Soundtrack To My Youth (book 1)

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March brought with it good and bad. Bridget had passed her driver learning test but because of her injury she was unable to start actually learning how to drive, which frustrated her to no end. Our lawyer informed Dad that a court date had been set for Carson, bringing the nightmare of what we lived through back to the surface. The case was due to be put before a jury in early June, unless Carson was to plead guilty between now and then, which I was sure would be unlikely. Carson admitting fault to anything he had done would be a cold day in hell so I was pushing Dad to allow me to testify against Carson.

Bridget did end up hearing from our Mother for her birthday, she was sent a card in the mail with a letter inside telling her, in detail, how much she had disappointed Susan among other terms that were aimed at making Bridget feel guilty just for being herself. I wanted to burn the letter but Dad talked me out of it, instead he filed it away with our testimonies.

Bridget didn’t allow Susan’s harsh words get to her, instead she enjoyed spending time with Amber whenever she could and Nick even said she could leave the house for small periods of time, as long as she wasn’t in a crowded area where she could get pushed and shoved so together we started taking short walks down along the lake in the afternoon, at first it was just Bridget and I but pretty soon we had Amber, Sam, Kate and Alex joining us.

By the end of March I was starting to think about how I wanted to celebrate my 18th birthday, which was coming up in April. When I had originally turned 18 the first time round it had fallen on a weekend where I was stuck at my Mother’s house, which meant I was forced to celebrate my birthday by going out for dinner with Mum and Carson, now that we no longer have to suffer through weekends in Hell I was hoping I could have a small party at home but every time I brought the subject up with Dad he would shoot it down, arguing that we didn’t have the room at our house to even host a small gathering in our backyard and he didn’t want teenagers ‘trudging dirt through the house’ so I caved in and agreed to having a small, family dinner at a restaurant of my choice, only if Sam could join us and of course Dad agreed.

On the last Friday in March Sam and I had Maths sixth period. The temperatures had begun to drop now that we were out of Summer but it was still fairly warm during the day.

“What do you want to do this weekend?” I asked Sam as we powered through the trigonometry equations in the workbook, I could now keep up with him.

“I don’t have a game until Sunday so we could go down to Sydney tonight, stay overnight in a motel and come back tomorrow afternoon” He casually suggests, throwing me for a moment. I was expecting him to suggest seeing a movie or going out for a date, our usual, not a night away down in Sydney. The idea excites me, alone time with Sam was rare between school and home life, there was always someone around and Sam still hadn’t been able to get a moment alone with Lucas to tell him about us which meant our relationship had to remain secret.

“I’d love that, I’d have to ask my Dad but I’m sure he’d be cool with it.” Dad and Sam had become really close, they had even started working on a 1990 Toyota Corolla together, fixing it up for Bridget to learn how to drive in. “Where would we stay though?”

“Leave it all up to me baby, I’ll drop you home and you pack an overnight bag and be ready to go by 5” He tells me, eyes fixed on his page as he scribbles down his work but then he looks up at me, eyes locking with my own, “pack bathers too.”

That’s all the hints I get about our mysterious trip down south for the night. When Sam drops me home after school I’m pretty much skipping with excitement, even more so when Dad gives his blessing for me to go, handing me $200 to take with me, I argue that it’s just an overnight stay and I wouldn’t need that much, accommodation at a motel wouldn’t have been more than $70 for a night but he insisted.

I’ll admit, I may have over packed for one night away but with no other hints of what we would be doing in Sydney I didn’t know what shoes I’d need, let alone clothing so I packed for almost every senecio my head could come up with. By the time 5pm came around I had filled a port with what I considered essentials. Sam laughed as I wheeled the port out to the truck and he lifted it into the back tray, next to his small overnight bag before securing the tarp over the top of the tray. I hugged and kissed Bridget and Dad goodbye and climbed into the passenger seat, at my feet there was a paper bag of food and a road map book of Sydney with post-it notes sticking out to mark certain pages, I was going to pick it up and look at what pages Sam had marked but I talked myself out of it, not wanting to ruin his surprise for me.

Claremont is around 2 hours north of Sydney and that’s only for driving to the outskirts, it can be up to 3 hours just to get into the heart of the city. This was the last weekend of daylight savings too so it would be light until at least 8pm but driving in peak hour traffic along the freeway was a nightmare. Sam and I spent the car ride singing, talking and eating the sandwiches he had made for us. When we reached the outskirts of Sydney Sam pulled the truck over and grabbed the road map book, opening up to one of the pages he had marked. I couldn’t help but giggle and he looked over at me.

“Sorry, I’m just so used to using Google Maps” I say, thinking about how much more I appreciate technology.

“What’s that?” Sam asks, returning his eyes to the road map book in front of him and studying it, he closes the book and places it back at my feet.

“It’s a satellite navigation that is on my phone, a voice actually reads you out the directions as you drive” I tell him and he looks at me with wide eyes.

“That would save me so much time because I get lost every time I drive into this fucking city” He laughs. I pick up his road map book and open up to his first marked page.

“Well tonight I will be your own Google Maps baby” I offer, reading out his first direction to follow. I’d forgotten what it was like to read a road map and there were a few times I did send him up the wrong road or miss a turn but we still made it to the motel just before 8pm.

The electric sign out the front of the motel was only half working, the M and O had given up. The brown paint that covered the outside was chipped and faded and the garden bed had more weeds than flowers but I didn’t care, to me this place was a palace. As we walked up the ramp to the reception I noticed a pool with a spa attached in a fenced off area, now it made sense why Sam had suggested I pack swimwear.

“How long have you had this planned?” I question him as we open the door to reception area, a room with timber paneling and green shag carpets, a brown desk sits in the middle of the room, an older man with glasses looks up when he hears the bell ring from the door, announcing our arrival.

“Shh bunny, no questions” Sam says to me as we approach the desk. “I rang through a reservation about two weeks ago for tonight, under the name Lions” Sam explains to the guy behind the desk, the receptionist consults the date book in front of him before handing Sam a key marked with the number ‘6’.

“Yes Mr Lions, check out is at noon tomorrow, there is tea and coffee making facilities in your room and the pool area is opened until 10 tonight. If you need anything our reception desk is available until 9 and we reopen at 7am but there is an after hours number in your room that you can call.” He smiles brightly at us.

Sam and I return to the truck so that he can drive it to out the front of our room. Sam then helps me unload my port from the back of the tray and opens the door to our room. The walls of the room have the same timber panelling and shag carpet from the reception area, the queen size bed is covered in yellow sheets with an orange duvet, theres a bedside table beside both sides of the bed. Theres a small TV hanging from the wall and a bathroom with a bath and shower combined just off to the right. I wrap my arms around Sam’s neck and kiss his cheek.

“I love you Sammy bear, this is so cool” I’m just so excited to be here with him.

“Wait until you see what I have planned for tomorrow” He teases, kissing my lips softly, “Do you want to take a swim?” I nod, lifting my port onto the bed and unzipping it, I had packed three different swimsuits, a one piece and two bikinis. I choose the baby blue bikini, grab my towel and go to the bathroom to change. When I emerge from the bathroom, with my towel wrapped around me, Sam waiting by the door, wearing a simple, blue speedo, it’s hard not to stare at the boy that is all mine.

We make the short walk out to the pool area, the temperature has dropped a few degrees since this afternoon and the air has a slight chill to it. I reach down and dip my finger into the pool water and pull it out immediately.

“Heated?” Sam asks me.

“Not at all” I tell him, making my way over to the attached spa, the water is bubbling and as I place my hand against it I can feel the warmth. Sam wastes no time, throwing his towel onto a near by deck chair and stepping down from the concrete pavement into the tiled spa, taking a seat along the circular circumference. I unwrap the towel from around myself and place it on the same chair with Sam’s, making my way over to the spa, he holds out a hand to help me climb in, his eyes running down the length of my body as he admires my curves, in front of anyone else I would of felt the urge to cover up but Sam makes me feel really good about my body.

Our eyes lock as I take my seat next to him, his are filled with lust. The water moves around us, warming up our bodies against the chilled night air as the last fragments of the sun dip below the horizon. The pool area is illuminated with street lighting placed around the outside of the fence as well as lights inside of the pool and spa.

Sam lifts a hand from the water and brings it to my cheek, it’s wet yet warm, he cradles my face before drawing me in closer and pressing his lips against mine, sweeping his tongue across my bottom lip and I allow him access inside, letting his massage mine as he deepens our kiss. My legs sweep up and I lay them across his lap, wrapping an arm around his chest. The hand that he had cradling my face moves slowly down my body, fingers trailing across my neck, then over my shoulder moving down to my bikini covered breast that sits at the water level as it bubbles around us, he cups my breast, fingers playing with my nipple over the fabric of my swim suit. My own hand that I had wrapped around his chest make its way down his body, feeling every glorious crafted groove as I make my way to his toned thigh, following the curve until I’m met with my desired destination, his hardness, which I palm over the top of his speedo and he lets out a moan.

I’m so lost in him that when he pulls away from our kiss and moves his hand to my thigh I whimper a little.

“Sorry to disturb you” A mans voice breaks through my lust bubble, bringing me crashing back down. I didn’t even hear anyone enter the pool area yet as I turn to look, sitting in front of us in the spa, is a man and woman, they both look to be around early 50′s, she’s dressed in a neon, one piece swimsuit while her, I assume husband, is in black board shorts. They smile at us, his eyes set firmly on my chest that I try to cover by cuddling into Sam.

“Oh to be young and in love” The woman comments, looking us over, I take in the space between her and her companion.

“Ah, sorry” Sam apologies, wrapping an arm around me to cover me up from the man’s eyes that won’t look away from my body, “I forgot we were not alone out here.” He laughs nervously.

“That’s quite alright son” The man assures him, giving me an extremely creepy vive. I want to get out and go back to our room but I know that as soon as I stand up I’m going to give this creeper exactly what he’s hoping for, full access to stare at my body. I also know, from what I felt only moments before, that Sam can’t stand up just yet either, not without showing off his boner. “Where are you kids from?” The perve asks, moving his head to the side as he unashamedly runs his eyes down the length of my body.

“Up north” Sam’s tone is clipped, not wanting to engage in conversation. I decide that I’m just going to go for it, lifting my legs from across Sam’s lap, I turn and climb out of the spa, moving swiftly to where we left our towels, I wrap mine around my chest and take Sam’s to him which he gladly grabs as he too climbs out.

“Oh, please don’t leave on our account” The woman begs us but Sam shakes his head as he wraps his towel around his waist, not even bothering to dry himself off.

“We’ve got a big day tomorrow so we should be getting to bed, have a good night” Sam says to the couple, holding out his hand for mine and I intertwine my fingers with his. I always feel safe with Sam.

When we make it back into our room I lock the door and pull our curtains across. I’m not taking any chances.

“I need a shower just to wash off the disgust” I laugh, shaking my body over dramatically.

“He had no shame, staring at your tits while his bird just sat there” Sam comments, pulling me in close to him and wrapping me up in his arms as he walks us both towards the bathroom, once inside I let my towel drop to the ground. He lifts me onto the bathroom vanity, I wrap my legs around his waist, pulling him in close to me, he’s still hard as he kisses my neck, along my collarbone and all the way down to my cleavage. He reaches one hand up and pulls the string of my bikini top that was tied around my neck, I feel it become loose and the the top falls forward, exposing my breasts that he hungrily takes into his mouth, one at a time, licking, nibbling and sucking on each nipple.

“Sammy” I moan out his name as his teeth graze my now harden nipple, “Baby, I want you”. I hook my fingers into the elastic around the hem of his speedo, sliding it down over his perfect arse. He unties the last string on my bikini and it falls to the bathroom floor.

“Perfection” He says, tracing the curvature of my breasts with his hands.

“As are you” I tell him, running my hands over his sculpted torso. He takes a small step back, allowing me room to jump down from the vanity, he spins me around once my feet touch the ground and faces me towards the mirror, kissing down my body as he slides my bikini bottoms off of me and I step out of them, kicking them to the side. His tongue slides up the inside of my thigh and I instinctively lean forward, opening my legs wider, allowing his tongue to slide over my soaking wet core. I grab hold of the vanity to hold myself up as a wave of ecstasy rolls through me. He knows my body like no one ever has before, he knows how to tease me, making me cry out for more.

My hips buck as he pushes two finger deep into my pussy while he kisses and spanks my bottom before standing up behind me, he removes his fingers and pushes my thighs further apart, bending me forward so my head is just inches from the mirror.

“Stay exactly like this, I’ll be back” He instructs, walking off, I hear his rustling around the bedroom, the sound of a packaging opening and then feel him pushing his hard length into me. “You taste as good as you feel baby” He whispers in my ear as he thrusts deep and hard into me, making me scream with pleasure, begging him to go harder and he obeys my command, wrapping an arm around my waist so he can hold me in place while he penetrates me deep.

My eyes roll into the back of my head as the euphoria builds, my core tightening around his hard cock as he pumps in to me. He lets out an animalistic grunt with each thrust, I pry my eyes open, feeling the need to watch us in the mirror, I look up at the reflection of Sam’s face, contort with pleasure as he slams himself into me over and over, bringing my own body to the edge of desire.

I roll my hips back in the rhythm of his thrust, faster and faster as my orgasm overtakes my body, he holds me tightly against him, controlling his movements as he too reaches his peak, his legs stiffen and he give a few hard thrusts before his body relaxes. Still holding me in place, he pulls himself out of me slowly and I feel the immediate loss of him inside me. I hear the sound of the shower, the water hitting the tiles.

“Getting in bunny, I’ll go dispose of this” He holds up the used condom that he’s tied the end of, “I’ll join you in a moment”

I step under the steamy, hot water, feeling it tingle against my bare, naked, sore body. He’d never gone that hard before, not that I didn’t enjoy every minute of it but I was sure I’d be paying for it tomorrow. I smile to myself at just the thought, I’d take that pain everyday if it meant I got to feel what I did tonight.

Sam steps in behind me, body wash and loofa in hand, he squirts some liquid onto the loofa and then uses it to massage my back, down to my bottom and the back of my legs before he spins me around and rubs the loofa across my chest, letting the soapy suds build up on my breasts, he hangs the loofa up behind me and proceeds to massage my breasts with his hands.

“I’m going to get hard again just from touching yours perfect tits” He comments as his thumbs slide across my nipples.

“Just think of old man pervey” I joke and he laughs, moving me under the water to wash off the suds.

“And just like that my boner ran away, thank you baby” He kisses me softly.

“Probably for the best, I loved what we did, don’t get me wrong but it’s left me sore” I confess, wrapping my arms around his neck.

“I’m sorry baby, I should have held back a bit” He apologises but I won’t have it.

“No, please don’t ever hold back, that was unbelievably great sex we had, I want it exactly like that.” I tell him firmly and he smiles down at me, spanking my arse.

“I love you bunny, I love everything about you” He whispers to me over the sound of the crashing water.

“I love you too Sammy bear” I pull him in close to me, standing on my tippy toes so I can kiss him passionately.

I had packed three different styles of pyjamas for tonight but instead of wearing any of them I decided to sleep naked, wrapped up in Sam’s big, protective arms.

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