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A few minutes later, after everything kinda calmed down, a doorbell rang. Kieran was in the shower, and Ezra was in a different bathroom doing god knows what, so I figured that I was probably the best person to answer the door.

I rolled out of bed, standing on my shaking thighs. Ezra had dressed me in his shirt, and it was long enough to cover my lady bits, but not long enough to be decent. Oh well. Not that I cared that much. No one that I knew would be knocking at the cabin. And first impressions aren’t everything.

I pulled open the wooden door to reveal a twenty-something girl staring me down. Her baby blue eyes looked me up and down for a moment, taking in everything that I had. While she studied me, I quickly did the same, taking in her beautiful - but dyed - blonde hair and rather stylish clothes. I didn’t swing that way, but if I did, I’d be hitting up this chick.

“Can I help you?” I eventually asked. Her eyes snapped to mine, and she licked her lips once.

“Uh, I’m Jessabel,” She softly said. Her voice was soft, faint, almost like she hated to sharpen her voice into anything other than a hushed murmur.

Where have I seen her name before? I thought back to the last few days, the escaping, the attic, the 911 phone call, and then it hit me. She had been calling Ezra. She was the only reason I had found the phone in the first place.

“I am looking for Ezra,” She clarified, grasping a strand of her hair between her fingers. Her hair was quite long, going past her breasts but stopping a few inches above her waist. I hated how gorgeous her hair was, even if the color was fake. “I’m his girlfriend.” She added on at the end, as if she was trying to tell me something. This girl might all be soft and nice, but so was Heather in the beginning. I was not in the mood to deal with anyone like her. Especially not right now.

But something in her words stuck with me. Ezra said that he and Kieran didn’t have serious relationships while they were waiting for their mate. So, unless Ezra lied straight to my face, he didn’t have any past girlfriends, and this Jessabel was probably a one night stand turned into something clingier than gum to the bottom of a shoe.

“Who are you?” She asked. I realized I had zoned out for a bit, and I was just staring at this girl. I figured this chick needed to learn who I was, and exactly who I was. I didn’t know if she was a werewolf or knew about mates, but I wasn’t about to let this girl ruin the first good relationship I’ve had. She needed to get the hint that she was nothing to Ezra, or even Kieran.

“I’m Cleo, his fuck buddy.” I glanced at her fists, which curls upon my words. The fact that I was lying wasn’t worth mentioning.

Jessabel sucked in breath. Her once beautiful eyes narrowed into slits, and for a brief moment, her eyes seemed to flash with malicious intent.

“You’re his what?” She asked through clenched teeth, but her question felt like she was giving me a chance to change my answer.

An arm was suddenly wrapped around my waist from behind, and then I was against Ezra’s chest.

“Cleo,” He whispered into my ear. “Go back inside. I’ll deal with her.”

I nodded to him, having a curt smile form onto my lips. So this Jessabel person thought she could just barge into our lives, take what she wanted, and then leave? Granted, I had no idea why she wanted to see Ezra, but my gut had a bad feeling about her. She was bad news. I was sure of it.

“Come back to bed, babe, after you’re done,” I smirked at Ezra, making sure to glance at Jessabel, now that she knew her place.

Lest she forget it.

A/N - This is part one of a double update! A small surprise POV in the next chapter!
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