Soundtrack To My Youth (book 1)

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Whatta Man

“Tell me again why you’re dragging my arse to school on a Saturday?” Sam asked, yet again on our walk from the cafe over to the school, I had told him I had something to show him but couldn’t tell him any more than that. “It won’t even be open Veronica, we’ll get done for breaking and entering and end up with records”

I knew for a fact that the school would be open today because Saturday was market day and our school was the place to be for anyone looking for a market stall bargain. As we rounded the corner we could see that the car park and adjacent street was full and there were people everywhere.

The markets were set up in the outdoor area of the school, spreading from the quad all the way down to the fields. There were stalls for every interest, from home grown, organic fruits and vegetables to soaps and clothes. I grabbed Sams hand and dragged him through the crowds, stopping only to pick up a homemade bath fizzy and some new hair pins with butterflies on them. I threw my purchases into my handbag and directed Sam towards one of the upstairs classrooms, once inside I shut the door behind us and began pulling down all the blinds.

I didn’t know what the protocol was for students being inside these rooms when school wasn’t in session so I didn’t want to risk us getting caught.

“This is my history room” I explain to Sam, running my hand over the heavy wooden desk that Mr Warden currently calls his own but in another life it was mine.

“I know this Veronica, this is where you have history” He looks at me confused, dumbfounded that I would bring him here, of all places. “I thought I was meant to be learning about your life beyond school”

“This is my life beyond school, I teach history here, years 8 through to 12. This is my desk now and the student desks are still the same because the school cries poor every time we ask for an upgrade but theres always enough funding for new uniforms for sporting teams every year” It’s actually comical how little this room has changed in 20 years. The chalk board was replaced with a white board, the overhead fans taken out in favour of an air conditioner and the students chairs were upgraded to ones that promote good posture but apart from that, this room still looks exactly how I left it back in 2020.

“Ironic really, the girl who teaches history was sent back to rewrite her own” He chuckles, pinning me against the desk. I pull myself up onto it, opening my legs just wide enough to allow him to step in between them. My arms wrap around his neck, drawing him in to my lips. The tension of the night before is washed away once his lips meet my own. Maybe we’re not equals, maybe we never will be but there’s no denying that there’s something amazing between us.

My legs hinge around his waist, pulling him in tighter, pressing his hardness up against me as his hand makes an attempt to slip up my skirt, moving ever so slowly along my thigh until I reach down and stop it, ultimately ending our make out.

“We can’t do this here” I begin to protest but he places a finger over my lips to stop me.

“Bunny, we’re on the second floor, no one knows we’re in here and no one will hear a thing” He makes a convincing argument in his favour and I really could use the release but the thought of what Kate and Alex are going through was weighing heavy on my mind and Sam must have sensed it, reaching for his wallet he pulled out a condom and sat it on the desk next to where I was perched. He tucks my hair behind my ear and cradles my face in his palm, looking deep into my eyes. “I know you’re scared baby, I know I reacted poorly and I’m so ashamed of that but I don’t want to let it destroy our bond, I love you too much to let it come between us”

I kiss him deeply, giving him the unspoken signal that it’s alright to continue and he wastes no time, returning his hand to my thigh, creeping it higher and higher as his tongue softly massages my own. I feel his fingers trail along the seam of my panties causing me to moan into his mouth and he takes that as his cue to slip beneath the sheer fabric and into my wet folds that are craving his touch.

He doesn’t disappoint, moving his thumb in a circular motion over my saturated, sensitive nub. I once again break away from our kiss but this time it’s to encourage him to go further.

“Lay back” He whispers, moving the random pieces of paper scattered on the desk out of my way as I lower myself down. The skirt I pick out that morning was a simple A-line, it didn’t allow for much movement but it did have a side zip which made it easier to remove and once he had discarded of it then he started sliding my panties down my thighs, over my knees and collected them when they were at my ankles. Scrunching them into a ball and placing them into his pocket with that gorgeous, cheeky smile that told me he was keeping them.

He left me to grab a chair, placing it between my legs, close enough to the desk as he could get. Pushing my legs wide as his warm breath set my whole body alight with arousal but it was the sensation of his tongue, flicking against my clit, that had me crying out his name. I grind myself against his mouth, taking all that he was giving me and let it feed my desire.

He knows my body like no one else ever has, he knows how to pleasure me, how to get me to pant and scream and when to slow it all down so that the euphoria would be more drawn out. He slid two fingers deep inside me, curling them to hit the spot that he knew would bring me over the edge. With my hips bucking and my core clenching around him I felt my sweet release bring me undone. I rode out my orgasm on his fingers while he got himself ready for the next round. When I opened my eyes and sat up I saw he was now missing his pants and his underwear.

He tore open the condom with his teeth, placing the wrapper on the desk before rolling its contents onto his erection. He looked so handsome as his dark brown hair fell in front of his eyes and he pushed it back, which gave me the perfect excuse to admire his defined bicep that poked out beneath his t-shirt. He was gorgeous and he was all mine.

“Mr Warden gave me a C in history in year 10” He remarks as he helped me down from the desk and bent me over it. I can feel his cock against my entrance but he’s not going in yet. “He fucked up my grade because I didn’t know anything about when the First Fleet arrived so now I’m going to fuck my girlfriend on his desk and I’m going to love it”

He slams himself into me, making me grab the edges of the desk as he pumps me hard and fast. It’s absolute pure bliss and I can’t get enough of him. He pushes me down further, allowing himself to go into me deeper, holding onto my hips tightly.

“Baby, harder” I manage to pant out and he obliges, knowing exactly how I wanted it, rough and hard today. The sound of him grunting every time he pushes deep into me turns me on even more.

“You like that bunny don’t you? you like it when I go hard?” His question is more of a statement, he knows what I love and he aims to please me. I know my juices that are escaping are being smeared onto the desk but right now I don’t care, my only focus is my building orgasm. My whimpers become louder as I skirt around the edges, needing my release, clenching so hard around his cock, I can’t hold it back any more, I lose full control, my body trembling with gratification as I release. “Fuck you feel so fucking good when you come on my dick baby”

His legs go tight behind me as he drives himself with intent into me, over and over until he releases himself into the condom, leaving us both feeling satisfied.

I took a moment to gather myself before sliding my skirt back up my thighs and zipping it up again. I held my hand out for my panties but he refused to part ways with them.

“How can you not know when the First Fleet arrived, it came from your country. Did they not teach you about countries that were conquered by your own?” I laugh. He ties a knot in the end of the condom and places it in the bin under the desk but leaves the wrapper on the desk.

“Nope, we learnt about Napoleon and the War of the Roses, nothing ever came up about our explorers” He explains as he gets dressed, he looks down at the desk where my juices are glistening and laughs to himself, placing the condom wrapper next to the small wet patch. “He gave me a C so I think it’s only fair to leave evidence of ours here”

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