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twenty - five


“D-d-do you, a-are y-you . . .” My face bloomed as the words came out in a jumbled mess. I scratched the back of my neck as I tried to figure out what I wanted to say.

Cleo’s hazel orbs flashed at me, a sweet yet devious smile having grown on her face. She turned her head a beat of an angle, as if she were saying, yes?, but in a way where my embarrassment was amusing.

It most definitely was not.

“W-w-we,” I took a deep breath as my nerves got the best of me.

Usually, talking with girls was easy to me, and I was natural, not only was my height and looks desirable, my personality wasn’t too bad either. I never had trouble asking them things, or ever felt so god darn nervous around them.

But everything was different with Cleo.

She was the only one who made me this nervous. The only one who could.

“We were thinking,” Kieran took over for me, stepping forward to place his hand under Cleo’s chin, where he slowly swiped his thumb along the edge of her cheek. “We were thinking that we could take you out. On a date.”

Immediately, her eyes lit up.

Nodding, she opened her mouth to respond in a force of habit before she reluctantly closed it when no words came out.

But she kept nodding, reassuring both of us that she really wanted to.

I thought that she’d be a bit depressed after we brought her home from the hospital yesterday, but she was nothing sort of excited - literally all the time. I’d offer to take her for a walk in the woods and she’d basically come running.

I didn’t want to dwell on what had happened or been said to her that made her never want to leave our side.

“W-we could go to dinner . . .” I trailed off.

“ . . . feel you up on the cab ride . . . .” Kieran smirked, making Cleo smack his shoulder playfully.

How he had managed to not throw her down and have his way with her the whole day and a half she had been back was astounding.

“ . . . but actually take you out to a nice restaurant, where we can leave Kieran behind at the door.” I finished. I knew that Cleo was aware of our, uh, ahem sexual attraction to her, but a part of me was afraid she thought that that was all we wanted from her. Sure, like most guys, we ran on sex and sex alone, but with this whole mate bond, I was dying to know more about her. More than just what she sounded like when she came undone.

Her parents, her childhood, and everything else in between.

“We’ll leave around seven,” Kieran ordered.

Stepping in, I quickly added, “As long as that works for you.” Kieran rolled his eyes at my desperate antic to please our mate, but Cleo sweetly nodded, as if she were saying “what other plans could I possibly have”. And I knew that she most certainly was saying that in her head.

Despite the weather being a bit on the warmer side, Cleo came out of her room with a thick scarf wrapped around her neck.

I was confused until I remembered that her neck was still displaying those bruises, and though I want Cleo to be comfortable with herself entirely, I couldn’t help but admit that I was glad she decided to cover them up. I didn’t need anyone else seeing them and think me or Kieran did that or her. Especially with her currently being mute, those bruises would do nothing to help us.

If we get arrested again, there won’t be a saving grace like last time.

In addition to the scarf, she was wearing a soft white dress that made the blue of the scarf stand out. Her lean legs were exposed, up to the knee, and for a moment, a bit of that tainted part of me imagining spreading those thighs of hers.

Curse you, Kieran. I knew that I spent too much time around him.

Walking up to Cleo, I gently grasped her chin and tilted her head up the slightest - hoping the tension from the scarf on her bruises wouldn’t worsen by my actions.

“You look beautiful,” I stated, capturing her mesmerizing gaze before capturing her lips.

I only allowed it for a moment, as to not weaken her breathing anymore.

When I pulled away, she was blushing, and I couldn’t help but want to give her a reason to really blush.

“Kieran’s pulling the car around the front.”

She nodded, leaning her small body into me.

Here, Kieran messaged me through the mindlink. Grasping our mate’s hand, I led her to our car.

We had picked it up from the shop a few days earlier, but it had all but been collecting dust in our garage. Neither Kieran or me had the strength to do much of anything while Cleo was in the hospital. It seemed that the car acknowledged the lack of use, for it loudly screeched when Kieran pulled away from the cabin and further into the woods.

Desperate for her touch, I kept Cleo on my lap, though she didn’t mind. I think the mate bond was finally effecting her as much as it was us, because she tucked her head into the crook of my neck, the side of her body against my chest. Her small legs were on the side of the chair, but they managed to fit in the confined space.

After a bit of a drive, Kieran pulled out of the woods and onto an actual cement road, heading more into town.

I wrapped my arm around Cleo, as we ignored the majority of road safety laws for the entirety of our drive.

“So, you’ve never met your mom?” I softly asked. Shaking her head, Cleo took a sip of her water. She shrugged, as if she could care less.

She liked to put up this act, as if the total abandonment of her mother didn’t affect her, but we both knew that it did. Just as the absence of her father still affected her, though sixteen years has passed and she never met him once.

A brief moment of Banner, my old holding cell mate, flashed through my mind.

He had a daughter, who had had an unwanted pregnancy who gave up her child for adoption, about fifteen or so years ago. She had not been in a relationship with the father, so it makes sense as to assume he didn’t know about the baby.

A lightbulb went off in my head.

All of those factors lined up with Cleo. No mother, no father, spent her entire sixteen year existence in foster care.

Unless this was a huge coincidence, Banner had to be Cleo’s grandfather. Everything lined up. I could tell Cleo that I had found family for her, actually family, and one that wanted to see her.

But, what if I was wrong on my accusation?

Maybe he wasn’t her grandfather, and I didn’t want to get her hopes up only to smash them later.

He had mentioned his last name一which he should share with his daughter and her own kid.

What was it again?

Crap. The one thing I needed to remember. If his and Cleo’s last name matched, then it was a guarantee.

But what was it?

“Ezra,” Kieran suddenly called out. “You haven’t said anything for awhile. The watier dropped off the check about five minutes ago. You good?”

“Sorry, I got distracted.” I smiled at Cleo, who returned the look. I can figure this all out later. Right now, I should just be focusing on Cleo and only her.

And with that thought in mind . . .

I placed my hand onto her knee, under the table, making her eyes snap to mine. Her eyelids slid down to a seductive smolder as I moved my hand higher up to her inner thigh.

Luckily, the square table we sat at had a white tablecloth, concealing our actions.

“Man, and I thought I was handsy,” Kieran grumbled. “Stop trying to jump her bones in a fucking restaurant.” Though his words were strict, his voice came out in a strained grumble.

I didn’t let my hand wander up too far; I wasn’t exactly sure on how Cleo would react to me feeling her up in a public area, and I definitely did not want to make a scene. So, I was about to retract my hand, figuring I made my presence well enough known, when Cleo suddenly latched onto my wrist, preventing it from leaving.

She nodded to Kieran, who might’ve been talking, but my complete focus was on Cleo’s movements, where she directed my hand back down her body. She kept up the act of listening to Kieran when she made my hand rest on the very very inside of her thigh. I was so close to touching her yet I wasn’t, the heat radiating from her core was almost enough to make me throw her on the table and have my way, in public or not. A large waft of her arousal struck me, and if Kieran caught scent, he didn’t mention. I was frozen for a millisecond, and apparently it was too long for her, because Cleo suddenly maneuvered my head to where it cupped her core, under her dress.

Jesus Christ she was freaky.

And I thought I was freaky because I’d contemplate doing deeds in a public area, but here she was, shocking me, basically demanding that I do a little bit more than feel her up in a restaurant. A very nice restaurant, no less.

Nonetheless, the minute my hand made contact with her heat, I instantly rolled my thumb over her clit, just once, to see exactly if she knew what she was getting at. Instinctively, her legs spread wider, giving me more access.

“Jesus fucking christ, can’t you two wait five goddamn minutes for me to sign the check?” Kieran seethed, his jealousy evident.

I instantly removed my hand, and Cleo closed her legs, a blush forming on her cheeks. She was so cute when flustered.

“And, just so you know, it’s pretty fucking obvious what you were up to, we’re at a fucking square table and it doesn’t exactly look natural having your hand stretched across the entire goddamn corner.”

Cleo’s blush deepened, to the point where she glanced about the restaurant to see who might’ve been watching. I followed her gaze and luckily enough no one looked back.

“Give the waiter a good tip,” I said, since the poor worker had to bear witness, or I assume they did.

“I already bumped up the tip by ten dollars.”

Cleo nodded her empathy, letting out a restrained breath.

“So, I know the table is off limits, but is the rest of the restaurant?”

God, it had been so long since I’d truly touched Cleo, and now that I got a taste, I so wanted more. Right now.

“God, Ezra, you can’t wait thirty minutes for us to drive home?” Exasperated, Kieran groaned. I shrugged, sending a glance to Cleo. “Me neither, let’s meet in this place’s bathroom. I guarantee its single stall.”

Confused, or maybe shocked, Cleo shot a glance at Kieran. “What? Fancy restaurants like this always have some sort of shit where they have like forty tables and one bathroom.”

I mean, he’s not wrong.

And Kieran definitely wasn’t wrong. Upon our arrival, this restaurant, properly named Buon Nome del Ristorante, had only 2 single stall bathrooms, one for each gender. This restaurant could also probably seat 300 guests at a time.

Lightly, I shoved Cleo ahead of me and into the bathroom. Kieran slipped in next, then I closed the door behind all of us. It was a simple bathroom so I was able to lock the door.

We both slowly approached Cleo before we pounced.

Kieran took her face into his hands, pressing his lips sensually to her. I wrapped my arms around her middle from behind, slowly dragging my hands down her body. The desperation of needing to feel her again took me by storm and I wasted no time in yanking her dress up to her stomach.

As I made way with her dress, Kieran unraveled the scarf from her neck, tossing it somewhere away from us. He moved his lips to her neck, sucking the junction between her shoulder and neck, drawing a hoarse mewl from her lips.

Cleo tightened her grip from where it was around Kieran’s neck, effectively giving me enough room to function. I slid one of my hands over her flat stomach and gently eased it inside her panties. She jerked when I made contact with her swollen clit, and when I began to rub it harshly with my thumb, her moans were muffled by Kieran’s mouth.

I moved my hand further down, running my fingers along her bare lips before easing a single finger inside. When she responded positively, I stuffed another finger into her before bringing my palm down onto her clit. Cleo rolled her hips in tempo with my hand, encouraging me to move more feverishly.

Kieran was still claiming her lips so I moved my own onto her neck. It was the opposite side that Kieran had earlier kissed, and so I mentally claimed this side of her neck where she’d bare my own mark. I suckled the skin there gently, giving it a slight pinch to height Cleo’s overall experience.

Kieran moved his hands from her chin down her body, running them over her shoulders and onto her upper chest. She shivered from his soft caresses, breaking apart from his lips to breath harshly.

“My bad,” He groaned against her lips. “I forgot you can’t breathe that well right now.” She smiled as if to say that it was okay. He claimed her lips once more but only for a second, because she broke apart to hoarsely cry out in pleasure.

I thought it might be because she was close, and though she was, I soon discovered that Kieran had managed to find her nipples between the thin layers of her dress and bra, and now he was rubbing them coarsely with his thumbs.

“Quiet,” He murmured. “Unless you want to be caught.” Cleo sighed heavily, tucking her head into the crook of Kieran’s neck. “Does that turn you on? The thought of someone knowing exactly what we are doing to your sexy little body? For someone to see us send you to heaven and back with just the flick of our fingers?”

In cue with his words, I began to rub my palm harder against her clit, making her lower area tremble with her approaching climax.

I wish that I could talk as Kieran did during these moments, but I always felt so awkward when I attempted to talk dirty. It never came out as it did with Kieran, and I knew my words would never affect Cleo the same way Kieran’s did. Nevertheless, I knew that the areas where my skills might be lacking, such as talking dirty, I made up for it with my, uh, ahem, finger skills.

She mewled again, and when her thighs began to shake about my hand, I knew that she was on the brink of unraveling. Thinking ahead, Kieran claimed her lips just as I increased my pace, allowing Cleo to claim the climax she had been chasing, swallowing her moans effectively.

After she came down, Cleo suddenly sprung on us. She let me remove my hand from her panties and was about to possibly put her hands into ours, when there was a knock at the door.

Panickedly, we all looked at each other. Cleo shook her head, motioning to her throat, reminding us that she couldn’t be the one to respond.

“Occupied!” Kieran called out, where his face almost immediately grew red when he realized that we were in the women’s restroom.

Maybe we should continue this somewhere else.

Cleo pulled her dress back down and tried to make herself look more presentable. We fixed up our clothes as well before Cleo unlocked the door and peeked her head outside. She looked left and right before turning around before announcing that it was clear.

All three of us slowly left the bathroom and continued down the narrow hall, and into the main dining room.

I had no idea how much time had passed, but when I caught a glimpse of our waiter from earlier, who shot us a look, I knew that not enough time had passed for us to have been forgotten.

We all but ran to our car and pulled away from that restaurant as quickly as possible.

Wow. What a rush.

Smiling, Cleo placed her lips against mine, just for a second, before pulling away.

“Hey now,” I spoke against her swollen lips. “Don’t be such a tease.” I grasped her lips once again, diving my tongue into her mouth to make the kiss last longer. She turned completely around in the seat, where she was still on my lap, effectively stradling me. Her fingers sank into my brown locks and lightly pulled. I groaned into her mouth, not only from the feeling of her pulling my hair, but also when her tongue began to clash with mine. I moved my hands down to her dress and yanked it up to her hips once more.

A harsh turn of the car suddenly reminded us where we were.

We both froze, but when we looked around, we were parked behind some department store in a back alley.

Kieran was gripping the steering wheel fiercely, where his turns were tinted white.

“Since you two couldn’t keep it in your fucking pants, once again, I had to make a slight detour. People were staring when we stopped at a light.”

I didn’t even realize. I was so caught up with Cleo that she was all I could think about in the moment.

Since we now had privacy, at least some, I returned my lips back to Cleo, where she returned my passion equally.

I knew that it would be difficult to include Kieran in our current position, so I reluctantly pulled away from her once again before mumbling against her lips.

“The seats are down in the back.”

Man. How awkward was I?

Cleo smiled at both of us before opening the car door and sliding onto the concrete below. Kieran and I shot each other a glance, where he quickly sent me a mindlink.

How can we be this lucky? He smiled before following Cleo to the back of our car.

We rarely kept the seats in the back of our car up, since we had no use for them, so it was perfect for what we wanted to do.

Laying in the back of the car, Cleo grasped the collar of my shirt and pulled my lips down to hers yet again. Our tongues fought for dominance while I rolled us over, making her straddle me again. Kieran came from behind her, curling his fingers around the hem of her dress before yanking it up and off of her. She separated her lips from mine briefly to allow Kieran to remove her dress.

Instantly, Kieran sent his fingers into the cups of her bra, tweaking her nipple softly. She moaned into my mouth, arching her back, managing to rub herself against Kieran and I’s erections simultaneously.

I latched onto her hips, making her thrust her center onto my rock hard member, which, even through my jeans, felt so unbelievably amazing. I moved my hands back up to her chin, to steady her lips, when I felt her hands on my jeans, which was a change. Usually this went the other way around. Her tiny fingers quickly undid my buttons and I lifted my hips so that she could yank my jeans down to my thighs. I gasped into her mouth when she dove her hand into my boxers and grasped my hard shaft. Her free hand went behind her, where Kieran was still feeling up her breasts, and she grasped his own member. I figured Kieran had provided her some assistance with her movements since she was rubbing him inside his boxers, too.

Her soft fingers quickly ran up and down my member, stroking the rough skin with so much skill I never would have considered her as inexperienced as she was. My hips rolled into her hand desperately, wishing that I could bury myself inside of her, but her hand, I figured, was just as good.

Fuck.” Kieran groaned, pausing his hands momentarily on her chest. He tucked his head into the crook of her neck and Cleo picked up her pace on both of us. She ran her thumb over my head, sliding the precum around, lubricating her hand more. I assumed she did the same with Kieran, because for once in his life, he was speechless.

I broke apart from Cleo’s lips to allow her to breathe. I slid one of my hands between our jumble of arms and legs, and dove my hand once again into her panties. She jolted when I began to rub her clit. Hearing Cleo hoarsely moan, Kieran resumed fondling her perky breasts, tugging and pulling into her nipples from inside the cups of her bra.

My hips jerked as Cleo tightened her grip. She stroked both of us harder and faster as we got closer and closer to the edge of release. She was unaware how close we were, and when I thrusted feverishly into her hand, she was shocked at the feeling of my release. I groaned when the climax finally enveloped me.

Soon, Kieran followed right after me, a similar groan escaping his lips.

Kieran pulled away from Cleo’s body to pull his pants back up and rebutton them. I let him back away from us to give us more room since I wasn’t down with Cleo just yet.

In a flash, I pinned her to the bottom of the car, diving my lips down onto her flesh. She threw her head back when I sucked her clit into the warm cavern that was my mouth. I slid one of my arms under her hips to angle her core better with my mouth. Her thighs were shaking as I licked up and down her slit, before returning to nip at her swollen nub.

With an exasperated cry, her orgasm washed over her.

Eventually she came down and I removed myself from her luscious body.

“I think I need to shower,” I chuckled when I pulled my pants up and over my sticky boxers.

Nodding their agreement, we all headed back to the cabin.

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