Soundtrack To My Youth (book 1)

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Sam drove back to his house to collect his soccer uniform before taking me over to my house to get changed for the match. I decided to go with Bridget’s sleeveless, maroon turtleneck dress as it was still pretty balmy outside, pulling my hair back into a messy top knot. I grabbed my handbag and met Sam back out in the living room. His eye’s running down the length of my body before he could catch himself and I have to admit, it pleased me to no end to know that he still found me attractive.

We picked up Kate and Alex on our way out to Woodrising. Kate insisting that we listen to the NYSNC CD she had bought on the weekend and Sam refusing to eject his Foo Fighters CD from the player, Kate eventually gave up, choosing to focus her attention on making out with Alex instead on the short drive.

When we arrived at Woodrising High School Sam parked the truck on the street as their tiny car park had filled up fast.

“I have to go join the team for warm up” Sam said, running towards the school

“Wait” I called out and he turned around. He looked so delicious in his uniform, making me wish more so that he was mine. I ran up to him and kissed him on the cheek, surprising him. We stood there gazing at each other for a brief moment. There was so much I wanted to say but couldn’t so I went with what I thought he’d need to hear most from me right now.


“Having you in the stands, cheering me on, that’s all the luck I need” He tells me, kissing my forehead softly before continuing his run into the school grounds. I turn back around to find Kate and Alex staring at me, smiling widely. Kate gives me two thumbs up thinking that I finally told him, I reply by giving her two thumbs down and her smile falls.

“Ugh Roni, that was your moment, right there and you didn’t tell him?” She questions me as She walks hand in hand with Alex up to where I’m standing.

“I choked” I admit, looking ashamed.

“Well there’s always after the game” Alex points out, trying to make me feel better.

“Unless he’s too busy having sex with Kristen” Kate adds, not making me feel better at all but I know why she’s brought it up, the sooner I tell Sam then the sooner he will be officially mine and Kristen will be just a mere memory. We make our way out to the schools field and find a spot in the stands.

“I highly doubt Sam would have anything to do with Kristen” Alex reassures me

“Speaking of” Kate says, pointing to where Kristen and Petra are sitting together in the stands.

“Why is she even here?” I cry out, Kristen hates sporting events and she’s extremely vocal about it too.

“You better hope that you get to your man at the end of the game before she does” Kate gives me a dire warning. I know Kristen, once she sinks her claws into something then nothing else matters, she doesn’t care who she has to cut down to get ahead.


The Claremont Bears came out strong, scoring the first goal for the match, unfortunately that was the only goal they scored with the Woodchucks dominating the game to win it by 5 goals. Sam looked completely shattered when the final horn sounded.

Kristen and Petra wasted no time running onto the field to console Sam. Kristen drawing him in for a hug. I considered going down there myself but was feeling my own sense of defeat watching Kristen throw herself all over him and he did nothing to fight her off.

“Talk to him Roni” Alex encouraged me as we were waiting for Sam by his truck, “What you’re seeing and what you think you’re seeing are two completely different things”

“I don’t know about that Alex because from what I saw he didn’t really do much to fight her off” My voice is filled with sadness, I’d lost Sam to Kristen.

Sam joined us at the truck ten minutes later, he didn’t say anything as we got in and he started the car, pulling away from the street.

“One fucking goal” He finally commented when we got to a set of traffic lights. I decided to push my own heartbreak down, he needed me to be his friend more than anything right now. I reached over and slipped my hand into his, resting them together on his lap as he drove. It was a move that shocked him but he still let me hold on until he had to change gears, bringing his hand back into mine after each change.

No one talked much on the way home, even Kate and Alex kept their distance from each other until Sam dropped them off.

“You’re place or mine?” Sam asked once the others were out of the car.

“For what?” I asked, surely he doesn’t mean...

“For sleeping tonight” He clarifies, “I need to know so I can grab my uniform now”

“Mine, please, I still have to homework to do and all my things are there and it’s just easier to get ready from my house than carting everything over to yours” I tell him and he gives me a small smile.

“No troubles pretty girl.” He replies, pulling in his driveway and shutting off the truck, “Wait here, I’ll be back in a minute”

He leaves me to wait in the truck while he goes and grabs his uniform. I hear his phone buzzing inside the cup holder in the centre console and look down to see Kristen’s name flashing on the black and green screen. I can not escape her tonight. I could answer it, making my presence with Sam known to her, see how she likes it. She had done the same to me after Lucas swore to me that they were no longer hanging out.

I decide to not bring myself down to her level, I’m so much more mature than and luckily I don’t because Sam was back before I knew it, laying his school uniform across the backseat.

“Kristen called while you were inside” I inform him, I think I’m only telling him so I can convey what his reaction will be, happy means he’s with her but angry means she’s throwing herself at him.

“You could have answered it, I wouldn’t have minded” His voice indifferent as he checks his phone before backing out of the driveway.

“She’s with Petra, I didn’t want rumours to be flying around the school about us” I make up an excuse.

“Fuck Petra, if she wants to talk shit let her run her mouth off, you and I know the truth” He says, reaching out to take my hand and bring it back into his lap where it sat before.

“And what is the truth Sam?” silently praying that he will say the words that I can’t.

“Well we’re friends” He says so casually.

He pulls the truck into my driveway and we get out.

“Do you mind if I take a shower?′ He asks as we come through the front door, stepping into the sweatbox that is my house, I race over and put on the small air-condition, setting the temperature down low to help the house cool faster.

“Not at all, I feel like I need one myself” I tell him, my mind instantly filling with memories of when we last showered together and he brought me to ecstasy with just the touch of his hand. “I’ll, ah, have one after you” I stumble my words.

He walks down the hall to the bathroom and a moment later I hear the sound of water hitting the tiles. I decide to start my Geography homework while he’s in the shower. I hear my phone buzz in my handbag next to me and pull it out to reveal a text from Bridget.

Grand gersture?

Thats all she writes, simple, direct, straight to the point. I had forgotten about our conversation, I will admit but then I remember the picture I ripped from Cosmo of David Beckham, stripped down. I take the picture out of my bag, smoothing out the creases and grab some tape from my bedroom, tearing off two small pieces and placing them on the top and bottom of the picture, then I sneak down the hall, to the bathroom, hoping that Sam hasn’t locked the door. Fortunately though he hasn’t, I turn the hand so slowly, so it doesn’t make a sound and open the door slightly, just enough to get into the bathroom unnoticed. Sam’s back is towards the door and he’s singing Foo Fighter’s Everlong as I creep in and pin the picture up on the mirror before following the same path out of there.

I’m almost finished my Geography worksheet when I hear the water shut off followed a moment later by hysterical laughter, I’m just happy to hear him laugh after tonights loss.

He stands in the doorframe that connects the living room and hall, dressed only in black briefs, picture in hand, his dark hair glistening with water. My eyes roam his body, wishing I could run my tongue along his washboard stomach, all the way down to..

“Roni?′ He says, pulling me out of my trance.

“Huh?” I hadn’t even heard him speak.

“I said you must be a ninja, I didn’t even hear you come in there” He laughs.

“Yeah, I’m sneaky like that” I tell him, unable to peal my eyes away from his abs.

“You alright?” He asks me, watching me closely

“Yeah, it’s just really here” I stutter, “I can’t concentrate”

“Go have a shower and I’ll work on cooling things down in here for you” He suggests, I highly doubt he could cool me down right now.

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