Soundtrack To My Youth (book 1)

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Bizarre Love Triangle

Monday morning we left a little bit earlier for school so Sam, Bridget and I decided to grab breakfast at the cafe near school. Kate was absent, after what happened yesterday with Alex, having his nose broken and spending the night at the hospital, her parents thought it would be best if she stayed home and rested.

We grabbed a table outside because it was such a beautiful Summer’s day, a cool breeze was passing through but the sun was beaming down on us.

“I have training for sixth period and after school, should be done by 4 though” Sam said as we were browsing the menu.

“Bridge and I will get the bus home, I’m driving out to our Mother’s house, Bridget left something there yesterday and she doesn’t want Carson to get his hands on it” I explain.

He looks from Me to Bridget, taking my hand in his and giving it a squeeze.

“I’ll drive us there after training” He tells me firmly.

“Oh no, it’s too much to have you drive out there and back” I point out, I didn’t want him feeling like he had to jump to our rescue but he wouldn’t take no for an answer

“Roni, I’m not comfortable with either of you going back to that house without me, not after what I saw what Carson is capable of. If he hurt either one of you I’d never forgive myself” He stresses and I knew there was no point in arguing, he was just being a protective friend and it would help ease Bridget’s anxiety, plus I wasn’t really looking forward to driving back in peak hour traffic anyway.

I felt a drop of water fall on to the hand he was holding. Odd, the weather forecast said it was going to be a clear day, I looked up at the cloudless sky, when I looked back down at my hand there was no sign of water on it, my imagination clearly playing tricks on me.

“Roni?” Sam prompted me and I realised I never gave him an answer, I squeezed his hand twice and smiled.

“Alright, you can drive us” I confirmed to him, He leaned over and kiss my lips.

We ordered our breakfast, I don’t even know why Bridget studies the menu, she just gets the exact same thing every time anyway. I pulled my maths homework from my bag and quickly finished off the equations, checking them against Sam’s.

We arrived at school ten minutes before the bell for roll call, the parking lot was full so Sam was forced to park in one of the streets near by.

“Ready to be my girlfriend?” Sam asked as we passed through the gates.

“Girlfriend?” My tone was probably more panicked than what I anticipated it to be.

“Ah yeah, remember?” Sam says, holding his hand for Bridget to take, “Time to set tongues wagging” He laughs. I let of a heavy breath I didn’t even realise I was holding in.

They walked ahead of me, Bridget’s hand in Sam’s, catching everyone’s eye as they crossed the quad. I’ll admit I felt a pang of jealousy ripple through me as he pulled her in close to place a kiss on her forehead. I had to keep reminding myself that it was all a lie, it didn’t help not having Kate here to reassure me also.

“I knew it!” Petra exclaims loudly, drawing all the attention to the new ‘couple’. You know nothing you dumb bitch, I felt like screaming at her. Why was this getting to me?


I tried to avoid the gossip in the hallways all day but still it filtered back to me, some people claimed Sam was just dating Bridget in the hopes Lucas and I would work things out, others said Bridget was pregnant and that he had stepped up to raise the baby. Each story more outrageous as the day progressed and by the time they bell rang for the end of the day I’d had enough of hearing about Sam and Bridget’s relationship. It didn’t help matters they they were all over each other either, or that Bridget insisted she had to sit in the passenger seat when we were leaving claiming that ‘someone might see’

“Fine, let’s just get this over with” I groaned, climbing into the backseat behind Sam. I looked up and caught him staring at me in the rearview mirror, he mouthed that he was sorry but I ignored it, choosing instead to focus on the scenery that passed by my window.

My mood hadn’t improved by the time we arrived at my Mother’s house. I searched the street for her car but it wasn’t there, good, we could get in and out unnoticed.

I used my key to unlock the front door and we stepped inside, Bridget making a b-line to our bedroom while Sam and I waited in the lounge room.

“You alright?” He asked me, wrapping his arms around me, he had showered after training and he smelt delicious.

“Yeah, just a shit day really” I said, not going into detail, my jealousy is irrational, I know that and I’d be a fool to admit it out loud.

“You look amazing today Roni, even if you feel shit” He says, kissing my forehead. Our moment is interrupted by the sound of loud banging coming from the bedroom, I pull away from Sam to go investigate.

“It’s not here” Bridget cries, “I’ve looked everywhere I thought I may have left it but it’s nowhere”

She storms passed Sam and I in a fury, throwing open the door to Carson’s room, I follow her in there cautiously, knowing that if caught we will be in for a world of pain. The foul stench of the room hits my nostrils straight away and I gag. It smells like something crawled in here and died.

“Got it” Bridget announces as I run back out into the hallway, choosing the stale cigarette air to breathe in over what I suspect is a dead rat laying beneath the mess of clothing and papers on Carson’s floor, even an animal didn’t want to live in the same space as Carson. Bridget closes the door behind her and makes a mad dash to the bathroom down the hall, the sound of vomiting is heard, killing any built up tension I had be holding on to towards my sister.

We bolted from the house, hoping none of the neighbours saw us, they’d report back to Mum with their stories of how her trouble making daughter was there with some boy and I’d never hear the end of it.

Bridget sat in the back for the ride home, scouring through her diary, looking for evidence that Carson had read it, not just simply taken it because he knew that it would get to her. She let out a cry as she flipped through the pages.

“What is it? What did he do?” I asked her. She didn’t answer me, she just handed me the diary, opened on a recent entry where she had written about Amber, written in thick, red marker across the page was the word ‘DYKE’. My heart broke for Bridget because I knew that it would only be a matter of time before Carson used this against her and told Mum. He wouldn’t say anything until he had something to gain from exposing her.

Sam pulled off the road and into the parking lot at the beach, I showed him what Carson had done and it ripped the page from book, tearing it into small pieces before getting out of the car and throwing it into the garbage bin on the footpath. He then opened Bridgets door and urged her out of the truck, pulling her into a hug, I got out a joined them, wrapping my arms around Bridget who sobbed on Sam’s shoulder.

“Carson is no one Bridget” I reminded her, “He has nothing in life, no friends because he does shit like this and no one wants him around, he’s just a giant loser”

“He’s a cunt” Sam announced, drawing Bridget’s attention, she very rarely swore and it shocked her to hear such a harsh word but it was true, there was no other way to describe Carson.

“Yeah he is” She finally agreed, wiping her eyes.

Sam let us pick the music for the journey home, knowing it would help take Bridget’s mind off what was coming. I looked through the stack of CD’s Kate had stashed in the glove box everyday and pulled out her Aqua CD, showing it to Bridget who clapped happily and Sam groaned.

“Kill me now” He joked as I slid it into the player and the bubblegum pop filled the car. We tortured Sam with Barbie Girl and Dr Jones untilSam pulled into our driveway.

“We’re listening to Metallica on the way to school tomorrow” He warned us and we laughed, he had reached his limit with the pop music Kate had forced upon him daily and we knew it.

“Thank you” I said, leaning over and kissing him. I know I said I didn’t need him to rescue us but I’m so grateful for his help with Bridget today.

“Any time my girl” He replied. There it was, those two words again, my girl, causing my own anxiety to spike.

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