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twenty - five and a half


Man. Who knew the innocent little Cleo was actually a sexy vixen. She never failed to surprise either one of us, whether it was her instincts or actions, she was always so fucking amazing.

Is it wrong that I wanted more?

Sure, we had just basically sinned our way to Hell and back, but dear god, I was already good to go for round two. Or round three.

Of course, I didn’t want to overwhelm her. But damn was it difficult to not eat her up after having a taste. It was crazy how drunk I was on the bond, one sip and I never wanted to be sober of her ever again.

Holding the door to the cabin open for her, I watched as she flirtatiously swung her hips, and when she flashed her eyes back at us, I knew exactly how we had shaped her. From a sweet innocent girl - to a sexy woman who knew exactly what she wanted. A part of me was worried we had corrupted her, fuck, I mean we completely did. But this was the kind of corruption that was undeniably the best. Neither Ezra or I heard her complain when she was trembling around us.

“I think I need to shower,” I clarified to the two of them as we stood in the cabin. Ezra nodded his agreement, as did Cleo.

“There’s only one shower, though,” Ezra murmured, his eyes running up and down Cleo, his thirst for her as relentless as mine. This bond made me continuously desperate for her yet never made me satisfied. I always wanted her, and it made me relieved to say that Cleo felt the same, for she licked her lips at Ezra’s words.

We had corrupted her, but it was her who corrupted us first. Our simple, boring ass lives were turned upside down when Ezra discovered her, and had she not been so fucking amazing I never would have been so easily wrapped around her finger.

“Let’s conserve some water then,” Ezra sheepishly grinned. Shrugging, I went to unbutton my shirt once again.

“Fuck,” I murmured against Cleo’s lips, nipping at the soft skin. She mewled against me, not necessarily because of me, but more likely due to Ezra’s caressing of her naked skin. Her still wet skin from her shower made his hands glide over her curves, and as I nudged her closer to the bed, her hot and wet body met my own.

Getting the hint, Ezra moved from behind Cleo, letting me softly push her backwards onto the soft covers. Her dark hair clung to her shoulders, releasing a few droplets of water onto her collarbone.

I climbed over her, groaning as a few droplets rolled over her breasts, and just as it reached her areola, I bent down and caught it with my tongue. She gasped at the sudden contact of my warm mouth, yet by the gentle thrust of her hips, I knew she was anything but wanting.

Grasping her slim sides, I flipped her over, so she was on top. I let out a strained groan as my very hard member made contact with her warm, wet slit, and just as I was about to readjust, she began to instinctively rub her hips against mine.

God, she was amazing, and felt so fucking awesome, but she wasn’t ready. She was still so young, and I didn’t want her to regret anything.

Ezra made the move to wrap his body around hers, and adjust her a bit, his mind following the same thought process of mine, when Cleo suddenly slapped his hands away.

Shaking her head, she abruptly grasped my throbbing shaft and brought it to the edge of her core. My hips were aching to slam into her, and with the slightless movement, I would be inside of her.

Somehow, I held myself back.

“Cleo, baby, you’re not ready for that.” I told her, attempting to remove her soft hand from me.

Frustrated, she shook her head again. She then placed her hand onto my chest, keeping me down, and lifted her hips once more.

“Cleo -” I started, but was cut off by her suddenly sinking down onto my member. She took me in one stride, and instantly I was engulfed by her warm and tight body. I groaned when she clenched around me, and had to hold onto all the self control I had to not move.

She let out a hoarse whimper, and placed her head onto my chest, all the while I remained inside of her, buried to the hilt. Ezra was silently crouched next to her, rubbing her back as she got used to me.

“You should’ve gone slower,” I scolded. She never fucking listened. “If you want this so fucking bad let’s try it again, but slower. Get you used to my size.” I grasped onto her hips to raise her off of my member, which she surprisingly let me do. But as soon as my head was just brushing her entrance, she shocked the hell out of me and slammed back down.

I let out another repressed groan as the pleasure was unbelievable. Cleo must’ve gotten through the pain of it being her first time, because she let out the cutest fucking moan and made me want to fuck her again and again just so I could keep hearing those sounds.

She brought herself up and then went down again, riding me like it was all she knew how to do. When I went to grasp her hips, the dominant part of me wanting to take over, she locked her fingers through mine and brought my hands above my head. In a way, she was dominating me. She swirled her hips and kept at a decent pace, but soon I was going to take over. I was going to let her have her fun, of course. Momentarily.

Ezra wrapped his hands once again around Cleo’s body, following along her pace and playing with her nipples. She released my hands to grasp behind her at Ezra’s head, arching her back towards him, giving me my chance to show her exactly what it means to be properly fucked.

I latched onto her hips, and right when she was about to come down on me again, I slammed up and into her. I kept going up and bringing her down, hitting so deep inside of her that I swear she was lost in ecstasy. A few moans escaped her, but I wanted more.

I brought one of my thumbs down to her swollen nub and began to excessively rub it, making her entire body shake. Ezra matched my speed and rolled his thumbs against her nipples with more force, enticing her to fall off that amazing peak we always brought her to.

Soon, she clenched harshly around me, moaning loudly as neared her climax. I abruptly leaned forward and caught her neck with my teeth, biting possessively into her and claiming her to be ours for the rest of our lives. She cried out as my new mark heightened her senses as she came, quite actually exploding around me. I thrusted into her twice more before I followed suit.

Exhausted, Cleo collapsed onto my chest. Ezra let go of her, letting her wrap her arms around my neck. I rubbed my hand up and down her back, letting it eventually rest against the small of her back.

Abruptly, she raises herself up. She placed her hands around my hips, and made the motion as if she wanted us to flip over. Adorable, it was, that Cleo thought she was in control. She thought she could flip me.

Humoring her, I flip us over, letting her rest under me. I slipped my softening member out of her, where I suddenly caught her holding a malicious smirk. Gently, she placed her hands upon my chest and I felt her feeble attempt to push me off of her. What was she doing?

She nodded her head at Ezra, who was more than willing to take my place. My confusion quickly fades as I realize she wanted to give Ezra his chance. Softly, I pouted, as I was more than willing to continue. But, it was only fair. Once Cleo got more comfortable with sex, I would definetly introduce her to some acts that, uh hem, required two partners.

For now, I was satisfied as long as she was.

Ezra quickly made his way with her, and effortlessly sunk into her soaking channel. She threw her head back as he pounded relentlessly into her, and although I wanted to somehow join, I felt I should let them have their moment. It was just as important to have moments together as it was to have them apart.

Grasping her thighs, Ezra suddenly threw her legs over his shoulders. He became more aggressive, and I could practically feel the pleasure rolling off of her as she arched her back against his chest. She sunk her fingers into his thick locks, anchoring herself onto him as he pounded into her over and over again.

Ezra found his way to the other side of Cleo’s neck, and sunk his teeth into her, marking her just as I had. With an exasperated cry, I knew that Cleo had once again found her way over that ecstatic peak. Ezra gave a few final thrusts and released inside of her.

Wait . . .

As if she had the same thoughts as me, Cleo shot up, a worried expression on her face. She glanced down at her core, where there was the sticky combination of me and Ezra leaking out of her.

“Fuck . . .” I murmured, realizing I had gotten lost in her, forgetting to pull out.

“It’ll be okay . . .” Ezra said as he rolled off of Cleo. Laying on the huge bed, we all stared up at the ceiling as we processed our thoughts.

I want to start a family, abruptly, we jumped as we heard Cleo’s lovely voice in our heads. I momentarily forgot that we had marked her, and now she could mindlink with us. Even though her voice sounded as it did before . . . everything, it still seemed very strained. As if it took all of her strength to communicate mentally. I . . . I want to be a family, she continued.

Grasping either of her hands, I squeezed all of the adoration I felt for her into it.

However, if it took this much out of her, I don’t think I want her to mindlink us. Until she was healed and had her full strength back.

“Just rest now, Cleo,” I told her. “Don’t hurt yourself trying too hard.”

“Let’s just see how things go,” Ezra agreed.

And then Cleo smiled. It was the most perfect thing I’ve ever seen.

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