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It was early in the evening as I followed Ezra outside. The sun was close to setting behind the trees, so a beautiful orange and yellow shine was filtering throughout the forest.

We walked to the beginning of where the trees grew in proximity, and Ezra turned around to face me.

“K-Kieran and I, we live alone in the forest for a reason. And, when we say that you’re our mate, it’s because of what we are. Humans, regular humans, do have soulmates but do not have telltale signs that alert them to when they’ve met their mate. We do, and we use it as an advantage to not waste time dating and rather wait until we find our mate since we know it will work out.” He paused, giving me time to think.

“Okay . . . what do you mean by ‘we’? What are you and Kieran?” I was so confused, and a bit alarmed when he referred to humans as if he wasn’t one.

“We’re werewolves, Cleo.”


“Kieran and I, we can like transform into a wolf and stuff.” I could tell that Ezra was nervous on the inside, and I tried to not show how confused I was. Werewolves? Was he serious? “I can prove it, too.”

“Then do it,” I demanded. “Wolf up.”

He chuckled, scratching the back of his neck.

In the blink of an eye, his body began to turn. His back hunched over, the bones in his body snapping into new positions and sizes. His clothes shredded and fell off of him as his form expanded and changed. Fur sprouted all over his body until every inch was covered in dark black hair while simultaneously his limbs shrank and stretched into four even legs, with humongous paws. His nose stretched into a long snout and my eyes widened as his transformation was complete.

Standing before me was a wolf with fur as dark as night, who was patiently waiting for me to react.

I didn’t have to act if I wasn’t afraid - because I wasn’t. The shock in my chest slowly died down and I just stared Ezra down. In all honesty, he was amazingly magnificent in his wolf form.

I walked forward, hesitantly putting my hand on his head. He tenderly licked my hand with his slobbery tongue. Giggling, I wrinkled my nose at the saliva now coating my hand. He was also huge, the top of his head reaching above my waist.

“So, can you understand me like that?” It seemed stupid to talk to an animal as if he would understand, but surprisingly, the wolf nodded eagerly. “Kieran can do this too?” Another nod. “Can-can you, uh, switch back? I want to ask questions that aren’t exactly yes or no.”

Ezra nodded and his body began to turn just as before, but in reverse. I quickly turned away as soon as it occurred to me that he’d be naked.

“Let me grab a pair of shorts,” Ezra commented before jogging inside. In less than a minute he was back outside, clothed from the waist down.

“So you said that werewolves have signs when they meet their mate. Singular. Why are you and Kieran both my-my mate?” I questioned, sitting down on the porch step. Ezra joined and popped a squat next to me.

“Actually, it’s uncommon to share a mate, but not unheard of. We’ve been inseparable our entire lives and everyone thought we’d share a mate. It just so happened to be true.”

“You don’t mind sharing?”

“Not at all,” He nuzzled his nose into my shoulder, one of his hands moving onto my thigh. “Sometimes we get alone time with you . . . other times, when we’re together, it’s just as fun.”


“Imagine two people solely focused on pleasuring you . . . touching you simultaneously . . . making you come over and over again,” He whispered into my hair.

I rolled my shoulders, suddenly feeling hot all over.

“How is it enjoyable for you guys, I mean.” Breathlessly, I asked. His touch was so overwhelming, and I wondered how I ever wanted to leave his - or Kieran’s - presence.

“We love to pleasure you, and don’t worry, we have plenty of ways on how to share.”

My eyes widened on exactly what Ezra was referring to.

Having two mates, two extremely attractive guys who wanted me, what girl would refuse that? Hell, Heather would kill me twice for the opportunity I had.

“I think I want to stay with you guys.” I admitted. That was something I thought I’d never say. I wanted to live with my captors.

My captors, who were also my mates.

Father, forgive me, because I am about to sin. Majorly.

“So, you said you don’t date?”

Ezra pulled himself away from my shoulder, turning towards the setting sun.

“Yeah, me and Kieran didn’t invest in serious relationships with any girls.”

“But you’ve had relationships with other girls before?”

“Well, yes, Cleo. We’re both twenty-three. That’s late to meet a mate, did you think we’d just isolate ourselves forever?” He smirked at me, my ignorance and unawareness, amusing somehow. “It was only short relationships. Usually flings.”

“Oh.” For some reason, I felt disappointed at the thought of Ezra and Kieran being with other girls.

“Cleo, those girls didn’t mean anything to us. We want you, and only you.”

“Show me then,” I deadpanned.


“Show me how you want me.”

Ezra paused, before his head snapped towards the woods. Kieran stood there, wearing only a pair of shorts. He opened his mouth, but stopped and then closed it. I didn’t care what he had done to me earlier, it was in the past and completely understandable.

I spared a glance at Ezra, whose eyes were glazed over.

“Cleo,” Kieran walked over to where we sat, but I didn’t let him say anything else.

“It’s okay, Kieran. I want to be with both of you.” I admitted to what I had been denying this entire time, that this mate bond was strong, and now I gave into it. If the universe or fate or whatever made this bond wanted us to be together, then who was I to ignore it?

Kieran seemed relieved, as did Ezra, though I had reassured him earlier.

“But I meant what I said earlier.” I continued. “I want both of you to show me exactly what you two mean by wanting me.”

“Cleo, you’re not ready,” Kieran objected, his eyes flickering over to Ezra.

“I think we should take things slow,” Ezra nodded, leaning into me. I accepted his advancement and allowed him to tuck my body gently against his.

Fine. They were going to make me wait after stringing me along this entire time, then that was fine with me. They thought that they were doing the right thing, making me wait, but how would I ever advance sexually if they never showed me exactly what I was missing out on?

But I knew one thing, or actually, two things. One; I was done with basically throwing myself at them. Especially since they like to give me a taste of what they could do before ripping it away from me. And two; their will would be broken before mine was. They were men, and all men wanted the same thing: sex.

They thought we were playing checkers, but I was playing chess.

And I was about to call checkmate.

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