Soundtrack To My Youth (book 1)

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On The Day You Come

“Happy Birthday Pumpkin” Dad announced Friday morning, flinging open my bedroom door. I glanced over to my bedroom clock which read 4:52, the sun wasn’t even up yet but I had to be? I sat up in my small, single bed, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes while they tried to adjust to the light pouring in from the hallway.

Birthdays were always a big deal to my Dad, he loved celebrating Bridget and I and making our day as special as it could be, even if our birthday fell on a day that we were stuck at our Mother’s house he would travel down and take us out for lunch.

“Thank you Dad” my voice thick with stollen sleep, he moved in further to my room and I could see that he was holding a small, square box in his hands. “Dad, you shouldn’t have, you already gave me an amazing party and $200 just to go to a theme park.” He sat down on my bed, placing the box between us.

“It’s uh...not from me, it’s from your Mother actually, she left it at the door last night” I look from him to the box, anger building inside of me.

“I don’t want it” I tell him firmly, pushing it far away from me, “She couldn’t even be bothered to contact Bridget on her birthday and that letter that was sent was absolutely disgusting and now she thinks she can try and buy me? If Bridget saw this it would break her heart”

“I thought that this would be your stance on it but I didn’t want to hide it from you, I needed to give you the option of opening it or not and I didn’t want to show it to you in front of your sister because, like you said, it would break her heart. I can’t tell you not to allow your Mother back into you lives, I can only support You and Bridget in whatever decision you make but, in my opinion, your Mother isn’t doing herself any favours by not accepting who her daughter is, she’s only hurting herself with her actions” He leans over and kisses the top of my head before standing up from my bed, taking the box with him. He gets to my doorway and turns around, “No school today, I left money on the table, go out for lunch with your sister and enjoy your birthday pumpkin.” He closes the door behind him, leaving me in darkness with my thoughts, a few moments later I heard the front door closing and Dad’s work van roaring to life before it backed out of the driveway and down the street.

How could she? How could she think that it would be alright to give me a present when she had done nothing for Bridget? When she had told Bridget how much of a ‘disappointment’ she was to her. That present was never meant to be for my birthday, in fact it wasn’t even about me at all, it was about finding a way to get to Bridget, to hurt her and to show Susan’s merry band of enablers that she tried but her daughters had rejected her.

They’d never know the full truth of the story, nor would any of them ever dare question Susan, to them, her word was golden, her daughters were the bad seeds and she was the worlds perfect mother.

I got up and paced around my room in anger, it’s my birthday, I should be feeling special, happy, cheerful, joyous, ecstatic but instead all I could feel was anger. My birthday ruined before the day had even begun.

I grabbed my phone from beside my bed and sent off a text to Sam, explaining how I won’t be going to school today. It was the last day of the term before Easter break so it wasn’t unusual for kids to be skipping, with families wanting to leave early for camping to try and beat the holiday traffic rush that would kick in by this afternoon.

I was surprised to hear my phone vibrate with a reply, it was 5:30am, Sam didn’t usually wake up until 7 on a school day.

***Happy Birthday bunny, I love you. Can I come over?***

Seeing Sam this morning would certainly turn this bad day back around, I sent back a text saying yes and ran to the bathroom to shower as quickly as I could before he would arrive. I know it was ridiculous, Sam had seen me in my PJs, with bed hair numerous times now but this was my special day and I wanted to put the sour taste of the morning behind me and enjoy my day.

I stood under the steady stream of water for 5 minutes, washing myself with super speed while brushing my teeth at the same time. I dried myself off fast with my towel before wrapping it around myself and racing back to my room. Today was definitely a day for fancy underwear, none of those boring cotton bras that I usually saved to wear on school days, no way, today I’d be wearing my new red, Wonderbra that pushed my boobs right up and made them look a cup size bigger with matching lace panties. I threw on a black, mid length, scoop neck dress just as I heard a knock at the door.

I walked casually down the hall, making an effort to not wake Bridget, it was now 5:45am, so I figured I had at least just over an hour before her alarm would go off, plenty of time to be alone with Sam.

I swung open the door and took in the sight of the boy in front of me, dressed in his dark blue jeans and a white t-shirt. Stepping out into the cool, damp morning air I thought to myself about how a few weeks earlier the mornings had been heat but now Summer was behind us and the crisp, cooler weather was a sign that Winter was only a few months away.

“Happy birthday” Sam says, wrapping his strong arms around me, his lips crashing against mine, drinking me in. I never knew what it was like to not be able to get enough of someone until I couldn’t get enough of Sam Lions. He was my drug that I would never give up, he made me feel things that no-one had ever been able to draw out of me. Breaking away from our kiss, he holds my face in the palm of his hand, his thumb stroking my cheek softly. “I have a present for you baby”

“Is it in your pants?” I ask cheekily, I didn’t wear the fancy underwear for nothing.

“Actually it is” He says, reaching down and pulling a small, black box from the pocket of his jeans, he opens it up to reveal a silver necklace with a heart pendant with 2 diamonds attached, taking it out of the box, he clasps the chain around my neck, the heart falling perfectly just above my cleavage.

“It’s gorgeous, I love it, thank you Sammy Bear” my fingers play with my new piece of beautiful jewellery as I look deep into his eyes.

“I wanted you to always have my heart with you, no matter if we’re near or far apart, I’ll always be with you Veronica” I feel a shiver run through me but it’s not from the cold.

“Like when you go to Cambridge next year?” I may have his heart but mine is cracking at just the thought of him leaving me behind.

“I haven’t decided yet if I’ll go, I’m so torn Veronica, before you, before us, I wouldn’t of questioned going but now...” His face is pained, he’s been grappling with this since he filled out the application and sent it away.

“You have to follow your dreams Sammy and I will be here for you, we can make this work, with the way technology is now and how I know it is only going to get better with time, it will feel like we’re not even apart” I console him, trying to also reassure my own fears about him leaving. I don’t want to think about him leaving, not today, I grab his hand and drag him inside, leading him down to my bedroom, “I wanna see what else you have in your pants for me”

Closing my bedroom door behind us and locking it to ensure there’s no intrusions, I set about undoing his jeans and sliding them down his legs, eyeing the presence of his erection straining against his briefs.

“He’s been up since before I was this morning” Sam whispers, the cheeky smile that I love crossing his face as he lifts my dress over my head and his eyes go wide as he takes in the sight of my underwear. “Fuck me, you’re a beautiful vision my girl.” His fingers tracing softly over the mounds of my cleavage. I free him of his briefs and walk him backwards towards my bed until he’s sitting on the side, looking up at me in awe.

I slide my red, lacy panties down my thighs slowly, bending forward to give him the view of my breasts, pushed together and held up perfectly by my bra. Opening the drawer on my bedside table I search in the dawn light for the small box of condoms I threw in there a week ago, the ones that promised that they were ribbed ‘for her pleasure’, not that I needed any help feeling pleasure with Sam, he always managed to hit the right spots that kept me satisfied but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to up the ante a bit, it would probably be one of the last times we’d be using condoms anyway, now that I had started taking the pill that week and as much as we both would of loved to go without one, Dr Lions had advised me to wait until after my next period.

I rolled the condom down onto his hard, long shaft before lowering myself down onto him and feeling him push inside of me like our bodies were made to fit perfectly together. I wrapped my legs around his waist and began rocking my hips as he thrusted inside of me, filling my core with his rock hard cock.

I reached down and peeled off his t-shirt, his last remaining item of clothing, throwing it on the floor behind me. My arms wrapped around his neck, his hands firmly on my arse, pushing himself deeper into me, his lips on mine in an attempt to muffle my joyous cries. He felt so good, I don’t know if it was what he was doing or if it was actually the ribbing of the condom but we’d never had sex that felt that amazing before and we’d had some pretty amazing sex up until now.

His palm smacks my arse, igniting a fire of ecstasy deep within me, spurring me on to move faster. His tongue fills my mouth as a moan threatens to escape and I push myself harder up against him, letting him hit deep within me, unable to stop myself from crying out.

“You feel so fucking good baby, so tight, so very tight” his voice is gruff. He unclasps my bra, freeing my breasts from their cage, he tosses the bra behind us, onto the bed and takes one of my breasts into his mouth, licking and grazing his teeth across my hard nipple, it’s enough to bring me unraveling around him, my orgasm washing over me, granting me erotic gratification. He grants me a moment to gather myself before picking me up, my legs still wrapped securely around his waist, he places me on the bed, on my back and begins driving himself hard and fast into me, my screams of pleasure filling my tiny bedroom. He unwraps my legs and guides the up, on to his shoulders, penetrating deeper than never before.

My eyes roll into the back of my head as my second orgasm takes hold of me.

“Hold on baby, wait for me” He says breathlessly, holding onto my hips as he pushes himself into me, “Now, baby, let go”

On command I feel myself give in and pleasure erupts inside of me, my core spasms around him as he releases himself into the condom, grunting out my name as he gives his last thrusts. I close my eyes and bask in the afterglow as he pulls himself out of me, I’m completely sated.

“Where do you want me to put this” Sam asks, bringing me back, opening jy eyes I see him standing by the edge of the bed, condom in hand, searching for a bin, I sit up and point to the small, pink bin almost hidden under my desk, he disposes of the condom, wrapping it in a tissue first and then comes to join me in my small bed, pulling my head up onto his chest and I wrap my naked body around his to create more room.

“That was a great birthday bang” I giggle, raising my head to kiss his waiting lips, his hand stroking my hair softly, he stops and sits up a bit, alarm ringing over his face, “What?”

“Can you hear that?” He asks and I listen to the noise coming from beyond my bedroom door, “The telly is on”

“Bridget” My body springs up in alarm, I check the clock on my bedside table, it’s only 6:50, she doesn’t get up until 7 and I was banking on the fact that I know she’s a heavy sleeper, that girl would sleep through an air raid, I’m sure of it.

I grab my clothes off the floor and get dressed, throwing Sam’s shirt and jeans at him. check in my mirror that I look decent, not like I’ve just had mind blowing sex with my boyfriend which I’m sure she probably heard. I open the door and make my way down to the living room, where Bridget is sprawled out on the couch, bowl of cocoa puffs resting on her lap, watching morning cartoons.

“Morning” I greet her sheepishly, trying my hardest to push my embarrassment down. She places her bowl on the coffee table in front of her and comes bouncing up to me, wrapping her arms around me.

“Happy Birthday” She says in a sing-song voice, “I saw the note on the table, no school and we can have lunch out, thank you for being born”

“Bridget, you haven’t been to school in over six weeks and you’re not due to go back until after the Easter break” I laugh at her excitement.

“Yeah but I spend every day here by myself, catching up on my school work but not today, today I will have you and Sam to talk to” She pulls me back onto the couch with her and as if on cue, hearing his name being said Sam steps into the room with us, looking just as embarrassed as I did, Bridget, fortunately isn’t going to make us squirm, she’s pretending like she heard nothing and I’m grateful for that.

“Is Amber going to school today?” I ask her, thinking it would be better for her if her own girlfriend could hang out with us today too.

“No but she and her family are going up to Tamworth for Easter, a whole two weeks without her, I don’t know how I’m going to survive” Bridget dramatically cries out.

“A whole two weeks, how ever will you survive” I mock her, throwing a cushion at her, “We could always take a trip up there, there’s the Easter long weekend coming up and Dad will be off, I’m sure he’d love to have a few days away”

My suggestion brightens Bridget up and my new necklace catches her attention, she places the heart in her fingers to admire the diamonds that sparkle in the morning sunlight.

“You have a good eye for jewellery” Bridget tells Sam, “Which will come in handy for when he’s picking out an engagement ring one day” She remarks to me.

I feel the colour drain from my face as I process her words, I only just got used to the girlfriend title, I’m a far way off being engaged.

“That would be a long, long way down the track” Sam says, shaking his head and laughing to himself and I let out a breath I’d been holding in, I’m glad we’re on the same page with this.


Spending my birthday with Bridget and Sam made for one of the best birthdays I’d ever had. Sure, there was no posts left on a Facebook wall for me from people I hadn’t seen or heard for in years but I had something much better, actual people to spend the day with. We went out for lunch and then the three of us played mini golf, which Sam won of course but we still had fun.

Fun which ended the moment we arrive back at my house and found my Mother’s car parked in the drive way. I groaned loudly, this wouldn’t end well.

“Go inside, I’ll deal with her” I instructed a very timid looking Bridget who did what I asked, walking past Susan’s car with her head down low. I hated that Bridget had to be the one hurt by Susan.

“I’m staying with you Roni” Sam promised, climbing out of the truck and coming around to meet me at the passenger side. Susan got out of her small, beat up car, her face unreadable as she approached us.

“I wasn’t sure if you’d be home from school yet but it seems you didn’t go anyway” Her voice laced with anger, “I’d like to talk to my daughter alone” She sternly tells Sam, as if she has any authority here. This isn’t her house, it’s mine and I say who stays and who goes.

“Sam’s not going anywhere so anything you have to say to me, you can say in front of him but I suggest you spit it out because I’m in no mood for your games today Susan” I wrap my arm around Sam’s waist to show her that we are a team. This doesn’t sit well with Susan, she does her best manipulation behind closed doors, away from the eyes of the world, it’s easier to cover it up that way and make everyone believe you’re a good person.

“I left a present at the door last night, I see that it’s gone. It hurts me terribly that you couldn’t even find 5 minutes to call and thank me yet, here you are, gallivanting around town with this no good boyfriend of yours. Why do you insist on hurting me?” She stares coldly at me, her breathing increasing rapidly with her rage.

“Dad has the present, I didn’t open it nor do I want it. You did it to hurt Bridget and showing up here, causing a scene for the neighbourhood proves that. That letter that you wrote your daughter was absolutely disgusting, Bridget needs a mother who will give her love and acceptance, two things you are incapable of showing” I’m trying hard to keep my emotions in check, if I cry then she will see my weakness and tear me apart, if I yell them my point gets lost but it’s all very hard when I’m facing down the dragon.

“This has nothing to do with your sister, you’re twisting everything around to try and make me feel bad when I did a good thing for you” She defends herself and I feel Sam’s body go tense beside me, he’s had enough of standing by while she tries to play the role of a saint.

“You allowed your son to put his hands on your daughters and you did nothing to stop him. Bridget is only just recovering from her broken rib which your bastard of a child inflicted on her. You manipulated Bridget and Veronica into keeping their mouths shut about what he was doing to them, each time he lashed out because you knew that it reflected poorly on you as a mother, to sit by and not put a stop to it but come June he will be put away for a very long time” Sam’s fury breaks free from it’s hold, unleashing his built up anger towards Susan.

“Drop the case against Carson or I will be telling Amber’s parents what disgusting, vile things the girls have been doing” Susan threatens me. I can’t believe what I am hearing, she’d destroy Bridget’s relationship to save Carson, that’s a new low, even for her. She is unbelievable.

“Bridget would never forgive you” The tears I’ve been working hard to hold in spill out freely, my heart feels like it’s racing so fast, I look up at Sam and see his jaw clenched.

“I don’t seek the forgiveness of sinners” Susan says coldly

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