Soundtrack To My Youth

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We all have those moments in life that seem to define us, even if we didn't ask for it, a moment that you'd give anything to change. Veronica was just 17 years old when she found out her boyfriend of 2 years had been cheating on her. A boy she had given herself to fully and in return he had left her broken, untrusting and scared to love again. That was 21 years ago and the world has changed so much in the years that have passed but the anger that Veronica feels towards Lucas still remains the same, bitter and unspoken. That is until she finds herself back in 1999, with hindsight on her side.

Romance / Erotica
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Authors Note

Thank you for clicking on my story. Firstly I want to address the fact that this story does contain mature themes such as graphic sex scenes and physical violence. Please consider this to be your warning because I’m not the type of writer who is going to give separate warnings on each chapter.

I’ve thrown a lot of myself into this story so when giving feedback please understand that sometimes characters will do and say things that you may not agree with but that’s how they grow.

My story is set in 1999 and, as I completed high school myself in the year 2000, my memory of certain things may be a little rusty at times (Books studied, how long classes run for, etc), please also take that into consideration when providing feedback.

Each chapter is named after a song from the 90′s and the song title represents the main characters development (Veronica, Bridget, Sam and Kate). I’ve included the music video for each chapter also, if you care to listen to it before or after reading the chapter.

I grew up in a house where physical and emotional abuse was a constant present and I was forced to hide what was going on or what happened to me. I’ve been made to feel ashamed for speaking up, told I was lying and even threatened, even now when it’s years later. I’m hoping that my story will highlight what happens behind closed doors and even help.

Never be afraid to speak your truth, as a victim you are not at fault, no matter how hard others try to convince you otherwise.

Lastly I want to state that everything I write in this story is my own works, my own time spent. I will not tolerate my story being stollen or used against my will.

Thank you once again and I hope you enjoy it

Teresa x

P.S don’t forget to vote and comment, I love hearing your feedback.

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