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The knock on our door alerted both Ezra and I. I had just returned from the garage, where the ladder was now back in place. He was still sweeping, and to not raise suspicion, I decided to open the door.

I got it, I told him through our mental mindlink. He didn’t respond, but I knew he got the message when I passed him and his eyes glazed over.

“Hello officers,” I greeted once the front door was open.

“There was a distress call that abruptly ended,” One of them said. He was bigger than his partner, both in height and width. “We were just checking out the area to see if there was an emergency or if it was a miscall.”

Nodding, I showed him my understanding. “Feel free to look around. My roommate and I were just about to make lunch.”

Wolves? Ezra mindlinked to me.

Without even blinking, I said back, No, both human.

I stepped to the side to let the officers in. They briefly walked into our cabin, pausing in the living room once they saw Ezra sweeping. He greeted them as fakely as I had, even offering them a drink. They declined before asking what the hallways led to.

It was humorless, how clueless the officers were. Cleo was right above them and they had no idea.

Once receiving the proper directions from Ezra, they headed into the hallway that led to the bedrooms. I heard a few doors opening and was able to even pick up their footsteps with my increased hearing - it was the only reason as to how I had heard Cleo dial 911 on Ezra’s phone. It was also the only thing that saved our asses from the police. Without our abilities, Cleo would’ve been able to successfully call 911 and we’d be in prison.

I still felt bad about what happened earlier in my bedroom. My inner self knew that she wasn’t ready for what I wanted to do to her, yet I forced myself onto her. Sure, she practically begged me to touch her, but I should’ve restrained myself. I pushed her too far and hurt her - now she’ll never want me to touch her again.

But god fucking damn, did she make me angry. Escaping by tearing through the window screen and then calling the fucking police. She had to cause so many problems that me and Ezra had to fix.

Why couldn’t she just accept us as mates and make everyone’s lives easier? Who cares that she’s human and is unaware of us wolves? Donna had been in Cleo’s exact place twenty years prior, and she accepted Abe within the day. They represented how mates should act, not this running away bullshit Cleo kept pulling. Didn’t she feel the bond?

My chest suddenly surged in faint pain. I stood in the living room, watching as Ezra clutched his chest. We were feeling the same pain - so it wasn’t ours. We glanced up to the ceiling.


Was she claustrophobic or something?

We need to get her out of there, Ezra mindlinked to me. We didn’t even check to see if she could breathe okay.

Hiding my panic, I mentally said back, She may just be claustrophobic. She’ll be fine.

Stop denying everything! We can actually feel her pain! Get those officers to leave and now!

I took a deep breath, trying to ignore the feelings swirling in my chest. There was a slight thump from the attic, presumably Cleo moving around.

“Hey, what do you want for lunch?” I asked Ezra, loudly. The officers were still poking around our bedrooms, taking their sweet ass time.

“I dunno,” Ezra responded, matching my volume. “What do you want to make?”

I hurried into the kitchen, opening the fridge.

What are we out of? Ezra mindlinked.


“Egg sandwich?” He asked. With my excellent hearing, I heard two pairs of footsteps enter the living room.

“Sure, but we’re out of eggs. We need to go to the store right now, then.” I responded, closing the fridge doors. “Officers, did you need anything else from us?”

The bigger one shook his head.

“Everything is in order. Sorry for bothering you two today, we’ll let y’all get to the store.” He said, him and his partner heading to the front door.

“We didn’t mess up your guys’ bedroom, or the two guest rooms.” The smaller officer reassured. I froze at the false assumption that Ezra and I shared a room. I looked at him, and he was trying not to laugh.

I don’t know about him, but I definetly was not gay.

“Oh, we’re not -” I began, but Ezra cut me off, wrapping an arm around my waist.

“Thanks officers, you guys have a good day!” He smiled before turning and placing a wet kiss on my mouth, catching me off guard. The front door closed as the officers left, and I shoved Ezra away from me. I used my wrist to wipe his germs off of me, before glaring at him. He was chuckling extotically, and if we didn’t share a mate, he would’ve been dead by my hands by now.

A strike of harsh pain entered my chest, causing me to double over. Ezra was in the same boat, and immediately he ran under the attic door. He jumped up to grab the string connected to the stairs, which we had tucked away for the time being. He yanked the door open, the attached stairs clunking down.

I flew up to them, shoving Ezra aside in the process. Cleo was still on her side, facing me, but her eyes were closed. Her chest was moving at a slower pace and didn’t seem to rise as high as it normally does. I reached over to her and pulled her into my arms. She didn’t move, or react, to my touch.

My heart ached at the sight of her passed out and limp body. I had done this to her. It was my idea to put her there, and even when she was clearly frightened, I only threatened her.

I went down the stairs, slowly pulling the duct tape from her lips.

“Is she okay?” Ezra asked, hovering over me as I layed Cleo on the couch.

“I don’t fucking know!” I snapped, backing away from her. “I don’t know what happened!”

“If she is claustrophobic, I think from being in that tight and enclosed area could’ve caused her to have a panic attack. She probably just passed out from that,” Ezra reasoned with me.

But I didn’t listen, and backed further away. I headed to the front door and slammed it open.

“Where are you going?” He called after me.

“I think she needs some time away from me, I can’t keep hurting her.”

“What else have you done to her?”

But I didn’t respond, because I was already out the front door, running into the thicket.

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