Soundtrack To My Youth (book 1)

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I was having the most amazing dream that I was licking ice cream out of a cone but instead of tasting the ice cream I could feel an arousing pleasure building deep within my core with every lick I took so I started going faster, my tongue whipping across the creamy, strawberry soft serve as my hips began to rise and fall. The sensation was erotically delicious, making me moan from the gratification. The dream started leaving me as I began to wake but the immense pleasure I was feeling between my legs only increased, slowly my hand travelled down my own body, over the curvature of my breasts, along my stomach until it reached the top of Sam’s head, lying between my thighs, his tongue flicking against my clit as his fingers pumped inside of me fast, causing me cry out in ecstasy.

“Fuck, Sammy, oh yessss” I manage to scream out between panting, it feels so good. One hand grips the sheets beneath me, the other pulls at Sam’s thick head of hair as my orgasm builds and I can no longer control my screaming, throwing my head back I let it overtake me, my body quivering as Sam laps up my juices.

“Morning Princess” He greets me, crawling back up the bed to lay beside me, he pulls me in close to his chest, holding on to me tightly, our naked bodies intwined as he kisses me and I taste myself on his tongue. This boy continues to surprise me everyday.

“That was an unbelievably great wake up call baby” I thank him, rolling him onto his back so I can straddle him.

“Well my gorgeous, naked girlfriend is an unbelievably great sight to wake up to” He smiles that cheeky smile up at me, spanking my bottom, “Plus I wanted you to start your day off in a really good mood”

“And why do you need me in a good mood? Have you done something bad Sammy Bear?” I ask him, scooting back so that I can take his now rock, hard cock into my small hands, I love seeing his body react to just my touch, how his breathing increases as I work my hands along his shaft and his close tightly as his head rolls back.

“I’ve planned....a...surprise...oh fuck baby that feels so good” He tries to answer me but loses concentration once I wrap my lips around his shaft, taking him slowly into my mouth, his hand tugs at my hair, urging me on as I bring him to the back of my throat and he lets out a loud, animalistic groan.

He’s getting harder each time I take him back in, my tongue licking the head, my cheeks sucked in strongly around his package while my hand cups his balls, pulling them gently. I begin moving faster when he starts calling out my name. His legs go stiff and I know he’s on the edge when his cock goes rock hard, looking up at him our eyes connect as he unloads himself into my mouth.

“I love you bunny” He says to me breathlessly as I crawl back into the nook beside him, our bodies fitting together like puzzle pieces. He kisses my forehead as I lay my head on his chest, feeling it rise and fall as he calms himself.

“I love you too” I reply, the words now easily spilling out of my mouth the deeper I fall for him. I couldn’t imagine not having Sam in my life now.


“Did you get everything?” Sam asked me as I was walking to towards the door of our motel, suitcase in hand, gleeful spring in my step. I loved our little mini break away and knowing he has something else planned for today makes me super excited.

“Yep, I checked the bathroom twice and under the bed, I have everything I came with” I tell him, kissing his cheek as I walk through the door that he is holding open and out into the beautifully, sunny, warm morning. Sam is still tight lipped on what we’re doing today but advised that I wear comfortable shoes and shorts and t-shirt.

Stepping across the threshold I look over to see the same man from last night, standing in his doorway, watching me. He wearing only a pair of boxers and is holding a cup of coffee, drinking it slowly as his eyes, once again, travel down the length of my body before looking back up at me and winking. I screw my face up at him in pure disgust, wheeling my port to the back of the truck and hoisting it into the tray.

Sam locks the door behind him, turns and sees the creeper, groans loudly before throwing his own bag into the tray and securing the tarp, just as we’re about to both climb into the truck the feral man decides this is the best time to start up a conversation.

“Your girl there certainly is a screamer” He says to Sam, laughing to himself.

“Excuse me?” Sam and I both say at the same time, I’m completely taken aback by what is coming out of this guys mouth.

“I’m not complaining, I quite enjoyed the performance you both put on last night and this morning” He licks his lips while eyeing me off and I can feel the my breakfast crawling back up into my throat. I slam my door and Sam starts the truck, speeding away from Herbert the Pervert. Dropping the key back to reception and we are on our way to our next adventure.

“Ok miss maps, can you lead me to Eastern Creek please?” Sam smiles over at me and I begin racking my brain to think what’s at Eastern Creek, it’s not until we are almost at our destination, when I begin seeing signs on the side of the road that it clicks with me.

“We’re going to Wonderland?” I can’t hide the excitement in my voice.

“Yep” Sam confirms, taking my hand and kissing it. I begin dancing in my chair and he looks over and laughs, “You’re like a kid in the lolly shop baby, I love it”

Wonderland was a giant theme park that operated from 1985 to April, 2004 which featured rides and attractions, such as a large roller coaster called “The Demon” and a pirate ship ride that would swing upside down. I’d only come here three times before it closed its doors due to the September 11th attacks and the Bali bombings of 2002.

“I’m just super excited, you have no idea” I gleefully tell him. Pulling up in the parking lot I look up at the ticketing gates and am flooded with such fond memories of the park, how Bridget and I rode the Beast, the big, wooden rollercoaster and I screamed so loudly as it took that first dip down, remembering how it felt to have my heart jump into my throat, I was so afraid but Bridget begged me to ride it three more times after that and I obliged because it made her so happy.

We buy our tickets and walk through the gates, taking in the massive scale of the park before me.

“Would you like a photo with Fred and Wilma Flinstone?” A photographer asks as we enter the park, “You can choose to buy it on your way out this afternoon” She say, smiling brightly at as as Fred and Wilma wave Sam and I over, taking our place between the characters, Sam wraps his arms around my waist and kisses me on the cheek as the photographer snaps our picture. We thank the photographer and hug Fred and Wilma before making our way further into the park.

“Where do you want to start?” Sam asks me, looking just as excited as I feel, I look around, I can see the giant pirate ship, swinging back and forward like a pendulum, going up further and further with each swing.

“There” I point to the ship, grabbing hold of Sam’s hand and dragging him to the ride line, which is filling up fast.

We have about a thirty minute wait until we reach the head of the line, just enough time for my nerves to start filling me with dread. I hate scary rides, why did I think that I could do this? Sam must sense my fear, taking my hand he pulls me close to him and whispers in my ear.

“I’ll be with you the whole time baby, nothing bad will happen” He promises me as we walk up to the ride and take our seats. I know it’s irrational fear inside me and I try to push it down, reasoning with myself that nothing bad ever happened to anyone on this ride or any other ride in the park, I know this for certain but as the ride operator pulls the harness down over me and Sam, locking it into place, a small voice screams out in my head that this time could be the time something does go wrong and it’s too late now to back out.

The ride starts out slow, swinging a bit to one end and then back to the other, going up further and further each time and then it happens, I open my eyes at the worst possible moment to find us hanging upside down before the ship slowly swings back down again. I swear my internal organs have now shifted but the ride is far from over, we continue swinging back and forward, each time we go up in the air I can see the fear plastered on the faces of the people across from us, most likely matching my own face.

Finally the ride ends, after what felt like an eternity of swinging back and forwards, the ride operator unlocks our harnesses and we step out of the ship of doom and back onto the safety of solid ground, my legs trembling slightly as I take those first few steps.

“That was a mad rush” Sam exclaims, looking over to me, he can’t wipe the smile off his face, “but you’ve always gotta follow up an epic ride with something more low key, just so your pale looking, trembling girlfriend doesn’t lose her breakfast” He laughs, taking my hand and leading us towards a small, slow moving carousel with balloon baskets to sit in and I’m so grateful for his understanding that even though I can ride the scary rides, I do get frightened and need time to build up my nerves again before taking on another.

We made our way around the park, taking on the really big rides like the Space Probe that takes you high up into the air and then drops you really fast and I thought my heart was going to come flying out of my mouth, the Demon rollercoaster that holds you upside-down before it takes off really swiftly through loops and bends and the Beastie rollercoaster which is huge and rattles as it speeds along the track but for every scary ride we went on Sam made sure we also back it up with a slow moving, less thrilling ride, just so I can catch my breath and keep the contents of my lunch inside of me. By the time 5pm comes around I think we’ve gone on every thrill seeker ride the park has.

We make our way back towards the gates, passing through the gift shop where I pick up some presents for Bridget and Dad and Sam picks up the picture we had taken that morning as well as a funky Jetson’s frame to put it in.

“I’ve had the best day, thank you baby” I tell him on our walk back to the car.

“Anything for my girl” He takes my hand and leads us through the crowd of people leaving the park. I’m exhausted but still on a high.


We arrived back in Claremont after a 2 and a half hour drive, without the busy rush hour traffic holding us back the drive was smooth. As we pulled into Sam’s street I noticed there were a lot of cars parked along the usually quiet street.

Sam pulled into his driveway, I looked up at his darkened house, his Dad must be at work tonight, which would mean I would get Sam all to myself again for another night. Sam got out of the truck and made his way to his front door, taking only the framed picture, that we had taken that day, with him

“What about our bags?” I questioned him.

“We’ll come back for them after we’ve eaten, I just really want to get inside and relax” He says, unlocking the door and stepping aside to allow me to walk into the pitch black entry hall before him, he makes his way through the house, never once turning on any lights so I follow him closely, afraid I’ll bump into something and then he opens the back door and once again steps aside so I can walk out there first.

“Surprise!!!” I hear a chorus scream as I step out into the back yard, making me jump out of my skin. The backyard is then flooded with lighting and I see the faces of my Dad, Bridget, Aunty Celeste, Nick and a whole heap of kids from my years at school, including Lucas and a very unimpressed Kristen.

“You said I couldn’t have a party” I exclaim to Dad as I try to calm my breathing back to normal, my heart has had a full on day of being alarmed by thrills but this is the best one.

“No, I said you couldn’t have a party at our house, I never said anything about not having a party at all” My Dad laughs, throwing his arms around me, “As if I would have just let your 18th birthday pass by without a celebration, that’s something your Mother would have done pumpkin”

“You all planned this?” Surprised still that I had no idea what was going on.

“Yep, Bridget, Sam, Kate, Nick and I spent a few weeks putting this together, we just needed you out of the house so you wouldn’t catch on, now go, enjoy your night with your friends” He says, setting me free from his hold.

Kate comes bouncing up to me, wrapping her arms around me and squeals happy birthday into my ear so loud, I can’t tell who is more excited, me ore Kate. She hands me a pre mixed raspberry vodka and leads me through the mass of people who have filled the Lions’ big backyard, I look around, trying to spot Sam but can’t see him.

“You should have seen your face” Kate giggles, “I almost slipped up last week and told you, you know how shit I am with keeping anything from you”

She leads us to where Alex, Lucas, Kristen and Petra are standing and I take a moment to look around the backyard, theres a giant ‘Happy Birthday’ banner hanging from the balcony, two long tables, one with food the other is where people have placed presents for me, there’s music blaring from a stereo and buckets filled with ice and alcoholic drinks.

“Happy birthday Roni” Lucas says to me, pulling my attention back to the group in front of me, “I know it’s not until next Friday though”

“Thank you, I really wasn’t expecting all of this” I’m still so shocked by the effort everyone went to.

Sam comes walking up to our group, three beers in his hands, he gives one to Alex and another to Lucas before moving around to stand opposite me.

“Can we have a chat?” He asks Lucas, we talked about this on the way home, how he has to have that talk with Lucas because we are both tired of hiding our relationship, I want to kiss my boyfriend in public and not have to worry about who sees it.

“Later mate, after we’ve had a few” Lucas promises Sam. Sam looks over at me, I can see the nervousness behind his smile.

“Sam let me have full control over the music for tonight” Kate says proudly.

“Small victories Katherine” Sam laughs but he also knows that this would be a big deal to Kate, the fact that he gave in and let her have control over tonights playlist.

“Lets dance” I grab Kate by the arm and pull her away from the group, throwing our empty bottles into a near by garbage bin and grabbing new drinks from a bucket, we find an empty patch on the grass and decide to make it our makeshift dance floor and it’s not long before others start to join us.


As the night carries on and the drinks keep flowing everyone is having a great time. While dancing with Kate I see from the corner of my eye Nick chatting to Aunty Celeste, I look over to where Sam is standing with Lucas and Alex, he too has noticed his Dad and my Aunty engaged in what looks to be a very flirty conversation. Her hand touches his shoulder as she laughs at the story he is telling her.

The music cuts out, bringing everyone to a complete halt, looking around for the source of the disruption and that’s when I see Dad and Bridget walking out from the kitchen, Dad carrying a large box and Bridget has a knife.

“If I could have everyone’s attention and if my beautiful daughter could come up here please” Dad call out, I make my way over to where he has set the box down on the table, peering inside I see a beautifully decorated chocolate cake with white icing that reads ‘Happy Birthday Veronica’, the cakes edges are decorated with strawberries and chocolate curls, it smells absolutely devine.

“Firstly I want to say how proud I am of you Veronica, I’ve watched you make some pretty big decisions in the past few months and you’ve handled them like a mature, courageous young lady. Every father just wants to see their children grow up to be happy and I am lucky enough to have two daughters who fill me with joy everyday” Dad smiles proudly at myself and then at Bridget, who is now standing with Amber, openly holding hands with each other. It makes me so happy to see them together, to see Bridget in love.

“Thank you for being such a great sister to me, for always supporting me and having my back, even when we have our fights” Bridget says, wiping a tear from her eye, she walks over to me and throws her arms around me, “I love you Roni”

“I love you too Bridgey” I tell her, “I love you too Dad, thank you for all of this and to Bridget, Kate, Sam and Nick who helped plan everything”

Sam strides up to the table, lifts the cake out of the box and lights the the big ‘18’ candle that sits on top of the cake, the crowd sings happy birthday to me and I blow out the candles, making sure to make a wish.

Bridget hands me a shape knife and a warning.

“Remember, if you touch the bottom you have to tell everyone who you love”

“Well hopefully soon I will” I laugh, glancing over at Sam who is chatting with my Dad. I begin cutting the cake into squares, placing the pieces into small bowls and handing them off to Dad who then hands them out to guests.

“Thanks Mr Kreslin” Lucas says as Dad hands him a bowl, “How have you been?”

“Sorry kid, do I know you” Dad pretends to play dumb, trying to get Lucas to go away.

“Mr Kreslin, it’s me, Lucas”


“I use to go out with Veronica”

“Oh yeah, now I remember you, the dick that would sit in my driveway blasting his horn to let my daughter know he was there instead of walking up to the door and ringing it like a gentleman should” Dad scolds Lucas and Lucas walks away embarrassed.

“Dad, seriously?” I ask him, rolling my eyes and laughing.

“What? That kid needs to learn manners, so glad your new boyfriend knows how to treat you right” He says, patting Sam on the back.


“I love you Kate” I drunkly express towards my best friend, the alcohol has set in after many of the pre mixed vodka drinks that I managed to consume, “You and I are going to be friends long after high school is over, we’ve just gotta get through the rest of this year and then we are free from seeing Petra or Kristen ever again”

“I can’t wait until next year, you and me at uni together” She squeals, a few drinks ahead of me, we stumble inside, making our way upstairs to use the bathroom.

“You use the main one, I’ll use the one in Sam’s en-suite” I tell her, giving her a tight hug like we’ll never see each other again, being drunk is the best.

I stumble into Sam’s room, taking a moment to find the light switch, first thing I notice is the photo Sam and I had taken that morning, displayed up on top of the glass cabinet, between the other photo that was taken of us kissing at the swimming carnival and the photo of Lucas, Sam and I from camp the year before. What I didn’t expect to find was an application form for Cambridge University.

I knew it was coming but I had pushed it from my mind, almost like I was in denial about the fact that Sam was leaving next year. I’d been so wrapped up in us that I had forgotten that this was meant to happen, he was going to attend Cambridge for three years before getting picked to play for Manchester United.

Where did this leave us then? I love Sam and I don’t want what we have to end but could we really, seriously survive if we did long distance?

“What are you doing in here Veronica?” I jump at the sound of Lucas’ voice, turning to see him standing in the bedroom doorway, watching me intently.

“I came in here to use the bathroom” I explain as he enters the room, I try to move myself so that I’m standing front of the photos on display but it’s too late, I know he’s seen them , he stands there, looking at all three pictures, his eyes moving from one to the other before picking up the one from school camp and holding it in his hands. I watch in horror as his arm pulls back and he throws the frame, at the wall adjacent to us, with such force that it causes the glass and wooden frame to shatter on impact.

He’s out the door and down the stairs before I can even register what just happened. I chase after him, weaving pass guests who have decided to hang out in the kitchen. I make it outside just as Lucas has Sam pinned up against the pool fencing, a crowd of people now circling around to watch the two best friends.

“How long?” Lucas yells at Sam, he’s shaking with immense anger as he pulls his fist back and just holds it, waiting for Sam’s answer.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about mate” Sam says, looking genuinely confused until his eyes land on me and he can see the panic written all over my face, Lucas knows and this wasn’t how we ever wanted him to find out.

“Mate? Seriously? You’ve been fucking my girlfriend and you have the audacity to call me mate? You’re a fucking joke” I can sense the rage rising in Lucas, he’s conflicted if he should hit Sam or find out answers first.

“It’s not what you think Lucas” I try my best to talk him off the ledge, maybe if I can get him to calm down we can talk about this.

“Were you fucking him while you were with me?” Lucas asks me, his voice trembling, the crowd around us has grown. My dad and Nick both try to step in to break up the fight but I shake my head at them, I can handle Lucas.

“No, nothing happened while we were together” I tell him calmly, coming to stand beside Lucas, “I promise you, I never cheated on you Lucas”

Lucas drops his fist and takes a step back and I breathe a sigh of relief.

“He’s going to hurt you Veronica, you know he’s going to” Lucas gives me his warning, his face filled with such anger and pain. He turns to walk away but Sam speaks up.

“We’re in love Lucas, it’s not just shagging, she’s my girlfriend and I love her” Maybe Sam thought that confessing his love for me to Lucas would ease some of the anger Lucas was feeling but it does nothing but add fuel to a raging fire, in the blink of an eye Lucas’ fist has slammed into Sam’s mouth and everyone gasps. Sam slides down the pool fence, his hand covering the point of impact, blood spilling out between his fingers. I rush to his side, not knowing what to do. Kate runs up with ice, wrapped up in a tea towel, handing it to Sam who applies it right on his mouth. I look up at Lucas who is still towering over us, his stance firm, his eyes cold as he watches us both.

“I never want to speak to you ever again Lucas Stephenson, you’re dead to me” I cry out loudly, “Never come near either of us ever again”

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