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It was irrational. That’s what it was.

Feeling hurt over the rejection of a guy who kidnapped me. Why should I give a fuck about what he thinks? His opinion doesn’t matter and I don’t even know the guy. We don’t know each other, and after I get away from these guys, I’ll never see them again. I can put this whole situation behind me.

Still. It was stupid, and a bit stockholm syndrome-y, but I could’t shake the hurt from out of my chest.

Standing outside the bedroom, I thought about what I should do next. Kieran was behind me, but I didn’t know where the brunette - or Ezra - was. If I tried to run, he could easily catch me based on his current whereabouts.

Slowly, I tiptoed down the hall, towards the other rooms. I passed by the bedroom where I stayed in yesterday, and escaped, so there was only one other room left. Since I had spent the night in Kieran’s, this bedroom had to be Ezra’s. The door was open, so I knew he wasn’t in there right away. He must be in some other part of the cabin. I slowly padded into his room, keeping my steps short and soft.

His room was much lighter than Kieran’s, having light gray walls with an aegean blue comforter on his bed. Just as his friend, Ezra’s room was simple. The only furniture was the neatly made bed and a cream colored dresser. It was so clean and orderly, it didn’t seem realistic that a young man lived here.

I strutted over to his dresser, which I now realized was next to the closed door - presumably leading to a closet. I was about to peek inside the room, when I heard a slight humming coming from the dresser.

I yanked open the top drawer and was greeted with rows of folded pants. Nothing was unorderly, but the humming became louder, so I knew things were not as they seemed. I flipped over the top pair of pants and my heart stopped when I saw what had been hidden underneath.

A phone.

The lit up screen showed that a Jessabel was calling, and even though the phone was on silent, it was still vibrating. I quickly clicked the power button to end the call and made do with unlocking the phone. As expected, it was password protected, but there was a catch - I could still make emergency calls.

I swiped left and immediately dialed 911.

After a few rings someone picked up, asking me what the emergency was.

“Help I’ve been -” But I couldn’t even get any more words out before someone was suddenly on me, tackling me to the floor.

The phone flew out of my hand, and as I was roughly pinned to the floor, I was met with Kieran’s piercing glare. He clasped both of my wrists in one hand while using the rest of his body to keep me harshly against the ground.

“Fuck, Ezra, get the fucking phone!” He shouted, and when I went to protest, he slammed his free hand over my mouth. “Not another fucking word,” He growled.

Ezra immediately snatched the phone up from the ground, ending it with an anxious sigh.

“What are we going to do? She phoned the police, they had to have heard the commotion - they’re probably on their way right now!” Ezra ran a hand through his brown locks, throwing the phone on the bed. “We need to leave!”

“Wait, wait, calm down, let’s think,” Kieran took a deep breath, sitting back on his knees, removing his hands from my body but keeping my legs pinned underneath him.

Ezra snapped his fingers together, his eyes going wide as he said, “Calista used to be an emergency medical dispatcher, she told me about her job after that time I called nine-one-one after that Jessabel thing,” He nodded at Kieran, who was listening intently. I laid silently on the floor, afraid of drawing any attention while they were this stressed and angry. “Uh , she - she said that they use cell towers to-to track phones, but that they weren’t as helpful as people think, like they can only track the area around the cell towers, so they don’t know our exact location, just the surrounding area.”

“That’d be useful if we were in neighborhood and not in the middle of the fucking woods and the only fucking cabin for miles!” exasperated, Kieran got up from the floor, clenching his fists together. I sat up, and was about to stand up, when Kieran snapped his fingers at me. “You, you stay.” He deeply ordered.

“There’s a few hiking trails nearby and even a lake, there’s always a few other people around and we can just deny that it was us. There’s a believable chance that someone else in these woods called. If we run, we look guilty.” Ezra looked away from Kieran, as if he was thinking things over again. Kieran nodded his agreement.

“If they stop at our door, we have to play it off. They’ll be looking for a young girl that called, so we just need to deal with her,” Both pairs of eyes snapped to me, and a feeling of dread swarmed in my chest.

“You’ll regret ever picking up at fucking phone.” And I knew that was a promise Kieran would make. He just didn’t know that I already regretted it.

Apparently, this cabin had an attic. The roof was pointed, and the walls were square, so the triangle part of the roof had been fixed into a very tight attic space. As far as I knew, the boys had never used the space before. Kieran propped up a ladder in the living room, and taking a sharp knife, he cut into the ceiling where paint had dried over the entrance to said attic.

After fixing the door, it swung down, where a connected ladder joined. Kieran moved aside the first ladder, and Ezra climbed on the one that led into the attic space. He only stuck his head inside the space, using a flashlight to peer around.

“It’s tight up here,” He announced, stepping back down the ladder. A lot of sawdust was mixed into his hair, and with a slight cough, he brushed it off the top of his head.

She’ll be fine,” Kieran gruffed, leading me by the shoulders to the end of the ladder. He roughly pulled my arms behind my back, wrapping them together with many layers of duct tape. He bent down to my legs, doing the same thing to my ankles. He said nothing as he did this, even avoiding eye contact with me.

Fuck. He was mad.

He wasted no time and slapped a piece of duct tape over my lips. I tried to ignore the panicked feeling in my chest, but I hated the idea of only being able to breathe through my nose.

“Kieran!” Ezra scolded, but did nothing to help me out. “Be more gentle.”

“She needs to learn her fucking place,” Kieran gruffed. “Maybe a few hours up there will teach her how to fucking act around here.”

A few hours? I thought it was just until the police left or something.

“I’ll get a broom to sweep up the sawdust,” Ezra mumbled as he left me to Kieran’s mercy, or lack thereof.

Attempting to make my eyes appear as sorrowful as possible, I locked eyes with Kieran. His stoic expression appeared unfazed.

He grabbed me by my waist and flung me over his shoulder, my restrained wrists hanging against his backside. He then managed to climb halfway up the ladder, before turning my body around and into his arms. Then he raised me up and slid me into the attic.

I was laying on my side, and I tried to sit up straight, but I bonked my head on the roof. I groaned into the tape and resorted to just staying on my side.

“Be completely silent or I will beat your f*cking ass,” And then Kieran disappeared down the ladder before he raised the door and closed it. I backed further away from the entrance as the folded ladder made the space even smaller.

It was an extremely small attic space, it was suffocatingly tight as I felt a bit of panic stir in my chest. I couldn’t sit up, nevermind move around. It was also pitch black, so I couldn’t see if there was a lightbulb, or switch, here. Not that I had the mobility, though, to turn it on.

The tape over my mouth only made it harder to breathe. All the stirred up sawdust seemed to clog my nostrils as my chest rose and fell faster. It was so dark in here, I suddenly couldn’t remember how long I’ve been here. How much time had passed since Kieran locked me in here? A few minutes? An hour?

How much longer would I be stuck in here?

A feeling of tightness made my chest ache with worry. My breathing picked up as the desire to move my arms and legs hit me full swing. But I couldn’t move them, not with the duct tape nor the tight space, and I began to feel dizzy.

This room was too tight, too dark, and too suffocating. I couldn’t breathe or see, and my entire body went into full panic mode. I closed my eyes, but when I did, I saw the same darkness as when they were open, and I began to question it. Where my eyes really closed, or were they open? What was I even looking at? Was the entrance in front of me - or behind me?

My chest suddenly constricted entirely, and I had the desperation to claw at my throat as air refused to go in, but was unable. The unblocked airway, my nose, seemed to stop working, causing my body to convulse on the floor. My restricted chest burned as the panic and lack of air dropped me into a state of unconsciousness.

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