Soundtrack To My Youth (book 1)

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Truely, Madly, Deeply

“I put it in the bin” Sam announced once he returned to the car after disposing of the evidence, “doubt Lucas will see that one” He laughed. I was sitting back in the passenger seat, tying my dress back up, basking in the afterglow.

“Should I be there when you tell him about us?” I ask, unsure if this is something we should do together or if it was best for Sam to take on, on his own.

“I think it’s something I should do alone, he still has feelings for you and I perused you knowing that, I’m the bad guy here, not you” He comforts me, taking my hand in his. I love the feeling of his thumb swiping across the top of my hand.

“You’re in no way a bad guy Sam. Do you think he felt bad when he went after me, knowing you liked me?” I question him

“Lucas doesn’t give a shit about anyone but himself” He scoffs, starting the car up, “I’m taking you out for dinner my beautiful girl”

“Can we go back to my house first? I want to fix my post-sex make up and messy hair, also I think there’s someone who should know that we’re a couple, considering she’s been the one trying to push us together” I laugh, imagining Bridget’s face when we tell her we’re finally an offical couple and knowing how happy she will be. I feel my phone buzzing in my handbag by my feet, I pick it up and see that it’s Kate calling. She’s probably wondering what happened to us, considering we were right behind them driving to the community hall.

“Hey” I answer it, turning the stereo down so I can hear her clearer

“You better be dead or having wild sex to have ditched me. I’m stuck her with Petra and she’s trying to convince me that her fake Prada purse looks as real as my actual Prada purse” Kate yells down the line, in the background I can hear Quit Playing Games With My Heart.

“Well I’m not dead” I tell her and she screams excitedly.

“Oh my God, tell me everything” She demands.

“I kinda can’t right now because my very sexy boyfriend is sitting right next to me but we should catch up for lunch tomorrow and I’ll fill you in” I promise her, looking over to see Sam smirking.

“Boyfriend, oh wow!!!” She exclaims loudly and I’m now hoping no one is around her, last thing we need is Lucas finding out before Sam has a chance to tell him. “Yes to lunch too, I’ll pick you up, we can eat and then go watch the game”

It’s all offical now that I’ve told Kate and I couldn’t be happier.


As we pull into my driveway I feel a flutter of nerves rush through me. I had been fighting my feelings for Sam for so long that I wouldn’t blame Bridget if she hit me with a ‘I told you so’ even though she knew how I felt about him but I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Entering into my living room, my hand intertwined with Sam I watch Bridget’s face light up with pure joy, as if her two favourite characters from a TV show had finally gotten together. Dad came in from the dinning room about to ask why we were home so early from the dance, took one look at us together and smiled, holding his hand out to shake Sam’s.

I’d spent a good chunk of my teen years fighting against my Father, trying to prove that Lucas was good enough for me and every time I’d come out losing when Lucas would let me down time and again. Being with Sam felt like I had finally won the battle and better still, Dad and I were finally on the same side.

“We’re going out for dinner” I tell them, “And I’ll probably stay at Sam’s if that’s alright”

“That’s fine by me Pumpkin, you two kids have a good night.” Dad says, smiling proudly at both Sam and I, “Bridgy and I are going to watch a movie together”

I quickly fix my hair and freshen up my make up, grabbing an overnight bag I fill it with all the essentials I need.

“Where would you like to go eat my girl?” Sam asks me once we’re on the road again.

“That Chinese restaurant, Red Dragon, it’s in town, they have the best fried rice ever and their dim sims are so good” My mouth is almost salivating at the thought. Sam drives us there, keeping my hand resting with his on his lap the whole way.


When we arrive the restaurant is packed out but they manage to squeeze us in on a small table down the back. I love this place, I’ve been coming here forever with my family and then, as we grew up Bridget and I would often eat out here once a month. Mr Lee, the owner, has been here since the mid 80′s, from when he was just 25. Him and his wife are such lovely, hard working people.

The place is decorated with lanterns hanging from the ceiling and dragons on the walls. I asked Mr Lee once why he named the restaurant Red Dragon and he told me it was because his wife was born in the year of the dragon and he considered himself a lucky man to have met her. They had two children together, both girls.

We were not there long before Mrs Lee came over to take our order.

“Why’s it so busy tonight Mrs Lee?” I asked her, scanning the crowded room.

“We’ve had two weeks of celebrating Chinese New Year, tonight is the last night of our celebration. It’s the year of the rabbit so it is a very lucky year” She explains, placing a pitcher of water on our table before jotting down our order. “I’ll be back with complimentary spring rolls in just a moment”

I was famished, our impromptu sexcapades in the car had taken all my reserved energy and I need to refuel fast so when the spring rolls we placed on our table I wasted no time. After my first one I thought it best I slow down, remembering that I’m on a date and not at some eating competition.

Sams phone buzzed on the table, Kristen was calling him. He rolled his eyes and ignored the call.

“She relentless” He complained.

“So why is she suddenly all over you? I thought Lucas was in her sights?” I question him, in the past two weeks I had noticed that Kristen wasn’t clinging to Lucas anymore, I thought it was because he was spending more time with Petra.

“I’m captain of the football squad” He starts to explain

“Soccer” I correct him, smiling. It’s something I had done since he first started at our school, he’d say some British word and I’d correct it with our Australian word. It was all in good fun.

“Whatever” He laughed before continuing, “Anyway, after winning two games back to back this season, plus being the captain of the winning sports house it’s kinda put me in the spotlight and Kristen, being the clingy social climber she is, has deemed that I am now worthy to be seen with in public. She’s been throwing herself at me since we had to do a group project together for PEHPD”

“Your first crazed stalker” I laugh

“You have no idea, she showed up at my house on Thursday night, wearing next to nothing, trying had to seduce me. It would be comical if it was happening to someone else but it’s just creepy and uncomfortable, I need it to stop but I don’t know how” He groans, biting into his first spring roll, I see his face change when he registers the flavours. Mr Lee always made the best spring rolls.

“We need to go public with us, although that never derailed Kristen before, she might then see you as more of a challenge” I quip. Girls like Kristen don’t care who they hurt to get what they want. She had once again set her sights on what was already mine but, unlike Lucas, I knew Sam wouldn’t be swayed by the newfound attention he was getting.


After dinner we headed back to Sam’s house, his hand holding mind protectively as we approached his front door and saw Kristen, dressed in a skirt the size of some of my belts and a pastel pink boob tube. Her knee high black boots just finish off the slutwear perfectly. Her make up was so heavy that she could have scrapped some off to reuse tomorrow. She eyed me like a shark ready to attack when she took in the sight of my hand in Sam’s.

“What are you doing here?” Sam groaned, she’s blocking the door so we can’t get inside, we’re stuck.

“You weren’t at the dance and I really wanted to see my Sammy bear” She coos. I cringe at her nickname for Sam, although it is super cute, coming from her it’s anything but.

“I’m not yours though, remember, we went through this last night. I’m not interested” he tells her firmly.

“But you were once mine and could be again. I made a huge mistake in letting you go Sammy, I see that now” She pleads with him, ignoring the fact that his hand is clearly holding mine.

“It’s interesting how you only have regrets afterwards Kristen and only once you see someone’s true value” I point out, smirking at her. There was a time where I would have bowed down to Kristen, she’s popular and could be known to get very catty but now I see her for who she truely is, a desperate little girl, jumping from one man to the next, seeking love in all the wrong places.

“Shut up Veronica” She fires back at me with such venom, “What is she even doing here Sammy?”

“Well, unlike you, I actually invited Roni here because I enjoy her company” Kristen’s face falls but she’s not ready to give up just yet.

“What does she have that I don’t?” She demands to know. Oh this should be good.

“Integrity, class, beauty, a good heart, personality, honour” He lists off my attributes and I blush, I knew Sam loved me but hearing him say what he loves about me makes my heart skip a beat, “Oh and an awesome rack” he adds, kissing me on the cheek.

“Some friend you are. Lucas is waiting for Veronica at the dance and you’re fucking his girlfriend” Kristen spits out, trying to shame Sam.

“Kristen, you really want to talk about friendship and fucking someone’s partner?” Pot calling the kettle black.

“That was completely different Veronica, you and I were never best friends” She counteracts

“But we were friends Kristen and you had been sleeping with Lucas, behind my back, since camp last year and then coming to my house to hang out with Kate and I.” I remind her, the bitter thoughts of having Kristen in my house filling my mind.

“You slept with your sister’s boyfriend” She attempts to one up me.

“Are you that dim witted to believe that Sam and Bridget were together, it was all a charade to hide the fact that Sam and I were dating. My sister is a lesbian you fucking moron” I yell at her.

“Well what’s to stop me from telling Lucas any of this?” She asks, she’s going to attempt to blackmail me, it’s what she does to get ahead.

“You’re not going to tell a soul Kristen because if you do I’ll tell Principal Scott that you cheated on your Biology preliminary exam last year, you had Stewart Pagton take it for you and then bragged to me about how easy it was to make it happen, how you figured out all you needed was your student number on the exam, not your name and how was it that you paid the most geekiest guy from last year’s year 12, oh that’s right, you sucked his dick and that’s why you now get coldsores around your mouth, because you traded sex for a pass in Biology” I have her over a barrel and she knows it.

“You promised you’d never tell anyone that Veronica” She cries.

“Well I suggest that you keep your mouth shut this time and don’t get fucked over” I say, pushing her out of the way so Sam can open the door for us, he steps inside but I stay in the doorway, I’m not done yet “Kristen, don’t you want to be with a guy you have actual feelings for, not just because of his social status?”

“What’s the difference?” She asks

“Well I’m with Sam not because he’s the captain of the soccer squad...”

“Football” Sam calls out behind me, interrupting me

“But because I love him, he’s got a good heart, he makes me laugh and he’s so protective of me and Bridget, he’s passionate about his interests and he is just a good, decent man. It took me a long time to find him and even longer to realise I wanted him but now that he’s mine I’m not letting you or anyone else destroy what we have” And with that I step back and close the door in her face, instantly feeling Sam’s soft kisses on my neck as he wraps his arms around me.

“Is you Dad home?” I ask him as he pushes me up against the door and slides his hand up my thigh.

“Nightshift, he won’t be back until early morning.” His fingers slip inside my panties and he slides one slowly into me, making me cry out in pleasure. I don’t want to do this near the door though, for all I know Kristen is still standing on the other side, listening to everything. I push him back from me and he looks a little hurt until he sees me lifting my dress over my head and walking towards the dinning room, discarding of my dress and panties along the way.

I perch myself up on the dinning table, pulling a now shirtless Sam in closer to me so I can kiss him deeply, his hands traveling down the length of my body, cupping my breasts, tweaking my nipples between his thumb and forefinger before one hand dances across my stomach and rests between my legs.

I can feel that I’m wet already but having him confirm it turns me on more as he slides two fingers slowly in and out of me and my body responds instantly, my hips rising and falling in time with his motion. A long moan escapes my mouth followed my panting that is increasing with every pump he gives.

“Lay back baby” He instructs, pushing me gently back onto the table, my legs hanging over the edge. he spreads my legs wider as his body comes in-between them, bringing my knees up so my feet are now flat on the table.

His tongue presses against my swollen clit and I cry out, wanting more as he lashes against it ever so softly while still sliding his fingers slowly in and out. He’s torturing me and loving it.

My hands grab hold of his thick hair, pulling it as he increases the intensity. My hips now gyrating rapidly as his finger pump me hard and fast.

“Ooo Sam, Sammy” I cry out, the immense pleasure growing inside me, I pull myself up onto my elbows, watching him work his magic on me. His long finger curls inside of me, hitting the spot that has me screaming. I clench around him as ecstasy takes over, my mouth spilling out profanities as I hit my peak and ride out my orgasm.

Laying back on the table to catch my breath, my body feels at zen with the world as a wide smile spreads across my face.

“I’ve been wanting to taste you all night baby” Sam tells me, wiping the excess juices from his chin with paper towel. I didn’t even hear him leave the room and return. I pull myself back up onto my elbows and take in the sight before me, Sam, standing at the end of the table in just his blue briefs that do nothing to conceal his erection.

“When did you take your jeans off?” I ask him amused, he had them on before he went down on me, I know he did.

“When I took our clothing to the washing machine” he tells me.

“You wash?” I ask, not meaning to sound so surprised but, come on, he’s a teenage boy.

“I’m very domesticated gorgeous, I wash, iron, vacuum and keep my room tidy...well except for that one time I didn’t empty my bin in time and Lucas saw our evidence” he laughs, holding out his hands to help me up. He leads me up to his bedroom, closing the door behind us and I push him up against it, kissing his neck while running my hands over his toned stomach.

I begin kissing down his body, my tongue licking his nipples. His abs are an art form, like something you’d find crafted into a male model, so defined and smooth under my tongue. He has a small snail trail that runs from under his navel all the way down into his briefs. Briefs that I now consider in the way and have to go. I hook my fingers the band of elastic hem around the top and slowly start to inch them down, following their decent with my mouth until they lay at his ankles and his rock hard erection is displayed before me.

I’ve never actually enjoyed giving head before, mainly because I usually got nothing in return for all the effort I’d put in and the ones who did return the favour only put in the least amount of effort just so they felt good that they’d done it but Sam was different, he was attentive and had put my needs before his own and I wanted to thank him for that by getting him off with my mouth.

The end of his cock glistened with pre-come so I decided to start there, licking it up and tasting him before bringing the shaft into my mouth.

“Oh fuck Veronica” he exclaimed as I pushed him further towards the back of my throat, gagging slightly before pulling back, there was no way I could complete the job with just my mouth alone so I used one hand to form a ring around the base and began stroking it in time with my sucking.

He coiled my long, blonde hair around his fist and tugged it gently as he moaned out my name. My tongue flicking against the end of his cock each time I pulled it from my mouth.

This didn’t feel like a chore, like it had before for others, I wanted to pleasure Sam, I wanted to make him feel as good as he had made me feel. I could feel his eyes burning down on me, watching as I bobbed my head back and forth, my cheeks pulling in as I sucked along his hard shaft. I looked up at him, our eyes locking and that’s all it took to push him over the edge.

“I’m going to come” He warned me, probably thinking I’d stop and finish him off with my hand but no, this was my job and it would be done to completion. His legs went stiff and he gave some small thrusts as he unloaded into my mouth, his hot, salty semen hitting the back of my throat and I swallowed it all.

He looks down at me with admiration and pride.

“I wasn’t expecting any other that” He pants out while trying to control his breathing, “That was fucking amazing my girl”

“Well after the job you did on me I had to bring my A game” I smile up at him, holding out a hand so he can help me up off the floor and I darted into the bathroom to swish mouthwash around my mouth to remove the tangy after taste before coming out to join Sam in his bed.

He draws me in close to him, wrapping his big, strong arms around my curvy frame and plants kisses along my neck line as I lay naked and satisfied in his arms.

“Imagine if we had gone to the dance” He comments, amusement in his tone, “You and Kate would have made me suffer through Britney Spears and Take That and I’d just stand up against the wall and watch the minutes tick by, all so I could be near you”

“Sammy bear” I coo, stealing Kristen’s pet name for him, it’s just too cute not to, “I love you”

“I love you too Veronica bunny” He replies, adapting a new pet name for me too.

“Bunny?” I question him

“It’s the year of the rabbit and well, we shag like them” He laughs

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