Soundtrack To My Youth (book 1)

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Sex and Candy

Sunday was Bridget’s 16th birthday and I had woken up really early, before the sun had even come up, to bake her favourite cake, a red velvet. I danced around the kitchen hoping that the mix master didn’t wake anyone.

I’d made this cake often for Bridget’s birthdays, usually googling the recipe but today I just had to go off of my memory and hope I remembered it correctly. The cake had 45 minutes to bake which meant I had some time to kill so I started working on my English essay that was due next Friday, keeping an eye on the clock because I didn’t have a timer.

My mother used to bake a lot when we were children and it always made the house smell amazing, then after the divorce she stopped baking all together. Bridget and I would occasionally bake cookies or muffins but cakes were something reserved just for birthdays, to keep them special.

After 45 minutes I removed the cake from the oven and allowed it to cool before mixing up the cream cheese frosting and slicing the cake in two layers. By the time I was finished it looked like something you’d buy in a store and I knew it would make Bridget happy.

“Morning Pumpkin” Dad whispered as he came wandering into the kitchen, “Oh would you look at that” He remarked, eyeing off the cake.

“Do we need anything else for today?” I asked him. We were throwing a small gathering for Bridget, being her birthday and the fact that she wasn’t able to leave the house due to her fractured rib.

“I’ve got it all covered, there’s potato chips, two varieties, sweets, chocolate, streamers and now a cake” He said, kissing the top of my head, “Plus Aunty Celeste said she will bring pizza”

“What time is everyone arriving?”

“Noon, although your Aunty might be a bit late, she has to work this morning and doesn’t finish until 1130” He tells me. I hear footsteps coming down the hall and throw a tea towel quickly over the cake to hide it from Bridget.

“Morning” She yawns, her shoulders slumped slightly as she shuffled into the kitchen slowly.

“Happy Birthday” Dad and I yelled in unison and she immediately perked up, remembering that today was her 16th birthday. We ushered her into the dinning room and Dad presented her with a card, she opened it and money fell out.

“For driving lessons” Dad explained, reminding Bridget that she was now old enough to learn how to drive. Dad then set about making us pancakes for breakfast while Bridget and I talked about the leaner’s test she was so desperate to take.

“I’ve been reading the handbook all week, I’m so ready to do this” She exclaims.

“How about I take you tomorrow, after I come home from school and you can do the test” I offer and she nods excitedly.

“Can you quiz me tonight though? I want to make sure that I know everything” She begs me.

“Of course I can” I smile widely at her, I already know that she’s going to pass.


Sam and Amber arrived together just after noon. Sam gave Bridget a new journal, to replace the other one that was now filled as well as a copy of the Five album.

“I had some help with that one” he admits, looking at me and winking.

Amber handed Bridget a small box, inside was a beautiful silver bracelet with their initials engraved, she clasped it around Bridget’s wrist, letting the heat charm dangle. It was the perfect gift.

I heard the front door open and in walked Aunty Celeste carrying 4 boxes of pizza and pink gift bag. She kissed me on cheek before placing the pizzas on the table and moving over to Bridget, lightly wrapping her up in a hug.

My Aunty Celeste, Dad’s younger sister, was one of the sweetest people I’d ever known. She was in her mid forties around this time and was unable to have children of her own but she loved Bridget and I as if we were her own.

“Happy Birthday Bridgy” Celeste said, placing the pink gift bag in front of Bridget.

“Thank You Aunty Celeste” Bridget exclaims, reaching into the bag and pulling out a pastel pink, off the shoulder, shimmery cocktail dress that fanned out at the hips.

“I’ve been looking at this dress for the past month, how did you know I wanted it?” Bridget squeals with joy.

“You wouldn’t shut up about it when we went shopping and saw it” Celeste laughs, “So after dropping you home I went back and bought it”

To see Bridget smile, after the past couple of weeks she’d had, warmed my heart.

“Did your Mum call yet?” Celeste whispered to me while everyone was busy eating, I simply shook my head, “Well hopefully Bridget just has a great day and doesn’t even think about it”

I hoped that too.

“Aunty Celeste, this is my boyfriend Sam” I introduce her, Sam holds out his hand to shake hers and she kisses his cheek instead.

“Oh he is very dashing” She quips, looking him up and down.

“Umm thank you” Sam remarks, unsure of what to say.

“Oh and he’s British too” She giggles, “Where in England are you from Sam?”

“From a small town called Leigh-on-Sea, it’s about an hour and a half outside of London” Sam explains.

“I did a two year working holiday when I was in my mid twenties, lived in Earls Court and would catch the tube everywhere” Celeste reminisces, “Roni you would love it there, the culture and history that you absorb is unlike anything else, I’d go back in a heartbeat if I didn’t now have a mortgage hanging over my head”

Aunty Celeste had traveled all over the world before coming home and laying down some roots. My Grandparents had both passed away before I was born and had left Dad and Celeste quite a big inheritance to split between them, Dad used his towards building our house and Celeste had travelled, sending us postcards from around the world, she was always so passionate when she spoke of the countries she had visited and always pushed Bridget and I to travel too.

“I’d love to take you there Roni” Sam said, kissing the top of my head and wrapping an arm around my waist, “To show the girl I love the places I love.”

We ate lunch and afterwards I brought out the cake I’d made that morning. We sang to Bridget and then cut the cake. Bridget couldn’t wipe the smile off her face.


Later Dad and Aunty Celeste went outside to talk, I suspect it was about the court case and new custody arrangement. Bridget and Amber retreated into Bridget’s room and I took Sam into mine. I had some study to complete for Biology and Sam busied himself with a novel he was reading, laying together in silence.

“Do you know that in the future you can read full books on your phone” I tell him, watching him engrossed in the pages.

“How would that even work, the screen is so tiny and dark” He questions me.

“Phones are bigger and have coloured screens, you can access the internet on them, take photos, video chat with friends or just stalk their lives on social media. I don’t even take money with me when I leave the house anymore because my phone acts as my ATM card” I tell him and he looks surprised.

“I think I’d miss the smell of the pages that you can only get from an actual book but the rest of that sounds pretty awesome” He remarks before sliding out from under me and standing up “I have to use the bathroom, unless you have those on phones too?”

“No, but give it time, they will find a way” I laugh as he leaves my room, he’s only gone for a couple of minutes but when he returns I can sense that his whole mood has shifted, he’s gone from being relaxed and chilled to looking at me with lust in his eyes.

“What?” I question him as he closes my door and locks it. He walks over to my CD collection on my desk and picks out my Sarah McLachlan Mirrorball CD, inserting it into the player he comes back over to where I’m laying and takes my study notes from my hand, placing them carefully down on the bedside table before sliding up alongside of me on the bed and kissing me slowly.I pull back, looking for answers on his face and he laughs.

“On my way back I heard Amber giving Bridget another birthday present” He tells me.

“Oh, we should go see what it is” I say, attempting to sit up but he pulls me back down.

“I think it’s more of a private gift” He smirks at me and I finally catch on to what he’s saying.

“Wait, you got turned on by that, that’s gross, that’s my sister” I protest.

“I wasn’t turned on by Bridget and Amber, I swear” He promises him, kissing my cheek and running a hand up the inside of my thigh, “But”

“But” I push him, needing an explanation or else he’s not getting anywhere with me today.

“You Kreslin girls sound exactly the same when you’re getting off and hearing her made me want to hear you” He confesses, “I only get turned on by you bunny” His hand slipping inside my shorts and rubbing me over my sheer panties, making my juices start to flow. I remove his t-shirt and let it fall to the floor.

“Do you have...?” I begin to ask but he simply nods

“I put another one in my wallet this morning” He confirms

“And my Dad is still outside?” The last thing I want is to get caught out by my Father.

“Yeah, him and Your Aunty are in a deep conversation” Sam says, sliding my shorts down my legs and eyeing my new panties with lust in his eyes, “You’re just going to have to be really quiet though baby”

I nod and unbutton his jeans, shimmying them down his long legs and pushing them onto my carpet, the bulge in his red briefs is evident already. He lifts my shirt over my head, showing off the matching sheer pink bra that goes with the panties and he licks his lips in approval.

“Did you do this for me?” He asks, running a finger over my cleavage.

“Yes, I thought you might like something to turn you on while we are getting busy” I giggle shyly, feeling exposed.

“You could show up in a potato sack and my cock would get hard Veronica, you are what turns me on but fuck you do look hot babe” He compliments me, unclasping my bra and freeing my breasts. He takes one into his mouth and licks my nipple until it’s hard, repeating the process on the other nipple.

“MMM I like that”I moan and he slips his hand inside my panties.

“You’re so fucking wet already baby” He slides them down my legs, kissing along my inner thigh softly before pushing me back onto the bed and spreading my legs. His head dips between my legs and he presses his tongue on my core, licking it, tasting me. He pulls his head back and I whimper at the loss of pleasure but as he stands up and takes his brief off, grabbing the condom from his wallet, ripping it open and rolling it on, I can see his greater plan.

“We’re gonna go nice and slow Princess” He tells me as he slides himself between my legs and I wrap them around his waist as he pushes himself deep inside of me. I feel myself adjust around him, his penetration is slow, calculated, savouring every moment of being inside me, my hips rolling slowly in time with the rhythm he has set and I feel like the pleasure is drawn out, a gradual build over a fire that normally burns out quickly. He tucks my hair behind my ear and kisses my neck. I bite my lip to stop the sound that was desperately trying to escape.

“Oh yes, yes” I softly cry out as he pushes into me deeper, desire yearning inside of me. My hands grip his back tightly, pulling him as close to me as I can as my panting increases. He presses his lips to mine, cupping my face in his hand as he parts my mouth with his tongue, I can taste myself on him and it excites me more.

“I love you bunny” He whispers in my ear between his own animalistic grunts, moving slowly.

“I too...bear” I manage to moan out before the gratification takes over my body.

“Look at me baby as you come” He commands of me, I do as he asks, my eyes locking with his, my legs drawing his thrusts in deeper as he begins to move faster and it becomes increasingly impossible to hold back my cries of satisfaction as my core narrows around his rock, hard dick that he drives into me. He groans loudly, unable to hold it in any longer and he releases himself as I pulsate around him.

“So much for not being loud” He laughs, pulling himself out of me and I instantly feel the emptiness he leaves. He ties a knot in the end of the prophylactic, wraps it in several tissues before disposing of it in my bin. He then comes back over to the bed and slides up beside me once again, laying my head upon his chest and he runs his long fingers through my thick hair.

“Do you think they heard us?” I panic.

“I doubt Bridget and Amber heard anything” He assures me with a knowing look, “and I’m sure your Dad would have knocked the door off it’s hinges if he knew what I had just done to his daughter”

“I really liked that” I tell him enthusiastically, “I love when we do it fast too but that was so much more intense, I got to feel everything a little bit longer” He kisses the top of my head and smiles down at me.

“I like it a lot too, I’ve never gone that slow before but I loved watching your face, it was beautiful to see it contort with pleasure and to know I was doing that” He tells me.

We stayed basking in the afterglow of our love making for about half an hour, naked and snuggled together on my small, single bed mattress.

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