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As the sun set over the cabin, Ezra and Kieran allowed me to sleep in bed alone, and seemingly unsupervised. It was the same room I’d initially escaped from, where the chain still layed attached to the bedpost, only now, it had been shoved to the floor.

Both boys had gone to sleep as well, retiring quite early to their rooms. Outside was different at night, having only a thin wall of wood separating me from the vast wilderness, though I knew no harm would come to me while Kieran and Ezra were around. They never told me out loud that they’d always protect me, rather I could feel it in their actions. Maybe that was our bond talking.

When I woke up, hours later, the sun was filtering through the window. It must’ve been late morning, on the brink of afternoon. Barely, just barely, I could make out a few voices and other random sounds coming from somewhere else in the cabin.

So they were awake.

Remaining on the bed, I clenched my hands together as I went over what I was about to do. That willpower of theirs was going to be broken, and I knew just how to swing the mace.

Loosening the tie on my sweatpants, I gingerly sent one of my hands inside. I’ve never touched myself before, never really had a reason to; I used to share a room with a five year old. Now, however, was the day I became a woman and did what all women did: masterbate. It couldn’t be that difficult. I would just copy Kieran’s hand motions from yesterday morning, which was pretty simple.

I brought two fingers to my clit, rubbing slow circles, over my underwear. It felt okay, but my body told me to go faster, so I did. My back slightly arched as the circles became faster, and rougher, the pleasure making my toes curl. This wasn’t so difficult.

I moved the two fingers down to my entrance, letting my thumb travel over my clit and pick up where my fingers left off. My fingers poked and prodded at my entrance as my thumb worked my swollen clit into overdrive, making me gasp as a surge of ecstasy washed over me. Without thinking, I moaned out, closing my eyes tightly.

There was a knock at my door.

Cleo.” Ezra spoke out from behind the door. “Are-are you touching yourself?”

My hand halted all movements. “Possibly,” I sheepishly responded.

“Stop touching yourself,” Kieran was there too, his deep voice seemingly angry.

“No,” I boldly answered. “If you want me to stop, come in here and make me.”

I thought that they’d need more convincing, due to their silence behind the door. However, slowly, it creaked open, and I came to realize that while playing with fire, I was bound to get burned.

Immediately, I removed my hand from my sweats as both boys approached me from where I lay on the bed. My cheeks burned as their eyes raked and ravished over me, a parallel desire burning in their irises.

“We told you no last night, and yet, you still try to convince us by playing around with yourself when we could clearly hear you?” Kieran lowly growled out, slowly climbing on the bed near my feet. “Fine. We’ll touch you, until you’re begging us to stop.”

Oh f*ck.

Was it wrong that my core warmed at that? I must’ve been sick, or just that desperate for affection, because Kieran’s words only made my body sing.

Kieran threw both of his legs over mine, officially ensnaring me. Slowly, he moved forward until he was entirely on top of me, his arms coming to rest besides my head. A ghost of a kiss was then placed on my lips. I longed for more, but the bastard that he is, Kieran pulled away, and I suddenly felt his fingers curl around the band of my sweats.

He paused, leaving them intact for the time being.

“Ezra, get your *ss over here and do something,” Rolling his eyes, Kieran sent a mocking glare towards his friend. I had totally forgotten that Ezra was there. A smile warmed its way onto my lips when I saw his hesitant form still by the edge of the bed. He was much more reluctant, and shy, than Kieran, and even though I knew he could take control when he wished, I knew that being around me made him nervous.

Me. A simple foster child made this beast of a man weak in the knees.

If I had the same effect on Kieran, he didn’t show it.

Kieran scooted further down the bed, taking my sweats with him, before he eventually slid them off of my legs entirely. I didn’t even have time to feel self-conscious because Ezra was suddenly on top of me. He copied Kieran’s earlier placement, with his arms resting besides my head. His lips found mine but unlike Kieran, he didn’t tease, rather he took all that I gave him and challenged me to match his fiereness. So I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him further into me.

Ezra latched onto my arms, and suddenly I was flipped on top of him, being on my hands and knees. Kieran was then at my backside, his form curling around my bent one. I kept my lips pushing against Ezra’s, even while I felt Kieran’s fingers curl around the edge of my panties, and suddenly Ezra’s fingers were at the edge of my shirt.

In one fluid motion, almost like they were communicating silently to each other, my shirt and underwear were yanked off, thrown somewhere beside the bed. Anxiety flew into my chest, but I attempted to keep it at bay, so I kept my eyes tightly closed.

Ezra didn’t have to bother with my bra, since I wasn’t even wearing one. The sheer fact that I was entirely naked and these much more attractive boys were entirely clothed did not register in my mind until each of Kieran’s hands cupped my very bare breasts.

I groaned into Ezra, moving my hands down to his shirt.

“Off,” I ordered, pulling away from his addictive lips. He pulled away from me, and with some maneuvering, Ezra managed to get his shirt off. In all fairness, Ezra did have me and technically Kieran on top of him, so the fact that he somehow got his shirt off and didn’t pop our little intimacy bubble was outstanding.

In small circles, Kieran teased both of my nipples, running a thumb across each one. He poked and prodded them until they were rock hard - which was the third and fourth hardest thing in the room. The first and second was currently pressed against my core and *ss, and I desperately wanted a taste.

Kieran sent his hands over my waist and down to my lower hips, making me shiver. I finally pulled away from Ezra to take a moment to breathe, and just as the time before, he sent his lips straight to my neck. Sucking the skin there, took a piece of my skin and gently bit down - at the exact moment one of Kieran’s hands stroked my throbbing clit.

I tucked my head into Ezra’s shoulder and quietly moaned out, even though it grew difficult to lower my voice as Kieran became relentless with his strokes. My back was tightly pressed against his chest, so when he sent two of his fingers to rub around my entrance, his palm was still pressing against my clit, sending my body into overdrive. I rocked my hips into his hand, my greedy self wanting more.

Ezra was then at my chest, filling both of his hands with my breasts. Shockingly, he was rougher than Kieran had been, taking both of my teased nipples and pulling on them. Hard. I sunk my fingers into his hair, latching on, as the pleasure became overwhelming. My thighs were shaking around Kieran’s fingers as my clit was tortured endlessly by his warm palm.

However, the two fingers at my lower entrance paused.

“Is it okay if I . . .” Kieran trailed off. I knew what he was getting at. He was afraid of hurting me again.

Even though I couldn’t see his face directly, I nodded.

Painfully slow, Kieran sunk one finger inside of me. My drenched insides swallowed it easily, and welcomed it, since need was the only thing making my body work.

Once I positively responded, Kieran eased the second finger inside. I mewled at his touches, whining for him to go faster.

Suddenly, he pounded his fingers into me rapidly, giving me to mercy. I moaned into Ezra’s shoulder as the ecstasy rose even higher. With the combination of Kieran’s fingers inside me, his palm stroking my clit, and Ezra’s magical hands stimulating my breasts, the wave of pleasure washed over me.

I was drowning, the first orgasm completely taking me under. God, I felt drained. But, god, I wanted more.

In a flash, the boys changed positions on me. Somehow Ezra moved further down my body, his head going near my area, and then Kieran was now under me. The majority of Ezra’s body was dangling off the bed as I felt his breath caress my soaked folds.

And then his hot mouth was on me.

I was practically sitting on him. Was this normal? I was worried my thighs would suffocate him, or that my area didn’t have the greatest aroma.

But, if it did, Ezra didn’t show it. He sucked my swollen clit into his mouth, rolling the bud softly between his teeth. His tongue swept a path down to my entrance, reaching as far as it would go, before returning to my clit. Ezra continued this path, instinct making my hips rock into his face.

I had all but forgotten about Kieran, who was now watching me as he laid below me. My eyes were tightly closed, my bottom lip bitten between my teeth as I felt everything that Ezra was doing to me.

When I opened them, he was just smiling at me. A soft, gentle smile, that made this moment better. He leaned up to capture my lips, sending his thick fingers into my dark locks. I didn’t even care that those fingers had just been inside me.

Kieran swallowed my moan as Ezra dunked a finger into my channel, wasting no time into pumping ferociously. He kept his molten hot mouth on my clit as two of his fingers sank into me endlessly.

Just as before, the pleasure was rising, and a figurative peak seemed just in reach.

I clenched my eyes shut again, plucking my lips off of Kieran’s to tuck my head into his shoulder. My thighs were quivering, and the sheer ecstasy was almost too much for me to handle. I whimpered into his shoulder as I finally felt my peak come into reach.

“That’s it, Cleo,” Kieran encouraged. Softly, one of his thumbs ran over one of my nipples. It was like a detonator, because as soon as his amazing hands returned to my breasts, my climax exploded.

Holy fuck.

I was definitely going to hell.

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