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By the time the cabin came back into view, I was already forming another escape plan. It was going to have to be more elaborate, since this time I couldn’t just break a window screen and slide through the opening.

Kieran headed into the cabin and suddenly dropped me on the couch, letting me bounce.

“Careful,” I heard the other guy’s voice, the brunette’s, as he scolded Kieran. I followed the voice to where he stood in the nearby kitchen. He had been in the middle of making some sort of food, since there was a dish towel thrown over his left shoulder and a wooden spoon, covered in red sauce, in one hand.

“She’s fine,” Kieran grubbled, heading down the hallway behind the couch. The soft thud of a door closing told me he had entered a bedroom.

“I made some spaghetti, if you’re hungry,” The brunette offered.

I didn’t like the idea of eating the food he made, but my stomach growled, cutting off any other reasonable arguments. They already had me in their grasp. If they wanted to harm me via indigestion, they easily could, whether I was willing or not.

The brunette showed me to the small dining table, where we both ate a bowl of spaghetti. It was okay, in all honesty. It was decent while I was starving, but I definitely wouldn’t have it a second time.

After we ate, the brunette led me to the bedroom I previously was in, only there some new adjustments. The window was now nailed shut, and whether or not the screen had been fixed was unknown. All outlet covers were duct taped over, and any other remotely pointy object had been removed.

But there was a new addition: a thick, metal chain, one end attached to the metal bed frame and the other led to an opened cuff.

I froze in my tracks, and behind me, the guy was caught by surprise, so he ran into my back. He didn’t even have time to say anything before I was turning around and trying to leave.

“There is no way in hell you’re chaining me to that bed,” I fumed, attempting to push through him. He held onto my biceps, rooting me in place.

“W-well, you see, we, uh, can’t risk you escaping again and you probably aren’t keen on s-sleeping in the same bed as one of us,” My eyes hardened at the thought, and the brunette nodded in reassurance. “So, uh, this is the only way.”

He proceeded to drag me back to the bed, forcing me to sit on it. He grasped the chain in his hands, and just before he could lock it around my ankle, I jumped up.

“Wait!” I protested. If they chained that to me, I knew that I would never leave. There was one way to my freedom, and it was through the direct line of fire. “I’ll share a bed with one of you.”

The brunette narrowed his eyes.

“Okay,” He agreed. “But, I still don’t trust you, and I think for the first night, you need to be with someone who won’t put up with anything.” His eyes looked away for a moment, and he seemed lost in thought. His eyes seemed to hold a brief glaze over them like he was in his own trance.

In the next minute, Kieran was at the bedroom door.

“Let’s go,” He ordered.

Kieran’s room was dark, as expected. He had navy walls with a dark grey bed that oozed masculinity. The bed was pretty big, so I could lay decently stretched out and not touch him. He stayed to his side, as did I, but for some reason my body longed to be closer to him. I refused, balancing at the edge of the bed, getting as close as I possibly could without going over.

Hours passed, and yet, I remained wide awake. Sleep just wouldn’t come to me. It wasn’t that I was scared of being in the same bed as Kieran, or that I was worried he’d do something, it was just something that my body liked to do. Some days I just couldn’t fall asleep. It could be considered an insomniac episode, or something similar, but I wasn’t really sure. All the stress, anxiety, and work my body has been through in the last few days must’ve been enough to keep me wide awake.

I ended up kicking off my sweat pants in the middle of the night, since it was so hot under the covers.

I was just laying there, on my back, daydreaming, when a big arm suddenly wrapped their arm around my middle and dragged me to the center of the bed. I let out a small holler as my back met the hard plane of Kieran’s chest.

He kept me firmly glued to his front, and for a moment, the sheer smell of him was enough to keep me calm. I wanted to break free of his grip, even though I couldn’t think of why, but my eyelids began to get heavy. Before I knew it, I was dead asleep, in the arms of my captor.

When I woke, hours later, I was still pressed tightly against his front. The hand around my waist had dropped slightly to where his arm was against my hip and his palm rested just above my navel. Subconsciously, his fingers thrummed against my skin, causing me to clench my thighs together.

His touch on me was overwhelming. Kieran was barely laying a finger on me, and yet, my core warmed at his caresses. My mind was going haywire, imagining exactly what it would feel like if his fingers skipped just a bit lower. If he’d be soft and gentle, or just like his personality: hard and rough.

Suddenly, his fingers stopped moving.

Cleo,” His voice was right up against my ear. “What are you thinking about?”

So he was awake.

“N-nothing.” Sputtering, I couldn’t exactly tell him what I was thinking about. It’s not like he wanted to touch me there.

“God,” Kieran groaned. “You smell so good,” For a split second, one of his fingers brushed below my navel, just above my throbbing centre. I let out a ragged breath, and without thinking, I pushed my navel against his hand. Urging him to comply, I forgot all rational thought. I needed something to cool my burning insides, and it seemed like Kieran knew how to douse the flames.

Understanding my hidden desire, Kieran sucked in a deep breath, muttering, “I can’t, Ezra will kill me if he finds out I touched you in that way.”

“Who?” I asked, squeezing my thighs even tighter as his hand traveled lower.

“Ezra, my friend, the other guy here. He said that we’d wait until you’re ready . . .”

“Seems like I’d be a better judge about what I am or am not ready for . . . and I think I’m most definitely ready,” I declared, shocking the both of us. I didn’t care about the repercussions, or what the brunette - or Ezra - thought right now. I needed Kieran and I needed him now.

“Cleo . . .” Kieran trailed off.

I gently spread my thighs apart, as much as I could while laying on my side. A few moments passed and I was scared that Kieran had given into logic and would leave me wanting.

But suddenly two of his thick fingers ran down my core, over my underwear, making a strong path from my clit to the edge of my entrance. I threw my head back into his chest, choking on a ragged moan.

He didn’t stop, though, and kept running those fingers of his up and down my lower lips. My core was pulsing, begging for more, and without thinking, I thrusted my core into his fingers.

Kieran moved his fingers down to my lower core, circling around the untested entrance, before his palm suddenly came down on my clit. He began rubbing viciously in circles while keeping his fingers at the same pace.

The swirl of desire in my belly began to rapidly form, and an unknown feeling started to grow. I wanted more and became greedy with it, need having corrupted me.

Kieran,” I softly moaned, closing my eyes as the pleasure balanced on the point of being overwhelming. The circles on my clit became rougher, harder, and faster as my thighs started to quiver. His fingers stayed alongside his palm, and soon my entire core was weeping for a release.

“That’s right, moan my fucking name,” Seemingly satisfied, he deeply groaned into my ear. I moved my head further into the pillows, opening up my shoulder to him. He placed his lips on the skin between my shoulder and neck, where he began to suck softly. He tugged a bit of my skin into his mouth, pinching it gently, where the point of pain and pleasure became one.

My peak seemed just in sight as his pressure never lessened. He kept at it, my throbbing bundle of nerves trapped under his relentless palm. Just as I thought the pleasure was going to wash over me, Kieran dove his hand under my panties and roughly shoved two of his thick fingers inside me.

“Ah!” I yelled, my eyes bursting open, as his fingers caused my entrance to sting with unwavering pain. The thickness was too much, too soon, and caused too much discomfort for me to find any enjoyment at all.

I immediately pulled myself from his grip, his fingers slipping out of me. Unintentionally, I launched my body off of the bed and I landed on the floor in a heap. I backed away until I met the nearby wall, where I watched as Kieran remained in the bed, horrified.

“I - I’m sorry, I should’ve have -” He stuttered, avoiding my piercing glare.

“I was wrong, I’m not ready,” All sense of rationality flew back into my body. These were my captors, one of them, and I did not need to get intimate with them. They would only cause me pain, I was sure of it. I can’t believe I let myself fall into one of their grasp, but he hadn’t initiated it, I had.

Shame engulfed my body.

“I-I’ve never d-done anything like this before,” I admitted.

“You’ve never done anything like this before? You’re . . . a virgin?” He sounded dumbfounded.

“Yeah . . .” My voice sounded so small, I could barely hear it.

“I didn’t think you were . . .” His voice trailed off.

My core was still stinging slightly, and I feared it would be sore later on. Is that how it worked? I wasn’t even sure. How pathetic.

Still, I wanted some space from him and he seemed to want the same.

“I think you should leave.” Kieran tonelessly suggested. I nodded at his words and got up from the floor.

Even though I was the one who pulled away from his touch, I felt as if I was the one rejected. He didn’t like me now that he knew I was inexperienced. That I wasn’t used because no one wanted me.

And I think that’s what hurt the most. The guy who took me didn’t even want me.

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