Soundtrack To My Youth (book 1)

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Bitter Sweet Symphony

By Monday the rumour mill was running wild, Sam and I being the only topic people wanted to talk about. Do you know what it’s like to walk into a room and have all eyes fall upon you? To walk pass people in the halls and know they’re whispering about you? I do. The dirty looks I got for ‘stealing Bridget’s boyfriend’ were nothing compared to them openly talking about how I destroyed the friendship between Lucas and Sam. People talk shit, others listen and spread what they’re told and very few come to your defence when you’re thrown to the wolves.

Everyone had an opinion about my relationship with Sam, from those who I’d once considered to be my friends to others who I’d never had anything to do with. I was Sam’s ‘flavour of the week’ according to most, some even gave me the warning that he would ‘chew me up and spit me out’ because to them Sam was known as a playboy and they just thought that I’d gotten myself caught up in his charms.

They didn’t know us, very few do, they didn’t know that Sam calls me every night to tell me that he loves me and how amazing his day was made by having me share it with him, they didn’t know that he would hold me after we’d made love, stroking my hair and kissing my neck, they also didn’t know that I would go to every soccer game that he would play and cheer him on.

People believe what they want to and you can try and set them straight but for each one that you could get through to, another ten would take their place so I had to learn quickly how to block out the idle gossip and rise above.

With all the negativity surrounding us there was one giant positive to come from Sam and I being exposed as a couple, we no longer had to hide our relationship from anyone, Sam is my boyfriend and I want everyone to know it.I could slide my hand into his and walk together to our table, I could kiss him and not care who would see us and I could write his name on my binder and draw a heart around it to let the world know that Sam Lions was mine.

“I’ll meet you after sixth period, down by the field” I told Sam after English class that afternoon, kissing his lips gently so I didn’t aggravated his busted lip, or as he liked to refer to it ‘battle scars’ from winning the war.

“I love you bunny, just remember that when they start talking shit” He tells me, knowing I’m heading into Drama class with both Kristen and Petra, luckily I’ll have Kate by my side. Sam walks me to the Drama room, located at the back of our school building, my hand intwined with his, the stares and murmurs of students as we push through the crowd together makes me hang my head but Sam won’t allow it. “We’ve done nothing wrong baby, let them talk all they want, by Friday we will be old news and they will have moved on to tearing apart someone’s lives for their own sick enjoyment”

It’s the truth too, we may be today’s hot topic but by tomorrow it could be one of them up there on the chopping block, trying to defend themselves to the rest of the sheep.

I walk into the drama room and take my spot on the floor next to Kate, she reaches over and takes my hand in hers and gives it a squeeze. Today has been tough and I know I wouldn’t have gotten through it without the support of Kate, Alex and Sam.

“Class, I want you to work in groups of four today” Mr Thomas announces as he closes the door to the drama room. Kate and I groan collectively, we both know we are going to be stuck working with Kristen and Petra because everyone else in the class is already part of a set clique. This had been my clique, from year 8 up until this year, the four of us were always inseparable really but now the thought of being forced to spend the next 40 minutes with Kristen and Petra was torture. “I want you to create a 2 minute skit about a relevant topic that is going on in the world right now or coming up, it can be funny or dramatic, you can use props if you feel you need to but I want to see how your groups can work together cohesively”

Kate and I stand up and wander over to where Petra and Kristen are standing in the corner of the room, Kristen giving me her best death stare while Petra looks like the cat that got the cream, she had been trying all day to get me to talk to her, she needed her gossip fix and wanting it straight from the source. Kate rolls her eyes at me before taking charge of our group.

“Let’s just get this over and done with, does anyone have any idea of a topic we could act out?” She asks our group.

“Y2K is a pretty big topic that I’ve heard a lot about in the news” Kristen says, and I laugh to myself at just the thought of Kristen even watching the news, the girl is an airhead.

“Y2K is a scam Kristen” I blurt out

“No it’s not, you’ll see, at the stroke of midnight on the 1st January planes are going to fall out of the sky and the whole world is going to go into chaos” Kristen shouts at me, making others around us turn and look at my group, great, more staring.

“There’s far worse things coming for the world than the year 2000” I roll my eyes at her, she has no clue of what horrors await us and none of them have anything to do with scam created to sell more products.

“Like you would know what the future holds Veronica, you didn’t even know that my boyfriend was going to punch yours in the face” She begins laughing, which just irritates me more. What did Sam ever find appealing about this dimwitted fool?

“Ok, girls, let’s stop fighting and focus on creating drama, not causing it” Petra speaks up and I’m actually surprised that she’s the one trying to play peacekeeper, usually she’d be all for a catfight.

“I agree” Kate chimes in, giving me her best ‘I’m on your side’ look, “Y2k is a boring subject anyway, lets do something fun, we could do the Olympics”

The suggestion is the one thing that unites us and we start formulating a skit, throwing around ideas and for the next 20 minutes we are not just four girls who were forced to work together, we’re actually laughing and dare I say it, having fun and when it comes time for us to present our skit to the rest of the class I actually buzzed because I know we have a funny, well thought out plan.

Our skit is about swimming in the Olympics, Kate is to be the gold medalist with Petra as her biggest competitor who tries to sabotage her, Kristen’s character is from a country that doesn’t even have swimming pools and is her first time swimming and my character is the girl who go lost and thought she was going to her local swimming pool to do some laps but has somehow ended up in the Olympic pool in Sydney. We set about, playing our parts and we get laughs and cheers from our peers throughout.

“Great job girls, exactly what I wanted to see in this task, a group that can work together seamlessly to create something exciting” Mr Thomas praises us. We take our spot together, back on the carpet to watch the other productions, I’m still on a high from our own until Petra leans over and whispers to me.

“So, you and Sam, how long was that going on for?”

And just like that, my high is gone.


I walked down to the field and watched Sam and his 16 other team mates run through their training schedule while their coach stood on the sidelines yelling specific gameplays to them. By the time they were done Sam looked like a hot, sweaty, sexy mess.

He and the other boys helped clear the field before the others made their way up to the shower blocks, Sam hanging behind with his coach to talk about the game they were playing on Wednesday night.

“We’re playing the Windale Warriors” Sam tells me, a smile spreading across his face that matches that of his coach, “It’s an away game”

“Windale, the only place where you go to see a soccer match and theres a high chance you’ll also see some boxing” Coach laughs. Windale had a reputation for being a bit of a rough town, known more for their violence than for their wins.

“Maybe you should sit this one out baby, I don’t want you getting hurt” Sam warns me but I shake my head in protest, there’s no way that I’d miss any of his games.

“Kate and I’ll have Alex with us” I assure him, I know he worries but he is just being overly cautious.

We say goodbye to the coach and make our way up the hill, towards the shower block, by now some of the boys have showered and are making their way home. I take my usual spot up against the wall but this time Sam stands with me, casually chatting to each of his team mates as they leave the showers, taking note of how many have left. I have no idea what he’s doing.

“Hey Kane, anyone else left in there?” He asks as one guy leaves the block.

“Pretty sure I was the last one” Kane says, running off towards the carpark. Sam turns to me with a cheeky smile plastered across his beautiful face.

“Wait here a moment bunny” He says before dipping inside the shower block briefly and then coming back out, he doesn’t say a word, just grabs hold of my hand and drags me inside the dark, stinky washroom. It smells heavily of sweat in here. He slides my bag from off my back and places it onto a bench, looking at me with playfulness in his eyes as he begins unbuttoning my school blouse, pulling it apart to expose my plain, white, cotton bra that I never thought I’d be showing off to him, especially in here.

“What are you doing?” I shyly ask, attempting to cover myself back up because I’m afraid that someone could walk in here at any moment and catch up. I know this would be instant expulsion if we get caught by the wrong people.

“I want to give you a good day to remember, for when you look back on our first day as a public couple, , I don’t want it to be tarnished with the memory of such a shitty day” He explains, sliding my blouse off my shoulders and down my arms, “I dragged you into my world baby, I’m used to the gossip and the staring but you’re not and you shouldn’t have to put up with it”

“There’s nowhere else I’d rather be Sammy bear, I love you, we are in this together” I kiss his cheek as he reaches around and unclasps my basic bra, I’m now going to have to up my lingerie for school if this is going to become a regular occurrence. Freeing my breasts from their cotton cage he cups them with both of his warm hands, his thumbs circling around my nipples, making them perk up with the attention. He kicks off his shoes and I follow his lead, taking off my shoes, socks and skirt until I’m just down to my pastel blue panties, once again cursing the fact that I had no warning to change into something a bit sexier as I roll them off but Sam doesn’t seem to mind, I could stand in front of him wearing a potato sack and he’d still look at me with those lusting eyes.

He takes off his jersey, placing with my own clothes on the bench and then walks over to one of the many showers in the block, turning on the faucet and waiting until it warms up.

“Get in baby” He instructs me and I do, watching him roll down his shorts and grab a bottle of his body wash from his bag, stalking over to where I stand under the flow of the high pressured water stream that almost feels like it’s stabbing me, he wraps me up in his arms, pushing me hard up against the shower wall and begins kissing my neck.

The risk of being caught, naked in the shower on school grounds with my boyfriend, is a massive turn on right now, it’s fear and anxiety mixed with pleasure as his fingers caress my breasts, rubbing body wash into my soft, silky skin.

“I’ve been thinking about making an appointment with your Dad” I tell Sam, oh so casually and he freezes in his spot.

“I’m standing here with my hands on your perfect tits and you’re thinking about my Dad? Mood killer Roni” He laughs but goes back to massaging me.

“Actually I’m thinking about you and how we know that we’re both not sleeping with anyone else and that we’re committed to each other and I was thinking I might go on the pill” I smile up at him.

“Really? I’d love if you did that, I didn’t want to pressure you at all but I think it’s a grand idea” He can’t wipe the smirk off his face and I can tell exactly what he’s thinking because I’m thinking it too, I want to be intimate with him, without a barrier, without the worry that we didn’t bring a condom or if we start getting hot and heavy in a place that we can’t use a condom, such as now. “But you won’t need an appointment, he could just write you a script this afternoon and we could go get it filled today”

“And then we could...” I begin to say but my words are cut off when his lips crash into mine, kissing me deeply, pinning my body to the shower wall with one hand while the other trails its way down my stomach, between my thighs, his thumb circling my sensitive nub, making me moan into our kiss. He winces with pain from his busted lip but still doesn’t pull away.

“Hey Sam, are you still in the shower block” Coach bellows from outside, my heart jumps into my throat, we’re busted, we’ll be expelled. How will I explain this to Dad?

“Ah yeah?” Sam hollers back, big, beautiful smile spreading across his face as he starts moving his thumb faster, sliding two fingers inside me and pumping them at rapid speed, I don’t want to make a noise but fuck this feels so good. Bitting down hard on my lip in the hopes of suppressing any more noises escaping.

“I just got a phone call from my wife, her Father has passed and I need to travel interstate for the funeral so I won’t be here for the next week. I need you to take over the training ” Coach calls out. I thought we were caught but his coach has no clue that I’m in here. An exhilarating rush overtakes me, Sam uses his free hand to cover the screams treating to escape my mouth as I unravel on his other, leaning against the wall to steady myself.

“Will do” Sam shouts back, his eyes locked to mine. That was close, a little too close and we both know it.

“Thanks mate, good luck on Wednesday, I’ll see you next week” We stand in silence, waiting for the sound of footsteps on the pavement and it’s only after I know the coach is gone that I slide out of the shower, using the towel that Sam left on the bench to dry myself.

“You’ve never come that fast before baby” Sam say, laughing, “I think my girl likes the thrill of knowing she could get caught”

“We are never doing that again Sam” He shuts off the water and walks over to where I am, standing in front of me in his wet, naked form, beads of water still dripping from his skin, he begins drying himself off with the towel as my eyes roam over his gorgeous body.

“You say that bunny but we both know you’ll cave in and be back in here next week, you can’t resist me baby” He’s so cocky but I love it.


Crossing the almost empty carpark on our way to truck I’m caught off guard by the sight of Lucas and Kristen, leaning up against Lucas’ car next to Sam’s, smirking as we approach the truck and then I see why, the long, scratch mark, standing out on the drivers side door and only one guess of how it got there as Lucas starts playing with his keys.

“You fucking wanker” Sam yells at Lucas, pinning him to his car.

“You’ve got zero proof that I did that” Lucas laughs, “Maybe you slept with some other bastard’s girlfriend and he took it upon himself to seek revenge”

“Are you seriously just going to keep coming after Sam? It’s not going to achieve anything, I’ll never be yours ever again so you can just back off of my boyfriend” I scream at Lucas.

“I wouldn’t take you back even if you begged me Veronica. I have a girlfriend who wasn’t out there, whoring around behind my back” Lucas smugly tells me while Kristen smiles at us.

“Oh I’m a whore am I? Let’s ask Kristen where she went to after the dance?” There’s no way I am going to let him win this one, the smug, arrogant bastard that he is.

“She came to my house” He says, matter of factly. Oh you stupid, stupid man.

“Actually she came to my house first, begged me to take her back and I told her to fuck off” Sam informs Lucas, stealing the smug smile as Lucas’ falls, but Sam isn’t done yet, ” Kristen also knew that Veronica and I were together, she kept it from you so not only were you the runner up prize to me but your girlfriend knew I was shagging your ex and kept her mouth shut, it’s a shame she hasn’t learnt to do the same with her legs”

Sam lets go of Lucas when he sees that this revelation has hit harder than any punch ever could, walking back over to me he wraps his arms around me and I kiss him on the cheek.

“We should get home Sammy bear, I owe you for what you just did to me in the shower” Sam unlocks the truck and we climb in, laughing with each other at the argument that has now erupted between Lucas and Kristen.

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