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Fuck. He was chasing after me.

I picked up my place, aiming to dive into an alley between buildings. I shrieked as two arms suddenly grabbed me, dragging me into the alley I planned on going in.

Pinning me roughly against the wall, Ezra held me to his eye level, leaving my legs dangling a good few inches above the ground. This position forced me to wrap my legs around his waist, in an attempt to prevent any discomfort.

“He-hey. Did you need something?” Sheepishly, I asked. I felt my body start to slightly slide down the brick wall. Ezra suddenly hositend me back up to my original place, but wedged his thighs between my legs, keeping me up. I was practically sitting on his warm thigh. This position forced him even closer to me. “Don’t you have that table inside?”

“I got someone to cover it.” He suddenly nuzzled my neck with his nose, making me loosen my tense shoulders. “I forgot why I even chased you out here. I can feel you pulsing on my thigh - and God, it’s all I can think about.”

He gingerly moved his thigh backwards, and then forwards, and then repeated both motions consistently. The action made the rough texture of his jean-clad legs rub against that lower part of me. Even through my leggings it felt amazing.

“Ezra,” I lowly moaned, leaning my head against the wall behind me. “Faster.” I ordered. He moved his hands down to grasp my hips, where he moved them in turn of his thigh. I gasped as the sensations multiplied, and I steadied myself by latching onto his biceps.

My toes curled as that familiar feeling began to build up.

Abruptly, Ezra stilled his rocking thigh. “Cleo.” He deeply growled. I raised my head from the wall and snapped my gaze to his as my climax began to disappear. “What did you say back there? Someone is staying with us?”

“What?” I fakely mewled, desperate for this man to continue. “Ezra -” I tried rocking my hips against his wam leg, but the bastard he is, held my hips in place.

“Don’t play with me. Repeat what you said.”

“So, this girl at the foster house, uh, she turned eighteen.” I started, but being starved off the pleasure made my previous warm insides turn cold. I tried to move my hips against while he was distracted, but Ezra still refused me any movement. I further explained, in which I was forced to, about Heather’s entire situation. He nodded at me, loosening the grip on my hips slightly. “I’m sorry, I can tell her no, I just wanted to help out Mrs. Donna.”

Ezra curved his lips up slightly. “It’s okay. You were just trying to help. I’m sure we can find somewhere to go for the week. Maybe our old pack isn’t so bad.”

“I’m sure she could just stay in a guest bedroom while we stay in the cabin also. Maybe we don’t have to leave.”

“I mean, you started this - now I kinda want to take a vacation.” His eyes wandered off.

“Ezra,” I groaned. He snapped his eyes back to mine, confused. “Move your leg, you’re killing me here.”

“I dunno,” He smirked, making me gasp with surprise. “You don’t exactly deserve this with how you were behaving.”

“I swear to God, Ezra, if you leave me all hot and bothered, I will head into some other restaurant and find the first guy willin-”

He suddenly hooked his hands under both of my knees, effectively opening my legs wider and yanking me against his body. He started his thigh movement again, and I rolled my hips in earnest.

“You are mine.” Ezra groaned into my ear, placing all but neat kisses on my neck.

The pleasure was quickly building up, making me curl my toes. I held onto his biceps harder as my climax came bounding towards me. He picked up the pace of his thigh, and I thought I was basically humping him, I was too far gone to care.

Softly moaning, I cried out as my orgasm washed over me. Ezra kept rubbing his thigh along the space between my legs, taking me through the pleasure filled haze and slowly easing me down from it.

Breathing heavily, Ezra let me down from the wall.

“I need to get back,” He awkwardly stated. “But, you are not driving home.”

“Why -”

“Don’t get me started, Cleo.”

“Okay.” Defeatedly, I accepted his order. It was illegal, and dangerous, after all.

“Give me the keys.” Man, he knew me too well.

“Ezra?” Came a different voice, from outside the alley. It was the hostess from the restaurant, Kiara, I think. “I had to seat you, but Davie can’t take the table again.”

“Okay, so you’re clearly busy, I’ll head out.” I managed to slip from his grip and bounded out of the alley again.

“Cleo!” He yelled, but I knew his obligation to work was too important to follow me again.

Swinging the keys around my finger, I headed for the car.

The front door of the cabin bursted open. I jumped up from the sofa, where I had unintentionally dozed off.

Cleo!” Kieran growled. He stormed into the living room, shirtless, with a random pair of shorts on. He must’ve just gotten back. But why was he mad? “Ezra told me what you did.”

Oh. That was why.

“Here’s the thing -”

But he cut me off.

“ - that was so fucking stupid of you! Stealing the car, driving without a license, and then how you disobeyed Ezra.” His blue eyes were full of fury, and seemed as if the man wanted to swallow me in his gaze. “What the hell were you thinking?”

“Well -”

“ - and then you basically rent out our house to some girl? Forcing us out?”

“ - it’s not like that -”

“ - so irresponsible!”

Jesus the man wouldn’t let me speak.

“Kieran,” Softly, I stood up and wrapped my arms around his bare neck. “Did Ezra explain to you why?”

“Yes, he did, but it doesn’t make me feel any better.”

“I can just tell her that we changed our minds.”

“Shit, no, I don’t want to do that to you, or her. You’re doing a nice thing, I can see that.” He brought his nose down to my neck and inhaled. “But the whole car thing, now you can’t get out of that.”

“I’m sorry,” I murmured into his ear, in a lousy attempt to be seductive. “I bet I can make it up to you somehow.”

Taking a deep breath, he responded, “God, Cleo, you make me so mad sometimes but you know I can’t refuse you. But what you did was -”

“ - I know.” I cut him off. “I won’t do it again.”

If the need arose, more than likely I would do it again, without hesitation. Next time I just can’t let myself get caught by visiting Ezra.

He took another long lasting breath. “Okay.” He breathed. I released my shoulders and started to remove my arms from his neck, when Kieran suddenly latched onto my arms. His blue eyes were swimming with mischief, and my stomach groaned in uneasiness. “But you are gonna keep your word.”


“You said it yourself. Make it up to me.”

My mouth went dry. Confidence wasn’t exactly mine to keep. I felt like I had used it all up in our conversation, and now that I had to act on it, my heart was screaming. I’ve done something like this once before, with Ezra, but I couldn’t tell if that was what I was supposed to do here.

Faking it, I tried to soothe out my voice. “What do you want me t-to do?”

“It’s your redemption. You choose.”

Kieran slowly released my arms. Shuffling past me, he took a seat on the sofa. I think this was a hint, or a message. I hoped so, because it took all of the remaining courage I had to bring myself to turn around and straddle him on the couch.

He grasped my hips, locating me perfectly over him, where his strained member through his shorts bumped against my clit. I paused momentarily as the sensations took me by storm.

He leaned forward, to capture my lips, but I refused him. Playfully I shook my head, saying, “Not so fast, mister.” I ran my hands slowly down his chest, sending my fingers to curl in the waistband of his shorts.

His eyes watched me amusingly, perhaps wondering as to how far I’d go. I was even surprised. It was like my mind was on autopilot and my brain was acting without much thought. It was a relief, because if I thought too much, I knew I’d get embarrassed in a second. It almost felt like it wasn’t me taking control. Technically, I’ve only ever done this once before and it wasn’t a common occurrence for me to be the controlling one.

This change was refreshing though. I liked the feeling of Kieran watching me, and I knew the anticipation of exactly what I was gonna do, and when, was killing him. It excited me to be the one exciting him.

If this was how the boys felt every time they touched me then no wonder they loved the feeling of control.

I slowly freed his erection, immediately going to palm him in my warm grasp. He jerked, and in turn, lowly groaned.

Loving the element of surprise, and remembering my earlier lesson, I confirmed he was fully hard before bending down and immediately taking him into my mouth. His hips surged upwards as my tongue rolled around the tip.

Fuck Cleo.” Kieran sent his fingers into my dark locks, steading my grip. He helped guide my head up and down, keeping it to a pace of his approval. My tongue swiped across the veiny texture of his member, and feeling brave, I let my teeth make an appearance. For some reason, I moaned at the feeling, and so I did it again. Kieran lowly cursed, tightening his grip on my hair.

My thighs warmed at the thought of Kieran thrusting inside of me just as he was thrusting into my mouth. It was weird - I’ve never associated the two before.

Rounding my lips around his head, I pulled his member entirely out of my mouth to give myself a second to breathe. I wrapped my hands around his base as I suckled his head, in an effort to continue his pleasure.

“Cleo you can stop -”

I dove down onto him again, effectively shutting him up. He started this, and damn it, I was going to finish it.

Ruthlessly, I sucked him up and down, creating my own pace. His fingers remained tangled into my hair, but they were no longer doing anything but steady Kieran himself.

I ran my tongue along his base, flattening it, until I suddenly felt his member strain. He hissed as I continued the same motion, and then suddenly he released into the back of my throat.

“Fuck.” Kieran groaned.

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