Soundtrack To My Youth (book 1)

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Two Princes

Kate and I decided to have lunch at Cafe Deore, it was located inside the Claremont Mall. The game wasn’t starting until 2pm so we knew we could eat lunch and shop before heading over to Millers Field, where today’s game was being played.

“Tell me about the dance” I asked, after we had placed our orders with the waitress. I’d ordered my usual chicken schnitzel topped with melted cheese and a side of hot chips, Kate ordered a hamburger with specific instructions of what could and couldn’t be between the bun.

“Stacey Martin was so wasted, she threw up just outside of the community hall and Mr Scott had to call her parents to come get her” Kate tells me, taking a sip of her Diet Coke.

“Amateur” I laugh

“I reckon, the girl needs to start drinking with us, then she would learn to hold her liquor” Kate suggests, “Puke-as kept asking when you were coming though”

“So I heard” I say, explaining how Kristen showed up at Sam’s house.

“So they used to date?” Kate asks, surprised.

“Yep and she wanted to keep it secret so she could screw around.” I tell her before taking a sip of my own Diet Coke and wishing they had Coke Zero already invented.

“Typical Kristen, she’s such a whore but good news that he didn’t sleep with her last week and now you two are officially together” Kate claps her hands in joy.

“We’re not out of the woods yet though, still gotta tell Lucas” I remind her and she smiles widely.

“Can I please be there when that happens? I want to see that little troll suffer for how he treated you” She asks, laughing to herself. That’s my Kate, always supportive.

“To be honest with you Kate, I don’t even want to be there. It’s going to get heated, you know Lucas doesn’t like to lose” I inform her as the waitress returns with our meals.


Kate and I browsed through the various stores at the mall. I bought 2 new dresses and some new matching underwear, I figured if I was going to be showing off what’s under my clothes regularly then I wanted it to be eye catching.

We headed over to Millers Field just before 2, finding a spot in the spacious car park. Weekend games were nothing like school games it seemed, there was no buzz and very few spectators. Kate had come prepared this time, with two fold up chairs and a block of chocolate for us to share.

“Alex is playing today?” I asked her, surprised to see Alex warming up with the others.

“He’s allowed to play for 15 minutes in each half and can’t play rough so if he gets the ball he has to pass it off straight away” She tells me. I felt bad for him, that he wouldn’t get to play to his fullest because of Carson.

Kate nudged me and pointed, I looked in the direction she was pointing to see Lucas striding over to us, fold up chair in hand.

“I didn’t know you’d be here Roni?” He greets me, ignoring Kate sitting beside me.

“Kate came to see Alex play and I couldn’t have her stuck here alone” I explain.

“Missed you last night, I thought you said you were going to the dance” He interrogates me, trying to hide that he would have been waiting for me to show up.

“I had an oral report to do for English” It was the first thing I could think of and let’s be honest, it sounds classier than ‘I had my mouth wrapped around your best friends dick’

“On a Friday night?” He pushes

“Well I wanted to do a good job of it, I put a lot of effort in and I was really satisfied with the job” Kate is trying to stifle her laughter next to me, she’s caught on to what I’m referring to.

“You know Roni, likes to get a head” Kate chimes in

“Goodluck with it then, I hope you get an A” Lucas says.

The ref blows his whistle and the two teams go into formation. The game kicks off and the Crushers gain control of the ball.

“Who are they playing today?” I ask Kate and Lucas, hoping one of them knows.

“The Blacksmith Bulldogs” Lucas says, not taking his eyes off the game, “They’re pretty good, they came second last year”

“Who came first?′ Kate asks

“The Crushers, Sam wasn’t captain then though, Andy Berkin was but he got done for drug possession before this season started and was kicked off the team” Lucas explains to us.

“Andy Berkin, he dated Kristen right?” I want to see how much Lucas knows

“Yeah, I think so. Rumour has it that the guy got herpes from a year 9er and they spilt up” Lucas laughs. More likely that he got herpes from Kristen and her coldsores. “I want to be completely honest with you Veronica, now that we’re friends and all”

“Honest about what exactly?” Honesty and Lucas were never two words that went together.

“Kristen showed up at my house last night” He confesses and I feel my heart leap up into my throat, my breathing hitches as panic rises inside me.

“What did she want?” I almost couldn’t get the words out, I’m that terrified to hear his response.

“That she thinks she and I should start dating. I’m telling you this because I believe it’s fair you find out from me, seeing that she is your good friend and we’re ex’s. She’s now my girlfriend.”

It’s hard not to feel a smidge of guilt at his admission, he’s being up front and honest with me, something that Sam and I haven’t been for him though.

“Well you did fuck her for so long behind Veronica’s back” Kate, the voice of reason, chimes in and just like that my guilt washes away. Lucas gives Kate a stare that could kill an army, “I’m just being honest too” Kate laughs.

“I wanted you to know Veronica because if there is any chance of you and I getting back together I want you to speak up now. I know things between you and Harry are over and I don’t want to move on if there’s a chance for us still” He’s almost begging me at this point.

“I think You and I work better as friends Lucas and it’s great that you’re moving on, Kristen is a lucky girl to have you”

“Watch out for those coldsores” Kate mutters, trying to cover her laughter.


The Crushers ended up beating the Bulldogs, 4-3, it was such a close game that almost ended up a draw until the last 30 seconds when The Crushers took hold of the ball and drove it fast down the field to score the winning goal.

Lucas was the first one on the field to congratulate Sam, slapping him on the back.

“Lets go out for celebratory drinks” Lucas suggested, Sam looked to me and I nodded, if it meant that I could drink then I was in.

“We can’t” Kate says, holding onto Alex, “It’s our one month anniversary and we made plans, we’re going down to Sydney for the night and won’t be back until late tomorrow. Tell Bridget I’m sorry I’ll be missing her birthday”

I kind of wish I’d known that before agreeing to drinks, this changes everything, now I’m going to be stuck between my ex boyfriend and my current boyfriend.

“I’ll call Kristen, have her meet us at the club” Lucas says, fishing his phone out of his pocket. Great, it just keeps getting better.

The three of us climbed into the truck, with Lucas taking the passenger seat and me taking a seat in the back behind Sam.

“Where’s your car?” I questioned Lucas, wondering why he was travelling with us.

“I left it back at my place and walked here” He says. Millers Field isn’t too far from his house, “I washed her and did a service on her and then put her in the garage because it looked like it might rain” He was right, the sky had been threatening rain all day, it was so dreary and overcast but because of the heat it just made the air feel so muggy and humid. We needed rain though, desperately.

“Did you kiss her goodnight too?” Sam joked but Lucas had stopped paying attention, something had caught his attention and his eyes were wide. He reached into the cup holder and held up the empty, gold condom wrapper that Sam had thrown there last night. Sam looked over at Lucas, his face a panic that he may have been caught out.

“Well I know you didn’t use it with Bridget” Lucas says, eyeing the wrapper for any evidence of who Sam’s partner in crime could be.

“They broke up” I call out from the backseat, last thing Bridget or Sam need is for cheating rumours to fly around the school.

“Typical Lions, goes back to screwing anything that moves” Lucas laughs, “So that’s why you weren’t at the dance last night, too busy being balls deep in some slut”

“She wasn’t a slut” Sam gets defensive, “She’s an old friend of mine”

“What’s her name?” Lucas quizzes Sam while I squirm in my seat.

“Shayla” Sam says, his eyes meeting mine in the rear view mirror, “She’s from back home, out here with her family visiting and I wanted to show her around” The story get more elaborated to cover up the truth.

“Well it’s good that you’re doing your bit for tourism mate” Lucas says, breaking out into a fit of laughter while Sam fakes a laugh to go along with it.


When we arrive at the club we find Kristen, sitting at a table by the window, glass of coke perched in front of her. She’s dressed in a strapless powder blue dress with her hair down.

“Hey baby” Lucas greets her, kissing her on her cheek and taking the seat next to her. Sam and I sit across from them.

“Double date? How cozy” Kristen remarks, locking eyes with me

“You’ve got something on your lip” I tell her, smirking at her lame attempt to one up me, her face falls as her finger is run across the outline of her lips.

“Girls play nicely, there’s plenty of me to go around” Lucas winks at me and I cringe.

Sam walks to the bar to buy us drinks, leaving me alone with Kristen and Lucas who have their tongues rammed down each others throats while I trying to figure out which one of them will cheat first, they both have solid track records of infidelity.

Sam returns to the table, placing a glass of white wine in front of me and a beer in front of Lucas.

“Why does she get alcohol and I don’t?” Kristen whinges to Sam, pouting her lips.

“Because she doesn’t sit there like a child, throwing a tantrum” Sam smugly rubs in her face. I feel his hand rest upon my thigh, drawing circles with his fingers. In my mind I was imagining those fingers doing so much more, him pushing them inside of me, me screaming his name as came.

“Veronica?” Lucas’ voice pulled me out of my delightful fantasy and back to the reality that I was trapped here with him and Kristen.


“I asked what your plans were for next year?” Lucas questioned me.

“I’m going to University to study History, I’d love to work in a museum” That was always my dream, to work in the Historical Museum in Sydney but when Dad got sick I put those plans on hold and came home to look after him and I guess I just fell into teaching instead.

“You’ll probably just end up as a teacher at Claremont” Kristen laughs and I shoot her daggers.

“Well you’ll probably just end up being the girl that gets to wear the tassels on her ta-tas at the strip club” I fire back at the bitch.

“And on that happy note I should be getting home, I need to shower desperately” Sam says, cutting through the tension in the air, “But, I, ah, would like to catch up alone, there’s something I need to run by you?” Sam asks Lucas, emphasis on the word alone. Kristen eyes me and I flip her off.

“I’ll let you know when I’m free” Lucas says, kissing Kristen on the cheek, “This one keeps me pretty busy”

“Do you need a lift home?” Sam asks me, we both know I’m not going home but it’s the charade we have to play until Sam can have that conversation. I nod my head and stand up, saying goodbye to Lucas while ignoring Kristen.


Sam’s house is filled with the delicious smell of a roast cooking in the oven when we arrive. His Dad is in the kitchen slicing carrots with precision.

“I assumed Veronica was staying for dinner so I thought I’d do something special tonight” Dr Lions says as we enter the kitchen

“Thank you Dr Lions” I smile at him warmly.

“Veronica, call me Nick” He says and I nod, “How did you go today?” Nick then asks Sam, taking an interest in his son’s hobby.

“We beat them 4-3 but it was close, almost like the grand final all over again” Sam tells his Dad.

“And how was the dance?” Nick gives me a knowing smile and I blush.

“I didn’t end up going, I took my gorgeous girlfriend out for dinner instead” Sam kisses my cheek, “I’m gonna go shower, you’ll be alright with the old man? If he starts talking shit about Manchester United just remind him how they thrashed Leeds last weekend”

Sam bolts up the stairs to his bedroom and I sit awkwardly on a bar stool at the kitchen bench, playing with the hem of my dress while I watch Nick cut the potatoes.

“I’m glad you two sorted things out Veronica, he’s a lot happier with you in his life, that’s for sure” Nick looks up from the potatoes and grins at me.

“He wasn’t happy before me?” I question him.

“Sam had to deal with a lot at such a young age, losing his Mum to cancer made him withdraw and become angry at the world and I tried to give him the space to deal with those emotions while also being there for him through his grief.” Tears starting to brim in his eyes as he talks about his wife, “Sam’s always been a good kid, happy and willing to help out anyone but he lost a bit of that after his Mum passed and he’s slowly starting to get it back when he’s around You and Your sister. He adores you girls and I’m so grateful that he has you both in his life”

I can feel my own tears welling up in my eyes, to hear his Dad speak of Sam this way and how much he loves Bridget and I and the positive effect we have on his life, it mirrors my own, Sam has made me feel so much more happier just being around him.

“Awe honey” Nick stops cutting the potatoes to come around the bench and wrap me up in a hug, “I didn’t mean to upset you”

“These are good tears, happy tears. I love your son so much” I spurt out.

I hear footsteps on the stairs and Sam comes back into the kitchen.

“What the fuck Dad? I left you alone with her for less than 5 minutes and you’ve got her in tears” Sam laughs, taking over the hugging from his Dad.

“She’s a Leeds supporter, she didn’t like hearing that they lost” Nick says, winking at me and I giggle. Sam kisses the top of my head and holds me tightly against his chest.

“I can’t believe you would betray me like that, being a Leeds supporter” Sam jokes.

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