty glass down, she picked up another one before assaulting it in the same manner.

Adaline thought she was mistaken when she heard someone whistle over her shoulder, but when she glanced behind, she came face to face with the host of the party himself.

Gael was never a part of Adaline’s friend circle. That is, if Adaline had a friend circle to begin with. But they both had exchanged some polite

conversations over the years and right now looking at him she wondered if he was single. And interested in a quick fuck.

“Bad day?” Gael asked and his Spanish accent didn’t help Adaline with her raging hormones.

“More like a bad year.”

“Ah.” Gael chuckled and Adaline wondered how his mouth would feel against her own.

Adaline had never been rejected by a guy before, and definitely not for a quickie. But tonight was a night of firsts.

“So,” she began flirtatiously, “which one is your bedroom?”

Gael widened his eyes a bit and then raised his eyebrows. And then he gave her a nervous chuckle. Adaline froze and prepared herself for his next words.

“Look, Adaline,” he started and she gritted her teeth, annoyed for throwing herself at random men.

“Do you have a girlfriend?” She asked.

“Um... no.”


Adaline nodded at him and gave him a tight smile before one of his friends pulled Gael away, who gave her an apologetic look. She let out a growl and turned around to drown two more tequila shots.

“Well, that was definitely not painful to watch.”

Jack Larson was grinning at her from behind the mini bar. One of his hands was on the counter while the other was holding a drink.

“I’m surprised to see you out of the bedrooms for a change.” Adaline narrowed her eyes when Jack grinned wider at her comment.

“What can I say, darling? A guy needs his break.”

Adaline snorted. “Or maybe you just scared her by getting off in two seconds.”

Jack quirked up his lips, completely unaffected by her insult. “Yeah? Come up with me and I’ll show you how long it takes to get me off.”

Adaline cursed herself for asking Gael for a quickie and not thinking of Jack before. This guy was always ready for any kind of sex and if anyone could please her the way she wanted right now, it was him.

Adaline drowned another shot of tequila.

“How many of these have you had?” Jack asked her curiously.

She thought for a second before replying. “Five. Why?”

Jack slid his tongue over his bottom lip and moved his gaze on her body before replying. “Just waiting for you to do a strip show for us. This party really needs some fire.”

If she was sober, Adaline would have retorted with a sarcastic remark. But she was not sober so she said this instead.

“How about I give you a private strip show instead?”

Jack was surprised by her answer but that didn’t stop a wide smirk from settling on his lips. He quickly grabbed the brunette’s hand, who stumbled in her heels as she tried to keep up with his quick and hungry pace.

Pushing her up against a wall, Jack leaned his head before kissing violently on her neck and covering her up with bruises. It took Adaline a lot of self control to not moan as his lips attacked her throat next and found her sensitive spot.

“Jack,” she breathed heavily. “K-kiss me.”

Jack chuckled hungrily at her desperation. “Where, darling?”

But before Adaline could hold his head and slam his lips onto hers, Jack was pulled off from her in a swift motion.

Adaline met the angry glare of a person she wished to never see, let alone interrupt her orgasm.

“What the hell, Prince?”

It was Jack who spoke as he regained his posture and glared at his best friend. Prince kept his eyes on Adaline.

“What do you think you are doing?”

Adaline’s words were slurred when she replied. “Enjoying the party, asshole.”

Prince pointed his finger at her. “I’m not going to let you break another heart.”

“The only thing I’m going to break is his dick,” Adaline gestured to Jack, who gave her an amused look before scoffing at Prince.

“Please, I’m not lovesick like Michael.”

Prince tensed at the mention of his best friend’s name and gave a sharp look to Jack, who matched it with his own. Michael and Jack had never seen eye to eye.

Prince wasn’t the only one who gave out a reaction on the familiar name. Adaline tightly shut her jaw before walking into the opposite direction and away from the boys who were clearly having some friendship issues.

She needed a joint.

No matter what kind of a party it is, you’ll always find drugs.′ Wesley had once told her.

Adaline felt lucky when she spotted a guy who frequently hung out with Wesley, and made her way to him.

“Have you seen Wesley?”

The guy shook his head before dropping his mouth near her ear.

“But if you’re looking for a release, take the second door to your left.” The guy pointed his finger to a corridor and then blended into the crowd.

Adaline was sure that by release he meant drugs and not sex. But right now, she would take either. Or both.

Pushing the door, she was overcome by the smell of cigarettes and smoke in the air. Her eyes adjusted to the darkness of the room and for the first time she witnessed the kind of world Wesley lived in. And it looked exhilarating.

Adaline walked over to a couple of bodies who were hunched over a table and snorting white lines from dollar bills. One of the girls offered her the green note and Adaline took it gladly. It had been a long time since she had done this, and although she wasn’t a huge fan of drugs, right now it seemed like the perfect cure for everything.

Sweeping the powder clean with her nose and blinking her eyes rapidly, she stood up straight and nodded a thanks to the girl before slipping out of the room.

She was barely two steps away when a hand clasped her wrist and dragged her into an adjoining room.

Adaline’s intoxicated state made it nearly impossible for her to struggle against the strong hold. She let go of all attempts when she realised who the owner of the hand was.

“Adaline,” Prince breathed in her face and even in her intoxicated state she could smell the strong alcohol on his breath which was not present before.

“Let me go, Prince.”

However, her struggle only made him hold her tighter as he pinned her to the back of the door. ”Fuck you. Fuck you for running away and breaking his heart.” The hate in his voice made her stand still as he continued his rant.

“I hate you, Addy,” he paused and looked at her lips and her pulse quickened. “But tonight, I need to forget.”

“Forget what?” she whispered, her heart beating rapidly. Mostly because of the cocaine.


Both of them breathed the same air, never breaking eye contact.

It wasn’t clear who kissed who first but once their lips met, all the hate dissolved into a battle of tongues and dominance.

They touched and kissed and licked every inch of each other’s skin, knowing full well that none of them would remember a single thing in the morning.

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