Soundtrack To My Youth (book 1)

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Waiting For Tonight

Saturday was somewhat slower at the clinic this week, giving Kelsey and I time to chat in between patients. I learnt that she was studying nursing and was in her second year, was dating a pre-med student but it wasn’t serious because of his busy schedule, she thought about ending it completely but the ‘mind blowing sex’ was what kept her holding on to him. She was extremely open when talking about her sex life and the men she had slept with, telling me stories about the really bad ones and how this guy was the best she’d ever far. She made me laugh hysterically all morning and we were fast becoming friends.

I felt so comfortable talking to her because of how open she was and how I knew that there’d be no judgement. I shared with her how Sam and I had done the deed on the history desk the week before and watched as her whole face lit up like a Christmas tree.

“I was a virgin when I was in high school, didn’t lose it until my first month at uni and even then it was just tame, boring, bedroom sex but you Veronica, you are living my wildest high school dreams” She clapped her hands excitedly. “So you and Doctor Lions’ son...”


“You and Sam, you’re a thing right? I wasn’t reading that wrong last week?”

“He’s my boyfriend, we’ve been together since February ” The best three months of my life, minus the times when we fight which really is hardly ever.

“I guessed that he would have known your ex too, that’s kinda why I let you go early, just to save a confrontation in the waiting room”

I’m so grateful that she was intuitive last week when Sam came in, I can’t imagine how I would of dealt with them clashing in a public place, it was bad enough on Monday at Lucas’, although I would like to help them heal their broken friendship, seeing as though I am the cause of the fracture, it seems only right that I bring the two of them back together, I just need Sam to see the change in Lucas, then he will surely let him back into his life.

“They used to be best friends.” Guilt eating me up just telling her that much, I know she must be thinking it, that I came between them so I told her everything, from how I started dating Lucas, not knowing Sam had feelings for me, the bet they’d made, the way Lucas had treated me throughout our whole relationship, the break up, Sam making a move and me running from love until I realised he wasn’t anything like Lucas and that I loved him, what happened when Lucas found out and the fights the boys had had.

“Lady, that is more drama than what I get on an episode of Days of Our Lives” She laughed as she played with the pen between her fingers, I’d never thought about how much the three of us had been through, in the year alone. “We need a girl’s night out” She suddenly announces, she grabs a piece of paper from the printer and starts scribbling her details on it then hands it to me. “You’re coming to my house tonight and then we’ll go clubbing, don’t bring anything but a change of clothes and make up, I’ve got plenty of booze and we can drink and get ready together.”

That actually sounded like something I needed, a night away from all the boy drama in my life. It had been over 10 years since I last went out clubbing, I’d stopped going after Kate got married and Bridget had met Carol but I always loved the thrill and excitement of getting dressed up and dancing until my feet felt like they were going to fall off.

“I’m so down for that, I’ll need to go shopping for a new dress and heels” I pull my purse from my bag, trying to calculate if I have enough money for a new outfit and a night out, plus needing extra for the taxi ride home, suddenly realising the other reason I stopped going clubbing, the cost, it is so much cheaper to get drunk at home and dance around in the living room.

“Cool, come by my house at around 7, I live with a flat mate but he won’t bother us, he mainly just keeps to himself but if we ask him nicely he may just drive us into town” She digs her phone out of her own bag and shoots a text off to who I assume is her flat mate, who replies within seconds with a yes. “Oh and you can borrow a dress and heels from me hun”

With my night all sorted I now just had to figure out how I was going to break the news to Sam, he had his grand final to play tomorrow afternoon so he’d probably be wanting a nice, quiet night in anyway.


At a quarter to eleven Lucas walked through the doors of the clinic, we hadn’t really spoken since Monday, we had handed the essay in and got an A+ for our work, which I was really proud of. I’d seen him around school all week and always gave him a warm, friendly smile, which he returned but our interactions never progressed past that. I’d wanted to talk to him, to touch base after what had happened on Monday night but I didn’t want to do it while Sam was around so I was glad when I saw him arrive early for his appointment.

“Hey” He shyly greeted me as he approached the desk, dressed in a long sleeve t-shirt and dark jean, he had a baseball cap on but pulled down low like he was hiding from the world. I ticked his name off and asked him to take a seat.

“Do you mind if I just have a brief chat to Lucas?” I asked Kelsey, there was no-one waiting in line and very few patients in the waiting room.

“Go for it”

I walked over to the secluded area that Lucas was sat in and took the seat next to him, he looked surprised that I’d come to him.

“What’s up Roni?” He asked, concerned, the last thing he expected was me coming to chat but I needed to get this over with before I could move forward.

“Sam told me about the bet, the one you both made about me” I watched as his face fell with shame, he never wanted me to find out.


“I was extremely angry when I found out and Sam copped the brunt of that anger” I explain, letting him know that he’s not off the hook for this, I may be past it but it’s still not right and if he and Sam are ever going to be friends again then he needs to never drag me into their competitions.

“It’s not Sam’s fault, it was completely mine, he never wanted to make the bet, he wanted nothing to do with it, I pushed him into it so whatever punishment you gave him then I deserve that” I was expecting a lie or for him to deflect any of the blame and say it was all on Sam, I was never expecting him to fall upon the sword and set Sam free of any wrong doing.

“I broke up with Sam over this”

“Shit, Veronica, no, none of this was ever his fault, you’ve got to take him back, please, it was all me” He begs me and I begin to feel bad about torturing him.

“We broke up for an hour and then I took him back” I set him straight, leaving out what we did after we made up, unlike Kelsey, Lucas doesn’t need to hear all the details of my relationship with Sam.

“Thank fuck for that, he deserves you Roni, you deserve each other”

“Why didn’t you ever tell me though?” I still feel that sting of betrayal from him, for all the times that he’d cheated and lied I think that actually feels worse.

“Why didn’t I tell my girlfriend that my best friend was in love with her and I was the dick that had stopped them from being together? Probably because it was not my finest move and I had admitted it then you would have dumped me.” He confesses, his eyes trained to the floor.

“Why stay with me then? If it was just a bet?”

“Because I started to like you and then love you and I didn’t want to lose you from my life, I’m selfish Veronica but you already knew that” He looks up from the floor, his eyes meeting mine, such sorrow behind them from the pain he’s caused himself through playing these shitty games. “I guess any chance of a friendship is now off the table?”

I want to believe that Lucas has changed, I want to believe that all the lying and the games are now behind him and that he’s showing me his true self. I know it’s a risk and I know that I’ll only have myself to blame if I’m wrong but I want to give him a chance because I believe that he desperately needs it, he needs to feel something good in his life again.

“We can be friends Lucas” It’s all I have to offer him but from his reaction you would think I’ve just given him the world, his whole face lights up. “Please don’t lie to me ever again though”

“I won’t Veronica, I’m going to be the friend that you deserved all along”

Daniel comes out of his office and calls Lucas over as I wander back to the reception desk, I never thought I’d see the day that Lucas and I became actual friends.


I decided to stop at Sam’s on my way home from the clinic, I wanted to let him know of my nights plans, I wasn’t seeking his permission but I like to upfront and honest with him so that he never has to worry if I’m up to something, it’s a side effect of being cheated on and not knowing or believing where my boyfriend was.

No sooner had I knocked on the door did it swing open to reveal a shirtless Sam, his abs glistening with sweat. It was freezing outside and here he was half naked.

“I was hoping it was you my girl” He leans in and kisses me, his skin hot to touch as our mouths melt together, almost making me forget why I came. I break away from the kiss and admire the man before me, I never grow tired of lusting over his perfect body.

“Did I interrupt your workout?” Sam was often in his home gym the day before a game, being an athlete he liked to stay in top form and I liked to appreciate the benefits of perving on his hot body.

“I just finished up, I was about to call you and tell you to come over, I thought we could do a workout of our own” He kisses my neck, just under my ear, knowing that that’s the spot that get me craving more. “Seeing you in your work skirt just me hard just thinking about how I took you on Warden’s desk”

“Baby, I came over to tell you that I’m going out tonight to a club for a girls night” He unzips my skirt while I’m talking and it falls to my feet, his hands instantly cupping my butt cheeks over the sheer material of my panties, this boy is the ultimate distraction.

“Sounds cool baby, tell Kate I said hi” He picks me up around the waist and I wrap my legs firmly around his torso as he holds onto me tightly, walking us over to the couch where he sits with me still straddling his lap, his lips working their magic on my neck again, peppering it with kisses.

“I’m not going with Kate, I’m going out with Kelsey from work, you know, the other receptionist?” I tell him and the kissing comes to a halt abruptly. He leans back a little, cupping my face with his hand, his thumb drawing circles on my now flushed cheek.

“Nope, not happening”

“Why not? You were all cool with me going out when you thought I’d be with Kate, what’s the difference?” I’m so confused by his change of attitude.

“The difference is that Kate isn’t a man-eater, Kelsey is” He laughs at the joke I’m not in on.

“How is she a man eater? She’s got a boyfriend, well a sort of boyfriend, he’s pre-med and they’re casually dating” I inform him. “You don’t even know her”

“Casual dating is another term for friends with benefits, Kelsey has had a few of those, I know this because she’s told me, in detail might I add, about them before hitting me up to be added to that list” Wait, Kelsey hit on Sam and neither of them told me? I’m always the last person to find out.

“When did she hit on you?”

“January, the week before we played mini golf, I stopped into the clinic to take Dad some lunch, it was a really slow day and she was being really suggestive” He explains as he lifts my shirt over my head and throws it on the floor behind us.

“And you weren’t tempted at all?” I’ll admit, the thought of any girl, past, present or future, hitting on my boy makes me feel a little jealous. He’s mine, I don’t want to share him with anyone.

“Will I be in trouble if I said I was?” He asks cautiously as his hands unclasp my bra, I shrug out of it to let him run his hands over my exposed chest, his thumbs roll across my nipples, making them hard. I can feel the wetness pooling in my panties.

“No but if you said you did sleep with her then I’d be completely jealous, it’s bad enough knowing that you slept with Kristen and having to see her every day at school” My hands begin trying to free him out of his gym shorts, which is proving to be a difficult task from where I’m sitting but I finally manage, with his help, to get them and his boxers off.

“I never shagged her, you know everyone I’ve ever shagged and none of them were Kelsey, I backed off once she started talking about the other lads. I get where she was coming from though, she’s a full time uni student with weekend job, that doesn’t leave her a lot of time to have a relationship but she’s still got needs, all respect to her”

“But you called her a man eater?” He respects her position but still labels her for it?

“Only because she wants to take my girlfriend clubbing tonight, girls go clubbing alone to hook up” There it is, he’s worried that I’ll hook up with someone while with Kelsey.

“Baby, remember that fight we had on Monday about trusting me?” I remind him.

“I do trust you bunny, what I don’t trust is the drunk, horny lads who will be trying to get into your panties tonight” He runs his hand along the edge of said panties.

“The only horny lad who will be getting into my panties is you, now help me get them off so I can have you in me” With one knee on either side of his lap he slides my panties down my thighs and grabs them once they hit my feet, throwing them over my shoulder as I ease myself down onto his rock hard cock, I love that feeling of him sliding into me, filling me as I’m wrapped so tightly around him.

With one knee placed on either side of him I’m able to use my position to my advantage, I start bouncing up and down, moving swiftly to create as much friction between us, throwing my head back in ecstasy as he takes one of my breasts into his mouth and lightly nibbles at my nipple.

“Mmm baby yes” I cry out as the pain he inflicts brings me rapid pleasure. My hands are in his thick, brown locks, pulling them while he nibbles and sucks at my breast. The sound of our skin slapping together as I rise and fall swiftly just adds to my excitement. He pulls his mouth away from my breast and uses his hands to squeeze them together and pushing his face into the valley, he then kisses from my chest up my neck until our mouths meet, drawing me in closer to him.

My tongue swipes over his softly, making me moan into his mouth, our kiss is full of lust and erotic desire. His hand runs down the length of my curvy body, cupping my arse, he spanks it, sending me closer to the edge. Breaking our kiss I pant out his name.

“You’re so warm and tight baby” He stammers out. “Lean back, I want to watch your body as you come” I place my hands on his knees and arch my back to give him the view he desires, my body begging for sweet release as I move rapidly against him and I reach my peak, coming back closer to him for kisses while I ride out the most amazing orgasm.

I know he’s not complete yet so I begin again, rocking on him, building momentum as he uses his strength to thrust deep into me.

“I’m so close baby, keep going, I’m almost...fuck, baby, I’m...” I feel him fill me inside, our sweaty bodies start to slow. With him still joined to me, I lay my head on his shoulder and he softly strokes my hair, nothing else in the world matters right now than being here with him in our afterglow.

“I’ll pick you up tonight from the club, Kelsey too” He says to me. I pull my head up to look into his eyes, they’re filled with so much love and admiration that’s all for me.

“Baby no, you’ve got to get an early night” I protest, I don’t want him stepping onto the field tomorrow feeling worn out from lack of sleep, this is the most important game he will play this year and he needs to be in top form if the Crushers have any hope of taking home the cup.

“Roni I wouldn’t be sleeping anyway until I knew you were home safe and the game isn’t being played until 3 tomorrow so I can afford a late night, I’d rather come get you then have you get a taxi home”

“I’m going to be very drunk, you know what I’m like when I’m drunk” I warn him and he chuckles.

“Very handsy, I know, another reason I want to come get you, I love drunk Veronica, she’s fun and I always get a blow job from her”

It was true, on the few times I had been drunk around Sam my inhabitations had gone out the window and he always rewarded sweetly from it.

“Can I stay over?”

“I just assumed you were, you never have to ask me baby.” He kisses my forehead and wraps his arms around my body to keep me warm, the chill in the air becoming more present as my I cooled down from our workout but still, I was too comfortable, laying in his strong arms to get up and change.

“I love you Sammy bear” I whispered to him, never had a man made me feel the way he does.

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