Soundtrack To My Youth (book 1)

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You Get What You Give

Thursday sixth period we were separated into sports house colours and sent to empty classrooms to hold strategy meetings for the swimming carnival the next day, 50 kids crammed into a classroom designed to hold 30 proving to me that safety standards weren’t exactly a priority in schools in the 90′s.

Mrs Summers, my maths teacher was our house representative from the facility and she looked as impressed to be here as Bridget and I did. I just kept reminding myself that I was doing this for Sam, that is was important to him.

Sam took charge of meeting right from the moment we had all arrived, he had his first school soccer game to play that night and couldn’t afford to waste time. He had told Bridget and I to stand up the front with him for moral support, not that he needed any, he was a born leader.

“Hey Everyone, I’m Sam Lions, your Green Machine captain this year, for those of you who don’t know me” He introduced himself to the crowd that consisted of teenagers from years 7 through to 12. The younger ones sat up and took notice while the older kids looks completely disinterested, we’d gone through this every year. I noticed there was a group of girls, who looked to be in year 9, giggling and whispering about how hot Sam was but it didn’t distract him from the task at hand.

“Tomorrow is our annual swimming carnival and I’m required to tell you that attendance is mandatory but lets face it, some of you are going to skip it, you do every year and I’m cool if you do” He continues, all eyes glued to him once he gives them permission to skip, “I only want people on my team who want to be there, who are willing to work hard but have fun too and I get it, not everyone loves swimming but there’s others ways in which you can support your team and that’s why I’ve appointed Veronica as my co-captain, she’s in charge of building team spirit.” He steps back, giving me the floor, I push my nerves down from feeling every set of eyes on me. Shit Sam, a little warning would have been appreciated.

“Ah hi” I stumble, waving to the group, think Veronica, think, “Like Sam said, there’s other ways in which you can support your team tomorrow, I want to see every team member dressed in something green, that’s green swimsuits, green board shorts, green zinc, green ribbons, even green hair spray will do, although not if you plan on swimming. Make signs and chants to encourage your team and show your support. Together we can win this!”

It’s hard not to be enthusiastic when rallying the troops and the huge smile on Sam’s face at the end of my speech shows me he appreciates the effort I’m making.

“Just some basic rules to cover too” He says, stepping forward again, “Like Principal Scott said at the assemble on the first day of school, there is to be no inappropriate bathers, that means no bikinis, that goes for you too Mrs Summers” He laughs, giving her a wink and she blushes, the crowd goes wild with cheering, “No writing swear words with zinc, no behaviour that reflects badly on the school. This is important because for each rule we break we lose 5 points and we need every point we can to win. Along the front desk I’ve set up sign up sheets for every race, if you do want to participate in a race please come up now and add your name to the sheet that lists the race, keeping in mind that races are divided not only by gender but also by years”

There’s a mad rush to the front as kids start adding their names to the lists.

“If I win the 100 metre butterfly will you go on a date with me?” One of the giggly year 9 girl’s bravely asks Sam and he laughs

“I think my girlfriend would cut off my bollocks if I even looked at another girl” He replies. She looks disappointed but still adds her name to the list for the race.

By the time the meeting is over all the sheets are filled with names in all the races, which is a better outcome than I’ve even witness any team getting, now and in the future. Sam dismisses the group just as the final bell rings for the day.

Sam, Bridget and I met up with Kate outside one of the classrooms near by and together we all walked to Sam’s truck. I knew Kate was in the Red Devils, the team that Lucas was captain of this year, I also knew that, being Kate, she wouldn’t keep a secret meeting secret from me.

“That was the most boring hour of my entire life” She complained once we were all seated in the car, “Puke-as just went on and on about how we had a duty to him to win this thing tomorrow, how important it is that he be the winning team captain.”

“Did he at least talk to the group about the rules?” Sam asks, looking over at me.

“Probably, but I had tuned out and started playing snake on my phone just to get through the meeting.” She laughs, “How you ever dated that dick is beyond me, he’s such a tool”

“Well our meeting was fun, I even signed up for two races” Bridget informs Kate, earning herself a huge smile from Sam, showing off his dimples.

“I don’t plan on swimming at all, my plan for tomorrow is to just sunbaked in my new bikini” Kate says, smiling to herself

“But you can’t...” Bridget starts to explain but is cut off by Sam.

“Sounds like a great plan Kate, make sure you cover yourself in sunscreen though otherwise you might end up being your teams mascot” He advises her, chuckling, knowing the Red Devils will automatically lose 5 points.

I feel a little bad for not filling Kate in on the rules but lets face it, she doesn’t care about the swimming carnival anyway and she wont give a shit if her team loses 5 points, she’s only coming along tomorrow so we can hang out pool side and gossip.

Sam dropped Kate off first and then drove to my house. If he was nervous about playing his first game for the school season then he didn’t show it, instead he was laughing and singing along, poorly, to the Aqua CD he still hadn’t removed from the player, even though he kept threatening to play Metallica.

“Would you hate me if I didn’t come tonight?” Bridget asked Sam, leaning forward from her seat in the back once we were parked in our driveway.

“I could never hate you Bridge” He assures her and she blushes.

“Good, I’m going to skip it sorry, I thought that while Veronica is out of the house it might be a good chance for me to talk to Dad about some stuff, you know, the diary and Amber” She explains. I take her hand and squeeze it.

“Are you sure you wanna do it alone Bridge?” I ask her.

“Yeah, I appreciate everything you’ve both done to show you support me but I need to do this next step by myself” She bravely tells us and I’m so proud of her for it. She climbs out of the car to give Sam and I a moment alone.

“She’ll be alright Roni” He says, taking my hand and kissing it.

“I know, I just worry but I know Dad will be cool with it, he just wants her to be happy”

“So” He says, looking up at me, those beautiful brown eyes staring into my own, “My dad’s working tonight”

“Are you asking me to sleep over Mister Lions?” I catch on to what he’s hinting at.

“Do you think you’d be allowed to?” He asks, “It’s cool if you can’t, I’ll understand but I just wanted to share the night with you after the game”

“I’ll sort something out, I’ll pack a bag now if you wanna leave it in the truck?” I suggest. A whole night with Sam all to myself, I’m ecstatic at just the thought.

We get out of the car and make our way inside my house. Bridget has already retreated to her room, most likely preparing herself for the talk she’s going to have with Dad but she has nothing to worry about really.

“Dad” I call out as we walk through the living room and into the dinning room where I find him hunched over the newspaper that he didn’t get a chance to read that morning.

“Hey pumpkin” He greets me, looking up and taking in Sam, he smiles, “Hey Sam, big game tonight I hear? You’re gonna crush them”

“Yeah, thanks Ed, I have a good feeling about this one with my good luck charm in the stands cheering me on” Sam says, kissing my cheek.

“Who knew my daughter had such a keen interest in soccer?” Dad teases me, he knows the only reason why I’m going is to watch Sam play.

“Dad, I was wondering...” I start, nerves kicking in

“Hmm, what exactly were you wondering oldest daughter of mine” Dad pushes, smug look on his face, I think he’s cottoned on to where this conversation is leading.

“Well tomorrow is the swimming carnival and I am now co-captain of our team with Sam and I was thinking it would be best if I stayed at Sam’s house tonight, after the game, so we can work on chants and posters, purely in the name of school spirit of course” I cringe awkwardly as I dig my hole deeper.

“My almost 18 year old daughter wants to stay at her boyfriend’s house tonight, is that correct?” He clarifies, trying to hide his smile behind his hand. I was almost going to correct him when he called Sam my boyfriend but I thought it best not to let my father know that I’m just beneficial friends with the captain of the soccer team.

“Ah yeah” I manage to squeeze out.

“I trust you Veronica and I know Sam is a good kid, I also know that the talk we had on the weekend got through to him so yes, I am cool with you staying at Sam’s house tonight” Dad says, returning back to his paper, “And thank you for not lying to me and telling me you’re at Kate’s house like you used to do when you were with that asshat, I appreciate the honesty”

I hug him tightly and walk off towards my room to pack a bag for the night.

“What talk?” I question Sam when I know we are out of earshot.

“Just protective father stuff, something along the lines of me never seeing the light of day if I hurt you and I promised him that I have only the best intentions for his daughter” Sam explains, looking down at the carpet.

“Suck up” I tease him, throwing pyjamas, underwear and a swim suit into my overnight bag, I grab a towel and sunscreen from the linen cupboard in the hall and a dress to throw on tomorrow over my swimsuit. I hand the bag to Sam.

“I’ll see you tonight baby, good luck” Kissing him goodbye.


Dad drove me over to the school as the sun was starting to dip down in the sky, casting a bright orange and red glow onto the field. I was surprised how many people were attending the first game of the season, I guess I never really realised how popular school sports were. I managed to located a cool, skater dress in the bottom of one of my drawers, like I’d given up on it without realising it’s awesome potential to be both comfortable and stylish, I paired it with some wedges and had my hair half up, half down with minimum make up.

I was excited to see Sam play again and as I pushed through the crowds, looking for a seat on the stands it was clear that I wasn’t the only one excited, so many students were dressed in the school teams colours, maroon and blue, some even sporting ‘Claremont Bears’ merchandise.

The same year 9 girls I saw at the meeting that afternoon we sitting front row, centre, holding on to a poster they had made with Sam’s face plastered all over it and hearts. I found it cute that they had a crush on the boy I’d be spending the night with.

“Veronica” I heard my name being called out over the crowd and I looked up to see Lucas waving me over to sit with him, Alex and a less than impressed Kate. Alex’s nose was still covered and I could see he had bruising around his left eye but he was in high spirits, talking with Kate and Lucas.

Unfortunately the only seat left in that row was next to Lucas but he was nice enough to move so I could sit in-between him and Kate.

“What are you doing here?” Lucas questions me once I’m seated, leaning in really close to me.

“Oh, I ah, thought I’d see what all the fuss is about and show some school spirit for once, plus I couldn’t just let Kate have all the fun” I think quickly. I’d forgotten that Lucas would often come watch Sam play home games, he was always trying to drag me along to a game too.

“And Harry didn’t come with you?” He continues

“No, being a school night and all, he had homework” I lie

“I’d like to meet him, to see if he’s good enough for my Veronica” Lucas says, placing his hand on my knee, I see Kate’s eyes go directly to where his hand is.

“Ah Lucas, your hand, can you please move it?” I ask him, he laughs and pulls it back

“Sorry Roni, odd habits” He apologised while showcasing that smug smile, I know Lucas too well to know that that was no accident.

“Sexual harassment” Kate sings, looking Lucas dead in the eye, Lucas sits back in his chair, crossing his arms over his chest, looking defeated.

A loud horn sounds out across the field followed by a booming voice on the loud speaker, capturing everyone’s attention.

“Good evening ladies and gentleman and welcome to the first game of the season, The Claremont Bears verses The Saint Joseph’s Joeys.” The announcer greets the crowd before moving on to introducing all the players from both teams who run out onto the field when their name is announced, the Saint Joseph boys earning just as many cheers as our Claremont team.

“And lastly, captaining our Bears this year, the man, the myth, the legend, Sam Lions” The announcer booms and the crowd goes wide as Sam runs out onto the field, waving to the people in the stands before taking his place with his team. The two teams shake hands before the match and then get into formation.


By half time we The Bears were leading 4-1, Lucas spent the whole first half explaining the actual game to me, everything from kick off to penalty shootout, it was odd seeing him have an interest in something that wasn’t about himself.

“Do they sell food at these things?” Kate asked Alex just as my own stomach grumbled. I’d skipped dinner to come here and now I was starving.

“Yeah, there’s a food stand down near where we walked in” Alex said, Kate and I stand up without a word, shimming our way past the people in the stands, we walk down towards the food stand. We take our place in the super long line that seems to be moving at a snails pace.

“How’s Alex doing?” I ask her while we wait, this was the first time I’d seen Alex since the incident on Sunday, he hadn’t been at school all week and I knew he wouldn’t be attending the carnival tomorrow

“He’s getting better, I’ve been looking after him” She winks at me

“Oh I bet you have” we both laugh, the woman standing in front of us in line turns around and gives us a filthy look.

“Problem?” Kate asks the woman, staring her down, she scoffs at us and then turns back around, we laugh hysterically, “It’s what you do when you love someone” Kate says to me.

“You love Alex? Are you sure? It’s only been two weeks” I can’t hide the surprise in my voice, maybe it’s because I’ve spent my whole life running love but I would have thought it would take longer to develop those types of feelings.

“I’m very sure and he feels the same way too, he told me the night after we went to the movies, that’s why it felt right to sleep with him, it felt comfortable” She swoons, letting her feelings and emotions overtake her. I’m glad she’s happy but I wish I could tell her it won’t last, Alex isn’t who she will be with in the future, he’s just who she is with now.

By the time we reach the front of the line the second half of the game is well under way, Kate and I order enough food that we can share with Alex and Lucas, making our way back up into the stands, which is a lot easier now that most people are seated. Lucas had moved over next to Alex so Kate and I took the two seats to the left of them, with Kate seated next to Lucas this time to save me from his ‘accidental’ touching. Passing down bags of potato chips and cans of coke, I look up to see that in the time we were away The Joey’s managed to score a goal, making it now 4-1.

The Joey’s began to play dirty, purposely kicking the ball out to prevent The Bears from scoring goals, luckily our team caught on quickly to their game plan and managed to swiftly pass the ball off if a Joey came too close, they even scored another goal before the end of the second half, sending the crowd into an uproar of cheers.

Sam looked exhausted by the end of the game but still had a huge smile plastered across his face and I wanted more than anything to run onto the field and wrap my arms around him like I had after Sunday’s win but I couldn’t, not with Lucas here and all the other prying eyes.

Instead I waited for Sam with Kate, Alex and Lucas by the main entrance to the field. Kate had her arms wrapped around Alex’s waist, kissing his neck, his hands trailing through her long, blonde hair while Lucas and I stood there awkwardly, making random conversation about the biology assignment we had been given that day.

Sam joined us about 10 minutes later, jogging down the path, still in his soccer uniform, his gym bag in hand. He could have showered after the game but I could sense that he wanted to get home sooner, so we could be alone. He receives slaps on the back from both Lucas and Alex, while Kate draws him in for a tight hug, one that she regrets afterwards when she realises he’s still covered in sweat. I briefly wrap my arms around him, my eyes looking at Lucas who watches us as we embrace.

We say goodbye to Kate and Alex as they climb into her tiny, blue VW Bug. It’s only then that I realise that Sam is taking Lucas home. As we approach the truck, I make a point of wanting to sit in the back seat, I’m aware my overnight bag is sitting on the floor in the back, behind the passenger seat so I climb in behind the drivers side.

“Where’s your girl tonight? Shouldn’t she be here cheering you on?” Lucas asks Sam as we head out of the now empty parking lot.

“She had an assignment to do” Sam lies, looking in the rearview mirror to meet my gaze.

“Well she missed an epic game, that was awesome, great job mate” Lucas says, smiling widely at Sam, he then looks around and realises we’re not heading in the direction of my house, “You’re not dropping Roni off first?” He questions Sam. I can see the panic wash over Sam’s face, he hadn’t thought this through.

“We’ve got a lot of planning to do for tomorrow, Sam made me his co-captain of the Green Machines and I want to run some ideas by him” I lie

“How does Bridget feel about you hanging out alone with her boyfriend?” He pushes

“She trusts me, she knows I’d never do anything to hurt her, plus it’s Sam, we’ve been best friends for so long” I attempt to laugh it off, hoping to throw him off.

“Maybe I should come too” He suggests

“Ah no mate, this is all team business, I can’t have you coming in and stealing our secrets, I plan on beating you guys tomorrow and I can’t do that unless my team is in the right head space so Roni and I are just going to make up some chants and posters.” Sam assures him as he pulls up out the front Lucas’ house. Lucas looks from me to Sam, eyeing us cautiously before smiling.

“See you both tomorrow, I hope you’re prepared to lose because my team will be on fire” Lucas says before waving goodbye and getting out of the car. I climb over the centre console and into the passenger seat.

“He does realise that water kills fire right?” I laugh, I look over to Sam, expecting a smile but his face looks riddled with guilt.

“I’m a shit friend Roni” He says, pulling away from the curb and onto the street, “I just lied to my best friend and all I can think about is having you naked in my bed tonight”

I smile to myself at that delicious thought, me, naked with Sam again but I had to ease his guilt before it consumed him.

“You’re not a shit friend Sam, you have nothing to feel guilty about, I’m not with Lucas anymore and it’s not cheating, I ended it before this began so our consciences are both clear. Lucas lies to everyone in his life, including me and you, plus it wasn’t a lie as such, we will be working on carnival stuff tonight most likely”

He pulls into his driveway, not saying a word, shuts the car off and climbs out, he walks around to my side just as I’m getting out, closes the passenger door behind me and pushes me up against the truck, his lips pressing hard against my own in hunger, our tongues softly moving across each other as he deepens the kiss. I want him so badly.

“Come get dirty with me while I get clean” He whispers in my ear, I grab my bag from the back and he takes my hand, leading me inside and upstairs to his ensuite, he holds me close to him with one arm while using his free hand to turn on the shower.

He slowly slides my dress up my body, taking his time to run his hands over my curves, his eyes burning with desire as he unclasps my bra and I allow it to fall freely onto the bathroom floor. He cups my breasts with his two hands, running his thumbs over my nipples, making them hard before squeezing one between his finger and thumb, the sensation sending a jolt of pleasure through my body. I lift his jersey over his head, admiring his crafted body with my hands before sliding his shorts down and exposing him.

He pulls me in close, our mouths meeting for an intense, passionate kiss, his hands sliding down my waist, thumbs hooking the side of my panties as he moves them down my thighs, they reach my knees and fall, I take a step forward, leaving them in a pile on the floor with the rest of our clothing.

His hand finds mine and pulls me into the shower, closing the glass door behind us. The water falling is cool on our hot bodies. I reach behind him and grab the fresh bar of soap that was sitting in the holder, moving it between my fingers under the water to create a sudsy lather that I use to wash his bare, chiseled chest, taking my time to feel every groove. He places his hands behind his head, flexing his toned, muscular core and I move in closer, running the soap along his sides, up under his arms while I kiss his neck, saturating our bodies in water.

“You’re so fucking sexy Veronica” He whispers, bringing one arm down to hold around the back of my waist, arching me back slightly so he can take one breast into his mouth, my nipple becoming hard beneath his tongue and a small moan escapes my mouth, the soap falling from my grasp as the pleasure takes over, “face the wall” He instructs and I obey willingly, pushing my body up against the cold, glass shower wall. He takes my arms and criss-crosses the above my head before running his hands down the length of my body, cupping my breasts as he moves down, reaching my hips he pulls them back towards him slightly. He wraps one arm loosely around my waist while the other strokes up my thigh until he reaches my core. His fingers dancing lightly along my slit, parting my lips.

“You’re so fucking wet” He commented as his place two fingers on my nub and glided them smoothly in a slow, circular motion.

“Oh God” I moaned loudly as he began to pick up speed, my core tightening with each stroke. I closed my eyes, unable to focus on anything other than the building euphoria inside me.

“Getting religious now baby?” He laughs softly, nibbling on my earlobe, I feel his arm leave my waist, caressing over my arse before slipping in between my legs, he uses two fingers to pump inside me, causing me to pant his name over and over, my hips grinding up against his erection.

My core clenches tightly around his fingers as I reach my peak, my loud moans of pleasure filling the tiny bathroom. I lean my body back against the wall, facing Sam, trying to catch my breath. He smiles widely at me, immersing himself back under the water, he squats down to retrieve the soap I dropped earlier.

“Dry yourself off and go wait in my bed” He tells me, “I’ll meet you there in a moment”

I step forward and kiss him before opening the door and walk out of the shower. I grab one of the two fresh, fluffy, green towels that are on the racks and use it to dry off my hair and body, gathering up my clothes that were left in a pile on the bathroom floor, I open the door to the bedroom. He watches me as I unwrap the towel around myself and place it neatly back on the rack, walking naked back out into his humid bedroom. I open the small window slightly, allowing the now cool breeze to waft in before positioning myself between his sheets and wait patiently.

I hear the water shut off and he enters the bedroom a few minutes later, covered only by the green towel around his waist. His eyes never leave mind as he makes his way across the room to the bedside table, opening it and taking out a condom. My hand reaches out for the towel and I undo it, letting it fall to the floor. He takes the condom out of its wrapper and slides it down his long, hard shaft.

“Lay back” He whispers, he uses his knee to spread my legs apart and slides in between them, entering me slowly. I kiss him, feeling his tongue slip inside my mouth as he thrusts into me deep and hard. My legs curl up around his waist and he moans my name as he pushes into me further.

My hips meet his fast pace, my core squeezing and releasing around his shaft as he penetrates me deep. My breathing increases and I scream out his name as he buries himself in me.

“You feel fucking amazing” He moans in my ear, if I could form a sentence I would tell him the same but instead my hand grips the sheet below me tightly and I moan loudly. I can feel myself getting closer to finishing, throwing my head back against the pillow, I feel my second orgasm ripple through my entire body with delicious gratification.

Sams fingers intertwine with mine as he drives himself hard and fast into me, his legs stiffen and his movement becomes rigid before he releases into the condom and collapses onto the bed beside me, our bodies glistening with sweat. He pulls me in close, my head laying on his chest, feeling it rise and fall as he catches his breath. He slides the condom off and ties a knot in the end before throwing it in the bin beside his bed.

“You said we couldn’t do that unless we beat the Red Devils tomorrow” I remind him, not that I mind that he caved in, I’m highly satisfied.

“I can’t resist you” He laughs.

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