Soundtrack To My Youth (book 1)

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Ray Of Light

“Call me when you’re ready to come home baby” Sam said when he pulled the truck up to the curb side in front of Kelsey’s lakeside apartment block. Sam had offered to drop me off at Kelsey’s to save me having to collect my car tomorrow. I had only with me the clothes I was wearing, having packed an overnight bag to leave at Sam’s. Outside the temperature had dropped and the wind was beginning to pick up. “And please wear your coat baby, it’s due to drop to single digits tonight, I don’t want you getting sick”

I leaned over and kissed his lips, lingering to savour our moment. It was sweet how much he cared, it made my heart swell. He still had his reservations about me going out tonight, a lot of which stemmed from who I was going with. If I had been with Kate then he knew we wouldn’t be up to trouble but Kelsey was foreign to us both and he worried that she could lead me astray but I was determined to prove to him that he was the only boy for me, no one else would ever get a look in.

“I love you baby and I’m going to be thinking about the many ways I will be thanking you all night” I tease, letting him know that he’s going to be on my mind even when he’s not around.

“You don’t have to thank me, just stay safe and stay warm”

“Sammy, good deeds get rewarded and you’ve got a big reward coming your way when we get back to your place tonight, maybe even several rewards”This brings a smile to his face, he draws me back in for one final, melt worthy kiss that almost tempts me to just stay in tonight with him and have fun exploring each other.

My phone buzzes in my tiny handbag and I pull it out to reveal a text from Kelsey asking if I’m lost. I write back to let her know I’m out front and am coming up now. Climbing out of the warm truck, the icy winds bite at my exposed skin. I pull my coat tightly around myself and run towards the building entrance, once inside I give Sam one final wave and he drives off.

The apartment complex is pretty lavish inside, there’s the entrance foyer with marbled flooring and gold trimming all around, a set of private mailboxes for residents and even an elevator. It made me miss my own apartment, which was nothing special compared to Kelsey’s but still, it was my home.

Kelsey answered the door before I even had a knock, holding out a glass of coke mixed with I assumed spirits. I took the glass from her, taking a sip of its contents to discover it was, a very strong Jack Daniels, I stepped inside her forth floor apartment and was breath taken immediately by the picturesque view of the lake that was lit up with lights from boats against the dark night sky.

“How are you able to afford to live here?” I asked her, not meaning for my question to sound rude but even on my teachers salary I would never be able to afford a place like this and Kelsey only works one day a week.

“My parents own it and rent it out, hence why I have a flat mate.” She laughs. “They live in Sydney but I wanted to go to uni here and they already owned the flat so it was a win win, no dorm room for me”. She shows me around the large, spacious rooms. Her bedroom alone was the size of my living room and the walk in closet had me green with envy. Most people can only dream of living in a place like this but at the age of 20, Kelsey was living the dream.

She pulled a dress from the closet and held it out in front of her, it was an absolutely gorgeous, strapless, crimson red cocktail dress with slinky material and lacy bust that plunged down. It was classy and sexy all rolled into one.

“You’re wearing this tonight, in fact, you can keep it, I don’t have the assets to hold it up unfortunately but you do and it’s going to look amazing on you” She takes my half empty glass from my hands and replaces it with the dress, which feels so soft and silky under my fingers. I try to protest but she’s not having it, commanding that I get changed and come out to see her for hair and make up, closing her bedroom door behind her.

Bridget would kill for this dress and she would have the confidence to wear it without thinking about how much of her body it exposed, I, on the other hand, have always been afraid to show my body off, being more aware of my flaws but tonight was about trying new things and I don’t know if it was the liquid courage from the alcohol that was making its way into my system or Sam’s confident boosting body praise that had me changing into the dress so fast.

The dress was very form fitting and as I zipped it up it pushed my breasts together and created a lot of cleavage. I could only imagine Sam’s face if he was here right now, he often told me that he loved playing with my breasts and this dress would have him frothing from the mouth.

I stepped out of the bedroom to go find Kelsey, who was refilling my drink in the kitchen, her jaw dropped when she saw me.

“That dress was made for you Veronica, you look gorgeous in it” She hands me back my glass and ushers me over to her dinning table where she’s set up a curling iron and enough make up to rival Sephora. “Sit down and I’ll do your hair”

Kelsey had gotten ready before I arrived, her hair had been blow dried straight, giving it bounce on the ends, her make up was minimal but highlighted her face and she was dressed in a sheer blue, strapless sweetheart dress that fanned out a bit at the waist. She looked glamorous.

After she had curled my hair to perfection and topped up our drinks again, she then moved on to applying my make up. Looking at her own face I could tell that she wouldn’t give me anything over the top and I was right, she gave me subtle, smoky eyes and a very light pink dusting on my cheeks, finishing the look off with a clear gloss on my lips.

“I want your eyes to draw the attention away from your boobs” She laughed, running off to her room and returning with a pair of black heels that matched my tiny handbag. I wrapped my coat around myself and Kelsey shook her head. “Nope, no coat, it ruined the look”

“But it’s freezing outside and I promised Sam that I’d wear it”

“Keep drinking, it will keep you warm and once Sam sees you in this dress tonight the last thing he will be thinking about is your coat, I promise you” She shrugged me out of the coat and threw it onto her couch


At 9pm, Kelsey’s room mate, John, a big, stocky guy with a ginger beard and loud voice, drove us into town. We were going to eat dinner and then walk to the club. I had drank 3 of Kelsey’s heavily poured drinks and was well on my way to drunk town, I needed to get some food into me before I got too plastered early on and ruined our night.

Kelsey was right though, the alcohol searing through my veins kept me warm even though the icy winds whipped at our bodies as we made our way to the restaurant. I browsed the menu, trying to find something to eat that would fill me up but not bloat me, I finally settled on a grilled chicken breast with salad and ordered another Jack Daniels, not wanting my buzz to evaporate over dinner.

The waiter brought out our drinks first and upon first sip I was a little disappointed with how weak it was compared to the ones Kelsey had been pumping me with.

“You hit on Sam?” I asked Kelsey, surprising her, she looked at me sheepishly before looking away. “I’m not mad Kelsey, you were both single at the time”

“I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want things to be awkward between us, I like you Veronica, you’re a cool chick and I don’t want you thinking that I’m harbouring feelings for your boyfriend because I’m not. We flirted, I pushed for sex and he shut it down saying he was still hung up on a girl at school and was waiting for her to one day realise that her boyfriend is a dick and dump him. I’m guessing you’re that girl and I’m so happy that he got you, the way he spoke about you made my heart soar, he was so in love”

It made my own heart soar too just hearing how Sam had talked about me before we were even a thing, it’s the little things he does that makes me love him more. Happy tears pinprick my eyes and I stare up at the bright lights to stop them from falling and ruining my make up. I reach for my phone and send him a text, telling him that I love him.

Kelsey and I talked more about her relationship with the pre-med guy and how she’d be inviting him over once she was home tonight. I asked if she saw it getting serious between them and she smiled dreamily.

“One day, I hope it will but for now we’re both so busy and I’m completely happy with having him be my Saturday night sex buddy”

“Are there others? I’m not judging you by the way, I understand it, I’m just curious” In my former life I had had a few fuck buddies too in my time, being a girl who hated anything resembling commitment it was liberating to know there could be sex without strings attached...until they would get too attached and I’d have to cut them free.

“There were two others that I had on a rotation for a while but since I’ve met Justin I’ve stopped seeing the other two, Justin is all the man I can handle right now and the things that boy can do with his tongue, oh my god, Veronica, I get orgasm aftershocks” She whispers loudly, I love her openness, it makes me feel so comfortable to share things with her too.

“Sam’s the best sex I’ve ever had, he’s just so attentive and knows what gets me there. I hadn’t even had an orgasm with a man until I met him, I thought they were an urban myth, made up by men just to get more sex. I’d had them alone before but never together and never as powerful as the ones I have with him” Just thinking about it makes me wet.

“So Sam’s not your first? I just assumed that he swiped your V card, I think because of my own lack of experience in high school” She sounds surprised.

“Lucas was my first, I lost it to him last year”

“So, just the two?” She asks, she’s not judging me in any way.

Technically there has only been the two at this point, the others don’t really count. Sure, they taught me things, what I like, what I don’t like and I use those skills when I’m with Sam but that’s as much credit as they get. To be fair, there’s only been about 5 men that I had slept with since Lucas and 2 of them were more than just casual hook ups, not that I’d let it progress too much further than that though.

“Just the two” Clearing my history.

“I’ve had about 7 since I lost my virginity” She admits proudly. “Most of which were complete duds, one dude had no idea where to even find my clit and another could only get hard if I gave him a blow job first, and his dick tasted like sweaty ham”

Her confessions have us both in hysterics while we ate.


After dinner we made the short walk to the Metro, one of the most popular clubs around. There was a line up at the door already and two big, burley looking bouncers checking I.D. I pulled mine from my purse and we joined the fast moving line.

Dinner had sobered me up slightly, I was still tipsy but now with food in my belly I knew I wouldn’t peak too soon and could go for longer. We reached the top of the line, handing over our I.D’s and receiving a stamp each on the back side of our wrists to say that we had been checked.

Stepping inside of the club was like stepping back in time all over again. The smell of cigarette smoke was the first thing I noticed, smoking laws in clubs wouldn’t come into effect until the mid 2000′s so people could smoke inside and they did, everywhere. The club was packed with young adults already and the DJ they had playing that night had the dance floor filled.

“Let’s grab a drink and then head onto the dance floor” Kelsey yelled over the bass and I nodded in agreement. I was so taken in by the atmosphere of this place, the strobe lighting that stood out from the DJ booth, the hot, sweaty bodies clambering to get closer to each other as they moved to the beat of the music and the fun and colourful, icy cocktails that the bar was serving.

Kelsey ordered us both a frozen Jack Daniels, which I thought was going to make me shiver but when we started dancing and working up a sweat to the music I found that the frozen drinks were the best way to keep from over heating.

The DJ kept pumping out all the top 40 hits and we kept the drinks flowing, taking it in turns to buy the rounds. My feet were beginning to ache but I didn’t want to quit just yet, I was having the time of my life. Occasionally I catch some random guy who was looking to move in on either Kelsey and I but Kelsey was quickly onto it, she’d grab my arm and we’d change locations before they got a change to pounce. I was completely wasted and loving every minute of it.

By a quarter to two I was exhausted, my legs felt like they were on fire and I couldn’t wait to throw off the heels and just climb into bed beside my boy. We stepped outside, making sure to stick close to the bouncers so we felt protected while I called Sam to come get us.

No sooner had I hung up that the black truck pulled up, I suspect he must have been not far and was just waiting for the call. He stepped out of the truck and opened the passenger and back door, shaking his head as his eyes ran down my body.

“Bunny, where is your coat?” He asked, shrugging off his own and wrapping it around me. I closed my eyes and breathed in his intoxicating spicy scent.

“It doesn’t go with my dress Sammy bear” I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him, slipping my tongue inside his mouth. My exhaustion being pushed aside in favour of drunken horneyness. My hands slipping under his shirt to feel the grooves of his warm, crafted abs. “I’m going to ride your dick so hard when we get home”

Kelsey pats him on the shoulder before stumbling into the back seat and attempting to strap herself in. She’s plastered. Behind us I hear the bouncers chuckling.

“She’s my girlfriend” Sam explains to them as I suck at his neck, marking him to let all other bitches know that he’s mine. I turn around and walk up to the bouncers, I have more that they need to know right now, it’s very urgent.

“He is the best sex I’ve ever had, like ever, he’s so good and he makes me come every time which I’m sure your tiny dicks could never do” Sam is right behind me, lifting me around my waist and carrying me to the car while I flip the bouncers off but they don’t seem too miffed, they’re still laughing at me, as is Kelsey who has her head hanging out the window.

Sam careful guides me into my seat and clips in my seat belt. His car is so warm and it smells like McDonalds, which makes me wish we could get some.

“I got you both cheeseburgers” Sam says when he gets in the drivers side, he hands me a paper bag and I take one out and hand it to Kelsey. “I thought you’d be hungry after drinking all night, I got you waters too” He hands one back to Kelsey and places mine in the cup holder next to me. He pulls away from the curb and we head towards Kelseys apartment. The cheeseburger keeping me quiet until I’ve completed it.

“Boys were checking us out” I announce, Sam’s hands firmly grip the wheel but he doesn’t say anything. “Kelsey protected me though, she made sure no one came near us and we just danced together all night and I thought about kissing you” This makes him smile.

“Thank you Kelsey” He says, looking back at her in the rearview mirror.

“It was my pleasure, I wouldn’t let any dude touch what’s yours”

“Sam and I had sex on his couch this afternoon” I feel that this is information she really needs to know right now. “Fuck it was hot and I came so hard, didn’t I baby?”

Sam blushes but can’t wipe the big smile from his beautiful face.

“Baby, I don’t think Kelsey wants to hear about our shagging” Sam laughs.

“No, I do, please tell me more” Kelsey calls out from the back seat, spurring me on, I knew she’d like it. My hand reaches over the console and begins palming Sams crotch, placing pressure on the area to get him hard. The car swerves slightly and he grabs my hand in his, pulling it away his lap and placing them both in mine.

“You didn’t like that?” I thought for sure he’d enjoy a taste of what’s to come later.

“I never said that baby, I’m just trying to prevent an accident” He gives me a reassuring smile. “How was the club?”

“So much fun, they have frozen whiskey and the music was awesome, you would have hated it” Sam would have spent the whole night complaining about every song the DJ played.

“It wouldn’t have bothered me if I had you in my arms bunny girl” He says, making my heart melt, just when I have him figured out he surprises me. He pulls the car up to the curb out the front of Kelsey’s apartment building, theres a tall, dark haired man, who looks to be in his 20′s leaning against the car in front of us.

“Justin’s here, great, I can end my night on a high, thank you so much for driving me home Sam and thank you Veronica for a fun night out, I’ll get your clothes back to you on Saturday” Kelsey leans forward and hugs me from behind. We say our goodbyes and she climbs out of the car and runs into Justin’s arms, he wraps his coat around her slender frame, takes her hand into his and they walk together into the building.

Sam pulls away from the curb once he sees that they’re inside, he reaches his hand across the console once again and laces his fingers with mine. I lay my head against the head rest and admire my boy, feeling so lucky that I have him. He looks so cute tonight, dressed in his dark grey track pants and navy blue sweater with a white beanie on his head.

“What did you do tonight?” I hope he didn’t spend the whole night waiting around for my call.

“I got the team together and we went down to Miller’s field for one last practice before tomorrow. I’m confident we can win this”

“You’re the best captain that team ever had” I tell him proudly, he smiles widely.

“I’ve never seen this dress before baby, is it new” He asks, eyes trained to the road ahead, droplets of rain are beginning to splatter against the windshield and his hand leaves mine to put his wipers on, I feel the absence of his warm touch immediately.

“It’s Kelsey’s, she said I had the right ass-assests for it” My words drawl out in my drunken state. Parked at the traffic lights he glances over at me, with my body turned towards him he gives me a once over.

“Hmm” His eyes shifting back to the road as the light turns green, my own eyes begin to feel heavy so I close them and concentrate on the soft music playing on the radio to keep myself from falling asleep but I must have failed to concentrate hard enough because the next thing I know is that we are pulling into Sam’s driveway, the rain now bucketing down.

“Wait here bunny, I’ll come get you” Sam instructs me, I nod my head sleepily, taking note that Nick’s car isn’t in the driveway, which means he won’t be woken by my loudness. With the engine killed the warm air from the air conditioner is no longer flowing through and is dissipating, the night chill quickly taking its place, pulling me from my slumber. I watch outside the car, Sam has the front door wide open and is coming towards the passenger side, I unclip myself and he opens my door.

“Wrap your arms around my neck and I’ll carry you inside, it’s too wet and freezing out there for you to be walking in those shoes” I place my arms around his neck and he scoops my body up effortlessly, into his arms and carries me inside, the warmth from air conditioning hitting me once again. I lean against the staircase banister, trying to regain my balance as I attempt to remove my heels, which is not an easy task when my focus is all over the place but I manage to get them off and make my way up to Sam’s room, crashing in the moving wall along the way.

Once in his room I slip his coat off and drape it over his desk chair. His room is the perfect temperature, making it comfortable to just be in my dress. Sam isn’t far behind me, he hands me a large glass of water and orders me to drink it. I lean against the far wall and take small sips of the water, screwing my face up at its odd taste.

“It’s aspirin, it will help with the hangover” Sam explains, watching me closely, making sure I don’t fall, which, let’s be honest, in my inebriated state, is highly likely. If adult Bridget was here she would be filming me, matching it with some obscure music and posting it on Tik Tok for all her followers to comment on.

“Why don’t you like my dress?” I ask, finishing my water, I make a point of leaning right over in front of him to place the glass on the desk, giving him a great view of my cleavage, his eyes are drawn to my bust and as I stand back up, leaning against the wall again, he stalks his way over to me, his hands on my waist, pulling me in close.

“I never said I didn’t like the dress, the dirty things I think about doing to you when I see you in that dress, I’m sure every guy in the club thought about doing too, that’s what I don’t like” His warm breath tickles my ear, his hands run down the slinky, smooth material of the dress. “You’re my girl”

His possessive claim ignites a fire within me, I am his girl, he doesn’t own me, he never controls me but my heart belongs to him and forever will.

“Show me” I beg him. “Do all your dirty deeds to me baby, I’m all yours and only yours, nobody else will ever know my body like you do”

His eyes darken with desire, he pins my body with his, holding me against the wall, his mouth passionately locking with mine, his tongue softly dancing with my own, his hands move from my waist, slowly until he reaches the hem of my dress. Slipping under my dress, one hand moves to my bum, breaking our kiss as his hand trails along the tiny string of my thong, the look on his face tells me he pleased with his discovery as he licks his bottom lip.

“I wore it for you” I whisper to him, seductively.

“You’re so fucking hot” His lips move to my neck, kissing and licking a trail down to my cleavage, sucking roughly on the curvature of my breast, marking me, claiming me as his, his tongue then follows the curves, dipping between the valley that separates them. “I love your perfect tits, I love when they bounce in my face while I fuck you and I love sucking on them and feel you tighten around me”

“Tell me more, tell me what you want to do to me tonight” He has no idea how much his words just turn me on.

“I’m going to taste you, lick you out until you come” His hand slips beneath the small material of my thongs, his thumb finding my clit, moving in a slow, circular pattern. “You’re dripping wet baby, I can’t wait to put my tongue on you” He brings his other hand up to the back of my dress, sliding the zipper down, the dress falling to the fall and pooling around my ankles. Pulling his fingers from inside me, I whimper at the loss, he steps back to admire my naked body. “Absolute perfection” He says, placing his thumb on his tongue and licking my juices.

“You need to be naked too, I want to run my tongue over your abs” I reach out and grab his beanie, tossing it away from us, taking hold of the hem of his shirt I lift it over his head, getting distracted by his crafted abdomen, leaving him to complete the job for me. I bend forward to run my tongue over his sculpted body, feeling every bump and groove beneath my tongue, making my way along his torso, up to his smooth chest and leaving a trail of kisses along his collar bone.

“Perfection” I repeat his words back to him.

He falls to his knees in front of me, kissing my stomach, his fingers hook around the small, velvet string of my thong, pushing it down my thighs. Looking up at me, he spreads my legs a little wider and presses his tongue against the heat of my core, keeping the pressure focused on my sensitive bud, he slide two fingers deep into me, pumping me in rhythm with the whipping of his tongue.

My hands entwine into his hair, tugging at his strands as the pleasure takes me over. I gasp each time his tongue flicks against my swollen clit, my hips involuntary gyrating against the wall. I can’t get enough of him as he hits my clit.

“That feels so fucking good, don’t stop, please don’t stop” I cry out, my head rolling back to hit the wall behind me, the wet, warm sensation is erotically satisfying, I push his face further against me, needing more of him. My legs begin to quiver, the pleasure he’s giving me searing through my whole body, I have no control anymore, my moans escalate loudly as my orgasm rips through my entire body.

“That was unbelievably great” He tell him, riding out my orgasm on his tongue, he looks up at me and smiles, he knows he did good tonight but he loves hearing it from me. “Do I taste like Jack?”

His brow knits together in a rush of anger at the mention of another man’s name, until he catches on to what I’m implying, he stands before me, his whole bottom face glistening with my juices as he draws me in, parting my lips with his tongue, I taste myself and giggle into our kiss.

“I still taste like me”

“Yep, even though you and Kelsey drank the bar dry tonight, I’m sure of it, you still taste like my girl” He smiles warmly at me.

“Your turn” I attempt to drunkly push down his track pants, wanting to return the favour but he grabs my hands in his and stops me.

“Not tonight baby, you’re way too drunk, I don’t think it would mix too well with the copious amount of alcohol in your stomach”

“But I want you to be satisfied too” I pout, trying to figure out how I can pleasure him with the least amount of effort. “How about we have shower sex, just push me up against the wall and you do all the work”

“You’re so romantic when your drunk” He laughs, wrapping one arm around my back, hooking the other under my thighs, he throws me over his shoulder and walks us to the bathroom, setting me down on the cold tiles, he turns the shower on and strips off his bottom layer.

“My man is hot” I admire his naked body, his erection drawing my attention, he takes my hand in his and leads me under the warm water that tingles against my skin.

“We don’t have to do this baby, not if you’re too tired” He says

“I want to, you deserve it for being the best boyfriend” I press myself up against the shower wall and wait for him, his arm slinks around my waist, bending me forward slightly and he slide himself deep into my core, making me moan. He wastes no time, holding me tightly against himself he roughly pushes himself into me, making me gasp each time he hits the right spot, deep inside me. His loud grunts filling the tiny room.

His hand finds my clit, rubbing it fast as I tighten my grip around his cock, I cry out his name as he brings me to ecstasy again.

“Oh fuck, you feel so good when you come on my dick” He grunts, his grip around my waist tightening as he pushes into me rapidly until he expels himself inside of me. His Tarzan grip loosening as he ejaculates.

He slides himself out of me, making me feel empty at the loss. I turn around to face him, my body now tingling with complete satisfaction. He squirts body wash onto a loofa and begins rubbing it over my breasts and down my stomach, cleaning me up.

“You looked gorgeous tonight baby, I want to take you out more so you can dress up, you deserve to be shown off, just maybe not with as much cleavage though”

“After you win the grand final we will go out” Taking the loofa from his hands, I squirt some body wash on it and massage it into his chest, he grabs the washer hanging over the shower door, wets it and cleans my smeared make up from my face.

“Lets get to bed, tomorrow is going to be a killer if I don’t get enough sleep” He says, shutting the water off, he steps out and hands me my towel, I dry myself, hang the towel back up and crawl into his bed, naked. He turns the light off and slides in behind me, spooning me. The sound of the rain belting down sends me off to sleep.

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