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Blinking my eyes slowly open, I discovered that I was now in Ezra’s room. My body ached as I rose to rest on my elbows. My head was woozy as I thought back to what caused me to pass out, and for a moment, I could not remember. Then it all came back. The attic. The sawdust. The darkness.

All the duct tape had been removed from my body, and it honestly helped me breathe better. I was out of that room, and could see and breathe much better. It was okay. I was okay.

I didn’t know I was claustrophobic. And I’ve never had a panic attack before, but I think that’s what caused me to pass out.

“Cleo,” I turned towards Ezra’s voice, who was suddenly sitting on the end of the bed. When did he get there? “Are you okay?”

Surprisingly, I felt no resentment towards him, or Kieran. For some odd reason, I felt bad, as in, I didn’t want them to be mad at me anymore.

“Yeah,” I croaked, sitting up fully. “What happened with the officers and everything?”

“They were here, but they left. Kieran left after they did.”


“I think he felt bad about what happened - we had to pull you out of the attic immediately. We didn’t know you were claustrophobic and would react that badly.”

I wanted to say that it was fine, but that was irrational. These guys had forced me into that area, causing me to pass out due to sheer panic alone, and I wanted to tell them it was okay? What was wrong with me?

“How long was I out?” I asked.

“A few hours,” Ezra said, moving closer to me on the bed. “Kieran hasn’t been back and he won’t respond to me.” I assumed he meant by texting, or calling, but for some reason, I wasn’t sure.

“Cleo, do you feel anything towards us?” He abruptly asked me. I met his grueling stare, my insides curling with butterflies. “As in, do you feel a pull towards us? Do you want to be around and near us?”

I wanted to say no. The rational part of me said no. But I couldn’t bring myself to do that.

“I’d be lying if I said no,” I admitted. Ezra smiled, a beautiful smile, that made me want to say more things to make him that happy over and over again. “But I don’t understand it.”

“That’s okay,” He placed a hand over mine on the bed. “Remember when Kieran and I said that all three of us were mates? It’s that bond between us that you feel. Whenever we have skin to skin contact, it feels better than it normally would with someone else, that’s the bond encouraging you to be around us more. It’s difficult to ignore, believe me.”

“Okay . . .” For some reason, this time around that he told me we were mates, it felt more believable. I wanted to listen, and I wanted to believe him. “Prove it to me.”

“W-what?” Ezra stuttered, confusion swirling in his irises.

“You heard me.” I was done with the not knowing, and the ’what if’s. Clearly I had some sort of weird attraction to these boys and I wanted to test Ezra’s words. “Prove to me that we’re mates.”

He leaned forward, as did I, until our faces were only centimeters apart. He rested his forehead against mine and placed both of his hands on either side of my head. The contact between us was minimal, yet it made my insides sizzle with enjoyment. Without realizing it, I closed my eyes, losing myself to this comforting feeling.

No wonder Kieran’s fingers earlier felt so otherworldly.

“Ezra . . .” I slowly muttered, opening my eyes. “ . . . are we really meant to be together?”

“Yes,” He whispered, before leaning down and capturing my lips in his. He tilted my head up to his as he kissed me, causing me to latch onto his shoulders for stability.

His lips were as soft as velvet as he began to kiss me harder. Ezra slowly pushed my body back until I was laying on the bed with his body positioned over mine. There was some space between our bodies, besides where our lips were, so I grabbed onto his biceps and pulled his body flush with mine.

He moved one hand onto my chin and the other one was propped by my head, keeping him from putting all of his weight on me. We separated for a moment to breathe, but only a short moment, because I then wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled his lips back onto mine.

His teeth delicately nipped at my bottom lip. I smiled into our kissing session, and only when Ezra did it again did I understand his unspoken message. I opened my lips as best I could, and immediately his tongue flew into my mouth. His sweet aroma engulfed me entirely, and I gave into the wonderful feeling of him on me.

We separated again to breathe, only Ezra moved his lips down to my neck, kissing my skin there. He slid down to the soft spot on my shoulder, licking it viciously. For some reason, that spot was like a trigger, since a wave of pleasure flew into my core.

My toes curled, and I moaned out, “Ezra.”

I felt him smile into my skin, and he pulled the skin from that spot on my shoulder between his teeth. Just as Kieran had earlier.

They both loved that spot, apparently.

“I’m going to mark you here,” He groaned.

“W-what do you mean?” I asked, making Ezra halt his actions.

“I need to show you something before we do anything else, Cleo.” He rolled off of me, landing on his feet beside the bed. “Let’s go outside.”

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