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I woke with a start. Sitting up, I realized that I had been laying on my side, on a soft, blue couch. A thin blanket had been draped over me, and when I moved my legs, I discovered that I was wearing different clothes than when I had been knocked out.

Someone had changed me, and I could bet money it was one of those two guys. I didn’t even see the second one, but he was probably just as dangerous and weird as the first.

Frantically, I looked about the room I work up in. It was a living room, with a couch and two loveseats opposite it. A coffee table was in the middle of the furniture, with a few random magazines on top. There were a few other, short hallways that presumably led to more rooms, probably a bedroom, and a kitchen. The walls were wood, and it looked like real wood, and smelled it too.

I was in a log cabin. In the middle of the woods.

Footsteps sounded behind me, two pairs of them, and then the two men appeared before me, each of them sitting down in one of the loveseats across.

The brown haired one, who I’d met at the park sometime ago, sent me a soft smile, but I quickly moved my sights into the other guy.

He held the same build as the brunette, only was a bit bulkier, with wider arms and legs. His skin was paler, holding a peach hue, one that implied he’d spent his life living indoors. Just as his buddy, his hair was wild. It was curly, untamed, and a beautiful shade of black. It was dark, just like my hair, only unruly. It went to nearly his ears, though if it was straight, I’m sure it’d be much longer.

I wrapped my arms around my middle, waiting for one of them to do something. Sure, they were both unbelievably attractive, but I guess this was a Ted Bundy scenario. Two gorgeous men kidnapped me and were going to kill me in the middle of the woods.

It was official. Life hated me.

“Cleo, isn’t it?” The brunette asked, making me flinch when he said my name. I knew that I never told him at the park, which only made me feel even more creeped out. Had he been watching me long before the park? Watching my every move, stalking me -

“I heard your sister call you it when you left the park yesterday.” He explained.

Some relief went into my chest, but not much. So it’s only been a few hours that I was out if the park visit was only yesterday. People must be searching for me, there has to be search parties in the woods. Mrs. Donna would look for me, and Alla would too. They wouldn’t just leave me to be a missing face poster for the rest of my life, no matter how long that may be.

When I didn’t respond, the brunette sighed. My gaze kept flickering between both guys, nervous as to who was going to do what next. What did they want with me? I was a nobody - I didn’t even have a family until yesterday. How quickly that went into the crapper. Are the Elisons looking for me? Surely they would, and wouldn’t stop for a good while. They couldn’t have moved onto another foster child that quickly.

“So, you’re probably wondering why you’re here,” The brunette continued.

That had crossed my mind.

I still refused to say anything. My gaze kept flickering between each guy, debating which one was the bigger threat.

Fuck. They both were.

“So, the thing is -” The brunette began, but the other one cut him off immediately.

“You’re our mate,” He said abruptly.

Glaring at him, the brunette hissed, “Kieran!”

The black haired one, or Kieran, sheepishly looked back at his friend.

“What?” He unapologetically asked. “Why beat around the bush?”

“I’m - I’m your what?” Astounded, I spoke for the first time. Both pairs of eyes suddenly snapped to me, and I feared what level of delusion these guys were on. They thought I was their mate? What did that even mean? Was that some sort of Australian slang or something?

“You’re our mate,” Kieran repeated, emphasising the last word. He leaned forward slightly in the loveseat, catching my grueling stare in his bright blue eyes. “It means that you are destined to be with us, that we share an unbreakable bond that connects all three of us together.”

I still couldn’t connect the dots.

“What?” Nothing made sense. Even if we were supposed to be together because of fate or something, how are these two guys even aware of it? I’m not sure if I believe in fate, but I do know one thing: no one is aware of their own fate. They just can’t be.

These two guys seem dead set on yours, though.

t didn’t matter what these guys said though, they were crazy - they kidnapped me, took me away from my upcoming home, and think that I am theirs for eternity? Yeah, I’ll take bullshit for 500$, Alex. Clearly, these amazingly attractive guys were delusional.

“It’s kinda like a soulmate,” The brunette continued, picking up where his friend left off. He seemed more understanding that I was confused, and frightened, while this Kieran fellow just seemed annoyed. “Just a little bit different. We’re drawn to you, as you are to us, but the pull is stronger for me and Kieran since we are aware of having a predestined mate, while you are not.”

“So,” I started, choosing my next words carefully. “You think that I’m your guys’ mate?” The word mate felt strange on my tongue while pushing it between my lips was even weirder.

“Not think,” Kieran interjected. “We know.”

I looked away from both of them, keeping my face neutral. It was now entirely clear: these guys were nutcases. They were deranged forest men that preyed on park goers before kidnapping them and attempting to convince them of something impossible.

But I didn’t let my face show the emotions running through my head. Let them think I was accepting them. Then I was gonna high tail it out of here.

Step number one; convince them that I had no ambition to leave.

“C-can I use the bathroom?” Softly, I asked.

Nodding, the brunette pointed to the hallway behind me. “First door on the left,” He commented.

Neither guy got up to accompany me, so this was an unspoken test between all of us, to see if I’d run. I wasn’t stupid, attempting to flee while they were both watching me intently would get me nowhere. I had to convince them I didn’t have it in me to run, not right now, anyway.

Later, when I was alone, and sure that no one was watching, that’s when I’ll run.

I slowly rose from the couch. Turning my back to both boys, I followed the brunette’s instructions and found the bathroom on the first door on the left.

The bathroom was a keen area, having only a sink and toilet, but it was much roomier than the one at the foster home. It was also much cleaner, and was nicely decorated. That came as a surprise to me, since two burly men lived here, and usually good quality decorating required a feminine outlook.

Of all the places to be held hostage, this was most definitely one of the best.

I left the bathroom after doing everything and returned to the couch. As expected, both guys had kept their eyes on the bathroom door the entire time, only to avert their gaze when I’d exited.

I didn’t know what was next, so I waited for one of the guys to say something.

“Are you hungry or anything?” The brunette asked.

I shook my head.


Shaking my head a second time, I mustered up the courage to ask, “What time is it?”

Kieran glanced down at the watch around his wrist. “Almost ten,” He gruffed.

There were only a few windows that I had sight of, and it was pitch black outside. I had to have been unconscious for a while due to the fact that an entire day passed since these men took me.

“Yeah, uh, you were out longer than expected,” The brunette sheepishly admitted. “I was worried we overdrugged you, or something.”

“I knew you’d wake up eventually,” Kieran stated, not bothering to sharpen his tone. He seemed uninterested, as if this whole thing was boring him. He had sat back in the loveseat and had one leg slung over the other. His entire appearance was casual, like this was an everyday thing for him.

Was I the first girl these guys ever took - or the first of many? They seemed to want me as a long term thing, but maybe when I escape, and I will escape, they’ll find someone else to replace me with. Beats me why these guys can’t go out and find a willing girl, they’re both so attractive, any girl would bend over backwards for the chance of being able to be with one of them, nevermind two.

Surprisingly enough, and despite the circumstances, a wave of arousal flooded into me at the thought of being with both of these men - simultaneously. How would it feel - and would they take me hard and fast? Or soft and slow, pounding me into -

Both men’s gaze snapped up to mine, each of their noses taking a noticeable whiff of the surrounding air.

Fuck,” Kieran mumbled under his breath. “What are you thinking about?”

“N-nothing?” I squeaked, terrified at the thought of these guys knowing what I was imagining. They probably want someone experienced to fill their needs, and when they realized that I wasn’t up to par, they’d let me go. But I was the delusional one now, thinking that they’d release me on account of something minimal.

“Cleo, stop thinking about whatever it is you’re thinking about before we reach a point of new return. Okay?” The brunette asked, or more like, told.

It wasn’t like there was an off switch on my thoughts, but why were these guys so affected by it? It’s not like they could read my mind or anything.

“I’m going to bed,” Kieran stated, rising from the loveseat. The brunette shot him a glare, but Kieran shrugged it off. “I can’t be around her when she keeps doing stuff like that,” He spared a look in my direction. Turning his voice lower, he continued, “it makes me want to do things to her, things that she’s clearly not ready for.”

“Whatever man,” The brunette responded. “If you can’t control yourself over the tiniest bit of her arousal, then that’s on you.”

I actually had no idea what they were going on about. I knew that whenever I had crude thoughts, my lower area would sometimes, uh, ‘make’, but I didn’t think that it would have a smell strong enough to alert two boys across the room. But, after today and last night, the things I thought I knew about people were clearly wrong.

Kieran left the room, heading down the hallway behind me.

“I can show you to your room, if you want, Cleo.” The brunette stated.

My room?

“S-sure.” I got up from the couch, and the brunette motioned for me to follow him down the same path Kieran had just taken.

A door down from the bathroom led to a bedroom, where I supposedly was going to stay for the time being. It was quaint, about the size of my shared room back at the foster house, but felt much bigger due to there only being one bed inside. There was no dresser, but rather an attached closet, which I had full access to, according to the brunette.

“You can store your stuff in there,” He said, opening the door to reveal the closet, which was lined with empty racks. “I think I have some extra hangers in my room if you need them.”

I was about to thank him, even though I figured I wouldn’t need the closet once I escaped, but then I realized something. I had no other clothes besides the ones I was wearing when they kidnapped me, and besides the new ones they’d dressed me in. All of my other belongings were ruined, courtesy of Heather.

Ironic, or cruel, that I finally had a space for myself but nothing to use it for.

I nodded my thanks instead, not trusting my voice to not break. The brunette then left me alone, closing the door softly behind me.

I laid on the bed in the room for about an hour or so, just in case one of the boys was waiting around the room to see if I’d try to leave. When I felt comfortable with the time that had passed since I was left alone, I tiptoed over to the only window in the room. It was wide, and tall, and seemingly big enough for me to squeeze through. Upon closer inspection it was unlocked, only there was a screen in the way of my escape.

It was pretty thin, but was screwed tightly into place. I bet I could cut my way through the screen if I had something sharp enough. Glancing about the room, my eyes landed on an outlet plug, where it seemed that a screw was a bit loose. I was able to unscrew it with my fingers, and once I held the metal screw in my hand, I knew that this would work.

Minutes ticked by as I silently prodded at the window screen, until the screw finally sliced into the padding. It took a few more minutes to create a bigger hole in said screen, until my hands were able to widen the slit themselves.

All in all, maybe about fifteen minutes passed until the hole was sizable for me, and without hesitating, I squeezed myself through.

I landed on the ground below with a small thud, the grass crunching beneath my weight. I stood up on my feet, glancing about the woods before me. Trees sprouted in every direction, giving away no indication on which way led back to town. As long as I kept going straight, I figured, I would leave the woods eventually.

So I took off. Running into the night.

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