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twenty - one


Adjusting my bed sheets, Yhani, my new nurse, gave me a depressed expression. “Lights go out at eight,” She explained emotionlessly. “You have a small light under this sink here, that will turn on at eight.”

Matching her emotions, I nodded.

I still couldn’t believe this was happening.

Last week, I was living the beginning of my best life.

Today is now the first day of the rest of my life. My new life. The one behind these blue walls and checkered floors. The one where every decision of mine is made ten steps before I even think it.

Fuck. I may live out the rest of my life here.

I was gonna die a virgin.

“You will have bi-weekly meetings with your psychiatrist to determine your progress.” Yhani continued, stepping back to let me flop down onto the bed.

At that, I audibly groaned. In this small and cramped bedroom, it was impossible to not hear.

“What? Do you not like Ms. Castel? She’s highly trained.” I thought Yhani was being emotionless before, but somehow she turned it a notch further when speaking about Jessabel. Maybe I wasn’t the only person who she rubbed the wrong way.

“No - it’s just that - well,” I stopped for a moment. Rather than brush it aside, why not tell this nurse everything? I looked at Yhani again, giving her a once over. She must’ve been in her early twenties, maybe fresh out of college. Maybe new to the hospital scene and hasn’t dealt with a lot of lying, crazy loons.

Maybe she’d believe me.

And, what was the harm in telling her? Literally, my life could not get worse.

“Jessabel intentionally misdiagnosed me so that I would get hospitalized because I fucked her ex.” The fact that that sentence was only 90% true wasn’t worth mentioning.

At my words, Yhani’s expression lit up. She paced back and forth in the small dorm, making the tiniest bit of hope flare up in my chest.

“That’s why she didn’t want to have any other tests done! Because they would’ve shown how you’re perfectly sane - and that she’s misdiagnosing you!” She jumped up in her step, walking over to the open metal door that led to the rest of the hospital. She turned her back to the open doorway, glancing back at me. “I will not let that petty ass of a bitch do this to you. I’m gonna go to my head supervisor, the police, fucking anyone who will listen, I will tell them.”

She turned around, where Jessabel suddenly was, grabbing Yhani by her neck.

“You aren’t going to do shit.”

Jessabel shoved the nurse back into the room, all while keeping the strangling grip on her neck. She slammed Yhani into the wall right next to me, where I sat on the bed, breaking me out of my frozen trance.

Deciding quickly that Jessabel was definitely insane, I leaped at the blonde haired demon. I aimed for her torso, to knock her to the floor, but the second I came within an inch of her, Jessabel suddenly released Yhani, making the nurse fall to the floor, wheezing. Jessabel latched onto both of my arms before I could make contact, swinging me into the nearest cement wall. My face slammed against the barrier, pain exploding along my cheeks and nose.

“You are always in the way!” She shrieked. I slid down the wall, bringing my hand to my aching nose, where my fingers came back covered in blood. “And you!” I watched Jessabel turn back towards where Yhani was still hacking. She abruptly kicked the nurse in her ribcage, once, twice, until Yhani was curled up on the floor, crying. “Believing this bitch’s lies! You thought you were going to get me, but I - I caught you!” She repeatedly kicked Yhani, over and over, until the poor nurse was clutching her chest in broken sobs.

Regaining my composure, I leapt to my feet. Jessabel was taller than me, now this I knew, so most likely I couldn’t fight her head on. I had another tactical approach, one that was well thought out.

Bending down on my knees, I hopped on my bed and launched myself onto Jessabel’s back.

She stumbled back from Yhani’s form, slamming me into the nearest wall. I groaned, my feets momentarily slipping from where I had jabbed them into Jessabel’s chest to keep me onto her back. Feeling my slipping grip, I felt the vixen’s fingers curl into my arms - which were wrapped tightly around her neck - and break my grip free.

Suddenly she yanked me up and down, flipping my small form over hers and slamming me into the tile floor below.

Fuck,” I groaned, my entire body now throbbing. My head was spinning, the checkered room around me momentarily blurry.

How in the h*ll was she this strong? Sure, I wasn’t powerful, but I knew I wasn’t weak. I had fought countless times with Heather and people like her - so how was Jessabel so much stronger than me? Why was this so difficult?

She had overpowered me and Yhani, and based on the soft sobs I heard from her form, I was the only one left in the fight against the crazed psychiatrist.

“Now, look what I have to cover up!” She yelled, sending her foot into the base of my spin. I yelped, turning over onto my butt and backing up. “I always have to fix everything you mess up!”

She went to kick me again, but I managed to grab her foot in my grip. Her shoes burned my fingertips, the rubber grinding into my skin, yet I tried to ignore the minimal pain, yanking the girl forward.

Jessabel stumbled towards me, before rapidly yanking her foot free from my hands. Just as quick as she, I kicked at the leg she stood on, nailing her square in her knee. Due to the pressure point there, she crumpled to the floor.

I hopped to my feet and wiped the new blood dribbling out of my nose. My entire body still felt woozy, yet I dashed out into the hallway, desperate for someone to help. Jessabel had gone crazy - something in her head must’ve snapped once she overheard Yhani saying how she’d reveal what Jessabel was doing - it was the only explanation.

Ironic, the psychiatrist was the one who was truly mad.

“He-” I went to shout, but there was a flash before my eyes and suddenly a tight rope was around the base of my neck, pulling me back into the room. I coughed as the thick rope choked me, tightened against my windpipe, as I assumed, Jessabel pulled harder. I wrapped my hands around the rope, only to realize it must’ve been a bed sheet, and desperately tried to release pressure from my wheezing neck.

“Not so fast, b*tch.” She seethed into my ear, forcing me backwards until I was against her chest. She twisted the sheet behind the base of my skull over and over until the sheet was basically suffocating me.

I wheezed, clawing at the material with everything I had in me. I reached my hand back, trying to hit the loon, but my movements were frazed, uncoordinated. I missed on my first attempt, making Jessabel twist the sheet even tighter, silently telling me to stop.

My arms slowly began to fall to my side as my head got lost in itself. Black spots edged around my eyes. The blood leaking from my nose suddenly became non-existent as I let my body give into the pain.

It was so much easier to allow this to happen.

To let to darkness take over.

To give up.

Heather, Jessabel, all of them. They were right.

I was weak.

My last thoughts were of Kieran and Ezra before I fell completely into the darkness.

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