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“Did she finally leave?” I asked, emerging from the bedroom severely minutes later. Still wearing Ezra’s shirt, only now I slipped on my pair of sweats from earlier. I only wore the one pair of socks I had since I couldn’t seem to remember where my shoes were.

Ezra and Kieran were both in the kitchen, and once they heard my question, Ezra said “Yeah” at the same time Kieran grumbled, “Not soon enough.”

Relief instantly flooded inside my chest. I didn’t know much about mates, and if they were as permanent as the boys led on, because Jessabel was a hot piece of ass. Who wouldn’t want her over me? With the right amount of seduction and class, she could steal away any guy.

Sometimes I question my sexuality. But, then I remember that fate mated me to two beasts of a man.

“Hey,” I slowly began, approaching the duo in the kitchen. Both pairs of eyes immediately snapped to mine once they detached my change of topic, and for a moment, my thoughts fled back to earlier that morning.

Their hands gracing my thighs, their mouths biting and licking my skin -

A soft growl sounded in the room, bringing my eyes to meet Kieran’s piercing blue ones.

“Cleo,” He warned. “Stop thinking like that unless you want us to do exactly what you’re imaging. You know what it does to us.”

My cheeks burned instantly and I felt my entire body grow hot with embarrassment. I always forget that we share some sort of irreplaceable bond that Kieran and Ezra apparently felt more of than I did.

“Anyway, what did you want to ask us?” Ezra, being my saving grace, rerouted the conversation back to where I needed it to be.

“Would I be able to get some more clothes . . . somewhere?” Motioning to my lower body, I continued, “These are all I really have and they aren’t even mine.” The checkered shirt was Ezra’s, and I was still wearing Mrs. Donna’s sweats from two days prior.

Mrs. Donna. In the chaos that was these last few days, I haven’t thought about the foster home at all. I wonder if Alla misses me, or even thinks about how I’m doing. Even though it’s only been two days, or three I guess, I hope that Alla moved out some of my stuff so that she has more room for herself. She deserves it. And Heather, god that bitch, I bet she danced on my bed the moment she knew it was permanently vacant. And then there was her brother, Derrick, who was more of an empty head with legs programmed to follow Heather around. There were the other foster kids, who I’d love to check up with even though it’s only been a few days. Maybe I can properly say goodbye to everyone one last time. I don’t think the boys would mind.

“Sure, we can take you to the mall.” Ezra offered, walking over to where I stood. He gently placed his hands on my waist, causing me to look up into his eyes. “We don’t have a car, though, mine has been in the shop for the last week.”

“Can’t you just do your, uh, wolf thing?” I wasn’t exactly sure how the whole werewolf thing worked, and when Ezra’s cheeks rounded into an amusing smile, instantly I felt incredibly stupid. What kind of mate was I, not even knowing how my mates function. “Sorry, uh, that wasn’t -”

But Ezra cut me off by leaning down and barely touching his lips against mine. He soon pulled away, mumbling, “I was smiling because you’re so adorable, Cleo. To answer your question, I can do my ‘wolf thing’, I just wanted to make sure you’re good with it.” His breath was hot against my needy lips, and I had to hold myself back from moving a centimeter forward so our lips would be meeting again.

This bond and how it affected my hormones was no joke.

Standing outside a few minutes later, wearing my blue shoes after Ezra miraculously found them, I watched as Ezra transformed into his beautiful midnight black wolf. I’ve had yet to see Kieran’s wolf, but since he decided to stay home since malls are ‘a place where time stands still’ it seems his look would remain a mystery, at least for today.

Clutching a pair of shorts and a shirt for Ezra to change into later, I hopped onto his back, stringing my arms tightly around his thick neck.

He deeply barked once and we were off.

Peeking my head outside of the dressing room, I hollered to get Ezra’s attention.

“Does this look okay?” I asked him.

Rather than giving me a chance to step outside of the room, he gently pushed his way in, hands on my hips, lips on my neck, our bodies against the wall.

“Woah, woah - slow down there wolfie -”

A small grin grew on his face and Ezra backed away from me. His eyes did a quick sweep of the tank top and skirt combo I wore, and for a moment, I felt so insecure. Did it look weird? Too tight? Was the skirt not long enough? It stopped an inch or two above my knees, but maybe I shouldn’t show so much skin.

“I had to keep you from showing your cute little body to everyone in the store.” He smiled a bit wider, placing his hands on my hips once again. My anxieties evaporated and I leaned into his touch. “I much prefer you wearing those oversized sweats and my shirt.” Ezra grazed his lips against the junction between my neck and shoulder. “I love seeing you wear my clothes. Wrapped in my scent. Showing everyone that you belong to me.”

“B-but K-Kieran?” I choked out. My nerves were on fire, and I couldn’t even fathom the entire question. Ezra seemed to understand what I was trying to ask, and I felt him pull me tighter against him.

“Kieran isn’t here. Right now, you’re just mine.”

“E-ez-ezra, wait . . .” I squeezed my eyes shut tightly, not knowing if I was prepared for what he was getting at. Hell, we had just done a ton of stuff a few hours earlier, wasn’t he exhausted like I was?

Hold up. Out of the three of us, I was the only one who got any sort of release. As far as I was concerned, Ezra never got that cold shower he needed and was still in need of something to cool the burn.

Maybe I could help.

He pulled away, though, a cocky smirk on his lips. “I’m just teasing you, Cleo. I like the outfit you’re wearing, it fits your figure nicely.” Back to his gentleman routine, I felt my body cool down as he let room grow between us.

But I stepped forward. The smirk on his face slipped into a confused line as it was my turn to push Ezra against the adjacent wall, thankfully due to the small dressing room, it took no real effort at all.

He wanted to play? I sure as hell could play, too.

“C-cleo,” He stuttered as I pressed my body tightly against his. Even though I haven’t done anything, I could feel a slight tent in the front of his shorts. Instinct completely took over as I skipped my palm over it once.

There was my stuttering Ezra. I loved it just as much as his dominant side.

“This top is too tight,” I mumbled, stepping into my tip-toes to reach his lips. Just as he had earlier that morning, I pressed my lips against his once before retracting. “And this skirt, it’s too short,” My lips met his again but I held on for longer. My palm skipped over his erection once more before he lowly groaned.

“Cleo,” He whispered. “You don’t have to.”

“I want to.”

Then his buckle and fly were undone and his jeans lowered to his mid thigh. My mouth went dry as I took in the sight of the impressive bulge in his boxer briefs. It wasn’t even fully released and yet I knew he was huge.

Just like the rest of him - insanely massive.

Quietly, I took in a deep breath as I curled my fingers in the edge of his dark blue briefs and gently yanked them down. His member sprung free and if possible, my mouth went even drier.

Fuck. What do I do now? It’s not like I’ve done this before - and in a dressing room nonetheless. My confidence from earlier completely vanished as my mind failed to instruct me on what to do.

Embarrassment flooded my cheeks, tinting them red as I slowly raised my eyes to Ezra. His gaze caught mine immediately.

“Uh - w-what do I do now?”

One of his hands rested on the top of my head while the other ran along the side of my chin to my lips. His thumb pressed into the crest of my bottom lip as he murmured, “I forget how innocent you are sometimes,” He reluctantly removed his hand from my mouth and grasped one of my hands. “So, uh, I’m not fully hard yet.”

What. It’s gonna grow more?

“Take your hand, here, like this,” Ezra brought my hand to the base of his erection and had me wrap my fingers around. He lightly hissed as I made my grip tighter. “Kinda just go up and down.”

He guided me on the first stroke, but then he left my hand to continue on my own. My instinct returned as my hand moved faster and more feverishly, running over the bumps and ridges of his member.

A bit of white-ish liquid oozed out of his tip, and without even hesitating, I ran my thumb over it. Though the amount was small, it helped lubricate my hand and made the stroking more smooth.

Ezra let out a ragged breath, and though I was unsure (extremely unsure), I assumed he was fully hard now. More of that liquid kept appearing, so I must’ve been doing something right.

So, without wasting another second, I sank down to my knees and enveloped him entirely into my mouth. Immediately, I harshly gagged as his member hit the back of my throat.

“God, Cleo, slow down -” Ezra hissed.

His fingers sank into my hair, but he didn’t pluck me from his erection. If anything, he kept me in place, maybe to make sure I didn’t choke on him.

I slowly pulled his member out of my mouth before going back down, Ezra helping me keep to a comfortable pace with his hands guiding my head. He tasted a bit salty, but it was pleasant, if anything.

“Use your tongue,” And when I did, Ezra lowly groaned. I looked up at him as I sucked on the tip, and stroked the rest of his erection with my hands. He caught my hazel orbs and let out a ragged breath, partially moaning as he said, “God, Cleo, when you look at me with those innocent eyes, it makes me want to do so much to you.” I softly moaned around his member as I took him back entirely into my mouth. “Would you like that, Cleo? Letting me ravish your body, make you feel things you’ve never felt before? Would you let me?”

Fuck yes.

I loved when Kieran talked dirty to me, but hearing sweet-never- swearing Ezra was another thing.

Hell, if they both did it, I'd probably drown in my own arousal.

I quicken my pace, gently scraping my teeth along the base of him, just to see what it’d do to him. He jerked in my mouth, releasing out a hushed moan. It encouraged me, and just as I figured he was about to burst, I pulled him out of my mouth entirely.

His gaze snapped to mine, his fingers tightened in my hair. I licked my lips once before I tried my best at seduction.

“I want you to fuck me.”

Then I dove back down onto him, sucking him into what must’ve been oblivion. My tongue ran circles into the taunt skin as my teeth made an occasional appearance.

“Oh god, Cleo, I’m gonna -” Ezra groaned, but before he could try to stop me, I reached further down and grasped both of his balls and cupped them. I knew that they must’ve been sensitive, and I didn’t want to completely ruin his approaching climax, so I just softly ran my fingers in circles. It seemed to do something, because he let out a final moan, and suddenly his release washed over him. Ezra tightly shut his eyes and held my head to him, shooting off into the back of my throat.

With an audible plop, I pulled his softening member out of my mouth. My knees ached a bit, and my jaw was sore, but overall, it wasn't so bad.

Ezra moved one of his hands down to my chin, and pressed his thumb into my bottom lip again.

"God," He murmured. "You're really going to be the death of me."

A/N - I originally ended the chapter right as they began the nasty, but I felt I was being too mean so I decided to include all of it. Hope you guys enjoyed this nasty lil' addition.

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